My Warrior Returns

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In the previous chapter When a picture isn’t good enough you finally learnt of my love for Izzy and how I was left crying on the steps waving her goodbye. This may be the last episode in this series since I’m within six months of coming up to date. Again many thanks to all those offering encouragement.


With Izzy gone, my life felt empty so, ‘booting-up’ the laptop, I threw myself into editing the photo’s we had taken. The extremely risqué ones I placed in my personnel file, the others I added to my online folder, knowing the lads would certainly enjoy them; in fact it was making my pussy squelch just thinking of the fun we had taking them. As the week went on I gradually sunk back into abusing myself, but even with that I had problems because the thrill was no longer there. What I now needed was something to fill my time, for the days were getting cooler and the evenings shorter.

By now I had got back into the habit of leaving my laptop and messenger ‘online’, waiting for Chris to come back to me. Hearing a ‘ping’ whilst cleaning my teeth one evening, with mouth gobbed up with foam and starker’s as usual I rushed out to greet Chris, only this time it wasn’t Chris but one of his junior officers.

“Hello Sarah” he began coughing slightly, “Chris warned me I might find you like this; I’m Jamie, Lieutenant ~~~~~ and I’ve got some sad news for you.”

“He said sad news;” I feared the worst but allowed him to continue as I slowly sat on the corner of the bed.

“I shouldn’t be telling you but his been injured, nothing serious, a sniper shot him in the foot so his being sent home for at least 6 months. He’s been transferred to Salisbury which I think is quiet close to you. Your fathers got all the details and I think his been trying to email you.”

With that he asked me if I was ok and finished by thanking me for all the photos I had placed on file. For a time I just sat there stunned, and then I remembered what Jamie had said about the emails. There sat amongst the junk mail were 3 letters from father and one bearing a military address I didn’t recognise. Opening father’s letters first, a couple were disguised love letters, but the third contained all the details about Chris’ injury and finished off saying that the Medical Unit would be contacting me. Opening the outstanding letter this proved to be the one from the MU for it had all the details regarding arrival date and visiting hours etc:

Not knowing today’s date I quickly moved the pc pointer over to the time and waited for the date to be displayed, it was only then that I realised Chris had been home for a day and visiting time was already over SHIT! Quickly I re-read the message from the MU, phoned the number given and left a message saying I would be in to see Chris sorry Captain ~~~~ tomorrow.

Dressed in a crisp white cotton blouse and navy jeans that complimented my slender figure; I made my way to Salisbury Hospital. Parking at the hospital was easy, as many of the visitors had taken advantage of the local bus service. A kindly looking nurse greeted me in the reception area and began talking to me.

The rehabilitation unit was much smaller than I had imagined it to be. The receiving nurse spoke briefly to me, “The Ward Nurse will along in a minute and take you to see Captain ~~~~~. Oh if you want coffee, there is a vending machine just off his ward.”

Sure enough the nurse arrived and took me to see Chris. The lucky beggar had a side ward all to himself; opening the door the nurse, with a slight smirk on her face gestured me to go in; the curtains were drawn around his bed, fearing the worst I braced myself and stepped in.

“Hello darling, glad you could make it” said Chris smiling with outstretched arms.

“What’s the idea with the curtains?” said I as I stooped to kiss him.

“Nurses idea, I’ve got a bit of a problem” said Chris as he lifted the bed sheets; for his penis was completely erect and pointing upwards toward the ceiling. His swollen testicles had stretched his scrotum so tight that the skin shone under the overhead lights that illuminated the ward.

“Nurse thought that if you could give me a wank or something, this bloody thing might go down.”

My initial reaction was that of astonishment, and then I saw the funny and more lecherous side to Chris’ predicament. “When and how did it happen,” I enquired trying not to snigger; by now I was gently stroking his penis. Boy, did it feel wonderful, my first penis in weeks.

“A couple of days ago, when they took the catheter out, their not sure if it’s a reaction to the drugs they’ve been giving me or whether it’s psychosomatic due to the stress I’ve been under. One of their suggestions was to try and get you to solve the problem, that’s why I’m in a side ward all on my own.”

“What do they expect me to do, fuck you or sometime?” I snapped.

