My Next Door Neighbor Allison

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My Next Door Neighbor Allison

A babysitter story with a twist turns into friends with benefits

I knew Allison for three years before I ever said more than hello to her. I’m not, generally, a very “chatty” kind of guy. I’m more of the strong, silent type, or at least that’s what people tell me. Somebody once said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”. I try to go by that. I may not talk much, but I do have thoughts, sometimes a lot of them.

Allison was my neighbor, but I didn’t have much reason to talk to her. She and her husband were a seemingly nice young couple with a new baby who moved into the house next to mine. I noticed her right away. She was strikingly attractive, l’d guess somewhere in her mid to late 20s, with what they used to call “exotic” good looks. By that I mean she was mixed race, I’d guess some combination of asian with white, maybe middle eastern in there somewhere. I don’t know. Who cares! Wherever her grandparents had come from she was positively stunning.

The first thing I noticed was her hair. Like a shampoo commercial it was so perfect, luxurious, and down to the middle of her back. It had sheen and body and was perfectly trimmed. It was really striking! And I’m not a guy who normally notices hair. Blonde, brunette, redhead, it’s all the same to me. I’ve always been more of a tits and ass man, and a sucker for a cute face, but Allison was just different. She was special, and it shone through immediately. When you looked closer, the rest of her, face and tits and ass, they were all pretty terrific too. She was fit, and she was cute, and she had a great, warm smile, but still it was the hair that made the first, and strongest, impression.

Me, I was just Dave, the next door neighbor who had knocked on their door with a bottle of wine to welcome them to the neighborhood. You know, like people used to do. But I more or less left them alone after that. I was in my early 50’s at the time, with two daughters. Kris was 19 and away at college, Kimberly was 17 and a junior in high school when Allison moved in. My wife had passed away from a nasty bout with brain cancer just a year before. It was a total surprise that took her nasty and quick. I can honestly say Allison was the first real, live woman I fantasized about after Theresa passed. But that was just a quick thing, hormones getting the better of my brain mostly. I was nowhere near ready to date again. Besides, I still had kids to raise. Maybe in a couple years when Kimberley was out of the house I could start to think about dating, I figured. But at that time, a quick wank with a video on my phone at bedtime was enough to get me through when I felt the urge.

Allison got to chatting with Kimberly across the driveway one day and inquired if she might be interested in earning a little babysitting money. My daughter was mostly focused on school, and didn’t have a regular job, but still was, naturally, interested in getting a little spending money. I, of course, would buy her pretty much whatever she needed or wanted, especially after their mother had died. I was a pretty soft touch, but there’s nothing like the feeling of earning it on your own, and it wasn’t long before Kimberly became Allison’s regular babysitter when she and her husband had Saturday date nights.

The boy’s name was Brendan. Cute kid. He was two when Kimberley started watching him. But she always did her sitting at their house, never at ours. I never did really talk to either of the parents though, no reason to. But Kimberly did let slip that she thought maybe things weren’t going so well in their marriage. They seemed less and less happy when leaving or coming home from their date nights. Then they started skipping nights. A couple times I’d heard yelling coming from over there, but most couples fight, at least occasionally. I didn’t think much of it. But I guess it was serious, because late in the spring of Kimberly’s senior year, he moved out. I invited Allison and Brendan to a little graduation party we had for Kimberly a couple months later. That was the first time I had ever really spoken to her, but because of Kim, she felt a little like she knew me. We talked a little, and I learned they were divorcing, but that she was keeping the house and planned to stay.

Allison stayed home most weekends after that, and besides, her babysitter, my information conduit, was moving off to college. I didn’t really speak to her or hear much about what was going on with them at all over that summer and into the fall. With both of my girls now moved out I had more time on my hands. I started working more around the house, fixing stuff up, thinking about selling and downsizing. In early January one night during an ice storm our neighborhood lost power. Allison knocked on my door to ask if I had spare flashlights or lanterns she could borrow. Turns out she had very few of the supplies necessary to get them through a storm. They’d come from Arizona and had güvenilir bahis no idea about these storms, which weren’t that unusual for our part of the country. It seemed like every 3-4 years we’d have one that would knock power out for a couple days. I had plenty of supplies and camping gear including a propane stove, portable heater, and a generator to keep power for the essentials. She resisted, but I insisted she and Brendan “camp out” over at my house until power was restored.

