My Enjoyment with My Mom Ch. 04

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As mentioned in my previous story, I started groping my mom during her afternoon sleep. It started with squeezing her boobs over her saree and blouse, next by moving her saree aside and squeezing her boobs over her blouse and finally opening her blouse hooks, squeezing the naked boobs and nipples.

Then after few months, while staying awake for longer hours I found that my mom sleeps only with saree and without blouse and petticoat. I started touching her back and boobs initially. Then started removing her saree end, make her topless and play with her boobs. Finally started smooching and sucking and licking her boobs and back. It was in the 2nd half of 90’s where internet was something that didn’t know at all.

The next step was touching naked skin on skin and lip kisses. Rubbing my dick on her and cumming on her.

As this was in progress, I noticed one thing. During my daytime and night time enjoyments, I noticed some response from my mom. Especially when I was sucking her boobs, her breathing was getting a bit heavy and her nipples are becoming hard. Few times she even moved her hand to hold me but stopped in mid air and dropped off.

I got a bit suspicious that now a days my mom knows what is happening but is remaining silent. Either it is due to her love towards me or she is also enjoying my activities. I also doubt if she knows that I peep on her as now a days she is announcing to me that she is going to bath in case if I am not in the living room. Also when bathing I noticed her peeking towards the window from where I peep to confirm whether or not I am peeping.

After sometime I got chances to view xxx videos through video cassettes at my friend’s home. I still remember, it was a different colour cassette and how timidly we have asked the shopkeeper.

First few times we felt xxx videos to be disgusting. Never saw or heard much about blowjobs or pussy licking. But after watching a couple of cassettes in a row all that disgusting feeling was gone and got some clear detailed idea of fucking.

In the evening I went home. All through the evening there was some tingling sensation in my dick. After reaching home, almost all the time I was groping my mom with my eyes. I felt my mom to be very sexy. I was eagerly waiting yalova escort for my mom to come and sleep beside me.

I was not even pretending of reading something by the time she came. As soon as she came, I switched off the lights. She was surprised and asked me if everything is fine. I just replied saying that I am feeling tired and sleepy. She told ok and slept within minutes on her back. But before that I felt like she knew something different is going to happen that night.

I immediately sprang into action. I stripped off all my clothes. I pulled out her saree end from her back and threw it open. With a bit force I pulled up her saree upto her thighs but not more as it got stuck under her legs.

I hugged her tightly from side. Took her boob into my mouth and was sucking a lot and was trying to insert my finger into her pussy. Initially I felt I knew everything but after few minutes trying to finger her unsuccessfully, I felt I needed more knowledge.

But my body was boiling a lot with lust. I continued sucking and rolled her on either sides so that I can pull her saree upto her waist. She turned whichever side I wanted her to turn with slightest efforts. It got a bit easier that earlier. Now she is completely topless and at the bottom her saree is bunched at her waist leaving her bottom completely open.

After looking at her for sometime sitting at her waist I understood one point. Her legs are almost closed. That’s why I wasn’t able to finger her. I tried opening her legs and she immediately opened her legs a bit like almost a mediumly spread V. I bent forward to have a closer look at her pussy.

I remembered the pussy licking scenes from the xxx videos. Hesitatingly I bent on my knees and brought my face even closer. I didn’t look where I was licking but lapped my tongue once. Mostly it was on the skin and a little bit on the pussy. I clearly got a difference in the taste. Pussy was a bit salty.

I understood. This time took a greater aim and ensured to lick more pussy. It was not working correctly for me. Then again remembered from the videos about the position. I moved and sat in between her legs facing her. Now I was more confident.

I bent forward and lapped her pussy. It got right. There was a considerable yalova escort bayan amount of movement of her hips and her breathing got heavier. Even her arms were moving on the mattress as if trying to catch hold of something. I was terribly excited and was stroking while I was licking her pussy. Few minutes later I was feeling uncomfortable being on my knees. I laid flat on my stomach and resumed lapping her pussy.

I started rubbing my dick on the mattress while I was lapping. It got very hard. I stopped lapping after sometime as I wanted more. I came over her. My arms beside her shoulder, my legs between her legs.

First i lowered myself on her and mashed her boobs with my chest and kissed her on her lips. I moved my dick near to her pussy and carefully started rubbing it on her pussy. I bent down to see what I was doing. I noticed her pussy trying to reach my dick by moving up and down slightly.

The scene of rubbing my erection on her pussy was so strong that I cummed immediately. I cummed allover her pussy this time. I became bold enough not to wipe my cum from her pussy and wanted to see if knows. Her hip was still moving a bit and after few minutes it stopped.

The effect of the xxx videos was still on. My dick didn’t go down completely. I made her turn towards me. I moved down a bit and started sucking her boobs. I lifted one leg and put over her. Pulled her onto me with the leg and started humping her again.

I hugged her a bit tightly and ensured that my dick is between her thighs. It was a heavenly feeling while I was hugging her and humping. I kissed her nipples and twisted my tongue around them. I was feeling some sweetness but I don’t know why. She was reverse humping me but with minimal movement.

After humping so for some time I cummed in between her thighs and I left my cum like that. I have set her saree right and slept off as I cummed twice. Next day I was waiting to see her reaction about my cum.

All the next day I was almost near to her all the time. I was feeling very horny all day. I didn’t go out at all and I was watching her all the time. Peeped when she went to bath. I noticed that she felt something dry on her thighs and sides.

In the afternoon while she was sleeping I opened her blouse escort yalova immediately and kept on squeezing and sucking her boobs. I cummed once. I started thinking of night plan and suddenly an idea struck me.

As the evening was passing I was becoming more and more restless. She made sure that I was there when she was going for bath. As soon as she went for bath I settled near the window and started stroking my dick while peeping on her. By the time she completed her bath I cummed. My intention was not to cum quickly while I enjoy with my mom.

She finished her bath and came in wearing an orange colour sari. My dick started jumping again. She laid beside me and was chitchatting with me. I was getting restless as she was chatting more than regular time. I was answering with so much lust but ensured she doesn’t notice my restlessness. But somewhere I felt that she is doing it wantedly to frustrate me sexually.

Finally she was becoming less talkative and to end this I told her that I am switching off the lights. She just made a sound and dozed off. By the time I got up and switched off she was asleep.

I switched off the light, stood near her and stripped off. I laid beside her naked and watched her for few seconds. She was sleeping facing me. I first bent and kissed her lips for few minutes and got confirmed that she is responding as she too is kissing back but slightly. I removed her saree end and made her topless.

I squeezed her boobs for sometime and continued kissing. I then moved up, brought my dick near to her boobs and started touching her boobs with my dick. Just as I touched her boob with my dick I heard her gasping and her nipple got thick with goosebumps on her boobs. That feeling was sensational. I was feeling very much thrilled.

I suddenly remembered blowjobs in the xxx videos. I got the thought of how will it be if I put my dick in her mouth. My dick jumped even more. I moved up some more and brought my dick near to her mouth. Just as my dick touched her lips, she slightly opened her mouth. The tip of my dick got into her mouth and that’s it, I couldn’t control and cummed.

I was terrified as it fell on her face, nose, cheeks and lips with some force. She showed some different expression on her face and turned to sleep on her back. The only positive was she didn’t touch her face. I cleaned her up with her saree end. I smelled her face and I was able to get the cum smell. I covered her properly and slept off with some tension.

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