My Ultimate Fantasies

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Some of what I have written is true I guess, Job, house, thoughts, and neighbor kid and of course I have these sexual fantasies with you and the kid. Since beginning this story, I ran into him at the Y swimming and from the look of his bulge; I think he is very well endowed. At first I thought he stuck a balled up sock or something down there to impress the girls but as we talked he started getting hard. So I know it is real. I really started thinking about him and what he was doing and fantasying even more about letting him see and watch me. Maybe not masturbating in front of him or having sex in front of him but let him have a harmless peak at me bathing and laying on my bed, maybe walking around the house nude. As far as the story, you will have to read and see where I went with this fantasy.


I had a hard day at the office; actually the whole week had been hard with long hours and lost sleep worrying if I was going to get everything finished by the weekend. Well, I did and now I finally had a free weekend, no worries, free to just relax. I had been so uptight all week that I scarcely had time to read the notes from my secret lover in New Jersey. Well, I had not actually met him but we IM a little and send erotic e-mail stories to each other with pictures showing our bodies and such. Each one getting me very horny, so horny I usually had to pleasure myself. He had told me my stories and pictures of myself that I send to him had the same effect on him as his did to me. I had never talked to him so I have never heard his voice. I wondered if we would ever meet, the agreement we had at this time was that we may never meet but would be distant friends.

I had had only two guys in my life and it seemed like it was years ago. Actually it was. One was in high school; my junior year and it had only been a brief sexual encounter at the end of the school year. I thought this was the guy I would spend the rest of my life with. We had been in school together and dated, he a senior and of course, he finally talked me into doing it as he fed me this story of him graduating and going into the Marines and we would not be seeing each other for a long time. It had been my first time and we only did it twice when I found out from a girl friend that he was bragging to his friends that he finally scored with me. I had thought he was in love with me but now I was just another score. That ended that.

The other guy was when I started collage; my freshman year and this cute upper classman started pestering me to go out with him. I did and on one date, he got me drunk and took advantage of me. That ended that. I swore off of guys after that and concentrated on my studies and worked hard to get myself through school.

Now I had a good job in a law firm as a Para-Legal, not having taken the bar exam yet and not sure I wanted to. I was having fun, working hard, and still learning first hand on the job the complexities of the laws. I was putting in long hours, working through several weekends and now finally getting much needed free time this weekend and looking forward to it. I wanted to get home take a good long soak and shower and relax and read Mark’s e-mail stories again, all of them, and just relax on my bed and daydream. I hadn’t had that chance for what seemed ages.

Quitting time finally came, even though it was already after hours. I told myself, as I was getting my things together I would grab a bite to eat on the way home so I would have more time to unwind and relax at home. I swung into Burger King on the way and grabbed a burger and fries at the drive up and ate on the way home. I was in too much of a hurry to get out and eat the hot soak and shower sounded so good to me that I didn’t want to waste the time. I gobbled the food down on the way. Traffic was light so it didn’t take me long to get home.

I hurried into the house when I got there, Damn I thought as I opened the door; the air conditioner is goofy again. My small two-bedroom house was hot and I rushed around opening the windows in all the rooms and the glass slider to the back yard patio. Cool evening air rushed in. I surveyed my house thinking I was lucky that it was so small. It would cool down in no time. The front of the house consisted of the small living room with a bedroom and bath off of it and the kitchen. The back of the house was the dining room; my bedroom and another bath room. My back yard was large and private, fenced with a tall holly hedge providing even more privacy. I liked to sunbathe there and many times I did yard work in my string bikini or short shorts and halter top. I usually never ware a bra under my halter. Sometimes I wish I could just go nude but there was one window from the house next door that looked into my yard. The hedge and fence didn’t block it.