Like they would for most mothers, the needs of her child won out over her pride, and she and Brendan came over. They didn’t even have sleeping bags. Brendan, now 4, was super-excited to be camping out, even if it was in the living room. We all camped out there. My generator and space heaters could only provide enough power and heat for a couple rooms of my house.

That’s when I really started to get to know Allison. Brendan and I really hit it off. He was a fun kid, bright and inquisitive. I didn’t have any sons, or grandchildren yet, so it was fun for me to re-acquaint myself with the world of little boys. Even though it had been a few years, I found I still could channel some boyish enthusiasm for toy trucks, superheroes, and dinosaurs. Allison enjoyed seeing us play. Her now ex-husband never had patience with kids. He’d felt like they got in the way of the lifestyle he wanted. Brendan had been an “accident” he just couldn’t, or wouldn’t, grow up and deal with.

“Camping out” over at my house, I know Allison was relieved to be warm and to have hot food. She liked my cooking too, even if it was under less than gourmet conditions. Allison was very sharp and capable. She worked as an attorney for a medium-sized firm downtown. I really like her. If possible, she seemed even more beautiful as we ate dinner by candlelight than she had in the light of day. (We had electric lanterns but Brendan thought it was fun to eat with the little fires, which he had never seen before.) Brendan, you were so right my little friend, even if we might disagree as to the reasons why.

After dinner we played a few simple card games and an old “Chutes and Ladders” I still had around from when my girls were little. After lights out, alone in my sleeping bag I realized I had never slept this close to a woman as beautiful as Allison. My dick was as hard as it had been in years and yet there was nothing I could do about it. It took what seemed like forever for it, and me, to calm down and finally fall asleep. Allison and Brendan ended up spending three nights at my house before the power came back on. By the time it did, we were all fast friends. To Brendan, I was now “uncle Dave.” Allison confessed she’d been a little bit scared of me at first, seeing as how I didn’t talk much and all, but through Kimberly she had figured I was probably all right, and now that she had gotten to know me better, I wasn’t so scary after all.

We talked fairly often throughout the rest of the winter after that. I shoveled snow for her, did a few small household repairs, that kind of thing, and I agreed to accept a “home-cooked family meal” as repayment for my help. I offered to watch Brendan for her if she ever needed a babysitter. I confess I really enjoyed playing with that kid. It wasn’t long before she, with Brendan’s enthusiastic support, took me up on the offer.

By the time March arrived, Allison, eleven months after her ex moved out and three months after her divorce became final, went out on her first date since college. She met a lot of guys through her work, and once it got around that she was single, she had no shortage of offers. She was not quite 30, and nowhere close to wanting to spend the rest of her life single. If she was going to get back out there, she was going to need someone to watch Brendan. I was happy to do it. I really liked the kid. I really liked Allison too, but I was almost twice her age and only when I was alone in my bed at night, masturbating to mental images of her, did I give even the slightest thought to making a run at her myself. That was fantasy, and I knew the difference between fantasy and reality.

Allison always looked great to me. At home she dressed casually, and of course dressed very professionally for work. I couldn’t help but notice that when going out on her dates, she was showing a whole new side I hadn’t seen before. Her dresses were shorter, above the knee, showing more of her knockout legs, and the cleavage! Oh the cleavage! I had to work very hard not to stare. When I returned home after she came back from her dates, I confess I usually beat my meat like a teenage boy! It wasn’t long before Allison was going out every weekend, and occasionally on a night during the work week too. Brendan and I were old chums and one night when I was over babysitting he asked me, “Uncle Dave, what does it mean when my mom says she’s horny? She”s not going to grow a horn like Triceratops, is she?”

I laughed, “No, Brendan” and then had to think fast to come up with something that was the truth, güvenilir bahis siteleri but not exactly the whole truth. “That’s just something adults say when they really miss having a girlfriend or a boyfriend. She’s not going to grow a horn, although that would look pretty funny, wouldn’t it?” Brendan laughed, picturing in his mind what his mom might look like with a horn. I, on the other hand, was picturing her a little differently.

