My Farmboy

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When I was 25, I hit a pretty rough patch in my life. In one week, I lost my job, and the girlfriend who I was in love with broke up with me. I wasn’t making any progress on my novel, and I didn’t know how I was going to make the rent. I felt like my world had fallen apart around me.

My older sister and her husband lived in an old farmhouse in Ohio. There was plenty of space, they said, they were only using two of the five bedrooms; and I was welcome to stay as long as I wanted and work on my writing. It didn’t sound like a bad offer to me; and anyway I didn’t have any better ideas. So I sublet my apartment, backed two bags of stuff plus my laptop, and boarded a bus for Dayton.

I’ve always hated bus stations: the poverty, depression and ugliness were constantly lit under the glare of florescent lights. The bus ride was long and tedious. But I had two seats to myself and a good book; I felt better than I had felt in weeks. I felt like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel after all.

I arrived in Dayton at 11 at night. My sister Fatima and her husband Bill were there to meet me. Fatima is 4 years older than me. Bill is 34 and I like him a lot. They both work for an architectural firm in Dayton. The drive out to their house took about an hour, and we passed the time by catching up. I hadn’t seen them in since the wedding. They were careful not to ask too many questions about my recent past, and I was grateful for that. The fact that I was a lesbian was kind of an open secret in our family: nobody had ever voiced any problem about it, but everybody also preferred not to talk about it either.

By the time we got home, it was after midnight, and I was stumbling with exhaustion. I barely had time to admire the rambling old house that they had bought, before I stumbled to bed to sink into blissful forgetfulness.

I slept long and hard; better than I had slept since Sara told me that we were through. When I did wake up, it took me a moment to figure out where I was. The room was large and tidy and well lit: nothing like my studio in the city. My bags were by the door, and yesterdays clothes were on the floor where I had left them. I wondered what time it was.

I savored a long, hot shower, and then went downstairs to see if anyone was around. It was only barely morning anymore. Bill and Fatima had already left for work. There was a teenage boy sitting at the kitchen table, drinking a glass of lemonade and working a crossword puzzle. I was startled to see him there, but then I remembered that last night, Fatima had told me that they had hired the next door neighbor’s kid to help them work on the place over the summer. (Next door neighbor was kind of a stretch; the next house was almost two miles away, down a dirt road.) I introduced myself, and got a cup of coffee. He said his name was Eric. He was tall and slender, with perpetually messy dark hair, and glasses, like a real life Harry Potter. He seemed quiet and serious, but when he smiled, his face could melt hearts. I had friends back in New York (both male and female) who would have clawed eyes out to get their hands on him. He had no idea how cute he was either.

I got a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal. Eric and I chatted a little and worked on his puzzle together. It was fun talking to him; he was cute, and a really neat kid. He was 18, and already planning on majoring in computer science when he went to college. He wasn’t a jock, but he was in good shape. He ran on his schools’ cross country team. He was shy; when I asked him if he had a girlfriend, he blushed deeply and said no. I wondered if he could be a virgin.

My sisters’ place was great. They had some 30 acres, but only farmed a small patch of vegetable garden. The house was huge and rambling, and in kind of a constant state of disrepair. It was badly in need of a new coat of paint, and some tlc from a good carpenter. It wasn’t that Bill and Fatima didn’t have the money to repair the place, it was just that they didn’t have time to deal with it. They had bought it at auction two years ago, and except for replacing the roof, hadn’t done any major work on the house. Eric had taken over the garage (one of several outbuildings, including a wonderful old barn) as his workshop. He worked hard, and having grown up on a farm he was handy, but he was totally overwhelmed by the project: the place needed a total renovation. So he did what he could, which kept him very busy.

I felt really comfortable there. The days passed quickly, and I actually güvenilir bahis got some writing done. If I couldn’t write, or if I needed a change, I would wander around the property, or go bicycle riding, or just find somewhere to read a book. Some mornings I got up early and went for a run with Eric, but he was just too fast for me, and I didn’t like to hold him back.

You know how horny you get when you become used to having sex on a regular basis, and then are suddenly deprived? I was totally there, and I was feeling it. I had brought along a vibrator, but I missed Sara’s talented tongue and long clever fingers. I missed Sara. I hadn’t been touched in over a month now, and more and more, rather than feeling heartbroken, I was crawling the walls. At the same time, though, I couldn’t find the heart to masturbate.

One day I was working on my book, typing into my laptop alone in my room. I was on a good run, and before I knew it, it was mid afternoon. It was hot. I decided to get myself some lemonade, and thought I would see if Eric wanted some too. I confess: I kind of liked flirting with him. Since I hadn’t heard him around the house, I assumed that he was in his workshop. I was about to tap on the door of the shed, when I happened to glance through the window. I was taken aback by what I saw.

Eric was naked on his bench, not four feet away from me. He had his cock in hand, gently stroking, and a magazine spread open in front of him.

