My Neighbor’s Daughter Ch. 02

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I want to thank my editor This is the continuing story. this is the ending from what happened ten years before.


It had been ten years since April had gotten married and moved away with her husband. Her mother had found a boyfriend a few years ago and she too got married and moved away. Now I had new neighbors; a nice young couple who were very good neighbors. Unlike the previous owners, there wasn’t anything going on between us. They were relative newlyweds with a family. No longer did I see nude sunbathing by the pool but screaming kids and lots of splashing. I did get to see Sara and April. They both kept in touch and visited, especially around the holidays. Though both had been faithful to their spouses, we all felt a special bond and remained good friends. I looked forward to the holidays. April had become a mother after two years of marriage. Sara and April, along with their husbands and children, would come over for dinners I would make for my surrogate family. I enjoyed this and the bond between us all grew. I even got to know April’s husband and I came to realize they were very happy together, and this made me happy.

April called me one day around her tenth wedding anniversary. She explained that her husband Gary would travel on business for long periods of time, leaving her lonely. April told me she wanted to see me, explaining that Gary was ok with the idea of her having sex with me. He didn’t feel threatened at all. In fact, I think he was actually happy knowing she would have someone to provide her with sexual relief while he was away, instead of worrying about her leaving him or bugging him to get a job closer to home. He had a great job and made a great living, the only drawback was all the travel. She admitted that her sex drive was much greater than his.

About a month later I got another call from April, asking if she could come over. I, of course, said yes.

I got home from work on a Friday afternoon and found April waiting for me. She jumped into my arms just like she had many times before but this time I could tell something was different. It seems she was pregnant with her second child and she was showing more than a little. She kissed me, not the kind of friendly uncle kisses she had given me for the last ten years. She kissed me like a lusty woman who wanted to get fucked immediately.

I commented on her condition and she replied, “I have been so horny since I got to my second trimester I couldn’t wait till Gary got back from his trip to get fucked good and hard again. Besides, he told me I could. I haven’t had the courage to come over until my hormones got the best of me. Now come on and give me the fucking you want to!”

As she walked in the door her clothes came off and were dropped on the floor. I followed her to my bedroom. She knew the way. So, soon, I was following a very naked woman who had a small pregnant belly and looked güvenilir bahis very sexy. Her breasts had begun to enlarge and her once small nipples had grown larger and darker. She turned when we reached the bedroom and hastily helped me remove my clothes. My cock was semi hard when she grabbed me after sliding off my underwear. She sucked me deep into her mouth, making my cock engorge with blood and stiffen. She was barely able to contain more than the tip in her mouth while her hand was stroking me hard and fast. I knew I would cum quickly if she kept it up.

She slid onto the bed and laid back with her knees up, legs spread, arms raised and said, “I need you to fuck me hard right now.” I got between her legs and she grabbed my cock as I leaned into her and guided it right into her pussy. She was already so wet, I slid in really easily and was fully into her cunt in one stroke. It felt so good. She wasn’t anywhere near as tight as she once was but it felt so good pumping in and out of her pussy. With April urging me to fuck her harder and faster I was soon pumping my load deep into her pussy.

We had gotten through the fucking so quickly, I knew she hadn’t gotten off yet. When I rolled off of her I got between her legs. I used both hands to caress her breasts while my mouth was locked on her pussy. I didn’t waste much time; I headed almost immediately for her clit. She began moaning almost instantly as I caressed and kneaded her nipples with my fingers. I felt her nipples harden under my touch. I could taste my own sperm mixed with April’s sweet pussy nectar as I licked her clit faster and faster. Her moans began to get louder, turning into screams of ecstasy and I could feel her pussy convulse as she orgasmed. As I could no longer see April’s face over her pregnant belly, I lifted my head and smiled at her when her orgasm subsided. April had such a smile on her face as she said, “Thanks. I needed that”

This went on for the next two months. I would see April whenever she could have her mother watch her daughter and her husband was away. By now she was showing quite a bit and we could only fuck with her on top or doggie style. She would be very horny when she’d come over and her pussy was swollen and always wet. I enjoyed this tremendously, pregnant woman always turned me on.

Then one day while April was on top of me after having just inserted my stiff rod deep into her slick, wet pussy, she stopped what we had been doing. As I looked at her heavy, milk-swollen breasts swaying gently above me April said, “I want you to fuck me in the ass!” We had never had anal sex because I prefer a woman’s pussy anytime! In the middle of fucking this pregnant beauty I could only stammer “sure” because I wanted her to continue fucking me. But instead of continuing, she stopped, lifted off of my cock and proceeded to rub the tip on her anus. She was quite wet as I had licked her to a few orgasms güvenilir bahis siteleri before she mounted me. As she slowly lowered herself onto me, I could feel my wide cock stretch her tight ass. It took a long time just to get the head of my cock in, and after that she rested for a moment. Then she slowly continued lowering herself and my cock slid further into her rear. Finally I was all the way in and April breathed a sigh of relief.

