My Most Amazing Night

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Big Tits

I walked into the bar to get a drink. It was late and not too many people were there. The room was dimly lit, with a pool table and a dining area. As I sat down at the barstool, I couldn’t help but notice the smoking hot bartender behind the counter, refilling a glass. Her breasts must have been triple G’s and they were crammed into a tiny, low cut top.

I ordered a drink, and she turned around and bent over to get the bottle. Her huge ass was right in front of my eyes. It had a nice round shape and was perfectly in proportion with her body. She then turned around and handed me the bottle.

After I took a sip, I asked “What’s up?”

“Just working my shift.” she replied.

That’s when I noticed a tattoo the size of a quarter on her arm. It was bald eagle with eyes that seemed to look right at you. The intricate design on the wings was beautiful.

“How long have you had that tattoo?” I asked, pointing to it with the bottle. To my embarrassment, some of the beer in the bottle spilled out all over her. I sat there wide-eyed, not believing what I had done. Sometimes I can be so jittery around beautiful women.

She gasped, but then said with a little smile, “Could you help me find some paper towels in the back room?”

I replied “sure.”

In the back room, I knew this was the last place we would find paper towels. It was nicely furnished, with a green couch in one corner and a TV on the wall.

“Well it looks like we ran out of paper towels, but you can just wipe off all this beer with your hands.” she said with a seductive smile.

She took off her shirt and pants, revealing a black push up bra and matching panties.

I was about to take off her bra when she stopped me.

“Not yet.” she whispered.

I started messaging her breasts. The beer made a good lub. I was limited in what I could do with her bra still on, but I was able to get a good feel for them and it seemed she approved of everything I did. I felt her nipples slowly getting harder and eventually you could their outline through the bra.

When I had wiped off all the beer, she said, “You missed a spot, on my belly button.”

I felt her belly button, it was dry.

“Lower.” she said.

I moved my hand a few more inches down but she still responded, “Lower.”

I slid my hand trabzon escort down even lower, and now I was touching the black embroidery on her panties.

“Even Lower” she said. Feeling adventurous, I slipped my hand underneath her panties.

“Lower, almost there!” she said with urgency.

I slid my hand down lower and lower, and she wasn’t satisfied until half my arm was down her panties.

“I think you found it all right!” she screamed.

I began fingering her vaginal folds and she moaned with pleasure. I kept on feeling her pussy, slowly adding fingers as I massaged her clitoris with my thumb. As I worked her pussy harder and harder, she began messaging her big tits, moaning. After five minutes of my hand inside her cunt, she came all over my hand and soaked her panties.

Then she told me to lie down on the couch. She took off my pants and her eyes widened as she saw my huge package through my briefs. She then slowly took off my briefs, exposing my thick shaft, perfectly round head, and finally, my massive balls. My dick immediately shot up to 10′ as she tickled me down below.

Then, after testing to make sure it was hard enough, she took off her bra and slid my thick cock in between her cleavage. She then titty-fucked me with her GGG’s as I smiled with delight. When I was about to cum, she sensed it and stopped. As she got up, her tits were blood red from all the friction.

We both knew what we wanted next, so she got on the couch facing me. She then spread out her legs invitingly. Her pussy was wet with anticipation, and my immense cock fit slid easily into her. With two inches of myself inside her, she was already moaning. I decided to stay at that depth and I shallow-fucked her slowly. After five minutes, she wrapped her legs around mine, trying to push me in further.

“Come on, fuck me deeper!” she yelled.

“Of course, I should’ve known you like it deep.” I responded.

I got four inches inside her and picked up the pace a bit. Now she was excited. I began searching for her G-spot and found it quickly. She gasped when I touched it with the tip of my cock so I went even faster. Her tits started squirting milk as I fucked her faster and faster. I squeezed her tits and drank some.

She said between moans “How do you like it?”

I trabzon escort bayan answered “It’s so rich and creamy.” I drank some more before returning to business.