“I think both or any other thing you can think of, but what ever it is do it soon, because this is bloody agony” muttered trabzon escort Chris as he tried to relax to my stroking.

I stepped out of the curtain and looked around the room, it contained very little; there was a small bed in the corner, a cabinet with a few jars of cream resting upon it plus a box of surgical gloves. The one good thing I saw was that the ward window had slatted blinds which could be pulled shut. This I quickly did to gain some privacy.

“Have they tried a prostate massage?” I asked as I turned Chris onto his side, before gloving myself, then smearing some Vaseline around Chris’ anus.

Chris groaned as he felt my finger push past the constricting muscle of his sphincter and suddenly felt an acute sensation as I located his prostate.

“Arggghhh.” He groaned as he felt my finger, which seemed to be deep inside of him, I gently stimulated his prostate gland. He said he could feel a distant throb in the tip of his penis, to his horror; I casually grasp his penis and deftly pull his nonexistent foreskin down his shaft.

“Arggghhh. FUCKING HELL THAT HURT” As he writhed in an embarrassment of sexual sensation, his hips bucking as he tried to escape the acute sensation he felt deep inside his bottom. Unseen by both of us a small drop of seminal fluid appeared at the end of his penis, but got smudged away by my actions.

Hearing the sudden cry of pain the duty nurse barged into their ward and demanded what was going on.

Not mincing my words I told the nurse exactly what I had done and asked the nurse to watch me as I repeated it again.

The nurse watched carefully as I suddenly increased the pressure of my finger against his prostate. My action was deliberate, looking at the nurse I then casually grasp Chris’ penis again and repeated my downward action.

“Argggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. YOU FUCKING BITCH” cried Chris, tossing his head from side to side as if in the depths of deep torment. His movements were to no avail as I held his penis firmly, my grip increasing as his penis throbbed with even greater vigour. It was then we noticed the clear pearl of seminal fluid resting on the tip of his penis.

The nurse quickly fled the ward and made a few phone calls. Soon our reunion was interrupted by a gaggle of doctors, no other words could describe it; slipping on a glove a doctor then went about and performed a proper prostate massage. Again Chris cried out but held back on the swearing, the wimp.

“That’s it” he said, “Why didn’t we pick it up earlier.”

“Pick up what earlier!” I inquired.

“An enlarged prostate gland, my dear,” replied the doctor in a condescending manner.

“Is it treatable?”

“Oh yes” replied the doctor sounding more like the Churchill advert. “We’ll have him right in no time.”

With that the gaggle of doctors left Chris and I to our reunion. Our biggest regret was having to waste that beautiful erect penis, but we both knew it would be too painful for Chris given his current condition.

As promised Chris came out of hospital two weeks later, his foot was healing up beautifully, his waterworks etc; were still causing problems for he was now suffering from temporary Erectile Dysfunction (TED), a common complaint with returning soldiers but in Chris’ case as a result of the medication for his enlarged prostate.

I was just grateful he was home, knowing he still had to rest up; I put him into my bedroom, since it got most of the afternoon sun. During the day Chris would rest up in the living room whilst I busied myself around the house, the first signs of autumn had started to show in the trees and I now wore the minimum of clothing. Most evenings after our meal we would cuddle up on the sofa and talk about life in general. Chris seemed to be morose, wanting little contact with me; this and ED I was told by the MO is a common occurrence with those returning from high combat areas, and with time and patience would soon right its self. The thing that did worry me was Chris always seemed very reluctance to explore my body; losing patience one evening I asked him why; he replied it would be most unfair since he couldn’t make love to me.

Snapping at him through frustration; I cried “You’ve got fingers and a tongue haven’t you, why must all men think our pleasure is in their cocks.” I was so annoyed I just got up and stomped into the kitchen. There I sat and cried; I cried both in relief and frustration, the relief that Chris was now thinking of my needs; the frustration, well we all know about that.

I don’t know how long I sat in that kitchen; all I can remember is a pair of warm hands resting on my shoulders with a voice whispering “Sorry, let’s go upstairs.” With that I stood and turned into the arms of my lover. Slowly we made our way upstairs for tonight I was going to sleep in his bed.

