My Trip to the Mountains

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I guess I should have checked the weather before I left the cabin. It was a perfectly beautiful morning when I left. The air was fresh and clear, the sun was shining and only a few speckles of clouds here and there. What a change a few hours can make.

I was visiting the Arkansas Headwater State Park in Colorado. They boasted 40 miles of trails along the Upper Arkansas River Valley as it leads out of the Rockies. It was my first vacation on my own and I was looking forward to it. I needed to getaway from normal life for awhile so I did some research and now here I am. The past two days have been wonderful. But now.

I had planned my vacation around the rest of the tourist season for early October. I knew most folks would be getting back to their normal lives and that would give me more wide open space to myself. I did the research online about the park. I knew the weather conditions, got cabin reservations, I even went to the mall and got hiking boots and wore them for three weeks to break them in properly, increasing how far I walked each day.

I arrived at the airport in Denver and picked up my rental car. It was a three hour ride from Denver to Salida, but I enjoyed the view of the Rockies in the background, having loved the mountains ever since I was a little girl. In Salida, I stopped at the Ranger Station and checked in for my cabin. I was given several brochures about the area including an updated map. The Ranger on duty was an older man and told me that the park was pretty much vacant and that the cabin I was in was the only one occupied within 20 square miles. Perfect. No one to bother me.

I stopped at the store for some supplies and then followed the map to the cabin. Along the drive, I marveled at the sights of the evergreen trees standing majestically against the mountainous backdrop. More than once I thought of paintings I had seen and soon realized there is no way to include all the beauty found here on one canvas.

I spent the afternoon looking around the cabin area, and true to the Ranger’s word, there was not another soul to be found; a thought that put a smile on my face. I trekked down to the edge of the water and was surprised at the temperature. I had assumed it would be freezing cold and was surprised to find it cooler than on the beach in Florida, but not totally unpleasant. With the giddiness of a schoolgirl, I looked around to make sure no one was there, and quickly stripped off my clothes and waded into the water. As the cool water touched my bare skin I realized that it had been years since I had gone skinny-dipping.

I waded out until the water was chest deep and was not surprised by the nipple hardening effect of the cool water. The sensory overload of the surrounding beauty, the tall green trees, the annuals beginning to turn and the moutainscape in the near distance soon had me enjoying a very natural high. I begin to think of the pioneers who might have stopped at this very same spot, the women and men who might have stopped here to camp on a voyage to the West and its promises of gold. I began to feel aroused as I wondered how many of those rugged folks were inspired by the beauty as I was.

I soon found myself fondling my breasts and nipples ever so softly. How many men had found their women bathing such as I was in the water, removing days and weeks of trail dust from their supple bodies. My other hand reached down between my legs rubbing softly as I wondered how many women were pulled from the water only to be enjoyed by the eyes of their man. His hands wandering over her body as mine were now. These same men would take their wives back to the campsite and make gentle sweet love to them.

My hand rubbed my pussy, cooled by the water, a little stronger. I began pinching my nipple wondering how many never made it back to the campsite. How many women were pulled from the water and taken by their men on the banks of this very river. Many a hard cock must have sprouted from watching a naked woman in the water. How would a pioneer man use such an opportunity I wondered? Would he pull the woman from the water, naked, hair and body dripping with the mountain fresh liquid only to be pushed to her knees to use her mouth to please her man? On the other hand, would he find a grassy spot, shed his own clothes and climb on top to fill her pussy deep with his cock? What if he too stripped his clothes and waded in after her. Bending her slightly so he could slide up her wet pussy from behind. Letting his hands toy and play with her breasts and nipples. Both with eyes wide open watching the world stand still before them as he plunged his cock in over and over, fucking her pussy deep with each stroke. Her own hand would reach down to where his hard cock was entering her and she would find the one spot that she so enjoyed touching. Neither would talk. She would see the water swirl around as he fucked her harder and faster. And she would rub her clit enjoying the fucking her man was giving her until both succumbed to the pressures within their bodies.

I dip my head under the water to cool my head off. trabzon escort It had become as hot as my body and I giggled thinking that for once I wouldn’t have to clean up after pleasuring myself. I sit out until I dry and then put my clothes back on before heading back to the cabin.