The next time Allison had me over for dinner we also had wine, as we sometimes did. After we ate, Brendan went into the living room to watch a show. Allison had just finished her third glass when she started talking to me about dating. I had never asked her anything nor made any comments about her dates. Not my business. But she brought it up. “Dave, we’re friends, right?”

“Of course.”

“Well pardon my asking but do you mind if I ask you a personal question?”

“Not at all. Go right ahead.”

“I know it’s been a few years since your wife passed away, Theresa, right? You’re an attractive guy. I’d even say you’re kind of a ‘silver fox.’ I bet you’d do pretty well if you decided you wanted to start dating again. Why haven’t you?”

“A ‘silver fox’ huh,” I laughed. Sure, I had some grey, but it wasn’t ALL grey. Oh well. “I guess that’s good. I’ll take it.” I laughed a little again. “Yeah, I’ve thought about it. Maybe. But I don’t know if I could do computer dating, with an app on my phone like people do now. Seems an awful lot like blind dating to me. I mean, I guess it works for some people, but…I don’t know. I met Theresa in college. I knew her through friends. I never did learn how to just walk up to somebody I didn’t know and start talking to her. I still don’t really know how people do that,”

“Oh yeah, when guys come up to hit on me in bars, or in the grocery store, or at the gym, or wherever, they’re still almost always jerks. But that’s why the good guys like you gotta get out there, ya know? Trust me there are tons of lonely women out there crying themselves to sleep, or…” she leaned in to speak just above a whisper just to be sure Brendan wouldn’t hear from the next room, “consoling themselves with a vibrator,” she drew back and resumed her normal tone, “who would kill to find a guy like you who’s quiet, and kind, and smart, and stable, a ‘still waters run deep’ kind of guy, who knows how to take responsibility, not a momma’s boy or an overgrown man-child, a guy who can fix shit around the house if it breaks, you know…a real man.”

There was a lot to unpack there! She’d clearly put some thought into this. It was all complementary and stuff to the point where it was making me a little uncomfortable. I tried to deflect the conversation away from myself, “Wow. Sounds like a little bit of your own frustrations working their way into that one,” I teased.

“Ha!” she laughed, a little self-consciously. Did I detect the hint of a blush coming over her? “Yeah, maybe so…yeah…all I know is…it’s frustrating. It can be really frustrating. But it’s gotta be worth it, doesn’t it? Shit! Maybe not. I don’t know…Do you know any good guys? I mean really good guys? I don’t feel like I’m asking for too much. Am I? You know, all that and also not gay and not married. They’ve gotta be out there, right? They’ve gotta be! I mean, I don’t wanna just get laid…I mean, I do want that…but not just that! Oh shit. I’m sorry. I’ve said too much. It must be the wine. And I was trying to talk about you! I’m sorry. God now I’m so embarrassed. I’m sorry. Thank you, Dave, thank you for listening to me blabber. God I feel like such a mess!”

I reached across the table and grabbed her hands, one in each of mine. I squeezed firmly and looked her straight in the eye, “It’s OK Allison. It’s OK. Everybody feels like that inside. Deep inside, everybody is just this quivering little blob of jelly. There might be layers and layers of other stuff protecting it. Experience, rationalization, routine, even anger and bitterness for some, but they’re all just covering up that soft, gooey center, and every once in a while a little leaks out. It just makes you human, that’s all. Nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Thanks, Dave. You really are a great friend. I don’t know what Brendan and I would do without you.”

“Allison, you’re smart, you’re beautiful, and you’re a really good person. You’re good. Any man would be crazy not to want you. You’ll find the right guy.”

She let go of my hands and sat back. “Thanks. But I don’t feel very good right now. I’m so horny I could fuck a fucking tree! If it weren’t for Brendan I’d probably be getting my brains banged out right now. Sure, I’d regret it in the morning, but..Fuck! Oh god I shouldn’t have said that. I can’t believe I said that. Dave I’m such a fucking mess!” She slumped in her chair.

“OK Allison I think it’s time we called it a night.” I got up from my chair and walked around to guide her shoulders. “Here, let’s get you over to your room.” She stood up, slightly unsteady. iddaa siteleri “Don’t worry. I’ll put Brendan to bed.”

“OK. Thanks Dave.” she said as we walked toward her room. “I’m sorry. I owe you, OK?”

