My Summer School PhD

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I spotted her at the shuttle bus stop right next to my apartment while I was on my way to the first day of the summer session at the University. Carrie was very tall, very blonde, and very nice looking, and carrying a lot of books. I had one semester to go to get my undergraduate degree; she looked to be in her late twenties. She almost dropped a stack of books and I caught them, and then offered to carry them onto the bus for her. The good news was that she smiled a very pretty smile at me; the bad news was that I noticed a big engagement ring on her hand.

She had just moved into my apartment complex. She was in graduate school and was pushing to complete her PhD. by the end of the summer. She spent all her time on campus or in her apartment working. She was engaged to a professor at a college in a neighboring state and they planned to set the date to get married after she had completed her PhD, because she had an offer to teach at a junior college close to the professor’s job.

That’s as much as I learned before she got off at her campus stop. As I watched her walk tantalizingly away, I thought about how nice it would be to get to know her better. I was taking only the one course that I needed to graduate, and my hours at the store where I worked were down with fewer students staying in town for summer school, so I had time to chase her. I figured she had to eat. So the next time I saw her at the bus stop, I invited her to come up to my apartment while I burned some steaks on the hibachi, and after several tries, she finally agreed to come over Friday night, as long as she could go right back to her apartment and her school work after supper.

She must have been cooped up in her apartment and talking to herself for a while, because I just had to feed her and listen, and she told me a lot. Her fiancé was a very conservative guy about 10 years older than she who spent 4 nights a week at his church, was on a mission trip to Brazil this summer, and was a strict believer in absolutely no premarital sex, even for engaged couples! She thought he was wonderful and perfect for her, but I heard reservations in her voice. I asked her if she knew if they were compatible sexually, she looked at me like she had never considered the question. “Why would you ask that?”

I told her all about my friend Will who had married his dream girl about two years ago. She was just as strictly religious as Carrie’s professor fiancé claimed to be, and also drop dead gorgeous. She could have walked right out of a ‘Girls of the Midwest” photo feature in Playboy, but of course she would never agree to appear in the magazine. Will had accepted that she would not even consider premarital sex, but she told him that once they were married, she was looking forward to giving herself to him every night, and being faithful forever. That sounded good, and she definitely got his motor running! So they got married and he was thinking the honeymoon would be a dream come true. But she had a very narrow definition of ‘giving’ that amounted to straight sex in the missionary position only, under the covers, and with the lights out. She didn’t even like much foreplay, saying she just wanted to ‘do her wifely duty’ and get pregnant as soon as possible, but she was ‘willing’ to do her duty every night!

But after a year of pleading and trying, she still absolutely refused all his requests for other sexual positions, having the lights on, or even more extensive foreplay. He was terribly frustrated, having this great looking wife but being sexually bored and unfulfilled. That explained why when his friends (like me) told him how lucky he was to have such a hot wife, he got this terrible marmaris escort look on his face but would not discuss it. I later learned the reason for his frustration, and furthermore that when he asked her for oral sex, she called him a deviant and sodomite, and threatened to sue for divorce based on mental cruelty! They got a no fault divorce shortly thereafter.

At this point, Carrie looked very worried. I figured a PhD candidate in English would have some exposure to erotic literature, and I wondered whether she shared the professor’s restricted view of sexual expression. Then she asked me if I could have been happy with a woman like Will’s wife, I said not a chance, I would want a woman that loved to both receive and give oral as much as I did, as a minimum. She smiled and asked “If that is the minimum, what would the maximum entail?”

I said “Tail would be the operative word”. She blushed, and then said she had to get back to her school work!

She turned down further dinner invitations, so I started dropping in about dinner time and offering her some of what I had cooked. She had a real penchant for steak, and we continued our talks while she ate what I brought her. One night she complained of a sore neck from her long reading sessions, and I offered my magic fingers to help her out. Her neck and shoulders were tied in knots, and she was very receptive to my efforts. From that night on, any time I dropped her place, a massage followed. One night she was especially expressive about how great it felt. I expanded my coverage area beyond her back and upper shoulders, and soon my hands were just about onto her breasts as I looked down the front of her dress and got glimpses of some wonderful territory.

Then she got uncomfortable and told me she had to get back to work. I went back to my apartment and spanked the monkey, thinking about her.

One night I got home late from taking inventory at the store where I worked. Her lights were still on so I tapped on the door. She let me in and said she had been working for 14 hours straight and had just finished marking up her next to final revision of her dissertation, and could she please have a backrub? I played it for the maximum fun for me and had her lie on the bed. I started with her feet and began slowly and thoroughly trying to knead her like bread dough. I was on a roll when I told her that her jeans, blouse, and bra were interfering with my finding and relieving muscle tension, and soon had her down to just her panties. I had her roll over on her stomach and worked the long muscles on the back of her legs right up to their insertions in her pelvic bone, which just happened to be in her buttocks. I lovingly worked those muscles, overlapping my motions and pulling and tugging on her panties, touching her pussy by proxy.

When I could not stand waiting any more, I began to frankly caress her ass, not bothering to even make it look seem like a massage. She sighed and actually spread her legs a little bit, which encouraged me to start touching her pussy though the back of her panties. She cooed like a pigeon for about 30 seconds, and then she jumped up and went into the bathroom, saying “would you please go!”

The next time I came by she said she was sorry but we were starting to go where she was uncomfortable, and she apologized for leading me on. I told her don’t worry I liked every minute of it and would be game any time she was.

A few nights later I came home to find a note on the door from the apartment manager saying they were having some plumbing problems and the water would be off on a floor by floor basis over the next week or so as they replaced some pipes. I went up to marmaris escort bayan Carrie’s and asked her about the water, and she said she had heard they were supposed to start at the top floor and work down, and she was expecting her water to be off tomorrow. I told her she could come down and take a shower at my apartment if she needed to, and she looked at first relieved and then worried, and made no further reply.

