My First Pair Of Ladies Kid Gloves

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I could not wait to get home to check out my new purchases and try them on all together. My cock was trembling with excitement with every package. When I opened the glove package and took out the box that held those beautiful black kidskin gloves, I noticed that there was a note inside the box with the gloves. I had not noticed her putting the note in the box let alone write anything on it. On the back of the note was her home phone number and wishing that I enjoyed my new gloves and that she would be happy if I gave her a call when I had the chance.

That evening after everyone had retired, I put on my new silk panties and my new satin nightgown and of course my new 8 button kid gloves. By the time I had the gloves on all nice and tight on my fingers, ( putting on brand new kid leather gloves is such a sensual experience) I had a gigantic erection. As I gently stroked myself (I wanted to make this last as long as possible) I looked at the note that the saleslady had given me and thought about how she had teased and played with me when I was in the store.

I dialed the number she gave and she answered in a sleepy, sexy voice. I apologized for calling so late and hoped that I had not wakened her. She told me that I had not and she was just lying in bed wondering how I was enjoying my new kid gloves. I told her that I was wearing them and the satin nightgown and that I also had a giant erection and was gently stroking it as we spoke. She laughed and paused and asked me to give her a moment while she put on her own kid gloves so that we could be on the same page. She said she wished that she could be there and help me stroke it too. She told me about her fascination with gloves and how it had all began when she took the job as saleslady at the glove counter. She had always admired women who wore expensive kid gloves and that she herself could not afford them at the time. She said that she would enjoy watching her customers trying on the gloves and helping them as she had helped me. Soon she began to try them on herself and was captivated by the feel of the thin leather on her hands and the aroma of the kidglove leather. She saved up and bought her first pair. They were short wrist length gloves but that was all she could afford.

As time went on, she noticed that no one ever did an inventory of her merchandise counter. Soon they made her head buyer for the gloves and accessory counters and this put her in touch with glove manufacturers everywhere. Of course everyone wanted her to buy their gloves and would send her free samples. Before she knew it she had amassed quite a collection of gloves, including some which she had helped herself to from the store’s inventory.

She then told me gaziosmanpaşa escort that she was lying in bed and that she had satin sheets on her bed which she knew that I would simply love. She was now wearing her long black kid gloves and was masturbating and playing with her nipples too. When she told me that, I could hold it no longer and I came all over the bed. I don’t know how I managed not to get any cum on my nightgown or my gloves. I told her that I had come and I heard her moan and say that she was coming too and it was wonderful.

She asked if I could meet her at the store someday and that maybe they could go to her apartment and watch a movie. She said that she would be so happy to show me her glove collection and that I could try on any gloves that she had. I told her that the bus went by my house and directly into the city and stopped right in front of the department store where she worked and that I could see her tomorrow if it was OK with her. She said that was wonderful and we could meet the next day at 4PM when her shift was over.

The next day, I took the bus into the city. I went into the store to the ladies’ glove counter to see if she was there. She was talking to a customer but gave me a nod to acknowledge me. I went back out in front of the store and waited for her. I only had to wait about ten minutes when she came out. She was wearing a trench coat over a white silk blouse and black leather skirt. She had on some very expensive high heel leather boots and of course her trademark black kid gloves. I thought that she was far more attractive than when I first met her in the store. She took my hand and gave me a peck on the cheek and said she was glad to see me. She asked me why I was not wearing my new gloves and I told her that I had them in my pocket. She told me to go ahead and put them on and I did right there on the sidewalk with people all around. There was an old lady standing next to us who was also waiting for the bus and she gave me a strange look as I slowly put on my 8 button black kid gloves and smiled at her I really did not care as it only excited me more.

The bus came along very soon and we boarded and sat together. She slipped her gloved hand in mine and sat closer. I could smell her intoxicating perfume. She had to know, I thought, that I had a giant erection, again . She had to be in her late forties and had a fantastic figure. Her complexion was flawless and her red lipstick had me hypnotized. She wore her blond hair in a bun which made it shine even more. All her clothes, her leather skirt, her boots, and her gloves all looked so expensive.

