My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 30

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Kathryn Jackson was depressed. Her husband had moved out of their home and stayed at an apartment in the downtown area that was owned by his employer. It was reserved for foreign business guests but he had spoken with his boss who agreed to help him out. Fred continued to make the house payment, paid the bills and gave Katie money for groceries and other expenditures.

He had refused to talk to his wife about what he had witnessed and Katie couldn’t blame him. She had been humiliated by Phil Dorman unbeknownst to her that Fred watched in front of his computer half way across the country. It nauseated her what she allowed Phil to do to her body. She was embarrassed and felt repulsed at what she did and knew she could lose everything because of her wanton desires. Katie spent multiple nights crying herself to sleep at the thought of what she had done behind her husband’s back.

The weekends were the worst as she found herself alone in the house as their children stayed with Fred at his apartment. She recalled a time whenever she was alone it meant she would finger fuck or use her dildo on herself until her body erupted in orgasmic bliss. But since her husband left her she vowed that she would change. She told herself she wasn’t a slut as Phil had told her repeatedly as he rammed his cock into her.

But yet Mrs. Jackson had to tear herself away from the window when she saw her young neighbor Joechin outside without his shirt on as demented thoughts filled her mind. Sometimes the sexy hard bodied wife pulled herself away from the laptop when she was tempted to watch a sexy hot sex video or read a dirty erotic story on She hadn’t touched herself since she was with the disgusting old neighbor and wanted desperately to save herself for Fred. She rationalized in her mind she would be reborn if Fred would give her a second chance with his love.

The sexy mother tried in vain to forget what she had done and prayed her husband would forgive her. She wouldn’t know how to explain if he asked why she did it with Phil. Would she admit to being nothing but a slut for his large cock? How she couldn’t get enough of his thick cum? What we would Fred think of her if he knew she had fucked Norman, Mike, or allowed Joel to have his way with her so Phil could just get new clothes? What if her husband knew that she sucked off Reggie just before he came back to the car that hot afternoon? Or even the warden at the prison? Did he already know? Did Phil tell him? She remembered Phil was chatty when he fucked her in front of her husband but she was in her constant state of orgasmic bliss and couldn’t remember what was said.

As she tried to forget what she had done it didn’t help that Phil Dorman was constantly on television or in the newspaper as they talked about him being on the television show ‘The Biggest Loser.’ She couldn’t bring herself to watch the program although her children were excited to see ‘Uncle Phil’ on tv, as they had begun to call him before he left. They had no idea that their mother had become a slut while they were sleeping or at school.

It had been over a month of living apart before a tearful Katie finally confronted Fred about whether he wanted a divorce when he dropped off their children. She was horrified of what his response would be as she felt certain he wanted to move on with his life but the sexy wife was willing to give her husband as much space and time that he needed as she was desperate to repair her marriage. Fred was indifferent to the question and couldn’t give his wife an answer which caused her to fall into a deeper depression.

Katie wanted to reclaim her life and tried in vain to find a new job but every financial institution in the Kansas City area told her they did not have any open positions. She hoped that Fred wasn’t behind her rejections but couldn’t help but wonder. She knew she was more than qualified for the openings.

Her promotional opportunities with the media ended as abruptly as her appearance on Dancing with the Stars. They stopped calling and begging for interviews. The stores no longer needed her for autograph sessions. Her life felt empty and it made it worse without her husband being by her side. She hated herself for what she had done.

She spent her day exercising as it kept her mind focused on herself and not any sexual desires. The sexy wife would run in the mornings and do yoga in the afternoon. Katie would wait by her phone and hoped that her husband would call and want to talk to her.

Katie volunteered at the soup kitchen on the weekends and helped the poor. She glanced up numerous times as the dirty men would pass by her in the serving line and stare at her. She tried to dress down and not draw attention to herself. It was a constant inner battle within herself to dress sexy. An older toothless man would always grin widely at her as she saw his eyes running up and down her body. She knew that he was undressing her in his mind and while she should have been disgusted she fought the feelings that erupted inside of her. Mrs. Jackson couldn’t help but wonder if 1xbet yeni giriş Phil was right the entire time; maybe she was just a slut.

