My Sarah Ann Ch. 02

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My Sarah likes to be teased. She loves to be restrained and forced to wait for the satisfaction she so sorely needs. She loves to have her indulgence delayed, only so she can revel in the intensity of the release I provide her when I’m done with my teasing. Sarah is my lover, my whore, my slave, my master and my best friend all in one. I love to indulge her fantasies and satisfy her needs. She never, ever fails to do the same for me. I have her wearing just a simple little nighty. The silky black fabric hugs her breasts close, exposing her deep and beautiful cleavage. Her body is draped in the fabric, just ending to expose her pale, shapely legs. She sits on the couch, her hands tied behind her back, it forces her chest to jut out in a seductive fashion.

I stand before her smiling, a knowing and playful smile. I have her under my spell, my control. I am going to tease her until she can’t take it anymore, I am going to make her explode. I start by slowly removing my shirt. I undo each button with careful deliberation, showing her bit by bit of bare flesh in a teasing manner. She loves my body, she loves me, she both hates and loves having to wait to touch me. I slide the shirt off of my shoulders and let it drop to the floor, she is whimpering already, desperate to touch. Sarah loves to have autonomy, and it excites her when I take that away.

“Poor Sarah. All worked up and no way to move.” I run one finger down her chest as I straddle her lap. I gently kiss her forehead, she briefly struggles against the soft nylon ropes. I have her tied nicely. I could pull the rope and release her at any moment, but I know she can’t reach it herself. I push her back against the couch, she is almost sitting on her hands. I trace my fingertips along the edge of her nightie, tracing little lines of sensation along her breasts. I lean down and kiss her lips gently. She tries to lean forward to get more, but I pull back slowly. “Uh uh babe. You get what I give you.” She moans quietly, excited by my confident exertion of control.

I stand back up, unbuttoning the top of my jeans. I pull the zipper down revealing that I am wearing nothing underneath. My cock is already hard with excitement, but I will attend to that later. I pull the jeans down very slowly, watching as she stares intently at my bouncing phallus. Again she starts to lean forward, with one palm on her breast I gently push her back into the couch. I will let her up when I’m ready, but not until. I take my cock in hand and hold it before her, I know it’s what she wants, but I won’t give in to my own desires until I have her so excited she can’t take it anymore.

Slowly I start to pump my fist on my engorged member. A drop of precum oozes out of the tip, I hear her gasp at the sight. Sarah loves the taste of my fluids; she loves to lick up every drop as it flows out of me in my excited state. I won’t give her that just yet though, marmaris escort I won’t allow her the satisfaction of her cravings until I know she’s primed. Stepping forward, I drag the slippery tip of my cock down her cleavage, pushing just in between her breasts and smearing her with sticky cum. She gasps softly at the sensation of my hot flesh touching her own. She loves my cock the way I love her pussy, she lusts for it, drinking in the taste and the smell and the feel of it’s skin.

Moving slightly upward, I trace the slick tip of my penis along her full, pouting lips. She moans as I do, a shiny trail of my juices is left on her lips. She bites her lip, sucking off the ambrosia of my lust. I look down into her eyes and see the tacit thanks burning just behind them. She is aroused beyond belief now. I kneel down in front of her and begin to kiss delicately at her breasts, tracing my hands along her quivering thighs. She is groaning with need and delight, mixed with a deep and burning frustration. She wants me to fuck her, hard and fast and deep. She wants me to end this mind wrecking game of tease and give her what she needs. The time still isn’t right though.

Slipping the straps off her shoulders, I expose her full breasts to the cool air in our apartment. She squirms a bit and I see her nipples grow hard with excitement. I slowly take the right nipple in my mouth and suck ever so gently, just barely exerting pressure on her swollen nub. She cries out, surprised by the intensity of the feelings I am giving her. I move to the other side, treating her left nipple to the same soft, suckling kiss that I planted on the right. I press her breasts together and begin to kiss and lick at them all over. She is moaning openly, brazenly expressing her pleasure with each breath. I hold her breasts and massage them together, enjoying the feel of her soft, supple flesh in my callused hands.

“Fuck, I need you.” She is desperate and panting with desire. I know if I untied her that she would leap on top of me and take what she wants. I won’t make it that easy though, I love to tease my Sarah. I love to tease her almost as much as I love to give her satisfaction after she’s worked up and red-faced with passion.

“Shush babe, I know what you need. It’s just a matter of when you get it.” My eyes glint with coy playfulness. She whimpers delicately, knowing that I won’t be seduced or confused. I want her so badly. I want to take her, make her mine and fill her with my seed. I can’t do that just yet though; she needs to be teased some more. I want her to feel the most incredible release any woman has ever known, and that takes time and patience.