. When we got to her apartment and had taken our coats off, (both gölbaşı escort of us keeping our gloves on) she asked me is I would like a cold drink as she was going to have a gin and tonic to relax herself. We had sat on the sofa in her living room and she asked me how I had come to love ladies gloves so . I told how I used to “model” women’s evening dresses for my mother who was a dressmaker, but that I had a desire to wear her gloves ever since I was four or five years old. My mother also wore the best of everything and she had these glace kid unlined gloves . The first time I sneaked into her bureau drawers and tried them on, I knew that I was hooked. She asked if any of this made me want to be a girl instead of a boy. I answered truthfully that I had thought about it and would like to know how it would feel to go out dressed as a girl. I did not feel gay or anything and how I really loved older women. She smiled and said that I had come to the right place and that she would help me make my fantasies come through. She took me in arms and pressed herself against me and kissed me hard and long on the lips. “Do you know that you are much too pretty to be a boy,” she said. She walked me over to her dresser bureau and opened the top drawer to display the largest assortment of gloves I had ever seen. “Here”, she said, “You can amuse yourself with these while I get into something more comfortable.” I had never seen such a wonderful collection of gloves in every color.

She slowly unbuttoned her white silk blouse and gently pulled it out from her black lambskin leather skirt. Her every moment was so erotic and sensual that I was already aroused almost to the point of no return. She removed her white blouse and threw it on the bed and asked me if I would be so kind as to undo her bra for her. I had never done this to a woman before and my hands were trembling as I took hold of her bra and tried with a lot of difficulty to undo the little hook snaps in the back. She laughed and told me to take my time and not be nervous that soon I would be wearing a bra of my own. I finally got the bra loose and when I did she took both of my gloved hands and placed them on her breasts and started massaging herself. I was standing behind her and she was rotating her leather sheathed ass into my huge erection. I did my best not to cum but I’m sure that some of it escaped. She turned and we embraced and I felt her gorgeous breasts against my chest and we kissed again even more passionately than before. She slid her hands down and un-zipped her black leather skirt, letting it fall to the floor and stepped out of it.

She was magnificent as she stood there in her black garter belt and G string and keçiören escort her black thigh high stockings and leather boots. She kissed my ear and whispered that she wanted me to be her sissy girl if I would let her dress me. I just uttered that she could do anything that she wanted with me which is just what she wanted to hear. She had me take all my clothes off, even my socks, everything but my 8 button kid leather gloves. As she looked at my erection standing at full attention, she nodded and said that it would be difficult to do anything with that in the way. She reached into one of her drawers for one of her silk scarves and gently started stroking my throbbing cock and in a matter of seconds I was ready to explode. She felt the head of my cock pulsating and caught all my cum in her silk scarf just before it went all over the bed and the carpet. I was so gorged, I think that I could have hit the ceiling with my cum. My legs were weak and shaking from the tremendous climax that I had just experienced. I knew then what it felt like to be dominated and I knew that I would be her slave for as long as she wanted me.

She asked me if I was a virgin and I replied that yes I was .She hugged me and started kissing me again even more passionately. She whispered in my ear and asked if I would like to make love to her and I nodded. She took my hand, I was still wearing my black kid leather gloves, which had been massaging her breasts and slipped it down to her pussy and started moving against me taking my fingers into her pussy and moving back and forth on them. It was the first time I had ever seen a vagina up close. Then she took her fingers out and put them in her mouth and licked them dry. She had me lay down on the bed and put some pillows behind my head. She was still wearing her leather boots and black kid gloves when she straddled me. I felt her boots on either side of me and her breasts were just inches from my lips. She stroked my cock a few times and it sprung up as hard as before. She gently slid her pussy over my cock and started rocking back and forth very slowly while moaning. She had me cup her breasts with my gloved fingers and lick her nipples which I was glad to oblige. After a while she rose up and my cock was all wet with her pussy juices. She put my cock in her mouth and began sucking me, slowly at first, then faster until I couldn’t hold it any longer and shot my load in her mouth. She greedily swallowed it all with a little dribbling on her chin then she kissed me and put her tongue covered with my cum and pussy juice for me to swallow.

After we were done, she told me that I would make a fantastic lover and that the next time we got together, she would have to show me how to eat pussy. We chatted for a while and she let me try on some of her kid gloves and showed me all her long evening dresses in her closet and her satin lingerie. She told me that I was welcome anytime and that she could not wait to transform me into a beautiful young lady.

to be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32