I open a bottle of wine and fix myself a snack. I make a fire, even though it’s not really cold enough for one, and still feeling a bit naughty strip and curl up in front of the fire naked on the bear skin rug. Apparently the combination of my flight, drive, water sports, and the wine got the better of me because I didn’t wake until I heard the birds singing outside the cabin the next morning.

After cleaning myself up and a light breakfast and coffee, I adjourn to the porch to rock in the swing. I look at the water across the way and my nipples harden remembering the intense orgasmic pleasure I had stirred up the day before. I was entertaining the thought of another visit to the water when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye.

“Good morning, Ma’am,” the Park Ranger welcomes from atop his horse.

“Hi ya,” I respond.

“Phil said we had a visitor in the cabins and I just wanted to stop by and make sure everything was going okay.”

“Couldn’t be better,” I reply lying through my teeth. This guy needed to dismount his steed and mount me instead. Damn he looked good. Sitting so straight and proper in the saddle of a most beautiful reddish-brown trail horse. His uniform looked to be painted on with a tan shirt over green pants tucked into his riding boots. On top of his head was a traditional cowboy style hat protecting the top of his head and out of place Gargoyles protecting his eyes.

“I came through yesterday afternoon but didn’t see anyone around, ‘bout three thirty, I think,” he tells me.

I know I have a blank look on my face as I try to figure out what time it was when I was out splashing in the water.

“Must have been when I was taking a walk,” I tell him trying to recover. “Can I offer you a cup of coffee of something cold to drink.”

“You know I should be getting on down the trail,” he starts, “ aw, what the hell. There’s probably no body here ‘cept you and me anyway.”

The Ranger climbs off his horse and I suddenly realize he is quite tall on his own. The hat and glasses come off and I get the first glimpse of his hazel eyes.

I bring a pot of coffee and another cup out to the porch and then set back on the swing. The Ranger sets on one of the chairs that he has turned around backwards.

“So is it hard being a Park Ranger,” I ask looking at the patches on his uniform and hoping I got his title right.

“It can get real hard sometimes,” he says before taking a sip of his coffee. He sits the cup down and stares right into my eyes. “How hard it gets can depend on the scenery.”

Oh my God. Did he see me or is he just flirting with me. I know my face has turned several different shades of red and for some reason, I can’t make eye contact with him.

“By the way, my name is Mike.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Gwen.”

“Well Gwen, the pleasure is mine. You are a most welcome sight to an area already overfilled with beauty,” he tells me.

“Well you are just too kind,” I reply, sure that I am blushing again.

“If it’s okay, maybe I could check on you again,” he tells me getting to his feet. “I still need to patrol the trails but the protection of visitors is one of my main missions here. And seeing as you are the only visitor…”

“You are more than welcome to stop by any time you’d like,” I tell him with the sincere hope he will.

“I will then,” he replies climbing back on his horse, “you have yourself a fine day now.”

I will now, I think to myself. Okay, let’s see cold shower or cool river. Maybe I had better find me a snow covered mountain to help cool down with. Who would have thought that out here in the middle of nowhere is a man right out of Playgirl. And a flirtatious cuss too! Okay, calm down. There’s no telling if or when he could be back. If it happens, it happens. And if it doesn’t, I’m spending the rest of the week wading in the river like yesterday.

Instead, I spend the rest of the day hiking in the local area. Although I had prepared by walking several miles every day in my new boots, it was mostly over flat land. The terrain in the Arkansas River Valley is just a bit steeper, not to mention the difference in altitude. I take a short hike in the morning, following the river up stream. Back at the cabin, I grab a bite to eat and take a short nap to recuperate.

In the afternoon I head off in the downstream direction, and will admit to taking a short dip in the cool water. I won’t tell you I was thinking about the Park Ranger, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t. You know a girl could get used to this kind of life. Dried off and happy I wander around a bit more before heading back to the cabin. After a nice meal, I again get a roaring fire going and then sit back with a book for a bit. As sleep starts to control my eyelids, trabzon escort bayan I put the book down. I peal off my clothes and again snuggle in front of the fire naked on the bear skin rug. I notice I had left the curtains open, but figure the only other person around is the Ranger and I just might like it if he saw me this way.

