My Dad’s Friend, Damian Pt. 04

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Big Tits

After the boat outing it was almost six months until Damian’s 40th birthday, much too long to wait to feel him again. I didn’t have a choice, I didn’t want to get him in trouble with my parents, he had a whole life outside of our playing, and I had mine. Maybe the time would be one long slow burn. A long slow burn of having sex with someone else while thinking about him, at least that’s how I pictured it. I visited the condo with the ‘rents only once during the summer and it seemed that Damian was dating Kay again, or still because she was going to be there soon. She was always super bitchy when it came to me, like she could tell there was something between us.

The thing is, Damian never committed to monogamy, and was honest with all of his partners. I’d heard him go over this with my parents in frustration, another girlfriend asking him to be “faithful”, angry and jealous. He wasn’t wired that way and didn’t lie to anyone about it, yet women expected him to change. Like their pussy had the magical man slut serum that would change him.

Maybe it was because I’d known him since I was a kid, but even at nineteen, I had zero expectations. I understood that there were others and we were purely physical. This understanding made me dislike Kay even more, she seemed immature to me.

Her impending arrival did not stop Damian from finding time alone with me in the house. I was making my way out of my bedroom and he stood at the end of the hall, that gorgeous wicked smile welcoming me. His tall frame filling the empty space, his shoulders leaned against one side, and his legs were stretched in front of him, crossed at the ankles, like he had been relaxing there, waiting patiently for me to come out of my room. He was, of course, dressed impeccably in a perfectly cut and tailored navy blue sharkskin suit, minus the jacket. It was a Friday and Friday get-togethers with him meant he was coming from work, and they were my favorite.

His gaze swept over my body, then he was coming at me, his eyes dark and sparkling. His head bowed looking down at me, he looked dangerous, hungry, and I backed into the wall behind me. One of his palms planted itself just above my head and suddenly his other hand was plunging under the waistband of my jeans and roughly into my panties. He palmed my mound pushing hard, massaging in circles before I felt a long, hot, finger slide between my pussy lips. His proximity, his scent, his lean figure towering over me, already had me dripping wet and ready for him.

“Where have you been, Georgia? I’ve missed playing with your wet little pussy.” He breathed against my neck, as he slowly pulled his fingers from the bottom of my dripping wet slit and up to the top..

Two of fingertips laser focused directly on my clit, drumming the top of it, “Oh fuck, you feel so good, dirty girl, you’re so wet, are you coming already?!” He finished the question with a gasp, because I was, my body started to tremble.

“The minute I saw you tonight, I knew I would have to make you cum all over my hand. I could tell you wanted it, because you’re insatiable. You always want these in your cunt, playing, stroking, and fucking,” his fingers working faster as he breathed the words against my ear. I was so wet, his fingers made noises as they slapped against my hard little clit, and rubbed through my puffy lips.

“When you had your first orgasm, your cum was so thick, that it felt like my fingers were coated in lube. You were so wet before I even touched you that you soaked the knee of my pants when we were dancing. That’s why our night ended abruptly, feeling your cum seeping into my skin, gave me a raging hard on and I needed to get you alone.”

His voice was a raspy whisper, a confession against my ear, I never knew how he felt that night. We never talked about our sex, we only ever acted, or were just the kid and dad’s best friend. Hearing it from his point of view while he stroked those thick fingers between my soaked lips, was too much, it sent me over the edge.

“Damian, oh my god, your fingers are so good, oh my god, I’m coming” I whimpered through tight lips.

I clutched his broad shoulders, clawed at his shirt, digging my fingertips into his flesh. I pushed my forehead against his chest for support while my body shook with my climax. His fingertips pressed my clit harder, like a button, again and again, almost roughly. I had never felt this before, it was like my orgasm continued while another was building.

I clung to Damian, whimpering while his finger pressed, then released, pushed again, then released. His breaths were short, he was almost panting, like he was the one getting off. I glanced down and his long cock was at full attention so I plunged my hand down the front of his suit pants, it was a tight squeeze past the smooth leather of his belt, but I quickly found his slippery head.