Getting down on my knees before her, I lean my head down and begin to kiss softly at the insides of her beautiful thighs. She moans in pleasure, my tongue sliding around on her sensitized skin. I suck softly on her body, leaving little overstimulated marmaris escort bayan spots that twitch with need as I move away. She spreads her legs further, giving me access to her body’s treasures. I lift her legs slightly with my arms, shifting her ass forward on the couch. She is completely exposed now, I let her thighs rest on my shoulders as I begin to barely nibble on her engorged lips. My tongue slides slowly up the length of her slit, causing her to shake uncontrollably. I slip my tongue between, tasting her free flowing essence and teasing her clit with just the tip. She rocks on the couch, trying to push herself into my face. She wants to cum so badly now, but I’m still not going to give her what she wants.

Lowering myself further, I begin to kiss the peak of her butt cheeks. She shivers with excitement, relishing each new sensation as I kiss her tenderly. My tongue swipes between them, tasting her salty sweat and the delicious fluids dripping down from her pussy over her ass. I lap up all her fluids, leaving a thin coating of my saliva drying on her ass. My tongue takes little swipes at her hole, making her clench and twitch with excitement. I move back up and deeply kiss her pussy, sliding my tongue right inside of her and sucking up her womanly ambrosia. I am trembling with need myself, but I will attend to my Sarah before myself. This moment is about her excitement, her pleasure and her satisfaction. My Sarah does so much to please me, I want to return the favor in kind.

I sit back on my feet and look up at her. Her lush lips are trembling with arousal. Her body jiggles seductively with each ragged breath, she is a living visage of classic sexuality. I so desperately need to be inside of her, and finally my opportunity has come.

“Get up, turn around and bend over the couch.” She quickly stumbles up and rolls over. Her hands are bound behind her back, her head tilts to the side as her front presses into the couch cushions. Her full ass is jutting back, her thighs spread obscenely to give me access to her dripping pussy. I am tempted to just slide myself in, but I’m not going to rush this, Sarah still has needs to be met.

Leaning back in, I bury my face between her wet thighs. I start kissing and lapping up her pussy juices, moving up to taste her cheeks and kiss softly at her pale, warm flesh. She is writhing with delight; every now and then I lean right and slip my tongue deep into her. She loves that so much, I can tell. Her insides pulse with excitement when she feels my tongue wiggle its way into her intimacy. I love to please my Sarah, I love to taste her and smell her. The hormonal fog in my head grows worse as I inhale her scent. I’m trying hard to control myself, but I need Sarah now, I need to feel her silky insides on my cock instead of my tongue.

“Okay babe, here it comes.” She gasps with delight as she feels me move into position. Placing escort marmaris my cock’s trembling head against her lips, I start to slowly slide into her dripping, aching pussy. She cries out in satisfaction. I’ve dragged this out a long time and she’s desperate to feel me inside. I use one long stroke to sink into her waiting hole. She moans in delight when she feels me press against her supple ass. I am buried in her sopping pussy and I feel her spasm with excitement. I start right away, I know she wants it hard now. Sometimes Sarah wants me to make sweet, gentle love to her. Not now though. Now she wants me to jam my cock into her and fuck her like I will never get to touch a woman again.

Immediately picking up the pace, I start pounding my cock into her like a jackhammer. She screams with joy as she feels me slap into her ass with each stroke. I love the way her ass jiggles when I fuck her. It turns me on, makes me even harder. Her body is quivering with each slam against her, I love the sight and it drives me to fuck harder. She pushes back against me every time I bottom out in her. She wants me deeper, she wants it harder. She needs it. I can hear her urgency in her gasps and screams; she wants to be taken fully and completely.

I keep up the pace, sinking my hands into the skin of her body and pulling myself as deep as I can get. Her ass flattens against me as I thrust in all the way, gyrating my hips to stimulate her insides. She groans her approval and pushes back, helping me reach that special spot with my cock. My excitement is getting out of control. I don’t know how long I can hold off, the sight of her flesh bouncing against me is bringing my orgasm near. The feeling of her wetness around me, the cool air on my cock every time I withdraw makes the heat of her pussy even more intense when I shove back in. My senses are reeling with the stimuli, my Sarah is a playground of sexual delights.

“I’m going to fill you now babe. I’m going to cum inside you.” She screams her approval and thrusts back, clenching tight to draw out my climax. I explode with dizzying force; the blood rushes out of my head as my cock erupts into her fleshy love channel. We scream together in release, both of our needs suddenly met and satisfied in one timeless moment of mutual delight. Her ass and thighs quiver with the shaking of her orgasm, she is pulsing on my cock spastically and milking out every last drop of cum. I feel as I am thrusting that my cum is dripping out of her, running over my balls and down her thighs.

I collapse on top of her and quickly untie her arms. There are slight red marks on her wrists where she couldn’t help but struggle against the bonds. Even the soft rope wasn’t enough to save her delicate skin; she rubs her wrists softly and breathes deep satisfied breaths. I pull out and she turns around, grabbing me into her arms and holding me close. I can feel her thanks in her touch; there is no need for words. I love my Sarah completely, and no effort is too great to give her delight. I want to satisfy her every need, and just for this moment, I can tell by the love in her eyes that I have.

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