The birds wake me again the next morning. Today I have a longer hike planned and start my day off with a good breakfast. I pack a small backpack with a few essentials that I may need and step out onto the porch checking my map to make sure I know my bearings. I have decided to take a trail that cuts through the woods to a lake formed from the old path of the river. I pick up my cup of coffee and again marvel at the wonderful view in front of me. I would like nothing more than to just sit and watch, but having decided I wanted to get out and experience the full effects of nature, off I go.

After checking the lacing on my boots so my feet won’t blister, I head off downstream a short ways before cutting back due East. The terrain is a little more difficult, but I keep my mind busy with thoughts of the view at the lake once I get there. My horny little mind is also wondering how the skinny dipping may be at the lake. Oh well, probably be a couple of fishermen there anyway. But if they were cute… Well, you get the idea. I didn’t think too much about the little hills and dales that I was climbing over.

After a couple of hours I finally break through a stand of trees. What is before me takes my breath away. It is the clearest lake I have ever seen. The surface is so smooth it is like glass. A perfect opposite reflection of the mountain range is visible in the reflection and I retrieve my digital camera in hopes of saving the moment. As I had said about paintings, there is no way the photo can hold all the beauty before me, but it will serve as a pleasant reminder of the trip. I move around and watch as a fish jumps in the water, leaving perfect circles in its wake.

I had noticed the wind picking up but never paid much attention to it. It wasn’t until the clouds started in that I thought something might be wrong. I grab my backpack and open the side where the map is. Or should I say where the map is supposed to be. I dig through and then remember sitting it on the table while I was drinking coffee and I never put it back. Okay. No problem. I’ll just back track down the trail until I hit the river.

I turn around and look at the tree line. Shit. I can’t tell where I came out at. Stay calm. I’ll start at one end and work my way down until it looks familiar or I see my tracks. I put my pack back on as the wind begins to howl. I didn’t think to bring a jacket or anything else with the weather so nice when I left. I also realized I hadn’t watched a weather forecast for the area since before I left Panama City Beach. I keep telling myself to stay calm. I can’t be more than six miles from the cabin. Even if I can’t find the right trail, I can just go back until I find the river. I select a trail through the trees and begin walking.

Before I get out of the woods, the rain starts. I am instantly as wet as I would be had I walked into a high pressure car wash. Now I really wish I had brought a jacket as my tank top glues instantly to my skin. I head to what I think is the trail back to the cabin but soon realize that nothing looks familiar. I walk carefully, trying not to slip on the wet and muddy trails. I look at my watch and realize it has been three hours since I left the lake, an hour longer than it took me to get there. I would panic if I thought it would do any good. I continue to walk, looking for something that seems familiar, but it all appears very gray and surreal in the pouring rain.

I think about trying to find my way back to the thicker forest where I might find some protection from the wind and rain, figuring to ride the storm out and then getting back to my cabin. Problem is, at this point I’m not sure where the thick forest is anymore. I look at my watch again. Four hours. I’m tired, hungry, cold and scared. And I don’t know which one to try to deal with first. Then it happens.

As careful as I had been, I finally slip and fall covering my leg, arm, and shorts in mud. I no longer have a choice as I sit and cry from fear and frustration. I try to wrap my arms around myself and rock back and forth in the mud. All the stress of my day to day life and this sudden horrible experience mount to the boiling point. I close my eyes from the rain and lift my head and scream at the top of my lungs. No words. Just a primal, gut felt scream to release all my tension. Then I tilt my head back down and begin to cry again.


Did you hear that? Did I hear that? Who could be out looking for me in this…?

“Gwen, where are you? Scream again,” the voice instructs.

I do scream, but with words this time, “I’m here! Help me! Please help me!”

In what seems like only a moment, I can feel the earth shake and soon see that beautiful horse moving carefully in escort trabzon the mud. I watch as the rider jumps down.

“Gwen are you okay?” Mike asks.

I push myself up, wrap my arms around his neck, and cry even harder. Mike pulls me back a bit holding my face in his hands.

“Are you hurt? Are you okay?” he asks again.

“I’m okay now.”

