My Wife’s Best Friend Ch. 01

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This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons is entirely coincidental.

This work is intended for adults only. It contains substantial sexually explicit language and adult scenes that may be considered offensive by some readers.

No characters in this work are under eighteen years of age.

* * *

Chapter 1

My wife Laura and I had known Pete and Donna for a long time. Laura and Donna had met in the first year at a training hospital when they were student nurses and had become firm friends, living in adjacent rooms in the nurses’ accommodation. Pete was already going out with Donna when I met Laura, so it was natural that we all became friends and a solid foursome.

Over the years, we went on holiday together several times and would socialise regularly, have dinners together and even help each other out with mundane stuff like DIY.

Donna was average height, medium build, with longish dark hair. Attractive in an ordinary kind of way, her breasts were only modestly sized and she did have a tendency to rather plump thighs. So it’s fair to say, that whilst we were great friends, I never really actively lusted after her. But she was a big personality! You always knew when she was in the room – or even on the same street, for that matter. Her North London genetics could make her sound very loud and brash. Most people would describe her as dominant and at times, overbearing.

Pete was the complete opposite. He was quite short, about the same height as Donna, with a very slim, boyish figure. He had a mane of collar-length hair, a matching moustache and always kept himself immaculately groomed and dressed. He was quietly spoken and was definitely the underdog in that relationship. I often wondered about his orientation, if I’m honest. One thing that Donna was always very clear about: she liked sex – a lot. She would frequently snipe a sarcastic comment at Pete, demeaning his sexual prowess and complaining about how he failed to give her what she wanted.

Laura was very slim, not far off my height, with an almost tomboyish figure, shoulder length blonde hair, long slim legs, quite small B-cup boobs, which were topped with the most perfect, suckable nipples. She had had a convent upbringing and it had been drummed into her from an early age, that just about everything about sex was Bad, Wrong and Dirty. And definitely only intended for Producing Babies. If you contravened any of the laid down rules, you were on your way to Hell, for sure.

All of which was a great shame, because when she was in the mood, she was an absolute tiger in bed. Or anywhere else for that matter. She was dominated by her monthly cycle – her horny hormones would hit her like a train, usually twice a month; around the time she was ovulating and just before her period started. When those wonderful chemicals surged into her bloodstream, she would turn from a frigid nun into a raging part-time nymphomaniac. I think she kind of hated it when this happened, because she loved it but didn’t feel in control – and it was bahis şirketleri in conflict with the way she was ‘supposed to behave’. But I was of course, more than willing to take full advantage of these happy situations when they cropped up, to the point where I started logging the dates of her cycle, to try and estimate when things might get frisky.

There would often be little warning… one summer evening, we had walked to our local pub and were enjoying a drink outside in the late sunshine. She excused herself, then a little later, was sitting opposite me and put one foot up on an empty chair. Allowing her summer dress to ride up her legs, she treated me to a ‘Sharon Stone’, displaying her naked pussy for me to admire. She had obviously slipped off her panties when she went to the loo. She fixed me in the eye, then ran her finger up her moist slit and brought that finger up to her lips and licked her juice off it – then put her foot back down, allowing her dress to become demure again. Such is the power of women over men… one glimpse of a willing and available vagina and we are irresistibly transfixed. I was turned on to hell.

Needless to say, we finished our drinks in a hurry and left the pub as it was starting to get dark. Our route home took us along a path under a railway bridge. As soon as I thought we were reasonably alone, I grabbed her and pushed her back against the wall, somehow hitching her dress up and freeing the front of my jeans at the same time. Lifting one of her legs, I parted her pussy lips with two fingers, then just rammed my cock into her sopping snatch. Her creamy juices allowed me to slide straight in, right up to the hilt. There was no foreplay, just wanton, animal lust. I wanted to stretch her cunt with my throbbing hardness, fuck her like the bitch on heat that she was, fill her up with my load. It didn’t last long, a few dozen animal thrusts and I was spilling in her, shooting my thick spunk up deep inside her.

Whilst I was trying to regain my breath, and furtively glancing around to check that no-one was watching, I slipped out of her and tucked my cum-covered cock back into my jeans. With wobbly legs, we walked home hand in hand, giggling about what had happened… on the way, she lifted her dress and showed me my spunk oozing out of her and trickling down her thigh. By the time we got back, it had made its way right down her leg – a sight I found very erotic, and something I have enjoyed seeing ever since – the creamy results of my efforts dripping out of a satisfied pussy.

So our sex life wasn’t without its occasional high points. Another time, we were doing the tourist thing and were visiting an old museum ship. Laura was attractively dressed in a short denim skirt and white cheesecloth blouse, with only a thin lacy bra to help prevent those lovely nips making too much of an appearance.

The old ship was frankly, pretty boring, had it not been for what happened next. I was leading the way through one of the ship’s corridors when Laura took my hand and guided it between her legs. Pressing my middle finger against her pantie gusset, I could feel the warm wetness behind the thin fabric. As we walked along, bahis firmalar I managed to ease my finger round the seam of her panties, to slip between her pussy lips. My finger was met by a delicious amount of thick, creamy pussy juice, which meant only one thing… ‘I’m hot, I’m horny and I want to get fucked – hard!’

