My Plan For You

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I pull your t-shirt off as we kiss, running my fingers over your back and down your spine to grab your ass in my hands and pull you towards me, feeling you press against me. It doesn’t take long to get rid of the rest of your clothes, freeing your already hardening cock. I can’t resist leaning down to flick my tongue lightly over your head, anticipating what is to come. We both know how much I love sucking your cock.

I give you a light push to indicate you’ve to take a seat in the desk-chair. I run my fingers over you as I walk to stand behind you, fastening your hands together behind your back with the handcuffs, my lips and tongue teasing your neck, biting gently. I pick up the blindfold and tie it behind your head, ensuring you can’t see a thing.

Pushing your thighs apart I kneel between them, waiting several seconds, letting you wonder when you’re finally going to feel my mouth on you. I lean forward to lick and suck your balls one at a time before I slowly run my tongue from base to tip of your cock. Slipping just the head of your cock in my mouth I begin to suck on you gently, rubbing my tongue over the sensitive underside. It takes you by surprise when I suddenly slip the full length of your cock into my mouth and pull off you really really slowly, letting you pop out from between my lips. I swirl my tongue once around you and stop.

Standing up I place one knee on the arm of the chair and press my wet pussy against the hard length of your cock. I wrap my hand around you and urge my hips to move over you, sliding you over my clit again and again, letting you feel how wet I am. I move so you’re barely nudging the entrance of my pussy and wait, wondering which of us will relent first. Me? So I slide slowly bit by bit onto you until you’re buried inside me, filling marmaris escort and stretching my little pussy. Or you? Pushing your hips upwards so you can finally stop the teasing.

Instead I move to kneel again, running my tongue over you, tasting myself mixed with just a drop of your pre-cum. I begin to suck you properly, sometimes taking you deep into my mouth, pressing into my throat, sometimes just playing with the tip of your cock. I keep my hands working on you, stroking your cock in time with my sucking, rubbing and pulling gently on your balls. You strain against the handcuffs, wanting to grip my hair and push me onto your cock, making me take all of you.

I keep sucking on you until you’re begging me to make you cum, until I can feel you hardening even further in my mouth and then I stop. . .

I pull the blindfold from your eyes and strip slowly for you, turning to show you my ass, giving myself a playful spank.

Sitting on the bed I lean back and bring my heels up to rest on the edge, spreading my knees and revealing my glistening pussy to your gaze. I run my finger slowly over myself, then bring my finger to my mouth to taste, knowing this drives you wild. Bringing my hand back to myself I push one of my fingers slowly into my pussy, feeling myself stretch slightly, readying myself for your cock. I slip my finger from my pussy and begin to rub slow circles over my clit, spreading my knees as wide as possible for you.

My eyes keep flicking between your rock solid cock and your face, your eyes following the motions of my hand. I can see you flex your arms, testing the handcuffs. I know your desperate to touch me but at the same time you want to watch me. I love how you can’t even touch yourself, your attention is all on me, watching my pussy get wetter and wetter, marmaris escort bayan hearing me moan softly, seeing my nipples harden under your gaze.

I slip a finger from my other hand into my pussy as I begin to rub faster and faster over my little clit.

“Two”, you whisper. I oblige, removing my finger and beginning to press 2 into myself, I go slowly, soaked as I am it’s a tight fit and I stop halfway. It’s enough for you and I hear you groan, throwing your head back slightly in frustration. I can see a drop of precum ooze from your head and watch as it slides slowly down your shaft. Involuntarily I lick my lips.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

A smile spreads across your face as you nod. I get up and move over to you. I slide my knee between your thighs and press myself against you and bring my lips to your ear.

“I want you to fuck me exactly how you want to. As hard as you want. As fast. Anything. In any position.”

I lean back to look at you and you immediately press your lips to mine in a rough kiss. Reaching behind you I manage to unsnap the cuffs from around your wrists. Your arms wrap around my waist and you force us back onto the bed.

Involuntarily I spread my legs wider under you, feeling your cock nudging at my entrance. I gasp and you thrust forward, hard, your cock pushing it’s way into my tight channel, opening it up. Furiously you set the pace, fucking me hard and rough. My hands clutch at your back, your hips, your ass. I can do no more than take what you’re doing to me. Moaning, your name escapes my lips. I’m so close to exploding around you.

Rocking my hips up to meet yours it happens, I tip over the edge and cum around you hard, throwing my head back and biting my lip to keep from screaming, small whimpers escaping. My pussy grasping escort marmaris futilely at your hardness. You pull away from me roughly and flip me over, gripping my hips and hauling them up high and forcing your cock back into my still spasming pussy. This time I do cry out, gripping the sheets of the bed tightly in my hands, leaning my chest down on the bed so you can slide ever-deeper inside me, pushing my hips back to meet your every thrust.

I manage to slide one hand underneath myself and begin to drum my throbbing clit, feeling my juices dripping and sliding down my thighs. Your hand grips my hip, the other slides into my hair and you wrap it around your fist, jerking my head back so you can press your lips to my throat, nipping me with your teeth, leaving your mark on me. Your breath coming in pants and moans in my ear. If possible your thrusts get harder, faster, I feel like you’re trying to push through me rather than into me.

A loud slap resounds around the room as your hand makes contact with my ass. I feel the burn of your handprint across my cheek and I know you’ll be enjoying the redness of your mark on my skin, enough so that the other side gets the same treatment.

“I’m close.” I turn my head to look at you, my tongue running over my lips.

“Cum.” My eyes lock with yours as I urge you on, as I beg you.

“Please, fill my pussy. . . .cum in me. Cum!”

Your hands grip my hips hard as your grind the entire length of your cock inside me, pressing hard against my cervix and I feel your cock pulsing inside me, shooting your cum and filling my pussy. Fingers touch my clit and my breath hitches at your expert touch. It barely takes seconds and I’m joining you, the contractions of my pussy forcing the last of your cum from you.

I collapse to the bed and you follow me, resting against my back, your cock still hard inside me as we recover our breath. Rolling over you take me with you, turning me so I can snuggle into your chest, our legs tangled together.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32