There was a bottle of white merlot in the refrigerator and I headed to it, poring myself a glass. Now, I thought, time for relaxation at last and headed to the bathroom, turning on the hot water in the tub. My wine glass was almost empty already so I headed back to the kitchen güvenilir bahis and grabbed the bottle and ice bucket and headed back to the bath. I placed the bucket and wine on the edge of the tub and stripped leaving everything in a haphazard pile on the floor. The tub was full and I slipped in. I lay there soaking for hours drinking wine. It felt so good to finally have this time to myself. I had lain there so long my skin was starting to crinkle; the water was beginning to get cool and my wine bottle empty. So I pulled the plug and started the water draining turning on the showerhead at the same time. When I stood, I discovered I was a little tipsy from the wine and laughed at myself. Well, I thought, better get soaped down and out before I pass out from the wine here in the shower. I quickly did just that and carefully washed myself making sure I was squeaky clean, hair and all. I stood under the hot shower rinsing myself letting the hot water cascade over my body, the hot water relaxing me even more. I felt light headed when I shut off the water and stepped out of the shower to get my towel. I had to turn my back to the open door to get my towel off the towel rack, I never close the door as I am always alone, and wasn’t aware of someone coming up behind me. I wasn’t even aware of the hand that quickly covered my mouth and nose as I passed out.

I awoke a short time later, stretched out on my bed, it must have been only minutes as my body and hair was still wet. I was blindfolded, my hands tied to each side of my poster bed, my right leg tied to the post at the foot of the bed and my left leg being tied to the other post. I tried to kick it free, pulling my legs together while screaming, but the rope held fast and I was cinched down. I couldn’t move, held down to the bed spread-eagled. I couldn’t fight or pull my legs together to stop what I knew what was about to happen as I heard someone undressing. I was pleading please no don’t do this. Please don’t rape me, as I was thinking to myself what I had done. I had not shut and locked the windows or glass slider to the patio in the back yard. Oh no, I thought. This is the neighbor kid that I had seen peaking into my windows several times and I had not closed and locked any of my windows or patio door. I started pleading with him as I felt the bed move as he got on it between my legs. Please don’t. God don’t do this. I couldn’t remember his name and kept pleading with him as I felt his hands explore my body starting at my breasts and roaming from there. He was leaning over me and I could feel his hardness rubbing against me as he leaned down on me and took one breast into his mouth while squeezing and rubbing the other. I kept up my pleading and tried to buck him off the best I could but he was too heavy and the ropes helped hold me down. He rose up and smothered my mouth with his to quiet me as he forced me into a kiss. I tried to fight him but couldn’t.

He started kissing me all over, working his way from my face to my neck, breasts, and stomach and on to my mound of love, his hands freely roaming my body. I was only whimpering now. There was nothing I could do to stop him from having his way with me. When his mouth and tongue started teasing his way around my mound of passion, his hands rubbing and squeezing my nipples, my body started responding. I was trying to fight the feelings but I couldn’t control myself. My whimpering started to turn into moans when his tongue started parting my lips of love and teasing my button of heat. I could feel myself growing hotter with sweat breaking out on me, as the tingling sensations grew more intense. When his lips enclosed around my button of intense passion and he started sucking on it while rubbing his tongue across it I knew I had lost. My body was responding with full want and passion, as I could do nothing but moan my intense pleasure. It had been so long since I had ever felt anything so intense. My body was on its own as my muscles began the first of many spasms. I moaned with intense pleasure as my body jerked in its first release. Oh god it felt good. I no longer cared whom it was doing this to me as long as he kept this up. He was no longer raping me but pleasuring me. He kept this up leading me into orgasm after orgasm making no attempt to enter me, giving me the most intense pleasure I had ever had. My mind no longer wanted to fight these feelings, body and mind working together to bring on each more intense orgasm. I now heard myself pleading for him to fuck me. I couldn’t take it any more. I needed him inside me. Please fuck me. I want you to fuck me. My feet were grinding themselves into the mattress lifting my bucking pussy into the air pleading for him to enter me.