I was 8′ inches in now and touching the back of her walls. She was screaming with joy as I felt an orgasm coming. She screamed “Harder! Harder!” In between moans and I fucked her harder with each thrust. I was fucking at my top speed as she told me she was about to orgasm. With one final thrust, I rammed the back of her walls and that sent off fireworks. She screamed “O my gosh Jeremy!” and let out a series of high pitched screams and moans.

I came so much her fuck hole couldn’t hold it all and it spread all over her thighs. I put some of my cum on my finger and rubbed her clitoris with it, just to prolong the orgasm. Her tits looked like fountains of milk and I drank it all up. Her orgasm lasted for a whole minute, during which I withdrew from her and deposited the rest of my cum on her face. She used her tongue to wipe her face clean.

With one final pleasurable moan, her orgasm finished.

She looked at me and began messaging her tits.

“I’m not finished yet, are you?” she asked.

“Baby, I’d love to go with you all night, but it looks like I’ve gotten soft.” I responded

We both looked at my dick. It had shrunken and wasn’t defying gravity anymore.

She whispered, “I’ll take care of that.” and got on her knees.

She took my entire soft dick into her mouth and began deep-throating me. She was so good at it. She looked up at me with those big innocent eyes while moving back and forth on my rod and that made me so horny. My cock gradually grew back and part of it began to emerge out of her mouth. As it grew back to 10 inches, it apparently became to thick for deep throating. She had to slid her mouth off my cock.

She got up and walked toward the door, motioning with her finger to follow.

The bar was deserted. She told me to stand on the counter. I mounted the countertop, wondering what we were gonna do. She then got on the counter too but crouched on all fours. As I realized what she wanted, she slapped her ass and it jiggled.

“Fill’er up.” she said. It was an order. I slid my cock into her ass and began pumping. Her ass was tight, but I could tell it escort trabzon had been widened by others before me.

After about 10 thrusts, she turned her head toward me and said, “Come on Jeremy, I’m a naughty girl. Spank me!”

I began spanking one of her perfect buttocks with each thrust.

She began moaning “Mmmmmmm, your gonna spank me for what I’ve done, right big boy?”

I banged her faster and faster but then all of a sudden she reached for a beer bottle and began thrusting it up her pussy.

“What are you doing?” I asked surprisingly.

“Your competing with a dildo.” she barked.

I decided to punish her for using a dildo with me. I fucked her ass as hard as I could and she screamed with delight. She moved the beer bottle in sync with my thrusts.

I focused on nothing but force, and after about ten thrusts she dropped the beer bottle. It rolled off the table and shattered on the floor. I felt satisfied, knowing I had beaten her goddamn dildo.

I kept on banging her, slapping her ass harder and harder. I put my free hand on her shoulder, keeping her in place with each thrust. She was a slave to my enormous cock and couldn’t do anything about it. Her screams got higher and higher, her moans longer and hornier, and I knew she would orgasm soon.

I forced my dick all the way in and let her ass swallow up my cock. My balls began slapping against her cheeks, creating a “thump, thump, thump” as I went in and out.

I sensed her screams and moans were reaching a pinacle. “How much louder could she be?” Then it hit me. My orgasm caught me by surprise and I couldn’t help but close my eyes and mutter “Oh fuck.” as she came all over the table. My cum shot up her ass in rapid bursts.

It was the strongest orgasm I had ever had. I couldn’t believe the intense satisfaction. I wanted to stay in her forever. My dick felt like it might explode from the pleasure. I put my hands on her ass, and I could feel her shuddering from the waves of pleasure. I began to slow up as she caught her breath. I gradually withdrew from her, leaving out the back door. Finally, the tip of my cock emerged from her ass and she took a deep breath. The entire orgasm had lasted two minutes.

We got off the counter and got dressed together in the back room. There was an awkward silence. I knew I would never see this woman again in my life, but at least we had had a glorious one night stand together. When we were finished dressing we walked out of the bar together. Holding open the door, I thanked her for the drink.

“My pleasure.” she answered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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