Nervously, like a bride on her wedding night I climbed into bed. Why was I nervous, I don’t know? Could it be the fact trabzon escort bayan that this was the first time Chris and I were about to share a bed together? Or was it the fact that I was entering the unknown, for here was my lover, damaged by war and about to try and satisfy my needs. Looking at his flaccid penis, which once stood proud, I began to feel selfish as he climbed gently in beside me.

With my arm laid across the pillow, Chris slowly worked his body across until I could embrace him. For a few minutes we just lay there passionately kissing each other, no part of my face, head or neck remained untouched. Slowly we parted to lie side by side facing each other, our free hand mimicked the opposite of each others movements, if I went north, Chris went south and so on; by now my pussy was beginning to ache, ache for the want of attention and I think Chris sensed this because his hands and fingers were beginning to concentrate on this area. With words of encouragement I egged him on.

His fingers now spread my lips apart and dipped into the honey, then very slowly withdrew and began to circle my clit. This was bliss. Back and forth this finger went, until another finger found its way to my pussy and eased in without a problem, thanks to how wet I was. The sensations I was getting was wonderful, my whole body was beginning to tingle. Chris’ long fingers continued to pump in and out of my pussy for a while before I felt one move towards my anus, where it circled a couple of times before returning to my pussy. Again with words of encouragement I told him it was ok, with that Chris pressed the tip of his cum soaked finger into my rosebud, easing its way in until he began pumping in and out while still fingering my pussy. I didn’t last long, for I had waited so long for this moment.

Chris began to complain that his foot was hurting, so to ease the pressure I suggested he rolled onto his back, I straddled his body, and we took it from there. For a short time I sat upright allowing him easy access to my breasts and nipples. Gently as I stroked his nipples I became aware they were different, his right seemed to be larger and more firmer than his left.

“That’s the one your father always favours” murmured Chris, as my lips slowly engulfed its form. Letting his comment slip by; I continued to nibble and tease this nipple whilst slowly easing my body towards Chris’ hips; feeling the bulge of his flaccid member I quickly flipped it so it lay trapped between our bodies, it was too soft to penetrate my pussy but bulky enough to act as a rubbing post for my clit. Chris realising what I was about to do, opened his legs and wrapped them about my ass.

With my clit in position and Chris supplying slight pressure I slowly began to masturbate myself. You’ll probably say “why didn’t I use my dildo or vibrator;” that’s not the point for its Chris who needed the encouragement not my gratification.

Soon Chris was finding it difficult to keep up with me as I bucked harder and harder against his legs; uncontrollably I bite my lip; groaning and panting like a possessed woman. Finally I arched my back, forcing my pussy hard against Chris’ pelvis, who used his legs to apply extra pressure, YES YES, FUCK ME!…FUCK ME! I shouted; as Chris moved his hips in unison. FUCK ME HARDER! I cried out again and again.

The first fiery waves of an orgasm raged through my body, my hot juices poured out of my spasming pussy. It spewed out in hot gushes, coating Chris with warm honey as I came and came, my whole body convulsed with delight. As I lay there recovering, I thought I felt Chris’ penis twitching but no, it was just my body relaxing.

Now recovered I took Chris’ flaccid penis raised it towards my mouth and began giving it little kisses all over its slippery, shiny head. Chris mumbled something as I continued kissing. Looking up I saw a plea in his eyes so opening my mouth I engulfed the head of his penis. He thrust his penis forward slightly, then placed his hand on the back of my head and began a gentle back and forth movement.

When I went to fondle his heavy balls, Chris very quickly withdrew my hand saying; ‘It’s too painful’, so I continued with my impromptu blow job, until an aching jaw forced me to quit. Later he told me; He could feel my tongue fluttering around his glans, licking under the knob and probing his piss hole, but as far as getting an erection zilch.

Snuggled down next to Chris, my head resting on his chest, one leg cocked over his and gently teasing his nipples; I asked him what first attracted him to my father. He told me about the time they first met in Cyprus and how kind he had been, for any other person would have probably beaten him up and left him. The conversation then turned towards Izzy and my feeling towards her. Chris asked if I loved her, I said yes, the same way you loved my father.

At length, our breathing became regular as we succumbed to sleep; I turned on my side, facing escort trabzon away from Chris. He likewise turned towards me and moved closer; curling his form to cocoon the full length of my body, his hand resting on my stomach. With a soft murmuring of “I love you”, we both fell asleep.