With one final lick from the bottom of my love hole to the top, he moved up to my mouth and gave me a deep kiss. I took him in and tasted my juices of passion as our tongues fought. His hardness was pressed between us, oh god he felt hard and huge. I wanted him inside me and badly. When our kiss broke and we came up for air I moaned for him to enter me, I needed him inside güvenilir bahis siteleri me. I wanted him to fuck me. As he rose up off of me I could feel the sweat dripping from me, soaking the mattress and as he tried to place the head of his hard muscle of love against my love tunnel, I raised my hips to him as best I could to help him. As he guided himself slowly into me I gasp at the wonderful feeling. It had been so long since I had a hot love muscle inside me. He started thrusting in and out a few times, but with my feet tied down, he couldn’t get in as deep as I wanted him. I told him to untie me, untie my feet so he can get in deeper. He stopped his thrusting and reached down and untied both feet telling me not to try anything. This was the first time he spoke and I didn’t recognize his voice. This wasn’t the neighbor kid I thought. No matter, as now that my legs were free I could raise them to let him in deeper. We were now kissing freely and wantonly as he slowly started thrusting again. He was taking his time stretching me as not to hurt me, this he whispered to me. I was moaning to him that he felt so good I didn’t want this to end. He was quickly bringing me to another orgasm even though his movements were slow and intense. He had lifted my legs up against my chest, holding them there so he could be as deep as possible, hitting bottom with each thrust as my orgasm built and hit. It was a screamingly intense orgasm. The head of his cock hitting and rubbing my cervix each time he thrust in increased the feelings. I hadn’t had an orgasm like this before. It started so deep inside me that it felt like every muscle and every cell of my body was involved in this orgasm. I didn’t know I was screaming my pleasure and continued screaming as long as my body spasmed and convulsed.

When my body’s jerking had last subsided, he lowered my legs and leaned down to me and we kissed with deep passionate kisses. We rested this way, him holding me, caressing me as I had my legs wrapped around him loosely while telling me he had almost cum and we needed to hold very still. He started to rise up after a while and I locked my legs around him holding him tightly to me, He was still hard and I didn’t want him to slip from me, I knew he had not cum yet and I wanted him to cum inside me. This was crazy I thought now that I had somewhat recovered from the sexual intensity and excitement. I was being raped, yet I didn’t care. I didn’t know who this was, I couldn’t see him, a stranger was raping me and I wanted him. I wanted him to cum inside me. I wanted to feel him cum. I wanted to feel his love muscle flex and pump his love juices deep into me. I wanted to hear him moan his pleasure as I felt his hot cum being released into me.

Sara, I said, to myself in my mind, you need to get a grip on your feelings. You can’t let this happen. What if you get pregnant? You are not on birth control. You are lucky he hasn’t cum yet. Wait, I told myself, he had already been close, so close that we both had to stay very still to keep him from cumming, so that meant he probably released some pre-cum and it was too late. His sperm was already swimming inside me, racing to make me pregnant. When was my last period? How long ago? I couldn’t think clearly. Wait, I thought, this is the end of my fertile period. My period should start in a few days. I should be safe.

I spoke to him and asked if he would untie my hands and remove my blindfold. I wanted to see him, look into his eyes and hold him. I wanted to run my hands over his body and feel him like he did me. He said no, not right now, maybe later. I asked him why. He laughed and said that would be a surprise for later.

He was leaning over me on his knees, still hard and inside me with my legs locked around him when he started his slow thrusting again. I had cooled down somewhat with my conflicting thoughts but his movements quickly brought me back into heat. It felt so good to have my deep tunnel of love filled with a hot hard cock. This time he was alternating with slow gentle thrusts and hard quick ones. He once again lifted my legs into the air and pressed them back into my chest with his shoulders and arms, holding them so he could thrust in deep hitting bottom on each inward thrust. Again, with the head of his cock hitting and rubbing against my cervix, he brought me to an intense orgasm and held himself in deep and still as I tried to milk his cum out of him as my muscles spasmed. I knew he was close this time as I felt him stiffen but when my orgasm subsided, I knew he had not joined me in his release. Still he held me this way as he slowly started thrusting again. This time, with the grunts he was making and the way his body was moving, I knew he was close and was going to. He was now just trying to thrust in as deep as possible, not withdrawing as I felt his body stiffen, his cock seemly growing stiffer and harder as he held himself still against the depths of my love tunnel, against the very bottom pushing against my cervix as he cried he was cumming. I felt the muscles of his hard love muscle iddaa siteleri begin to spasm and jerk as it began to jettison its load of hot cum. I felt the muscles of his pelvis spasm and jerk against my thighs and pussy as he held me still. Being blindfolded I guess increased my concentration to the feeling of his release. It felt good, feeling his cum fill me. I was wondering where all of it was coming from. How long had he held it and let it build up. I didn’t know a guy could hold so much. It seemed like he was taking forever to empty himself. His cock kept up its spasms and jerking’s. Finally with a weak cry, he let go of my legs and collapsed down on me, I again locked my legs around him holding him to me as he lay there, still lightly quivering.