The feel of my favorite toy sent me over the edge again, and his free hand was grabbing my chin, tilting my face sivas escort up, pushing my head back. He was forcing me to look at him while I came. The pressure of his finger didn’t let up, still he pushed my little button, but now not releasing, just constant pressure. I bucked my hips against his finger, riding it, getting as much friction against my clit as possible.

His dark eyes bore into mine, and when I clamped my eyes shut from the immense waves of pleasure Damian demanded, “Look at me.”

My lids snapped back open, staring into his intense gaze, the pleasure too much now, I whimpered and begged, “please, it’s too much”

“I love watching you cum, it’s become one of my favorite fetishes, Georgia,” Damian’s voice was low, his smile wicked.

My palm was slowly rubbing up and down the rock hard dick in his pants, picking up precum every few strokes to assist . I knew we had already been gone too long but I wanted him in my mouth, I wanted to show him again how much of a good girl I was. I wanted suck his cock until he came in my mouth, so I could look up at him while I swallowed all of it.

I pulled his dick so it was sticking out of his waistband and unbuckled his belt. I continued to stroke, wrapping my fingers around his cock head and working them down to the base, then back again. I did not squeeze but my fingers held firmly and stroked in a slow but consistent method. Pinching my fingers up when they reached the top, adding just a little pressure to the tip, before working back down. I could feel him growing even harder so I fell to my knees and wrapped my lips around the large, slippery, dickhead sticking up at me. I sucked it like I was blowing an entire cock. I ran my tongue around the bottom ridge, up and down the slit. I slowly sucked it tightly between my lips, into my hot mouth and ran my tongue up and down the underside while I sucked.

I cast my eyes upwards and met his intense stare. His fist wrapped in my hair, his body was beginning to stiffen, so I quickened my pace, and pulled at his waistband to give me more access to his beautiful cock. I pushed my mouth over every inch I could get out of his pants, sucking, then releasing, pulling up, only to plunge back down. Saliva was running out of my mouth, down his cock and over my hands, adding more lubrication to my final strokes.

Damian’s hand clamped against the back of my head, holding his cock in my mouth, “be a good girl and swallow it all Georgia” he growled down at me.

His warm cum shot against the back of my throat, I swallowed and sucked, loving his taste, enjoying his climax. Making him cum made me feel so powerful, he was so beautiful, so perfect, and I could do this to him. His body was shaking against me, I could feel his weight, his legs had gone a bit weak, which was normal for him after an intense session.

I smiled up at him,”I so needed that, thank you Damian”.

He took my hand in his and helped me up. We quickly straightened our clothes, and I dipped into the bathroom just behind us to check my hair in the mirror. As I ran my fingers through my black curls, Damian’s reflection joined mine, he moved to stand just behind me. His face was still flushed, his gaze caught mine in the mirror. His hands gripped my hips and roughly pulled my ass against him, showing me that he was hard again, grinding his huge dick into my ass.

I moaned and rested my head back against his chest, pushing my ass harder against his cock. His hands moved up the bottom of the tank top I wore, his fingertips tickling up my sides, until they were dipping beneath the underwire of my bra. I kept my eyes open so I could watch him in the mirror, his eyes no longer locked on mine, they were staring down my chest, concentrating on his hands, and their efforts.

His fingers, applying very little pressure, pinched and pulled each of my nipples, until they were hard pearls rolling between the warm pads of his thumbs and forefingers. His pinches sent tiny jolts of pain mixed with pleasure from the tips of my nips straight to my pussy that was gushing for his touch again.

“If we had more time, if your family wasn’t right outside on the patio, I would sit you on top of this sink, kneel in front of you and lick your perfect, little, cunt. I would use long, hard, slow strokes, lick up and down, until you were grabbing my hair, begging me to stop and fuck you” his voice was strained, raspy, he almost sounded out of breath.

The wetness pooling in my panties was seeping through my jeans, I wanted, yearned for everything he just described, anything he could do to me. I wanted him to fuck me, I had been waiting for more than a year, how could I wait another four months, for his birthday?

My eyes caught his in the mirror, “Damian, please fuck me, I want it so bad,” I pushed my ass against him again, wiggling my hips until his hard cock was nestled between my ass cheeks. I grinded up and down rubbing his length along sivas escort bayan my ass crack again and again.