I asked “Am I hurting you? We don’t have to do this. I don’t want to hurt you.” She answered, “I want to do this. After I give birth I can’t have sex the regular way for at least six weeks and the last time I was so fucking horny I couldn’t stand it. My husband is smaller than you are so I figure if you get me used to it then I will have no problem with his cock!”

After that she slowly began to rise off my cock and when she got almost to the tip she again slowly impaled herself with it. This continued and soon she was riding me as fast as if I were buried in her pussy. Because she was tighter in her ass my cock was ready to blow much sooner than usual. I let her know. She didn’t slow but instead went faster and soon I was coating the inside of her ass with my cum. She lay down on top of me as best she could with her pregnant belly and I threw my arms around her as my shrinking cock slipped out of her ass.

April continued to come over on a regular basis for the next few months. Her belly got bigger and as her due date approached we had anal sex almost exclusively. The week before she was due she was able to take my cock in her ass as easily as if I was fucking her pussy. April began to enjoy anal sex more, reaching orgasm while I played with her clit fron behind and sometimes without any extra stimulation.

On a Tuesday afternoon, I was home early and April came over after dropping her daughter off with her grandmother. She was feeling very horny, she said, and for the first time in a while I got to fuck her from behind in her cunt. I was being careful when she screamed at me to fuck her harder. I did just that and soon was squirting my cum deep into her pussy. I leaned back and she leaned on me, my cock still impaled deep in her pussy. It was then that I felt a huge gush of liquid on my cock. It was warm and felt good but I knew what it meant. I pulled out as April realized her water had broken. I took April to the hospital and called her mother. April called her husband, who was in Cleveland at the time, and told him. He would make it back right before the baby was born.

April’s son was born the next day and I sent them flowers. I visited the new parents in the hospital. While I was in the room with April and Gary he thanked me for everything I had done. I was a little embarrassed because I didn’t know how much he was aware of. He went on to say that he was grateful April had someone to take care of her sexual needs when he iddaa siteleri was away. I was a little taken aback but managed to say thanks.

Two weeks later, April showed up at my door. She was alone and this surprised me. I didn’t expect to see her for quite a while, if at all. She said “I only have an hour. Gary has the kids and I need to get off. I have been so horny for the last week and Gary is afraid to touch me.” She stripped in no time. Though her belly was much smaller, she still had some of the extra padding from her pregnancy. She wasted no time unzipping my pants and swallowing my cock. She stroked me to get me rock hard. Her milk-swollen breasts leaked all over my hands as I played with them, turning me on even more.

April pushed me to the ground, grabbing a tube of lube she just happened to have in her purse. She stroked my cock, covering it with lube, then coated the entrance to her anus. She then sat down on my cock and slid me in so fast I was a bit taken aback. She reached down with one hand and began stroking her clit as I reached up and massaged her leaking breasts. She was riding me with steady strokes, knowing if she went too fast I would be done quickly. Then, as she approached her own orgasm, she began riding me faster. Soon I was pumping her full of cum and she was screaming she too was cumming. She got off me ,went into the bathroom and peed. When she came out she got dressed very quickly and said “Thanks, hope you don’t mind I have to run. I really needed that. ” With that she disappeared out the door and was gone. April was a regular visitor for the next four weeks and it was mostly the same: she would come in and without much foreplay just let me fuck her ass and then she’d leave. She wouldn’t let me lick her pussy yet and she always got herself to cum about the same time as I filled her ass with my own cum.

Six weeks after the birth of her son, April called me and asked if she could come over with her husband and children to visit. I, of course, said yes and welcomed them all when they arrived on the next Saturday. The visit went well. As we sat on the porch watching her daughter play in the yard and the baby sleeping in his car seat, Gary said “I want you to know that I appreciate all you have done for April. She told me everything that has happened and I am glad she had you to turn to when I was away.” I acknowledged him and he continued “I hope you don’t mind continuing to be there for her. She is so much happier when she has you to fuck when I am away or when I am not interested. Her sex drive is too much for me but I love her and she enjoys your company so much that it makes me happy to know where she is when her horniness gets the best of her. I hope you don’t mind.” I, of course, didn’t mind at all. Who would mind? Here I was, fucking another man’s wife who was almost thirty years old and quite beautiful while I was old enough to be her father. On top of that he didn’t mind that I was doing it either, in fact he wanted me to continue to do it. I could only smile as April looked at me with lust. They left soon after and April gave me a big hug and kiss and said she would see me soon.

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