With no luck of find a job; her neighbor Mrs. Lee suggested she apply with a temporary agency. She explained that prior to her becoming a manager of a successful business she had began as a temp and moved up quickly because of her skills. She encouraged Katie to do the same. Katie agreed that any paycheck at this point, however small would be helpful, as her bills continued to pile up. The smart and sexy wife had no desire to take much more money from their 501K but their savings was dwindling rapidly with her expenditures. It wasn’t long after she had applied that the agency called and requested a secretary, albeit for only for a few weeks, but she was desperate for any work.

The description was very vague as the business had requested secretarial service and data entry. When she arrived on the first day there wasn’t a name on the building, just the address printed on the glass window above the door. As the hot wife walked into the business it looked like a regular office building; she took the elevator to the fourth floor as her directions read suite 402. The glass door had no name but had a small doorbell with a speaker screwed into the wall that had a sign printed, ‘Press for assistance.’ The hot wife looked through the window but nobody was seen at the receptionist desk. She pressed her slender finger on the button and after a few minutes a man with broken English; “Hello?” was heard over the speaker.

“Hi!” Katie softly spoke into the box, “The temporary agency sent me over.”

“I’ll be right out,” the sexy woman watched as the door opened and an older olive toned man smiled widely as he stared at the sexy wife. He was only an inch taller that her and a little chubby. His olive skin highlighted his salt and pepper hair. He opened the door further and extended his hand and with a heavy Indian accent, “You must be Kathryn Jackson!” He reminded her of a much older version of the character ‘Raj’ from the hit television show The Big Bang Theory. His mannerisms and awkwardness were exactly the same as the character on the show.

She extended her hand, “You can call me Katie,” as she glanced past the man and into the office behind him. The office was very bland with no pictures hanging on the wall or any other decorations. He moved out of the way and held the door open as the desperate woman walked in. The office had two chairs in the corner, a door obviously went into the rest of the business was right next to the receptionist counter and another door with no window on the other wall.

“You may call me Dr. Naz. My full name is Khawaja Nawaz but Naz is good enough!” as he adjusted his long white lab coat, “It’s so wonderful to meet you in person. I’m so sorry things didn’t work on Dancing with the Stars. I was pulling for you.”

“Thank you,” Katie softly spoke as even the thought of the show reminded her of her of what had happened and her horrible indiscretions with her obese lover.

He glanced down at a paper, “You used to work at Bank of America?” as he continued to read her resume that he held and raised an eyebrow, “and was one of the managers?”

“Yes,” Katie’s face reddened from embarrassment.

“The economy has really taken a toll hasn’t it?” as he placed his security badge on the door next to the receptionist counter, “Our secretary needed to be off for a few weeks.” The chubby doctor pointed towards the front desk in the small lobby behind a large sliding window, “We usually don’t use a temporary agency but I know Martin. Did you get to meet him?

“No,” Katie shook her head as the old man continued to talk quickly.

“He’s the owner of the agency where you applied. He’s a very nice man. A neighbor of mine,” he giggled. “We needed somebody that was trustworthy that could enter numbers into our system. It should only be a two week project as you see we just switched our systems over and needed to have the data entered before the deadline. You also will need to take care of anyone who comes in to leave deposits,” the doctor paused, “but I think we cancelled all of them except a few.”

The hot wife couldn’t help but be confused. Her jaw clenched, “I’m sorry but I don’t even know what business this is? Deposits?” She glanced around and had been in banking for most of her life and the lobby didn’t look to be associated with any credit union or financial institution.

“I’m so sorry,” Dr Naz laughed. “The service didn’t tell you your job description?”

“No. They just said they had a receptionist job for a few weeks,” as Katie folded her arms across her chest.

“Ohhh,” Naz replied, “I suppose what we do could possibly offend people who think it’s unnatural but we are part of the Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility through the University of Missouri.” The doctor laughed, “I guess you can say it’s similar to what you used to do!”

The sexy wife couldn’t help but be confused, “Fertility?”

He turned and led Katie down a 1xbet güvenilir mi corridor, “In simple terms we are a sperm bank. We store samples from across the country. We collect local specimens to help with fertilization and testing. If one of our depositors comes in they are paid $100.00 per sample.” Naz stopped next to the receptionist desk and unlocked a drawer that contained a stack of $20.00 bills.