His hands dropped back down to my hips,” not yet, I need to get back out there, besides, fucking you is going to be my best 40th birthday present. I will however, be sending a present to your dorm, it should arrive when you do. Be sure to follow the instructions it comes with.”

I pouted at him in the mirror, but quickly recovered “I can’t imagine what you would get for me, sir but I am very excited for it.”

“By the way, you can’t cum again until I give you permission,” Damian’s smile was almost cruel, but with a dash of playfulness, and made my knees weak.

He left me in front of the sink, deep in thought, and excited as hell.

I left for school early the next evening. I had a part time shift at the bookstore on Sunday so I decided to spend only a day with the fam. There was indeed a small package waiting for me in the lobby of my building, I carried it to my room and locked the door behind me.

The rectangular box held a hot pink vibrator that was controlled by an app I could download on my phone. There was a note inside placed just under the vibe. I unfolded it.

G –

I can control your pleasure anytime you are using this toy. I will get a notification when you use the app to turn it on, then I can play with you no matter where I am. You still are not allowed to cum until I tell you to.


I was instantly, insanely, turned on and wanted to give it a shot, but I knew my roommate and I know she’d be back for the night at any minute. So I downloaded the app and slipped the vibe back in the packaging and the box under my bed. Right on queue, she walked in the door.

I grabbed my phone to text Damian.

“Thanks for sending the school supplies, I am going to start using them first thing in the morning”. I hit send and just sending him a message was getting me hot. My phone vibrated in my hand.

“Why not now, little Georgia?”

Jesus, I could hear his voice in my head, and it was making my pussy damp and throb.

“My roommate is here.” I turned over on my bed, facing up, staring at the ceiling,

“Hey Georgia, I work really early so I’m crashing now, we can catch up tomorrow afternoon,” Anna was saying from her side of the dorm room, stifling a yawn.

I looked over to her, “Okay Anna, I’m really tired and going to be hitting the hay here shortly as well”

My phone vibrated again, “Georgia, This was not a request, I am telling you to put the toy I bought between your little pink pussy lips and log in to the app. Your account name is jcypeach pw is your DOB. She will never know that I am getting you off for the next couple of hours, unless you can’t control the noise you make.”

I reached under my bed and pulled out the little box. I wedged the vibe out of the plastic, trying to make as little noise as possible. I pushed the smooth latex covered plastic orb down the front of my pants and pushed it against the top of my wet slit. The cold latex orb slipped between my lips easy, slipping down to just above my clit. I pulled the blanket over the top of me and yanked my pillow from under my head, setting it on my crotch, hoping that the vibrating wouldn’t be heard. I opened the app on my phone and logged in. I had notifications that i had a friend , username, LuciferEsq, his username made me giggle, what a nerd. I messaged the account.

“Will you make me cum, Satan Claus?”

Instantly I got a response back, “No, you’re not allowed yet.”

Just then the egg vibrated to life, an intense vibration that only lasted a second. Then the message, “I hope you liked that, more incoming.”

Tiny bursts of vibrations started, one after the other. I gasped, and I squeezed my thighs together. The little vibe felt so insanely good, and knowing that Damian was a couple hundred of miles away controlling it, made me even hotter. My pussy was slick with my cum quickly, I was trying hard not to grind my hips too high in the air. I settled for writhing against my sheets, squeezing my thighs in time with the rhythm of the vibe, feeling more of my juices spilling out my pussy, leaking down my ass crack, seeping between my thighs, .

The vibrations were growing stronger but further in between, it was almost maddening but I didn’t want it to stop, I felt ravenous and desperate.

I shot a text to Damian, “I need more, you are driving me crazy, please let me cum, or please make it faster, or harder, give me more, pls.” I whined inwardly hoping he would alleviate my suffering. No response, just an even longer delay in pleasure, a full minute between vibrations and I was starting to give up on getting off with the vibe. It had been an hour since Damian had last sent me a message, I was thinking he had also fallen asleep so the vibrations he was sending me must have been preprogrammed. He did all this work to create it for me, so I escort sivas decided to ride it out. Then the vibrations stopped, and I passed out.