The problem was, it was a tourist destination, so was consequently very busy with people. We almost broke into a trot, as we tried to find somewhere – anywhere – that we could be alone for a few minutes. We went deeper and deeper into the ship, till we got to the areas that most people didn’t bother with. We kissed deeply, she leaned back against the wall… I knelt down and pulling her now-soaking panties to one side, ran my tongue up and down her sopping slit, savouring the taste of her fuck-me-right-now pussy juices.

‘Give it to me now,’ she was urging. ‘Fuck me hard.’

I managed to unbuckle my belt and pulled my jeans down a bit, then stood up and slid my whole rigid length into her. I wanted to get deeper still, so lifted both her legs up round my waist… feeling my cock banging against her cervix, delighting in her wanton wetness, oblivious if there was anyone watching. Groping and pinching her tits, it was a wild ride… pure lust, take my fucking cock, bitch; her completely lost in her sexual heat. Before long, I was pumping jets of cum deep inside her and we started to collapse and recover. She was able to pull her panties back into place, to stop most of my jizz from oozing out of her. Luckily, no-one saw us!

Then there was the time we were sitting in a pub, having a quiet drink. The conversation steadily became more explicit and I started whispering to her, all the things I was planning on doing to her when we got home. After a little while, her expression changed… she went kind of rigid, her eyes rolled, as if she were having some kind of seizure and had her crossed legs clamped together.

She grabbed my hand and dug her nails in and stuttered, ‘I’m cumming!’

Well, I have never, before or since, managed to make a woman orgasm, just by talking to her, so I was both taken aback and very, very turned on by this.

We quickly finished our drinks and got into the car. I hadn’t even put it in gear, when she had my trousers undone and was sucking my cock like her life depended on it. Luckily, it was only a short journey along a country lane to get home!

Briefly pausing for breath, she said, ‘Just pull up somewhere… you can fuck me up the arse if you like.’ I didn’t need any second bidding. While she continued pumping my cock in and out of her hungry mouth, I managed to drive, after a fashion, till we got to a rural lay-by.

I immediately stopped the car, then went round to the passenger side. I opened the door and pulled her round, so her legs were toward me. Reaching under her arse, I grabbed the back of her panties and yanked them off. Pausing briefly to bury my tongue deep inside her dripping pussy, covering my face in her thick juices, I then rubbed my aching and engorged cock up and down between her pussy lips and over her swollen clit, covering it with her natural, slippery lubricant kaçak bahis siteleri and getting her even more turned on in the process. But there was no way my cock was going in her pussy tonight! She had offered – that once in a blue moon offer – to let me fuck her up the arse, and nothing was going to stop me now.

Grabbing her ankles, I pushed them up as high as the confines of the car would allow, then eased forward till the tip of my cock was at her puckered anus. I gave it one last rub between her pussy lips to get some more of her juice on it, then pressed forward. Resistance… a little more pressure… suddenly, her sphincter relaxed a little and the head of my cock nudged into her tight little bum hole. As soon as the head of my cock was in, her ring muscle started contracting and pulsating, almost milking my cock. With that tight muscle around the most sensitive part of my cock, I could easily have cum like that, basically being wanked by her arse. But I wanted more, I wanted to impale her, right up her shit chute, feel my balls slap against her arse. So I pushed forward, and slowly, her arse began to relax and before I knew it, I was balls deep in her forbidden place. She was writhing in ecstasy, grabbing me and digging her nails in wherever she could. I pressed my thumb against her clit and was twisting one of her swollen nips with my other hand.

Moments like this don’t last long… the sheer eroticism, coupled with the cool outdoor air on my arse, mixed in with the excitement and risk of shagging in a public place, soon add up to the point of no return. Before I knew it, we were both having a shattering orgasm and I was pumping jets of hot, sticky cum deep inside her rectum.

None of this has really got anything to do with the story at hand, but serves to illustrate the Jekyll and Hyde character I was living with. One, or possibly two, days per month, Mrs Jekyll would turn into the horny Mrs Hyde. Nothing was out of bounds, as long as she got fucked, long hard and deeply on ‘those’ days. The rest of the time, it was usually a case of ‘You needn’t think I’m putting that thing in my mouth!!’ or ‘Don’t be disgusting!’ or ‘We’re not teenagers any more!’

Unfortunately, as the years went by and kids came along, the Mrs Hyde days got fewer and further between. What sex we did have was now called ‘lovemaking’ and was becoming so vanilla, it was boring. Pussy licking disappeared off the menu, on the basis that it was ‘dirty’ and she often nearly pulled my ears off, dragging me back up the bed, when I did attempt to go down on her. Which was a great shame, because Laura had the prettiest, most delectable pussy I have ever seen, out of the dozens of women I’ve bedded in my time. It was perfectly formed, with neat, tucked-up lips and just begged to be licked. She also invariably tasted delicious!

This resulted in me getting very frustrated, because I knew what she could be like when she was in the mood! But then we would have one of those (increasingly rare) orgiastic, anything goes, total sex sessions which made everything ok – for the time being. But there was no in-between and no compromise. ‘Just the way it is,’ she would say. All of which was not helped by the fact that as a nurse and mother, it suited her far better to work nights. So even when she had one of her hormone-induced nymphomaniac nights, chances were, she was at work!


To be continued…

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