My Sex Life Ch. 10

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Chapter 10: Another Friday, Another Fuck Buddy

This Friday, I met up with Declan. The staff at Starbucks at Haymarket must be beginning to wonder about me.

We drove out to his place in Currie and the fun began the moment the front door closed. Actually, that’s not true, I’d been fingering my pussy in the passenger seat next to him the whole way there and had came twice by the time we’d reached his place.

Anyway, once we were inside, he just picked me up, kissed me roughly, carried me through to the bedroom and, almost literally, threw me on to his bed. The next thing I knew, my skirt was hitched up around my waist, my knickers were on the bed next to me and his tongue was on my pussy.

Declan’s tongue was fantastic. As it worked its magic on me, I managed to undo the buttons of my blouse and push my bra out of the way so that I could play with my tits. The sensations from my pussy and clit quickly overwhelmed me and Declan had me cumming in next to no time. Powerful contractions gripped my womb and my body shook uncontrollably as he feasted on my pussy.

As I writhed and moaned, Declan carried on licking, fingering my pussy and arse as his tongue beat against my clit, sending lightning bolts of pleasure shooting through me. I clutched at his head, pulling his mouth more firmly against me as I let the sensations flood over and through me. All in all, I came three times before he decided it was time to fuck me. And fuck me, he did.

I still hadn’t managed to get out of my clothes. My school skirt was scrunched up around me as he positioned himself above me, thrust his cock into my waiting pussy and began giving me a bloody good seeing to. It was hard, fast, rough and altogether amazing. We’d chatted a lot on MSN prior to meeting and we’d discussed online how I’d wanted to be treated and Declan was giving me just what I asked for.

I think I’ve alluded to the fact that I’m pretty vocal during sex and I was screaming obscenities at him as his cock pounded me (God only knows what the neighbours were thinking if they were in. I wasn’t caring tough, it just felt so good to have Declan on me and in me, his thick cock stretching and filling my pussy.

Declan trabzon escort pulled out and turned me around to fuck me from behind. My tits were hanging out of my bra and he reached forward to manhandle them as he fucked me with ever increasing force. As he tugged and squeezed on my nipples, I could feel myself getting closer again.

The room was filled with the sounds of my moans, his grunts and noise of our bodies slamming together. The front of his thighs slapped against the upturned cheeks of my arse as he thrust his cock in and out. With every stroke, I pushed my hips back, meeting him on the deepest part of his thrust. I gripped the walls of my pussy around his shaft, flexing them as he plunged in and out.

Suddenly I was cumming again. The sensations were so powerful it was all I could do to stop myself from collapsing on the bed in front of him. Crying out, my pussy tightened around his cock, intensifying the sensations even more.

My orgasm brought Declan to the point where he too was ready to cum. I told him I wanted him to cum in my mouth and he was more than willing. He pulled out and I suddenly felt a huge emptiness. I swung round to sit on the edge of his bed. After the briefest of pauses to dispose of his condom, I had his cock in my mouth and I was sucking on it as if my life depended on it, my fingers stoking his shaft in tandem with my lips.

It didn’t take long for Declan to reach the point where he couldn’t hold on any more. He was groaning and his cock was thrusting involuntarily between my lips. He cried out, “Julie!! Oh Fuck, Julie!!” (I love it when a man cries my name as he cums!) as his seed shot from his cock, providing me with a thick, creamy mouthful of hot cum. I swallowed quickly and he seemed to just keep on cumming, pumping more and more of his cream into my hungry mouth.

Eventually, his eruption (can’t think of a better word) slowed to a trickle and I sucked the last drops from him.

After he’d recovered a bit, Declan went to make us some coffee and I, after fastening my blouse and straightening my skirt so that I had semblance of decency, nipped out to the garden for a cigarette.

Once we’d had our trabzon escort bayan coffees, Declan decided my pussy needed more attention. We didn’t make it back to the bedroom, he just knelt between my legs where I was sitting on his sofa and started to lick me again.

Again, as he licked me, he fingered my pussy. A few minutes later, he had two fingers in my cunt and one in my arse. My blouse had somehow managed to come undone again and I was playing with my tits as his attention was firmly on what he was doing down below.

It wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm approaching but, this time, I managed somehow to hold it back, letting the pressure inside me build until I eventually had to let go.

My body convulsed as my climax tore through me. I was crying out, swearing, demanding that he didn’t stop. Declan’s tongue just kept on working away, driving me on and on and on until I had to have him inside me again.

With what little control I could muster, I slid off the sofa, turned round and rested my body on it as I wriggled my arse in front of him.

Once again, he was inside me in a flash; pounding hard, filling me. As he fucked me, I reached back between my legs to play with his balls and occasionally rub my clit. He gripped my hips and kept pulling me back on to him, his balls slapped against me every time he plunged his cock into me.

With my body supported by the sofa, I just surrendered myself to his fucking. My pussy ached from the pounding it was taking but it still felt so good.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for nice, tender, gentle lovemaking but there are times when nothing but a good, hard, rough, dirty fuck will do. This was one of those times and that was precisely what Declan was providing me with.

As he fucked my pussy, he began to finger my arsehole, working one, then two fingers past my tight rear opening into my back passage. I quickly came again and, as I did, he pulled his cock out of my pussy then began to work it into my arse. I was really turned on by this point and again, I was turning the air blue as I urged him to fuck me harder and harder. It felt SO good and SO dirty.

Declan’s cock stabbed deep into escort trabzon my back passage and I began to finger my clit. My body was weak, having been drained by so many powerful climaxes but I didn’t want it to stop. Nothing beats a good arse fucking when I’m in the mood for it and Declan was giving me just that.

With his balls slapping against my enflamed pussy lips as his cock pumped in and out of my arsehole I felt myself trembling on the blink yet again. It wasn’t a particularly intense orgasm but it drained what little strength I had left from my body and I could do little more than wriggle my arse from side to side as Declan’s cock continued its merciless pounding.

Eventually, things came to their inevitable conclusion. This time, when Declan pulled out, instead letting me finish him off with my mouth, he just came all over my arse cheeks, letting his cum dribble down the backs and outsides of my thighs. Given that I was still dressed in my school uniform, this was a little precarious for me but Declan managed to remove my skirt before any of his cum got on to it.

We had a shower after that and that was the first time that we had actually been naked in each other’s presence. In the shower, as the hot water trickled over me, slowly revitalising me, he licked and sucked on my tits, fingered my pussy and clit and, much to my surprise and delight, had me cumming again.

After the shower, he wrapped me in a towel and carried me through to the bedroom where, laying me down gently on the bed, he gave me a lovely rub down followed by a massage that left me tingling all over. He asked me to return the compliment and I tried my best. When he rolled on to his back, I used my tongue on his chest and slowly, worked my way downwards.

By the time I reached his cock, it was showing signs of life so I took him in my mouth again to see if I could work another load out of him. I wasn’t in any hurry and worked my lips up and down his shaft at a leisurely pace, occasionally stopping with just the tip in my mouth to give it a suck before drawing him deep into the back of my throat again.

I did manage eventually, but not before we’d ended up with me on top of him in a 69 and he’d managed to make me cum again. His load this time was nowhere near as big as his first but I happily swallowed it down.

Afterwards, we got dressed and, after another coffee and a cigarette, he drove me home.

I really enjoy my Friday afternoons.

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