My Family’s Nudist Colony? Ch. 04

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Chapter 04:

Father needs help with Public Erections

Wendy and Walter gave the Monroe’s a tour of the nudist resort. Along the way Wendy explained,

“I know you’re new to this lifestyle. Here are rules to make being here a more pleasant experience, especially for young women like your daughters.”

She continued after giving Angie a re-assuring look.

“No unattached men are allowed in. This rule keeps the riff raff out. Men in the presences of their girlfriends, wives or mothers are generally well behaved. Anyone who makes another person uncomfortable by leering, touching or making inappropriate comments is forced to leave. Public sexual acts will get you kicked out too.”

Wendy smiled and continued, “Now men being men, we know they will occasionally get erections. When that happens, they must conceal it and get rid of it. They can lie on their stomach until it goes away or cover it with a towel and retire to their cabin. Men that get frequent erections are expelled. This is a nudist colony, not one of those hedonism resorts where anything goes.

The Monroe’s met the staff and some of the resort’s guests. The guests were a mixed lot — young and old, black and white, males and females. The body shapes ran the full gambit too, from smoking to ughh. Dave saw breasts ranging from fried eggs to water otele gelen escort balloons. Angie, Bree and Chloe took note of the men. Many were good looking. They saw a wide variety of packages — circumcised and uncut, thick, thin, long and short. Many brought a smile to the ladies faces or an unconscious tongue lick to their lips.

Wendy and Walter left the Monroe’s to explore on their own.

There was only one hiccup that day, Dave had a re-occurring problem with erections. That morning they stopped to watch a spirited volleyball game played by a pair of hot blondes, a mother and daughter. The jumping around brought about a rigid response from Dave.

Chloe noticed it first. Bree smirked and elbowed her mother saying, “It looks like Dad is reeaaallllyyy enjoying the game.”

“Dave!” Angie whispered. “Get rid of that.” Her eyebrows gestured to his erection.

“How?” A distressed Dave asked.

“Can’t you make it go away?”

“No, it doesn’t work that way. Can you help me like this morning?

The daughter’s giggled as they thought about their parents having sex.

“Oh all right.” Angie looked around and pointed to a nearby clump of trees and bushes.

Angie shielded Dave’s hard-on as they ambled over to the secluded spot. Bree and Chloe watched as their pendik escort dad knelt behind a tree and bush. Their mother dropped out of sight when she got on her hands and knees. The girls snickered and chortled as they visualized their mom being fucked doggie style. Minutes later, the parents returned. His deflated cock and her butt and upper thighs were wet and shiny.

After lunch, Dave and the girls observed a nude yoga session while waiting for Angie to return from the bathroom. When the ladies did the “Downward Facing Dog” pose which put their bare asses up in the air followed by the “Side Reclining Leg Lift” where they gave Dave a full beaver shot, his reaction was immediate and turgid. Dave was standing behind his daughters. As his dick grew, it grazed Chloe’s leg.

Chloe felt something contact her leg and reached back to brush it off. She slapped her father’s hard cock.

“Dad! Again?” Chloe exclaimed.

Bree looked down, saw his erection and said, “That thing has more lives than a cat.”

Chloe was scared they were going to get in trouble. “Get rid of it,” she pleaded.

“Ahh…your mom’s not around…”

“Dad, “Bree ordered. “Hide behind Chloe and me. You’re going to have to take matters in hand. You know what I mean?”

At first, Dave didn’t and neither did Chloe. rus escort Then both of them said,”Oh.”

“Be quick about it,” Bree commanded, “before more people come this way.”

“Okay, okay.”

Dave pushed the girls shoulder to shoulder and spit into his hand. He started stroking himself staring at the two perfect, bare asses in front of him. As his breathing increased, Bree snuck a peak. She noted his dick was thick. Chloe checked him out too. She was curious, she had never seen a man ejaculate before.

Dave began moving his hips as he jacked off. His legs got wobbly as he neared his climax. The tip of his dick brushed up against Bree’s soft, well formed butt. That was too much for Dave, his cock exploded. He shot a load across Bree’s butt crack. The next rope of cum landed on Chloe’s delectable bottom. Chloe turned to see the rest of his spunk splash on her butt and hip. She marveled at how it flew out of the tip of his cock.

Dave sagged onto his daughter’s shoulders, spent, completely drained. Bree pulled his chain by saying,

“Here comes mom.”

“Oh my God! We got to clean this up.” Dave frantically rubbed his little girls’ asses wiping up and massaging in his jism. Dave thoughts were anything but fatherly, “Good Lord, these are fantastic! Smooth, round, soft. I want to sink my teeth into each of them”.

“Never mind,” Bree said. “It isn’t her.”

Dave collapsed to the ground. He was exhausted and overwhelmed. The girls joined him on the ground sitting arm in arm.

Moments later, Angie came upon them.

“Look at you three. What a picture of perfect family togetherness!”

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