Mike takes my hand and leads me to his horse. He guides my foot to the stirrup and helps me onto the saddle. He never once ogles me the way the guys do the girls at the wet T-shirt contest at le Vela during spring break. In fact as he climbs on the horse, he takes his rain slicker and wraps it around me, holding me tight in his arms. With a slight touch of his boot, the horse begins its return trip. I close my eyes and allow myself to be held in place by Mike’s strong arms wrapped around me. At some point, the horse or Mike must recognize the trail as the pace picks up a bit.

Without realizing it, I find myself grinding myself into the front of the saddle. Mike’s arms rest deliciously below each of my breasts and severely erotic thoughts cross through my mind. I can’t resist lowering my arms and holding Mike’s legs tight to my hips. The horse slows to a trot and as I look, I can see the cabin ahead. We get to the porch and Mike helps me from the horse before I take shelter. He ties his horse to a post and then joins me.

“Gwen, are you sure you’re okay?” he asks removing his rain slicker.

“Yes, I just got terribly lost and then I fell in the mud,” I explain.

“We need to get you out of those muddy clothes and get you dried off and warmed up,” he tells me.

I look around the cabin porch and then down at myself. There is no running water in the cabin so I do the next best thing. I walk out onto the gravel and let the rain pour over me rinsing the mud away. I return to the porch and find Mike with a towel he found inside. I hold the towel for a moment and then hand it back to him. I step up on the tips of my toes and give him a kiss on the cheek and then I peel the tank top off, giving him a perfect view of my tits. My shorts and panties fall next and I take his towel covered hands and guide him to me. I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of his hands, although covered in the towel, rubbing my body dry. Or at least most parts got dry. Some got wetter.

I take Mike’s hand and lead him into the cabin. I ask him to start a fire as the weather had brought quite a chill with it. I fix coffee and as he starts the fire I hand him a cup.

“Looks like you got wet too,” I mention running my hand over his shirted chest. “Do you mind?” I ask while toying with the first button.

All he can do is shake his head. I begin unbuttoning his shirt and soon have it and his T-shirt on the floor. I bend down to try to figure out how to get the boots off. On my way there I find a nice bulge in his uniform trousers.

“About the only way you can get them off is to pull them off. Either face me and pull or put my boot between your legs and pull,” he says before he realizes the sexual connotation of the second option.

I push him into a chair and immediately straddle the boot, holding it up between my legs in a manner that would get something off even if it weren’t his boot. I lower my grasp and begin to pull until the snug leather lets go of its grip on his foot. I perform the same maneuver on the other foot, including leaving a special wet spot on the top of that one too. I then take his socks off and crawl in between his outstretched legs. I can feel the fire warming my body from the outside and my pussy warming my body from the inside.

I move to the buckle of his pants, sliding the smooth leather in my hand as I take the first step in unleashing the object of my desires. His pants unbutton and unfasten quickly and soon I am able to reach my hand in to find his cock, already starting to harden. I pull it out and get Mike to lift off his hips so I can pull his pants off. I then let him sit back in the chair while I stroke his cock in my hands. I bend my head and place a small kiss on the tip. I bend the shaft towards his stomach so I can lick from his balls back to the head. I take my time and with patience, I soon have his cock wet from my spit.

I bring the head up to my lips and let him hold my head as he guides my mouth onto his throbbing cock. I take just a bit in and suck lightly before pulling back almost all the way off. Then I push more in and again I suck, hollowing out the sides of my cheeks. Repeatedly I tease and suck until all of his precious cock is wedged between my lips and his balls tickle my chin. That’s when I begin to really suck cock. I move my mouth up and down over him. I first suck just the head and then his whole cock as it fills my mouth.

At one point I slide my mouth off his hard cock to bathe his balls with my tongue. It appears as though he keeps them clean shaven, which makes them made to be licked and sucked. I maintain a grip on his cock with my hand and exert just enough stroking action to keep him ready to explode. I let my tongue glide over his sac and then gently let one and then both of his cum filled balls fill my eager mouth. I suck gently until his moaning is high pitched and his cock is twitching on it’s own, ready to blast it’s load of hot cum from the balls I am lubing with my mouth.

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