My Daughter Eases My Pain Ch. 2

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I had just had the strangest, sexiest, grandest twenty-four hours a man could have. My daughter and her friends had used me as a teacher and a ‘toy’ for their pleasure for the whole time.

My thoughts now went back to my wife. I really missed her. She had been so alive and in love with me, as I was in love with her. That she was gone forever still kept me on edge at times.

I knew that my daughter thought by giving herself to me, along with her friends, she was doing me a big favor. Sue was doing it out of love for her father. Why her friends were joining in was beyond me. I loved it though; don’t get me wrong on that point.

I remembered my wife and I having sex for the first time. We had both been virgins and after the initial insertion of my cock into her extremely tight pussy, well we had found out that sex was great.

Madeleine and I had been married so long, yet we still acted like newlyweds. She would go down on me anywhere at anytime. She had been an exhibitionist for sure. I had watched her showing off in public and every time it got me so hot that I would almost cum on the spot.

Losing her to that car accident had been so hard and shocking to me. I had never quite adjusted to the empty hole in my life. It had happened over two years ago and still I had problems over the loss.

My daughter Sue had finally taken matters into her own hands after my dating had fallen apart. Her friends had joined her in the debauchery and I had gone along with it all. I knew that I should have put a stop to it but the way it all happened I had not tried too hard.

Now, in the aftermath, I stood in my house, looking at all the signs from the last hours of sex I had with girls my daughter’s age and I had second thoughts. What was I to do? I loved my daughter, never having had thoughts of ‘having’ her like I had last night and this morning.

In my own terrible loss, I had put my daughter into a position of thinking she had to satisfy me sexually. I hadn’t said or done anything mind you, it was all from her observations of my love life and my actions.

My mind was whirling around and I couldn’t concentrate on any one thing for more than a few seconds. What I had done with my daughter, hell, even with her friends, was something that had really never crossed my mind. First there was the age difference, their looks, and so many things that should have prevented me from doing what I had done with them.

In my solitary thinking I didn’t notice them come back. All at once I had hands all over me, fondling me in very private places. I had my eyes closed, standing in the kitchen in front of the sink. Young hands caressing and grasping at me. I let them start all over again, with no protest or argument.

I opened my eyes to see that it was just Cindy, Teresa and Becky. Sue was nowhere to be seen. I had some relief at that, knowing that fathers and daughters shouldn’t have sexual relations. It made what these other young ladies were doing seem, well, better, or OK.

They undressed me in the kitchen and led me naked into my bedroom. Teresa jumped up on the bed and spread herself out in front of me. I saw that she had shaved her pussy bald. It made her look even younger than she already was. She went from a twenty-three year-old, to a thirteen-year old with that single act of hair removal. A well-stacked thirteen-year old, but a thirteen-year old for sure.

“OK Dave, I want you to lay with me and show me what you know. We get each other for two hours, and then you have to pick another girl. We are going to all get two hours each with you. Time to learn. Time for you to teach.”

“I don’t know if I have anything to teach you girls that you don’t already know. You seem to have taught me some things now. Things that I had never done or even heard of before.”

“You have so much to show me, and the others Dave. I want to know all about you. You are the man I have been looking for all these years.”

“All these years? You haven’t been around for all that long Teresa.”

“Long enough to know that I really like you. Long enough to know that you are a great, no, make that fantastic lover. Long enough to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Whoa there Nelly. The rest of your life with me? Don’t tell me you are in love with me Teresa. We just met yesterday. You don’t know me at all. You can’t be in love with me, or want me as a life partner. Our age difference…”

“Age is a matter of time and experience. You have it all. I want it all. I have had feelings for you ever since Sue told me all about you. She has a wonderful descriptive ability you know. I have heard about you for the last year and a half and I think I fell in love with you a long time ago.”

“You are in love with an ideal, or possibly an image of what you think I am.”

“NO. I am in love with you Dave. I know that now for sure. Last night and this morning showed me that it wasn’t a dream or a fantasy. I want you and love you with all of my heart.”

“What beşiktaş escort about the other girls? How do you feel about us having sex? Don’t you think that this is just a passing fancy? Teresa, you are an exquisite creature. So beautiful, so young, there are many men out there for you and one of them will be the right one, you will see.”