That night I was woken several times, for Chris seemed to be having some form of nightmares, his body would begin to thrash about, then he would start shouting out, each time I gently took him into my arms and pacified him. It broke my heart to see this bull of a man suffer so much.

Leaving Chris asleep I brought the laptop down with me to the kitchen, there having made myself a pot of strong coffee, I trawled the web for everything on temporary Erectile Dysfunction. The best site I found was one called ‘netdoctor’, for here it listed the most probable causes of TED, for here were 6 reasons for his condition, which were:-

Depression. Bereavement: recent loss of a loved one is notorious for causing impotence. Tiredness. Stress. Hang-ups – for instance, guilt about sex. Unresolved gay feelings.

Each of which I felt we could overcome with time. Using my pc skills I ‘cut-n-pasted’ these to a document for later reference.

Opening my email which was 90 percent full of junk (I must get my filters sorted out), there were several letters from daddy plus a few others from his battalion asking about him. For those in his battalion I wrote a carefully composed letter saying how well he was recovery, how he missed all their company etc; to daddy I wrote the truth, telling how concerned I was about him. Also knowing I shouldn’t, I asked daddy how did Chris get such an injury and where exactly was he serving. Normally these questions are taboo in military families, we normally accept the fact our loved ones go off to war with no questions asked, hoping for their safe return.

Sat staring at the computer screen, my attention was broken by the familiar thump, thump, thump as Chris slowly descended the back stairs and made his way to the kitchen. Soon stood before me in just his ‘shreddies’ was the broken man I loved. Holding back my tears I helped him into the kitchen and sat him down.

Seeing the computer, like all men he started to tinker about, whilst I, like a loving wife made us some toast and coffee. Soon Chris came to the folder containing all the photos I had taken. Leaving him to it, I let him run the slideshow, some of the photos he had seen before, the others were the ones I considered too risqué to post and those towards the end were of Izzy at her best.

Chris never said a word, he just sat there starring at the screen, occasionally his facial expression changed but that was all. With breakfast ready, I carried the tray over to the table then sat alongside Chris, having poured him a cup of coffee and seeing him still staring at the screen, I very gently snaked my hand into his underpants, taking hold of his penis I gently began to masturbate him; Chris’ only reaction was to flinch slightly. It was here I lost it and cried; “for fuck sake say something, even good morning would do,” for up to this point not a word had been spoken between us.

Chris now startled realised where he was and offered his apologises, I told him it wasn’t his apologies I was after, but his love and affection, you know; like it use to be before you got involved with this fucking war. With that Chris openly cried and if there’s one thing that will break a woman’s heart it’s to see a loved one crying.

Chris’ sobbing carried on for some minutes until, still trapped in my arms he quipped that I was in need of a shower, with that I laughed and told him it wasn’t just me who stank. Chris agreed and put it down to only being able to ‘strip wash’ due to the plaster around his foot.

It was then I came up with a radical idea, how about wrapping his foot in ‘cling film’ then we could both have a shower. Chris was game for anything for he does love his showers. Suitably armed with a roll of film we slowly made our way to the shower. Being careful not to wrap it too tight I gently swaddled his foot in film.

Under the soft flow of the shower, and with soap and shampoo to hand we gently explored each others bodies. Being the shorter I allowed Chris to wash my hair, for being just over tit long as he calls it, he loves the way it shrouds my head. I think he only does it so he can brush up against my nipples whilst washing my ends.

With Chris busy washing his hair, I slowly began to wash his body, as I noticed before Chris’ tits, nipples whatever are different; his left has a darkish brown areola topped by a small nipple, his right is slightly raised again topped with darkish brown areolas but with a button type nipple, his navel is an ‘innie’, saucer shaped and shallow, surrounded by dark wispy hair. Finally we come to his penis, once a proud 10 inch cut masterpiece, now a flaccid 6 — 7 inch sausage for no other words could describe it.

I gently washed around this area knowing how painful it was if or when I hit Chris’ ball sac, how the poor boy must have suffered in hospital. With my hand wrapped around his penis I gently masturbated him, by this time Chris was lovingly stroking and plucking at my nipples.

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