The sudden tingling in my nipples told me that I was excited. Believe it or not, I had never seen a guy masturbate before. It was a huge turn-on for me. He had a great body: slim but well muscled, not an ounce of fat. Without removing my eye from the window, I unzipped my jeans, and slipped a hand inside my panties. I stroked my clit as he massaged his cock. It was a nice looking cock too, not too big, but sizeable, with a swollen purple head. I wondered what it would be like to suck that cock. My pussy was flooded; my fingers were slick with my own juice. I couldn’t quite see the magazine he was jerking off to. I wondered what he was looking at. I guess I was sheltered, but I had never looked at porn myself.

Eric turned a page in the magazine and got up on his hands and knees. Now I could see that he had a candle sticking out of his asshole. I almost gasped out loud. I wanted to run and get my vibrator and stick it in my own ass; but I couldn’t tear myself away from the window. Now Eric was jerking off harder; with one hand he massaged his cock, with the other hand he fucked himself deeply with the candle. I loved the intensity of his masturbation. I heard him groan out loud as his back arched and he came. The semen squirted almost up to his chin. I let the waves of my own orgasm roll over me, spasm after spasm of pleasure shaking my body. My jeans were wet; my panties were soaked. This was the first time I had masturbated since Sara had left.

As Eric cleaned up and got dressed, I went off to get him a glass of lemonade. I figured that he would be thirsty for sure. He thanked me, and gave me that disarming smile of his.

I masturbated again that night, this time with my vibrator, thinking of the show that Eric had given me. When I came, it was with my vibrator pressed against my asshole. I had never gotten off that way before, but my climax was shattering.

It’s not nice to snoop, but I couldn’t help myself. The next day while he was working out back and Fatima and Bill were at work, I sneaked into Eric’s workshop. In a box under the bench I found his stash. Along with the candlestick and some lotion, I found a stack of magazines. Careful to keep them in the same order that I had found them, I leafed through the well-thumbed pages. I found myself getting wet, looking at the explicit pictures of busty girls spreading their legs provocatively. I liked the raw sexuality of it, the crudeness. And there was another surprise: along with the girlie mags, there were some copies of Playgirl and some other gay themed porn. I thumbed through the pictorials, looking at the well-hung muscle boys within. So he was bi too, or at least curious. I masturbated right there on his bench, then put the magazines back where I had found them.

I wondered what Eric thought about the girls in the magazines. Did he like their big tits and shaved pussies? I’ve always thought my breasts were all right, but they are definitely not more than a mouthful, and I’ve never shaved my patch: I’m too lazy to maintain it, and I don’t want to deal with the güvenilir bahis siteleri itchiness. I wondered if Eric would be attracted to me, or if I was just a crazy old dyke to him.

The next night I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned. I was horny, but I didn’t want to masturbate. I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t know how to get it, and I didn’t know if he would want me. He was so damn young. In the end I made up my mind. I wrote a short note:


I think it would be nice to get to know each other a lot better. Maybe we could learn from each other. I hope this isn’t too weird for you.


I took the note downstairs to Eric’s workshop, and stuck in the middle of the magazine on top of the stack. It happened to be a gay porn one. I folded the note, and slipped it in, next to the picture of the young stud with the oily muscles and the improbably long dick, and hoped for the best.

The next day seemed to last forever. I kept waiting for Eric to knock on my door, to give me a funny look, to get pissed at me for snooping through his porn; anything. But nothing happened.

The day after that, a Thursday, Eric came in for lunch. I had gotten into the habit of making us both a snack around noon. I was just spreading the mustard on our turkey sandwiches when he walked into the kitchen.

“Is it true that you are a lesbian?” He asked.

I told him that I was bisexual, but that I had only been with girls for a long time. There was a long, pregnant pause. Then he looked down, and in a very quiet voice, told me that he thought he might be bisexual too.

I asked him if he had ever been with a guy, and he said no. In fact, he said, he had never been with girl either. He said he had never even been kissed. I asked him if he would like to. You could have cut the sexual tension with a knife.

“Yes” he answered at last, his voice trembling a little “I’d love that.”

We kissed for a long time, and it was not an innocent kiss, not at all. If he was an inexperienced kisser, he made up for it with intensity and he was a quick learner. My pussy was flooding, my nipples ached. Almost unconsciously, I brought his hand up to my breast.

“Is this ok?” he said as he cupped my tit.

“Yes” I whispered “Please touch me Eric.”

My hand found his cock through his jeans, and I started stroking him. I could feel the heat radiating from his penis through the thick denim.

“Please” he said “You’re going to make me come. I don’t want to come yet Andrea.”

I stopped. “I want to do something for you.” I said “Is that ok?”

“Anything” he replied. I took him by the arm, and we literally ran back up to my room, where we fell onto my bed, kissing and touching in a frenzy of lust.

“Could I see you naked?” he asked “I’ve been dying to see you undressed ever since you’ve been here.”

“God yes” I said “We both need to be naked. I’ve been dying to suck your dick and to fuck your little asshole. Do you think you would like that?”

There was a pause. I could hear my heart beating.

“Oh yes” he said. “I would really love that.”

We were naked together in seconds. I could feel his eyes traveling all over my body. He had told me he had never seen a girl naked before. I hoped he liked what he saw. He had a gorgeous body. I utterly wanted him then. His smooth, young physique was beautiful. His dick, standing straight up, red and swollen, looked delicious. I hadn’t sucked a penis in over four years. I hoped I still knew how.