“I know that there is one man out there for me, he is in front of me right now. YOU ARE THAT MAN DAVE. I want you.”

I knew that this was trouble with a capital ‘T’. The other girls were still standing there and I looked helplessly at them for assistance in talking some sense into Teresa.

“Dave, Teresa has talked about you for the last few months. You are always on her mind. She even broke it off with her boyfriend four months ago to save herself for you. Sue has been talking to us about you and your love life for that long.”

“I thought that she just now worked out this whole deal with you girls Cindy.”

“Be realistic Dave. She has been talking to us for months. How you have nobody for love. How you are lonely and horny, with no woman around to relieve the pressure.”

“Sue doesn’t know all she thinks she does you know. I was getting along ok before.”

“Oh yeah, right. You were so worked up last night you almost shot off without being touched. Don’t tell us that you were ‘getting along’ all right. We know better than that.”

“Why? Why did you Cindy, and you Becky, come here for the weekend?”

“Why? Because we were so horny with no boyfriends on our lines at the moment. We wanted to experience an older man. We were asked to by Sue, and she was right, so far this has been the best weekend we have ever had. You are a great lover, and I, for one, wouldn’t trade this weekend for anything in the world.”

“Yeah,” chimed in Becky, “What she said. Also, you are an attractive and very well endowed man. I love what you have shown us and let us do. Since there are no strings attached to this weekend, I have done things that normally I would never have tried. Things that I would hesitate to even ask a boyfriend or husband to do for fear of rejection or worse, ridicule. You have been so good for us all.”

“You make it sound like I am more than I really am. I am just a man, a widower, a guy with a job and a house. I don’t know all what Sue told you but I am sure I don’t or can’t live up to half of it.”

“Daddy, you have already lived up to all I have told them and more.”

Sue had walked into the bedroom. She was dressed in a single sleeveless sundress. I could see that she had nothing on underneath it also. She came up to me as I sat on the end of the bed and took my hands into hers. The other girls gathered around, in a tight, close little circle. They all put their hands on me in a non-sexual way and just touched me.

“Dave, I truly do love you. I really want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Teresa was behind me and hugging me closely. Becky and Cindy smiled and looked at her with a certain something, that something that one woman will give another when they are in agreement with what is being said, or done.

“I love you daddy, you have known that forever. I wanted you to be happy. This is my gift to you. Us.”

Sue was looking into my eyes and she had a small tear in one. She wiped it away and looked at the floor gathering herself together for the moment.

“I have always wanted to try things that no boy could or would try with me Dave, and you have been so gentle, so loving and so, well, great at letting us try all things so far this weekend.”

Becky was blushing as she said that. Her grip on my shoulder tightened. I looked into her eyes and saw a fleeting something there. Something that I couldn’t define.

“Well, I have loved the sex. You are a real good, hell, the best lover I have ever had. You really know how to fuck a girl into oblivion. I am glad that I came here this weekend. You have shown me so much more than I would have experienced otherwise.”

Cindy was in front of me and had her hand caressing my face. Her smile was one of contentment and a certain other thing that again I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Teresa’s hands had now started to travel down my body. They were stroking across my cock and one grabbed my balls and lightly held them cupped.

“If you girls don’t mind, my boyfriend and I have some things to do here for the next couple of hours. You will get your chance’s later.”

They all left Teresa and I on the bed. Teresa was like a lioness. She pulled me up onto the bed and laid me back. Her hands and lips were all over me kissing and fondling wherever they might touch.

Soon she had my hard cock in her mouth and was lovingly giving me a great blowjob. I watched her, as she would bob her head up and down on it. Her eyes were on mine always. I was actually falling for this blonde goddess. This nymph of so young an age.

“You know, you are so young that people will talk. They will think that beşiktaş eve gelen escort I am a dirty old man that robs cradles. Do you think you will be able to live with that if we were to get serious in that way? You know, as a ‘couple’?”

Her actions got wild as I talked to her about the possibility of us being a couple. When I finished talking she actually had a small orgasm. Her head stopped and she looked up into my eyes. I saw tears forming in hers.