“But don’t worry you won’t have to handle any of the specimens,” he reassured her as he lead the gorgeous woman down another hallway to a small cupboard that was on the wall. He opened it as another door could be seen on the opposite side. A few medical jars were stacked with wipes and other sanitary equipment. “They will make their deposit into the collector,” as he lifts a small screw top jar, “and place it in here with their number attached. They will compose themselves and come back out into the lobby where they will ask for payment. But like I stated I think we only have 1 or 2 scheduled during the next few weeks.”

Mrs. Jackson’s face felt flushed instantly at what occurred in the building, “What do you do with their cu…,” stopping her from using the term that she had become accustomed to saying over and over, “deposit.”

Dr. Naz grinned with excitement that the beautiful temporary employee was so enthralled with his job, “We process it and place it into cryogenics,” he walked down the hallway and into another room where six large vats that were connected to pipes and wires.

Katie’s mouth hung open as she gazed at the large containers that she knew were filled with creamy sticky semen. She felt her mouthwatering as she thought about it, “Is that all you do here?”

“No No No,” Dr. Naz happily explained, “We conduct tests to always try to better our field. I test samples during the week to see how long the semen can last after being frozen. We have some samples that are 25 years old that are still active when unthawed! Isn’t that exciting?”

He turned and opened another door that obviously was a laboratory with microscopes and other medical equipment. The hot wife immediately detected the mouthwatering chlorine smell of semen that filled the lab, “I know some people are offended at such things. I hope this won’t be a problem for you,” Dr. Nazi explained.

“No. Not at all Dr. Naz,” Katie grinned as she already felt her panties becoming moist as her body was already betraying her mind.

He darted into his office that had a small desk with bookshelves stacked with paperwork. He grabbed a long white lab coat and handed it to the hot wife, “I almost forgot but you will need to wear this while you work regardless if you are in actual contact with the specimens. It’s part of the University’s policies.”

The sexy mother put on the white bland lab coat over her designer clothes as it hung down to her knees. Dr. Naz grinned, “It’s not the most fashionable clothes but it fits you wonderfully.”

Katie reached back and pulled her hair out past the collar, “I don’t mind at all Dr. Naz. I just appreciate the opportunity to work here.” The hot wife breathed deeply at the unmistakable smell of the mouthwatering cum that flowed throughout the building.

The next few weeks went by quickly. Katie was excited to come to work more so than she was when she worked at the Bank of America or any engagement for Mrs. America. She would sit at her desk and enter sperm counts of countless men. The higher the sperm count the shorter her breaths would become at the thought of how much could be emptied into her mouth or on her face. She found herself imagining how some of the samples would taste. Would they taste like her husband? Or Phil? Joel? Reggie?

For the first time in months she found herself incredibly turned on. Her hormones were wreaking havoc on her body as she felt herself unable to control urges that were erupting inside of her.

Every day after work; Katie checked her phone and hoped that her husband would have called. The call never came and she was met at home with her children begging for attention. She didn’t even have time to finger herself to a wonderful climax. She was quickly becoming sexually frustrated. It caused her to be tense and agitated as it had been two months since any form of sexual release. She couldn’t believe what she had done to Fred by denying him any affection at the orders of Phil Dorman as she hated the feeling. While she looked forward to the weekend as she knew she would fuck herself silly; her husband revealed he wouldn’t be able to take their children as he had other obligations but wouldn’t tell his wife what it entailed when she pressed him for more information.

She grew more and more sexually frustrated as each morning while waking up her whole body tingled at the thought of returning to work and seeing the sensational high numbers of particular donors but at the same time was distraught that her temporary job was coming to an end.

During her last day at her temporary job; the hot wife was incredibly horny. She wore a black thong with matching lacy bra that 1xbet giriş supported her small perky breasts. She allowed her light grey blouse to hang open a bit more than usual. Her black skirt clung tightly to her small ass and her black high heeled shoes completed her outfit. The hot wife saw Dr. Naz stare at her as he walked by in the morning and could see that he was peering down her blouse as he stood over her. She bent down and allowed her blouse to open even further. The older man was quickly at a loss for words and walked quickly away down the hallway. She couldn’t help but smirk as she turned on her computer, grabbed her lab jacket and started to enter the sperm count numbers. She felt her panties becoming moist with her own pussy juices as her fingers clicked on the keyboard.

