My First Brief Bi Encounter

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When I was in my late teens (18/19), I had a friend called Martin who I didn’t realise was bi. I slept over at his house fairly often as we both lived with parents yet and were both still in college too. When I stayed, we had to share his bed as his parents were quite poor and there were no spare bedrooms. It had never occurred to me that it might lead to anything as we were just friends and staying over was the only way we could get more time together to chill.

One evening when I was sleeping over and his parents were out, he asked if he could practice a massage on me, I knew he was training to be a masseur at college, so it wasn’t too weird. It became awkward however when it occurred to me that I needed to take some clothes off. Nevertheless, I said yes and awkwardly undressed down to my underwear, back in the 1970s we almost all wore Y-fronts, not even sure boxers were invented yet, and for anyone who used to wear them, you know there’s not much chance of hiding your cock, size, nor state of arousal in those tight-fitting things. Martin could see I was a little embarrassed and so offered to strip down to his underwear too. Again, looking back, it was probably an intentional act, but in my ‘innocence’ I just thought he was trying to help me feel less embarrassed.

So having stripped down to underwear, I laid on my front on a thick blanket we had put on the floor of the bedroom. In this position, he massaged my back first and it felt really relaxing. Whenever he was at my head, he reached right down the length of my body to my waist with long hard pressure, it felt great, but I became aware of his cock sometimes grazing the back of my head. I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about it so I pushed it to the back of my mind as I was a straight guy….right, and so it wasn’t sexual…right.

When bahçelievler escort he got onto my legs, he rubbed my thighs and sometimes got quite high with his thumbs, massaging my ass cheeks, and getting close to my chocolate starfish. If I didn’t know he had a girlfriend, I would have begun to get concerned by now. One time he got very close, almost slid his thumb in, I put it down to accident, but it felt better than I had thought it might.

As a result of the close touching, I was getting aroused and I began to panic a little, I had started to get hard and realised that, at some point, he was going to want to massage my front. By the time he asked me to flip over, I was fully erect and totally embarrassed. I did however flip, desperately trying to ignore the fact that I had a hard on, but as he pretended to ignore it too, it eased my embarrassment somewhat.

So, he continued to massage me, occasionally grazing my cock as he reached over to the opposite leg when he did my thighs from the side. Most of the time I had my eyes closed, but as he was moving to do my chest from above my head, I occasionally felt what I thought must be his cock, brush against my head again and opened them to see. Fuck! To my surprise I discovered that he was fully erect too, and a good two or three inches bigger than me from what I could see through his underwear. My heart skipped a beat and I realised my cock skipped a beat too, was I enjoying this too much. Should I be getting aroused and excited about a guy touching me and seeing his hard cock. Totally new to these feelings, I just shut my eyes again and prayed for the end of the massage.

To my relief, a short while later, he stopped and became jovial, asking if I’d enjoyed it and saying bahçelievler escort bayan if I did, he’d be happy to do it again sometime. I had enjoyed it, much more than I thought, and much more than I shared with Martin. I had a little damp patch on my underwear at the tip of my cock, and so did he. I had clearly been getting turned on and was confused, I considered myself straight and didn’t understand why I had become so aroused by a massage from another guy.

After chilling and doing teenage guy things for the rest of the night, his parents came home and we decided it was time we got some sleep. So, we retired, as mentioned earlier, sharing his bed. We had done so many times before however, and I therefore thought nothing of it.

We drifted off to sleep, and at some point I began to relive the massage in my dreams, it had clearly made an impression. Just like I had during the massage, I became aroused and my cock felt great. In my dream, Martin had been more risqué than in the massage, and had begun to stroke my cock through my underwear as soon as it became erect. He then encouraged the tip to slip out through the waistband and gently stroked the frenulum, spreading the pre-cum around my cock head as lube.

I slowly started to come out of sleep and was trying to get my bearings and take in my surroundings when I realised Martin was in fact now stroking my cock for real in bed. He had awakened, if he’d even ever been asleep, and he was facing me, my back to him, and had my cock out of the side of my underwear in our spooning position and was stroking it. Just like in my dream he was using my pre-cum as lube, and it felt fucking amazing but so wrong, that excited me even more.

I was already so close to cumming, escort bahçelievler I didn’t know how long he had been doing it but it had got me almost to the point of no return. It didn’t help that I could feel the tip of his cock, hard, hot and wet, pushing against my ass. He was gently moving back and forward, rubbing the tip of his cock against my hole then through to my balls. He was clearly naked, and his cock was hard, his tip often pressing the material into my ass hole. If I was naked too, I’m certain he would have pushed inside. He pulled my waistband down to get access to my naked ass, slid his middle finger into my crack and teased my hole with its tip, it felt fantastic, even better than I’d imagined from the massage.

My thoughts were all over the place, it was all new and felt great, I had to feel his cock too. I reached behind and rubbed his pre-cum around his head, then started to stroke it, matching his movements on my cock as that was definitely working for me. I had mixed feelings but it felt so fucking good, the most memorable thing was the heat, and the soft but hard sensation of cock flesh.

My mind was buzzing, my senses in overload, I had a gorgeous hot cock in my hand, a finger almost in my ass, and his hand expertly rubbing my cock to completion, I was too far gone and I couldn’t hold it any longer. I came, hard, all over his hand, but then post orgasm guilt washed over me, what was I doing, I was straight and shouldn’t be doing this. Guilt took over and I drew my hand back, and despite feeling bad about leaving him so aroused, I pretended to go to sleep.

He continued to stroke himself, I could feel him bring the hand, with my cum on it, around to his mouth and he licked it off. As he did, it obviously did it for him too as he blew his cum over my ass. I knew what I wanted to do, but I was pretending to be asleep, so I waited. Once I knew he’d dropped off to sleep, I reached round and cupped some of his cum into my hand. I licked it clean, it was an amazing taste and sensation.

I eventually drifted off to sleep but have wished ever since that I’d sucked him and let him push his hot cock into my ass, hence I now crave it.

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