“Do you mean that Dave? You will be my boyfriend and, well, maybe more? You could love me and want me as…as your…”

“Wife? Is that what you are stumbling over? You want to be my wife?”

Teresa stopped fondling me and sat up looking into my eyes with what was an almost fearful look. I could see that she was afraid of what I was going to say to that question. My heart melted as she looked at me that way.

“Uh, well, we don’t have to get married or anything like that, if you don’t want to. I would live with you forever, or as long as you would want me around Dave.”

“You have a lot to learn about me Teresa. You really don’t know me all that well, or you would know the answer to that already.”

“I think I do know the answer Dave. I just didn’t want to pressure you into doing or saying anything that would ruin our chances together.”

“Well, honestly, I don’t know. We will need to date and get to know one another in more than the ‘carnal way’ first.”

With that barely out of my mouth, Teresa fell onto me kissing and crying. She was overcome to the point that she couldn’t talk. As I looked around the bedroom I saw that the door was open and the other girls were in the hallway. They had been listening in to our private talk.

I never said anything to Teresa about that. I felt that they had been listening to make sure they were there for her in case things didn’t go well for Teresa. Good friends looking out for their own. I saw the door quietly close.

Teresa calmed down after a bit. I got up and went into the bathroom. On my way there Sue stopped me in the hall, the other girls were right there, except for Teresa.

“Are you two going to date daddy? Are you going to give Teresa a chance at love with you? She will work to make you so happy. I know that she will be real good for you. You two will be real good for each other.”

“Well, if this goes to the end, how would you feel if your new mom was just your age? Could you deal with that?”

“OH DADDY. If Teresa makes you happy and you make her happy, I could care less at how old my new mom was. We would be best friends right off the bat. How many other kids can say that about their step-parents?”

“Hey, if you guys get married, can Becky and I fuck the groom?”

“Cindy, that would be up to the bride, if that was to happen. Don’t rush us though. There is a lot at stake and the odds are against us to begin with.

I went back to the bedroom and saw that Teresa was waiting; legs spread wide open and her hands at her crotch. She was masturbating like crazy and moaning. I crawled up to her and took her into my arms, just holding her to my chest.

Teresa hugged me back and then she started to rub up against my still naked form. Her pussy was so hot I could feel the heat as it smoothly slipped over my cock. The hairless lips of her beckoning womanhood were slick with her moisture, literally running out of her.

I found my cock at the entrance to her tight, wet, and very smooth pussy. It fell into her and the heat made my cock throb with a need that I hadn’t felt since Madeleine. I realized that I was developing feelings for this beauty. Feelings that I thought I would never have again.

Our lovemaking went on for three hours. Teresa was energetic and very active. She gave me a blowjob that even surpassed the one given me by Sue, my daughter. Teresa also insisted on taking me in her ass. After I came in her backdoor, she pulled off of me and turned around. I was stunned as she took me into her mouth and cleaned me off.

Afterwards, holding each other, I leaned in and kissed her. She hesitated, making sure that I remembered what nasty act she had just done. As soon as she saw that I not only knew but also didn’t care her tongue was in my mouth and exploring.

I had forgotten about the ‘two hour rule’ and lying back on the bed I saw the others crowded around the door peeking in. When Teresa signaled to them to come in they waltzed in with smiles and giggles.

“Teresa, who can have your man next?”

“Yeah, you won’t mind if we fuck your boyfriend now will you? After all, the whole idea of this weekend was for all of us to share him wasn’t it?”

“You guys. Yeah, I will still share him with you. Just you guys, just for the weekend. After that, if Dave and I become a couple, well you just better keep your distance girls.”

“So, who’s next?”

Teresa looked around at Sue who had asked that question. She shrugged her shoulders and then looked beşiktaş grup yapan escort to me.

“Well? Who do you want next honey?”

“Uh, why don’t you choose for me Teresa? You need to choose the next one and the one after and so on. I don’t want to give you any ideas, that way it will all be on your head.”

I smiled as I said that and was glad that I had said that like I did. Teresa laughed and jumped up from the bed.

