My Submissive: Meghan Ch. 01

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“Talk dirty to me my pet. Tell me how bad you want it.”

“I want that hard cock deep inside my pussy Master, filling me full with your hot seed.”

“How bad do you want it? How long have you been dripping for it?”

“I long for it Master, I want it so bad!”

“But just how bad? Would you show up to my work and beg be to bang you behind the dumpsters?”

“Yes Master.”

“Would you fuck out in public?”

“Yes Master.”

“Would you fuck me as your brother watches?”

“Yes Master.”

“Then it is time for some fun, my pet.”

I throw you onto the couch and rip your stockings open. You have been a good girl and have been wearing only a skirt with no panties. “Hmmm,” you purr. I take my pants off in a flash. You can see my bull cock is hard and ready. I can see that your slit is oozing juice. I line up and thrust in balls deep in a single thrust. “Ohhh kaçak iddaa Master! I have been waiting for your cock for so long!”

After a few more thrusts you start to cum from the long wait. I feel you squirt on my cock and balls as I continue to thrust through your orgasm. With every thrust I shove you up a little further on the couch, so much so that I have to drag you back to the edge. “Where do you want my cum, my pet?” We both know that you have no say in where it goes. This is just an obedience practice.

“I want it deep in my pussy Master! I love the feeling of your hot seed deep inside me so much. I always cum when you cum inside of me.”

You can feel my cock start to get harder. “Here it cums my pet.” I say as I unleash a torrent of cum. “CUMMING!!!” You cry out. This time I bury myself balls deep inside of you, pushing into your cervix. I feel you squirt, flowing onto kaçak bahis me. You feel my jizz going into your womb.

“Squat in front of me now my pet.” I say as I pull out. You obey instantly. You see that my cock is in front of your face and you instantly start to work your magic on it. “Your technique is getting better my pet.” I say as you take the initiative and start to deep throat me. I groan. “That’s the way to do it my pet.”

After 15 mins of your ministrations I grab your hair in both hands. I start to fuck your face and I cum down your throat. “Drink my jizz. Get every single drop my pet.”

You moan in reply and I let go of your hair and pull out of your mouth. “You know there’s only one hole left that I have not fucked my pet.” I back up and you turn around, doggy-style. I shove into your ass and push your face to the floor. You see the mess that leaked out from your illegal bahis pussy while you deep throated me. “Clean up that mess my pet while I fuck your ass.”

“Yes Master!” you say, as you have already started to lick it up. You find it difficult to lick to all up as I am pounding your ass that hard.

I keep on pounding your ass and you are moaning like crazy. “I love your fucking cock Master! I love it when you cum in any of my holes. I am your slut, your whore. I will do anything for you. Fuck a stranger for money. Get fucked in public. Have you fuck me while my brother watches.”

Your dirty talk pushes me over the edge. “Here it cums my pet!” I unload into your ass. It triggers your own orgasm and you squirt all over the floor, leaving a puddle of your juices. I pull out of your ass and grab your hair, moving your face to my cock. “You know what to do my pet.”

You are still out of it from your intense orgasm, but you start to clean my cock. Once my cock is clean I say, “Now clean up the mess that you made my pet. Then we are going to have some fun in the shower.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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