My Gym Teacher

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It’s two days after my eighteenth birthday, and I’m a week away from my high school graduation. All throughout my final year I have always daydreamed about being with a woman. I’ve never done it, never even thought about it until Mrs. O started teaching here. She is the new gym teacher, and she is absolutely gorgeous.

She is five feet two inches tall. She has short dark brown hair that’s curly but really sexy. She has these gorgeous chocolate brown eyes. They are so deep you could get lost in them. She had her tongue pierced. She is very fit, has muscular legs, a flat hard stomach. Her abs are very defined. Her breast are firm and just the right size.

I’m not sure why but I think about her all the time, I’ve had dreams about her at night. I’ve even sat in class and daydreamed about her. I have never done this with any other woman. This is so new to me and it makes me so confused.

It was the end of the day, and gym is my last class. So I waited till casino şirketleri everyone else left the lockeroom and went to take my shower, I was in no hurry. So I grabbed my stuff and went to the last shower stall and turned the water on. I heard footsteps when the water ran down my naked body. I yelled out that I was taking a quick shower so I didn’t get locked in.

A few minutes later the curtain to my shower opened up. I opened my eyes and was about to say something when I lost my ability to speak. I stood there with my mouth open like some kind of idiot. My gym teacher was wearing nothing but her blue lace panties and bra. You could almost see right through them. Her nipples were hard and poked against her bra.

She didn’t say anything at all when she just walked up to me and kissed me with her red lips. She held the back of my neck and kissed me for all she was worth. At first I was shocked but then I kissed her back. I placed one hand on her ass while the other hand unhooked her bra. She casino firmaları let it slide off her shoulders and I pushed her up against the wall and kissed my way downwards her big breast. I took one of her large light pink nipples into my mouth and I began to suck and nibble on it. I slid her panties down and she was completely shaved except for a neatly trimmed design of dark pubic hair on her mound.

After I took her panties off she spun us around. My back was against the wall and she was infront of me. She started to kiss my neck and worked her way down towards my collar bone and between my perky breasts before she sucked my pink nipple into her mouth. The way she worked her tongue was magical and the feeling of the bar and ball of her tongue piercing was unreal. She switched to my other breast and I felt her hands on my pussy.

She gently rubbed my pussy and slightly parted my smooth labia. She touched my clit slowly and her treatment made my body shiver. She increased the pace and pressure güvenilir casino to make me moan out loud. She covered my pink lips with hers to keep me quiet. She let two fingers slide inside my shaved pussy and she found my magical g-spot. My body started shaking with orgasm and I squirted all over her hands.

I kissed her neck and breasts. My tongue licked her small navel on her hard stomach and I continued all the way downwards her slit. I parted her tiny slit with my tongue. I found her clit, which had a little ring with a bead on it. I licked, sucked and played with the piercing. She started to shiver and moan slightly. When I slid a finger inside her tight hot wet pussy, she started to move her hips back and forth.

Just as she started to come I heard the school bell for class change and it woke me up from my daydream of the events that had happened the day before. I opened my eyes and gathered my books. I had no idea what today’s lecture was about, but that didn’t matter. I was going to see her again today. It was the second time I would be able to get close to this sexy woman.

I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to feel her body against mine while we kiss each other everywhere on our bodies…

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