Naked Twister

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It was our first swing experience together. We were both very excited and nervous to be finally meeting George. George should have been a model. He had a long and lean body with chiseled muscles from skiing, a square chin and long oval face. He had dark hair with just a slight peppering of gray that made him look older than he was. But it was his smile, or lack of a smile that intrigued me. I saw this as a challenge. He had a long, thick, full dick with a head that begged to be licked, which I had been dreaming of doing for weeks. The day finally came after many hours of talking about what we liked, wanted to do, and fantasized about. It seemed I talked more to George than my own husband each day. Craig didn’t seem to mind, he got the benefit of my wet pussy every night.

As we drove to George’s place Craig fingered me so that I was drenched in my own pussy juice. I also fished his dick out of his pants and began a steady rhythm on his shaft. Craig had the most perfect dick I had seen to that date. It fit perfectly in my hands and mouth and I dearly loved sucking it until it was dry. But today I just wanted to get him hard so when we got there, his dick and intentions would be very evident to George! When we got there we walked up to George’s door with only robes on. Mine was not belted and hung open for all to see. Craig’s was loosely belted but his long dick was hard to miss, just as I had planned. But also we had our bag of fun which included the infamous twister game. George opened the door and had a smile on his face–1st smile of the day! We all looked at each other and did the introductions. He said, “Hi, I’m George, nice to meet you.”

I said, “Hi, I’m Rhonda and this is Craig. It’s very nice to meet you.”

As I walked in the door, George grabbed me just above my waist, right under my breast and gave me a long, slow, wet, French kiss that had all of us breathing heavily. Next Craig came in, and George grabbed Craig by the waist, without letting me go, and gave the same kiss to Craig. It was the first kiss for both of them. George, I could see at this point, was very into both of us, as he was rock hard and starting to precum! After the first kiss for all of us, we went in his house casino şirketleri and closed the door.

Since we were all naked already, we wasted no time in setting up the twister game and getting down to business with a few modifications to the rules. More than one person could be on any color at the same time, to make things interesting and no intercourse! The game began with the first spin, right hand on red. The second spin was left foot on yellow. The game went on and on until finally, the compromising positions had started. With my right and left hands on red and left and right feet were on yellow spread apart, naturally, I began to think that Craig was “stacking the deck” so to speak. I was basically bent over with George on top of me. I could feel his dick rubbing against the outside of my pussy and feel his stomach on my ass. With every breath he took, his dick moved back and forth, making my legs shake! I had been dreaming of his dick for weeks! I had to flip over to do the next play called out, and there was George’s dick, hard and throbbing in front of my face. Since oral sex was not against the rules, I decided I wanted to taste him.

I began by licking the shaft of his dick, up and down to get him nice and wet so I could take him all in my mouth. He was beginning to drip precum and he tasted like dessert! I circled the head of his dick with my tongue and began taking him in. One inch, two inches, three inches. Slowly and methodically I took him all in until his head was at the back of my throat. I like to just sit there for a moment with his dick in my mouth and let him catch up. He began breathing a little harder and I knew I had him! I began moving my mouth up and down his dick, with my tongue pressing on the underside of the shaft as I went up and down, slightly applying a pressure with sucking, but not too much. I was really into the blowjob, I wanted his cum dripping down my throat! His precum tasted so good, I knew his cum would be even better. Faster and faster I moved my mouth up and down his dick, playing with his balls with the right hand that was supposed to be on some color on the floor. I had forgotten the game. I worked George’s dick until he was panting and straining not casino firmaları to cum. I stopped, took his dick out of my mouth, and looked up at him. Second smile of the day!

I licked my lips and said, “May I have more?”

“Please do” he said.

I ran my tongue the length of his dick from his balls to the tip of that gorgeous head several times, all the while watching him smiling down at me. He grabbed my head and ran his fingers through my hair, while pressing my head closer to his dick. I took his dick in my mouth and moved slowly again, until he started pushing on my head harder, wanting more. That’s when I picked up speed and moved faster. Up, down, up, down, just like I would do with my pussy soon.

He moaned every time I pressed the tip of my tongue to the ridge of his dick. I moved my mouth faster and faster until I knew it was coming, his cum. I could feel his dick get even harder than before and I knew heaven was only moments away. I began sucking while moving my mouth so that when he came, I could get even more out of him. Slow jerks started and I could taste it, the nectar of the gods, George’s cum.

I got exactly what I wanted, sweet, ooey-gooey, slippery, warm cum shooting out of that head and into my mouth, sliding down my throat. I sucked on his dick and got even more out of him. He filled my mouth twice with cum before I let him go. After he came, I took his dick out of my mouth to savor and swallow each drop of his cum, and then quickly put his dick back in my mouth, all the way to his balls! I love doing this as it usually shocks him enough and I get a little bit more cum out. I looked up at George with his dick in my mouth, and got smile
. Sweet success—3 smiles in less than 20 minutes of meeting. I call that a victory!

But I wasn’t done yet. I sucked his dick as I pulled him out of my mouth, and stood up. I wanted him to taste what was left of his cum on my tongue. We kissed again, deep, long, and sensual until I had pussy juice running down my leg. We wanted more!

He took over at this point, pushing me backwards to the bed as he kissed me. With our tongues playing tag in our mouths, his palms were rubbing on my nipples. I have the most güvenilir casino amazing nipples because they are so incredibly huge when I’m aroused. He began to pinch my nipples and rub his palms on them. As we lay down on the bed, he pushed me back. He wanted to taste every part of my body, I could see it in his eyes. Smile .

He began kissing my neck, down my chest, taking time on each of my breast and nipples, down my stomach, and to the place we both wanted him to be. He opened my pussy and licked it from bottom to top, getting a good long taste of me because I was so wet it was dripping on the sheets already. He started licking and flicking his tongue on my clit and I was in heaven again! This man knew what he was doing with a pussy!

He continued licking and slipped a finger in my pussy, swirling and feeling it for the first time. He found my G-spot and started rubbing it as he licked my pussy. I was so hot at this point that I could feel my orgasm coming on quickly, too quickly. I pulled him up to kiss me so I could taste myself in his mouth. But he would have nothing of it, he wanted me to cum and wanted it now. He moved back down to my clit and continued his exploration. I didn’t fight the orgasm this time, just let it hit me. As I rode the waves of one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had, he slipped inside of me free of a condom.

The feel of his hard dick slipping into my pussy as I was clamping down on him was incredible. He pushed all the way into me and just sat there, feeling my orgasm spasm around his dick. When my orgasm started to slow down, he started moving his dick back and forth in me. We went through the gamut of positions, and finally I could feel him starting to cum. I also was back to that point with my own orgasm so I started rubbing my clit to bring it on at the same time as his. I could feel his ass clenching and knew it was time. I started orgasming at the same time he shot his cum into me. My pussy contracted around his dick so many times that he came again.

When he was all done cumming in me, he leaned down and started kissing me. He moved down my body and began licking the cum from my swollen pussy. He licked and sucked on my pussy for at least twenty minutes getting every last drop of his cum out. When he was finished, he came back up and kissed me so I could taste him cum and my pussy juice on his lips. He looked up at me and smiled his fifth smile of the day. Sweet heaven!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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