As she worked at the desk the hot wife was in a trance as she smelled the distinct scent of semen in the air. Dr. Naz was testing vials of random samples to determine the sperm count after being in cryogenics and the warming process was intoxicating.

As she tried to concentrate and enter the numbers; she suddenly realized that her right hand had moved inside of her lab coat and was slowly massaging her breast over her blouse. She released it quickly and retracted her hand and looked over her shoulder down the hallway towards Dr Naz’s lab. She felt the wetness between her legs as she slowly pulled up her skirt to adjust her thong that rested snugly between the lips of her swollen pussy. As she did, the cotton fabric of her panties brushed against her clitoris and sent a jolt of sexual excitement up her spine.

Katie froze for a moment until the feeling subsided. For about ten seconds she just sat there and breathed heavily. Then she ventured her hand back across her pubic mound and up her skirt. The sexy wife stopped at the elastic of her thong and pulled it slightly. Once again the cotton rubbed against her clitoris sending a wave of pleasure running through her body. Katie pulled again, this time harder, generating an even more intense feeling. Slowly the sexy mother slipped her hand further between her thighs. She ran a finger over her sex mound before slowly going further and parted her pussy lips with her middle finger and touched her excited clitoris.

“Oooohhhhhhhh,” pierced Katie’s lips as her own voice jolted her back into consciousness. She quickly pulled her hand up as she glanced down the hallway towards the lab. She shook her head to desperately remove any thoughts of what she was doing as Dr. Naz could come out at any second and catch her. She sat up in her chair and adjusted her clothing and tried to enter the remaining sperm count data into the computer.

Mrs. Jackson was so horny. A lack of sex and the distinct smell of the semen scent that filled the air fueled her emotions. Unable to maintain her sense of thought; Katie quietly stood up from her desk and walked down the hallway.

The sexy woman walked past the open lab door as she headed straight for the restroom door, “Katie?” the Indian’s thick accent boomed from the lab.

“Yes Dr. Naz,” as her voice strained with excitement. She felt her panties soaked in her own juices as she stood in the doorway. Her face felt flushed, “Since you are there,” as he glanced up from his microscope, “Could you hand me that jar?” He pointed towards a table across the room.

“Yes doctor,” Katie whispered as she walked in. Her eyes couldn’t take themselves away from the four jars that contained the sperm that sat next to the doctor. She reached onto the counter and grabbed the other screw top jar with the milky white liquid. She peered over her shoulder back at Dr. Naz who was still sitting at his bench with his back to her as he peered through the microscope. She kept a careful eye on him as she slowly unscrewed the top of the sample. She brought it to her nose and inhaled deeply. She felt her whole body get weak. Her mouth salivated. Her hands shook as she swirled the jar under her nose. The jar was warm to the touch and wanted so badly to place it on her lips and tip it into her watering mouth. Katie quickly screwed the top back on and reluctantly sat it next to Dr. Naz.

“Thank you Mrs. Jackson,” he quietly replied as he studied his work.

The hot wife’s knees felt weak. Her body trembled, “I’m…” desperately trying to control her, “I’m going to use the restroom.”

Dr. Naz didn’t move as Katie hurried down the hallway. She entered the small restroom and locked the door. She quickly hiked up her skirt above her small ass and placed her hand on top of her cotton thong. The hot wife was soaked to the touch. She slipped her hand under the fabric and rubbed her mound with her palm. She slowly hiked her skirt higher as she bent over in front of the sink and looked into the mirror. She frantically rubbed her pussy feeling her own wetness on her fingers. She slipped off her high heels and kicked them into the corner of the bathroom. She lowered her panties to her thighs and started fingering herself frantically. “I’m so wet,” she softly moaned as she looked at herself in the mirror, “So wet!” She took her finger from herself and gently licked it and tasted the tangy juices of her pussy. The depraved wife’s heart beat faster as she pulled off her thong and tossed it to the floor. Her wet hand went back to the assault between her legs.

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