“Good answer stud muffin. I choose…CINDY. Cindy gets you next. Then I will choose the next one later.”

Becky and Sue looked slightly disappointed, but they all smiled as Cindy jumped on the bed with me and Teresa ran out of the room to take a shower. Cindy had her arms around me and was licking my soft cock in seconds. The other girls were still watching as she gave me a dick hardening blowjob. She put her hands on my chest and pushed me into a reclining position so she could straddle my head.

I looked up and saw a nice tight, wet, hot and bald pussy above me. I reached up with my tongue and gave it a long, slow lick. Cindy shuddered, and then pushed her ass down, rubbing herself all over my face. Her juices were running out of her and I was kept busy cleaning them up with my tongue and lips.

She kept bringing me up to the edge of orgasm until my balls started to hurt. Her mouth and tongue were so busy and the feelings she imparted on me were one of a kind. I wasn’t sure what she was doing, but I really liked how it felt.

Soon she turned around and just attacked me. Her pussy slammed down on my hard shaft, taking me all of the way into her in one plunge. As she ground her pelvis on mine she kissed me hard. Her tongue was like a little spoon, stirring around in my mouth.

She came in one hard orgasm right away. I was so close to cumming that I thought I was sure to be right with her. Instead she pulled off of me and began to tease me some more.

She now moved around and positioned herself above me in such a way her asshole was on the head of my cock. She sighed as she plunged herself down on it holding stiff as she bottomed out on me.

When the feelings of intrusion relaxed in her asshole she began to move. Slowly she built up speed and stroke length until she was humping me pretty fast and hard. Her moans were constant now and I felt myself on the edge of shooting off.

As I began to fire into her hot tight ass she fell over on me experiencing her own strong orgasm. I gave her all I had and as we both relaxed after in the glow of a good and strong orgasm I heard the door open.

“Hey Cindy, it’s my turn. We all decided that it would be only one hour for tonight. That way we all can have some fun before bedtime.”

“Oh, ok. I was just finished here anyway. Thanks Dave. I really loved having you to fuck just now. You are the greatest.”

I pulled out of Cindy’s ass as she got up. I started to get up but Sue pushed me back down on the bed.

“I said that it is my turn now. You stay right here and I will clean you up properly. Dave.”

As I looked at my daughter’s eyes she took my cock into her mouth and started to lick and clean me up. I was stunned. I had thought that she wouldn’t be a part of this anymore, but obviously that was an incorrect assumption.

I laid back and rested my head on the pillows as I watched my daughter suck and lick my cock. She had me hard in no time at all and then moved up to kiss me on my mouth. Her tongue worked its way into me and she had great talent in using it to excite me even further.

Her hands kept fondling my hard cock as she kissed and then started to suck on my tongue. I placed my hands on her bottom, feeling her taught warm skin in each palm. My fingers explored and soon I was brushing her asshole with one finger and my other hand moved around to her now hairless pussy.

“All of you shave yourselves did you?”

“Yes. We thought that it would even make you feel nastier to have our pussies smooth as baby’s bottoms. What do you think?”

“It is different, although I feel like I am fucking little girls, not college girls.”

“Hey, we were all little girls once, not so long ago Dave.”

“What’s with this Dave shit?”

“Oh, I thought that my calling you Dave would lessen the impact of you fucking your daughter. You know, make you have less guilt.”


“Well, I don’t care if you feel guilty or not Dave, I just want you to fuck me like you have fucked my friends. I want to learn it all, do it all, and feel it all. You should be aware that what ever you teach me I will need to expect from any boys that date me in the future. You are setting the standard that all men will be judged by in the future, as far as I am concerned anyway.”


“Besides, I happen to know that you have liked fucking me and having me suck you too. You can’t hide that from any of us you know? We can see when you are excited. You ‘stand out’ in a real large way.”


“Is that all you can say? OH? I guess I am going to have to get to work and get you to say something else for a change. Like, OH BABY, or OH YES.”

With that Sue started to push her pussy against my erection. I held still as she impaled herself on my cock. I could feel her pussy grabbing at me as she plunged onto me. It felt like I was being sucked into a vacuum or something.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32