His cock felt huge and hot in my mouth, a living thing. I wanted to consume him. I ran my tongue all over his meat, loving it.

“I can’t take much of this Andrea”

I took my mouth off him long enough to tell him not to worry, that I wanted him to come in my mouth. Then I went back to sucking.

He was really excited, I could tell. Now he was fucking my face hard, and I loved it. I had his firm butt cheeks grasped tightly in my hands, and I let a finger explore his crack, probing the tight ring of his anus. It was too much for him. He seemed to come forever, filling my mouth with spurt after spurt of hot salty semen.

Finally he pushed me away. He was too sensitive to be touched. I had forgotten how that worked. We kissed deeply, sharing his taste. His hands roamed all over my body.

“Thank you Andrea” He said at last. I slipped my hand between his legs, expecting to find his penis soft and wilted. Instead it was still erect, and hard as a rock. I had heard iddaa siteleri that 18 year olds were like that.

“Can I do something else?” I asked.

“Anything.” He said “You could do anything you want to me.”

I guided him onto his hands and knees on the bed. He kneeled over, lewdly displaying his upturned ass. His balls dangled between his thighs. I licked him all over, sucking gently on his testicles, kissing his upper thighs, dancing my tongue up and down his smooth butt crack until his anus winked with desire. Finally I pressed my tongue into his musky young asshole, rimming him deeply. He moaned his appreciation. Then I stopped long enough to fetch my vibrator and a small bottle of Astroglide.

I pressed my lubed up vibrator against his wet hole. I wanted to take it slow. I didn’t want to hurt him. He pressed hungrily against me. The clear acrylic toy slowly disappeared into his lithe young body. He looked so sexy like that, totally exposed and stretched out. He jerked off, grunting and moaning to himself as I fucked his asshole and pinched and pulled on his little brown nipples. Suddenly his body went rigid, he shut his eyes tight. I jammed the toy deep inside him and twisted his nipple cruelly. He came again, shooting a healthy amount of come onto the sheets.

I let the toy slip out of his ass, and we cuddled for a while. I scooped up some of his come and he sucked it off my fingers.

I let him explore my body. His beautiful, sun-browned hands traveled all over me. I enjoyed his shy touch on my breasts, my stomach, my thighs, face and ass. He looked at me, as if asking permission with his big brown eyes, and I spread my legs, guiding his hand to my pussy.

He fingered me for a while, and it felt good. I was really wet, and his fingers felt excellent in my hungry sex. I wanted to come, but my clit wasn’t getting quite enough attention. I lay back and enjoyed the sensation of being on the edge but not being able to push over, feeling like a rope stretched to the breaking point. My whole body ached with desire.

I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to take his virginity. I wanted him to be inside me, to possess me. I also knew where I was in my cycle. I wasn’t on the pill, and I didn’t have any condoms, and I was pretty sure that he didn’t either. It wasn’t a risk I was willing to take.

Then I decided that we would both lose our virginity that day.

“Eric” I said “I want to really badly, but I can’t let you fuck my pussy today. But if you are really gentle, you can fuck me in the ass.”

His dick was still hard. It was unbelievable. The guys I had been with before had all wanted to go to sleep right after they came. Eric just kept going and going.

We slathered his dick in lube. I was nervous; I had never had anything bigger than a finger in my asshole, but I wanted him. I wanted him desperately. I hoped that it would fit.

I lay on my back and lifted my legs. He had one slippery finger up my anus. I squirmed, enjoying the sensation.

“Is that ok?” he asked, worried that he had hurt me.

“Yes, it feels incredible”, I gasped. “Don’t stop.”

My pussy was gushing as he fingered my ass more and more deeply. My clit felt like it was going to explode. I looked down and could see that he had two fingers inside me.

“Eric” I said “I need you to fuck me right now. I need your cock inside me.”

He withdrew his fingers and pressed his slippery cock head against my gasping anus. “Do it” I whispered, clasping his hand in mine.

He pressed into me, and I pressed back. He was inside me. It hurt more than I had thought it would. For a second, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to take it.

“Please” I whispered “Just let me get used to it.”

I don’t know how long we were like that, motionless with the head of his cock held tightly in my rectum. After what seemed like long minutes, the pain melted away, and my asshole relaxed. The sensation was incredible.

“Fuck me baby” And fuck me he did, sliding his sexy cock all the way inside me, then pulling it almost all the way out again, fucking my ass long and hard and deep. He buried two fingers in my pussy, and fingered me as we fucked. I rubbed my clit furiously, mercilessly beating myself off. I could feel myself coming, and I ground my ass onto him.

Somehow we managed to come at the same time, bucking and moaning. My pussy gasped and spasmed he shot his hot liquid deep into my bowels.

His finally soft penis slipped from my asshole. We cuddled for a while, all sweaty and tired out. His come was leaking out of my butt. I liked that. Finally he had to get dressed and head back to work. My sister and her husband would be home soon. I was already looking forward to the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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