I walked her into her room and she fell down onto the bed. I gently covered her with a spare blanket and then left to take care of Brendan. After Brendan was all tucked in, and had a story, I left and returned back to my house. It was only about 9pm, but it seemed like it had been quite the long night already.

The next morning she texted me, “Sorry about last night. I’m embarrassed. I owe you!”

“No worries,” I replied.

“You know, a lot of guys would have taken advantage of the condition I was in.”

“Honestly, I’d be lying if I said the thought didn’t cross my mind. But yes, I’m not a rapist.”

She did not reply to that immediately. Then, after about 30 sec., “Thank you.” followed another 30 sec. later by “Dinner tonight?”

“Can’t tonight. Sorry. But I’m still good to watch Brendan Saturday.” Saturday she had concert tickets. She’d been planning to attend with a girlfriend. They’d been looking forward to it for weeks.

“OK. See you Saturday then.”

Saturday came and I went over to Allison’s about 6:00. She looked fantastic, as usual, and I told her so. She and her girlfriend were going out to dinner before the concert. She apologized in advance that she probably wouldn’t be home until late. “No problem at all,” I said. I brought my book.

“Another biography?” she asked.

“No. ‘How to Pick up Girls,’ ” I joked. A little startled, she paused until I held up the biography for her to see. Then she laughed.

“OK. You guys have fun. Be good for uncle Dave!” she told Brendan as she kissed him on the forehead and went out the door.

That evening, Brendan and I built a fort in Allison’s living room. The centerpiece of our fort was a tent where we could crawl in and relive some of the experiences we had camping out at my house during the storm a few months before. Brendan, at that time about average size for a boy who was almost five, fit easily all the way inside the tent, where we had a lantern to help illuminate our card game. All the other lights in the house were off. Brendan had insisted. I, a fairly average sized man of 55, did not fit. In fact, my whole bottom half extended outside our tent, a fact which Brendan barely noticed, nor did he care. And a good thing that was too, because my pants were extra loose, and I wasn’t wearing underwear. These happened to be my biggest pants, easily a full size too big but they were all I had clean. That was also the reason for no underwear. I was a little behind on my laundry. The wide leather belt had kept me “decent,” but earlier, as part of our “game,” I had removed my belt and wrapped it twice around Brendan’s stomach. I did that because he wanted “armor” to protect himself from any bears who wanted to bite the tummy of a poor, defenseless boy, because the tummy, as all bears know, is the juiciest part. It was a good night. We had great fun. Brendan was also excited because his dad was coming to pick him up early the next morning and he was going to get to stay with him for a whole week. It would be the first time Brendan had seen his dad since he’d left. Eventually, the excited Brendan drifted off to sleep. I thought I would just hold my position for a couple of minutes or so to make sure Brendan was solidly asleep so as not to wake him when I got up to get my book.

Until the next thing I remember was hearing the wind blow. I was asleep on a blanket under a small group of trees near a large green meadow, and I could hear the wind blowing through the trees, and feel the warm summer wind on my dick and I was naked and the sun was shining on my head from above and I fought to wake up because I was worried someone would see me lying naked there and I opened my eyes and…I was in the fort tent with Brendan. I could just barely see his head when I glanced upward. He was sound asleep. His legs had to be extending behind my head, like he was the crossing top of the “T” shape. The lantern still glowed between us, only much more dimly now. The batteries must be running down. I looked down, and I realized what I saw there was the top of Allison’s head. It had to be Allison! I’d know that hair anywhere! She was lying on her side, facing towards me. My butt and back were up against some pillows so I was lying only partly on my side, maybe 45 degrees from vertical. Her head was propped up slightly on her left arm, and she was blowing softly on my dick, which was fully hard, and extending out from under the very loose waistband at the top of my pants! From where she was, her eyes couldn’t see mine. Apparently she didn’t know I was awake. At least two inches of my dick was out, the entire head and some of the shaft so maybe a little more, reaching just to the right of my belly button. (So yeah, I’m no porn star, but my dick is bigger than average). I was feeling Allison’s warm breath down there and it felt good! And then I realized what I’d heard in my dream as the rustling of the trees was more of a rapid rubbing sound. Allison had her right hand down the front of her pants and was playing with herself while she blew gently on my dick!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32