I had never felt so good, so relaxed, so satisfied. I drifted into sleep as he lay there on me and when I finally awoke, I was somewhat confused. Why was I tied? Why couldn’t I see? Who was lightly snoring beside me?

My mind quickly cleared and the past events quickly rushed back to me. I had been tied up and raped. Only it hadn’t really been a rape had it Sara, I thought. Yes, it was when it started but then as it progressed, I wanted it so it wasn’t really rape was it. Still, who is this beside me? Who did I have sex with? I spoke to him, nudging him with a foot as I was speaking getting him to wake up. He stirred and was slow in awaking.

“Oh,” he said as he struggled awake, “Ready for more?”

Not knowing why, I said, “Yes, I am.”

I felt him jump up and heard the light switch being turned on. I could see light around the edges of my blindfold but still couldn’t see him. He said it was dark and he couldn’t see my perfect little body and he wanted to look at it while making love to me. I said I wanted to see him too. He laughed and said in due time. I asked how long we had been asleep and he said it had only been 20 minutes. I couldn’t believe it. It seemed longer than that. I now seemed so refreshed, so awake, so alive. I could tell by the excitement in his voice, it was the same for him. I felt the bed move as he held my legs and climbed back between them. I, with no hesitation, spread them for him as he crawled over me and leaned down and kissed me with a deep passionate kiss. I was eager for him and opened my mouth for his tongue as we tried to suck in and duel with each other’s tongues. He once again lifted my legs into the air and pressed them back into my chest with his shoulders and arms, holding them. I was still excited and wet, from the earlier activity, the lips of my love tunnel still swollen and open for him. This time, though as the head of his swollen cock started to enter me, he thrust in hard, fast and deep, hitting bottom with the first hard thrust. I screamed with the suddenness and the slight pleasurable pain. Oh god it felt good to have him back in me I thought. Holding him self in deep, he let go of my legs and let them drop to his sides and he lay down on me kissing me deeply in the process. I kissed him back passionately and when we came up for air, he rose up and untied my hands and I quickly removed the blindfold. I lay there shocked as you smiled down at me.

“Mark, Mark, how did you get here?” I asked, “We were just messaging this morning. You are supposed to be in New Jersey. How in the hell did you get here???”

You interrupted me smiling, and said, “Sara, I was on my laptop using wireless waiting for you to get home. Is that ok? I have a few days off.”

“Yes,” I said, “But I thought I was being raped by a stranger or the neighbor kid. You are an ass, scaring me that way.”

“Yea, but Sara, you wanted it. Your body told me. There was not much fight in you was there?”

“No,” I said, after thinking about it a little, there wasn’t. “It has been a long time since I have had a man inside me and I know deep inside I wanted it to happen but still, I wouldn’t have been so scared if I had known it was you. Still, I am glad it was you and not the neighbor kid or some stranger.” By that time, I had my legs and arms wrapped around you and kissing you as you started your slow thrusting.


“Yes love,”

“We have to be careful; I am not on birth control and haven’t been for over three years. I think we are safe enough for now at least. My period should start sometime in the next few days.”

“OK, I’ll pick up some condoms tomorrow but right now, it is OK right?”

“Yes Mark I think so, now please make slow passionate love to me. I want to feel you as you cum inside me again without something in the way or thinking I am being raped by the neighbor kid or a stranger.”

You left after several days of serious lovemaking and now I was alone again. The weekend had been so wonderful I thought, so fulfilling. No one had ever made love to me that way before. You had just left and it was now Monday morning. I was nervous and worried, as my period had not yet started. I needed to get to work. I needed to go by Planned Parenthood and get on birth control. I needed to get to the drug store and get several pregnancy test kits. I had a lot to do. I quickly dressed and left for work stopping at Walgreens on the way to get the test kits. I bought several of them thinking I would test myself when I get to work. I got there and rushed to the restroom and used one.

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