She never showed up, but two days later my water was off when I got home and I hatched a plan. I grabbed a pair of shorts and clean underwear and a towel and went up to her apartment. I told her I was just in from a long day at work and was desperate to clean up and could I please use her shower. She said okay but she was going to keep working at the table. I went into the shower and got nice and clean, and also got a massive hard on when I thought about her being just in the next room. It may have been the biggest and hardest I had ever been. I could not even begin to put my shorts on over it and it showed no signs of receding! I finally decided to go for it!

I walked out into the apartment and she was looking at the book in front of her, not over to her left as I was approaching. I got to within about two feet of her and she still had not turned to look. I said “You have quite an effect on me, Carrie!” just as she turned my way. My cock was at her eye level and pointing right toward her. She looked at me and focused her gaze on my cock and froze. I just continued my motion toward her and got to within about two inches of her face, when her jaw dropped and her eyes got big. I hoped she wouldn’t consider it sexual assault and then I put my dick right up to her lips.

My fantasies came true and she stuck out her tongue, put it on the underside of my cock, and then took it into her mouth! It was fantastic! She kept her eyes tightly closed, perhaps thinking that if she didn’t see it, it wouldn’t really be in her mouth! But it was, and it felt wonderful. Only when she had taken it all the way down her throat did she look up at me with a pleased and satisfied look in her eyes. I had heard all the old jokes about any woman looks great with your dick in her mouth, but I discovered that an already beautiful woman with my dick all the way in her mouth looked like an angel! She started moving me in and out with serious suction and tongue technique, and soon I went from telling her how great it felt to “Oh, I’m gonna come!”

She just mumbled “Uh huh, um hum, yah” with her mouth full and kept up her efforts. She looked at me teasingly and I discovered that a beautiful woman, with my dick in her mouth, telling me with her eyes that she wants me to come in her mouth, is without question the most wonderful sight in the world! I fought my urge to just close my eyes and throw my head back and shoot, because I wanted to see this. I focused on her lips and felt myself lose control. The volume surprised us both, but she kept mumbling “Uh huh, um hum” and her eyes kept smiling as she swallowed. I was sure she had emptied it all, but she kept sucking really hard for good measure, then took my balls in her mouth and used her tongue to lick me all over. It could not have been better!

I was surprised at my first thought: ‘this woman is not going to be satisfied if the professor doesn’t like oral!’ Then my second thought was that I owed her some serious attention. So I stood her up, put her on the bed, took off her panties, and went to town! She was extremely vocal, telling me exactly what she liked and when to do it more. She was so juicy and tasty that I never wanted to stop, and when she came she squeezed my head with her thighs. They were surprisingly escort marmaris strong, but I wanted that next head squeeze, and I got it. Now I knew that the professor better be prepared to muff dive, too!

I got hard again between her first and second orgasm, and moved up above her and into her almost seamlessly. We settled into an easy rhythm, alternating kisses with deep breaths. I felt her pussy begin to grip me and that set me off, and soon I came as far up inside her as I could get. She started to say something and then laughed. Then she said “I’m glad I am on the pill, but maybe I should take my ring off!” and laughed again.

I was not sure how to handle that, but I said “Can we just consider the next two months an extended bachelorette party?” And that’s pretty much the way it turned out. We talked a lot of pillow talk. She still planned to marry the professor, but she was worried about wanting to step out on him to get what she needed in the sack. She asked me the best way to proceed, looking at it from a guy’s point of view!

I told her she should just lay it on the table: she wanted to spend the night together a few times to make sure they could ring each other’s chimes, and furthermore she had some ‘special needs’ that he would have to agree to satisfy. I had to ask her “This guy would really object to going down on you? Does he know what he’s missing?”

She smiled. “Complement noted kind sir, and brownie points accumulated. But, we have never even had straight sex, so I don’t know for sure. But he can definitely get it up, and often does pretty impressively just when we kiss goodnight.”

“If you went down on him once, I can’t believe he would ever refuse you again!”

She smiled again. “I really love doing that; I don’t want to give it up, even if he doesn’t want it like I do.”

“Well” I said, “maybe you could make it all about you. Tell him it’s an infamous family secret that all of the women in your family are highly sexed and very demanding. You would never reveal it to anyone until they are about to become part of the family, but since he is, you have to put it on the table. Didn’t you tell me your family has lived in New Orleans since well before the Civil War?”

“Yes, but what does that have to do with this?”

“Tell him your great, great, great grandmother was secretly the most notorious madam on the riverfront, and even though you are determined to be a good Christian woman, the only way you can keep those drives in check is to have a very ‘intense’ relationship with your husband. Say the madam’s secret sex techniques were carried over to the new world from the infamous brothels of Paris generations ago, and you were taught by your grandmother that you have to perform all of these sexual rituals with your husband to make your marriage a success. Every woman in your family who did not do these things with her husband got into big trouble, but the ones with a cooperative husband lived happily ever after.”

She smiled. “But I don’t really have any historic family secret techniques!”

I smiled. “I doubt he has much of a basis for comparison, and your natural talents are very impressive. But speaking as an interested reader of just about every word on sexual techniques I could find since I was 11, and someone who is willing to make the great sacrifice, we could spend the next two months teaching you so many things that any guy would want that not only will the story hold up, but the professor will have a smile on his face for the rest of his life!”

She smiled and said “So I could say that it is been passed down as part of my family’s oral tradition?” We both laughed.

She was a fabulous student, and we worked very hard. Things must have worked out for them, because after that summer I got a Christmas card every year, and they had a silly grin on their faces in every photo, and ended up with five kids!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32