I was only asleep for twenty or thirty minutes before the vibe started again, this time, it was longer stretches of vibrations, it was so strong that it nearly made me cum when it startled me awake. I think I actually gasped as it buzzed to life between my wet lips, bringing my need back to the previous state of desperation. I flipped over on to my stomach, I needed more friction, so I humped the small orb, and the mattress. Then the vibrations stopped, not very long, but just long enough to derail my orgasm, and then start again, torturing my clit, every time it would stop I was so close to coming. It felt so good that I couldn’t help but reach my hands down and push it harder against my clit, it slipped up and down my wet slit easily. I pushed my hips down against my hands and the mattress in time with the rhythm of my fingers, the smooth latex of the toy was coated in my cum, I was so close to orgasm,

I was picturing Damian’s big fingers slipping in and out of my pussy, his full lips pressing against my neck, his breath warm down my cleavage. My hand would be wrapped around his thick cock, stroking the length slowly, while he expertly fingered my dripping wet slit, working his wide fingertips over my swollen clit.

My phone vibrated and brought me out of my pre-orgasm imagination haze. “Remember, you are not allowed to cum, young lady.”

Biggest eye roll ever, how did he even know?!

My phone buzzes again, “Go outside to the back of the dorm, sit at the picnic table. Wear the pleated black mini skirt, no panties, and the tight black sweater.”

I looked at the screen twice, its 1 am, everything in the small town the campus was on had closed hours ago. The place was like a ghost town after 9 pm, so it wasn’t like anyone would see me, but why, why should i do this, and why ask?

That was the skirt I wore on the boat, shit, was he here? OH MY GOD, do I leave this vibe in, or take it out? Should I clean up? Wait, if he was here, then he would have had to have left hours ago, if he came from home. If he had to drive to a client’s maybe he was closer, is he only here to meet me? I had so many questions!

My phone buzzing interrupted my thoughts, “Just put the vibe away, put the clothes on and get out to the picnic table. Nothing else.”

I did just that, as quietly as possible,

As i entered the rear courtyard I couldn’t see much of anything except for the few trees and the picnic table that sat underneath one of them. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary about it, just a normal picnic table, but I knew the reason why I was out here would be worth all of this, so I swung my leg over the bench, feeling the cold air rush over my bare pussy lips. I was facing the small grouping of bushes that created a small seating area near the tree and picnic table for studying or taking lunch.

“I am much too tall to get underneath that table Georgia, so you’re going to have to come over here, and sit on top of it.”

Damian’s lean form was just a shadow coming towards me from beyond the trees, the mist in the air, made it hard to see him clearly.

I moved to the other side of the picnic table, stepped onto the bench seat and sat on the table. As quickly as I sat down, Damian was in front of me, his fingers digging into my thighs, pulling them apart and climbing between them, settling onto the bench facing me, so he was at eye level with my pussy. His breath was already heavy against my thighs.

He looked up at me in the darkness and wrapped his arms around my thighs while pulling my ass to him. His head dove down into my lap and for the first time I felt his hot mouth on my pussy. I let out a shaky whimper, clutched his head and pulled it harder against me.

He moaned in returned, his tongue diving deeper between my swollen lips, becoming a precision instrument, exploring every fold, every slippery crevice of my slit. His tongue slithered it’s way down the insides of my lips and teased around the opening of my pussy before flattening, pushing hard into me, and then slowly moving the flat length all the way up, hard against my clit. I had never been licked like this before, I never felt this good, it felt like I was on the verge of orgasm almost immediately. Wetness gushed out of my pussy with each pass of his tongue over my clit. I held onto his hair, trying not to pull, or grab too hard, but pushed down, pushing his face deeper between my lips. Grinding my hips forward against his face at the same time, panting and lost in pleasure, humping Damian’s face. He moaned into my pussy, and gripped my thighs tighter.

I could feel his tongue moving rapidly, it felt incredible, and I whimpered and rocked my hips forward against his working tongue. He pulled his head back, looking up at me, his eyes were wide, he looked hungry, ravenous. He let my thighs go, brought his hands up and used his wide thumbs to separate my dripping wet lips, then he spit into my folds, his saliva landing just above my clit. His eyes seemed to focus there before his hot mouth dove back down and his tongue began circling my clit precisely again, even faster, and harder now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32