My Adoptive Family are Succubae Ch. 01

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All Character in this story are 18 years of age or older.

My Adoptive Family Are Succubae.


John Arkins was sitting in his room, doing his weekend homework, as he usually did on Friday nights. He was the kind of person who liked to get these kinds of tasks out of the way. He led a relatively quiet life. He consistently preformed above average on his grades and was a notable member of the senior year Track and Field team. Most 18 year old boys with his looks would probably spend their Friday nights with friends, or at parties, but he just didn’t feel comfortable in the social scenes that his peers enjoyed.

He sat at his desk, reviewing his work. He was confident of what he already did but was encouraged to always double (and if need be triple) check his work by one of his favorite teachers. He was listening to a random “Beats to study by” video off of YouTube, with ear buds in. Letting the calming music keep his mind steady and, and the ear buds block out any distraction. But the music stopped suddenly. Checking his smartphone, he saw a low battery warning. His first instinct was the plug the charger in, but he then realized he had leant it to his ‘sister’ earlier. And realizing this filled him with a quick flash of dread as he pulled out his ear buds and heard the noises coming from his sister’s room,

The sounds where faint, but with his good hearing, the thin wall separating their rooms, and him simply knowing her that well, he could make it out.

A distinct combination of her bed’s box spring cricking, as the bed frame was put under a heavy strain, and her loud voice going “Ah, ah, ah, ah…” and a clearly male voice making complimenting sounds.

John rubbed his hands over his face. His cellphone charger was in the room of Blair Darwill, as she engaged her own idea of an ideal Friday night.

He could simply knock on her door and ask for it back. Blair wouldn’t find John interrupting her ‘activities’ too awkward, she probably wouldn’t even find it to annoying. To her, stopping sex for a moment was liking pausing a movie. But John was another story. John knew would come to her door, wearing something like a robe, or just a bed sheet only being kept in place by her hand. Giving John ample views of her curvy body. Not to mention the possibility of making eye contact with whatever random boy she currently had in her bed. John found the prospect very awkward.

Clearing his head John remembered Blair’s mother keeps a universal cellphone charger in the downstairs junk draw. So, he simply made his way down the upstairs hall, passed Blair’s bedroom door, and down the stairs.

Johnathon Gabriel Arkins was the orphaned son of Michael, and Joan Arkins, and originally an only child. He was the pride and joy of the simple religious couple. Johnathon’s formative years wear spent being installed with his parents’ ideal of a Christian lifestyle. Simplicity, hard work, and an even keeled approach to life. And it led them to a seemingly idyllic suburban lifestyle.

But Michael and Joan died when John was only 13. The both of them being only children themselves, and none of John’s grandparents in any shape to look after him, John was taken in by his parent’s best friend, Felora Darwill. She allowed John to call her by her actual name, but he tried to avoid it, finding it disrespectful to call at parental figure by a casual kick name. So, he called her “Ms. Darwill” earlier on, but he did eventually find himself calling her “Mom”.

The relationship between Felora and his parents was something of a mystery to him. His parents where traditionalistic church goers, and Felora was a fairly liberal, agnostic, single Mother, yet he found himself in her care, in accordance with his parent’s will. After all these years, John still hadn’t figured out why his parents chose her as his guardian. She was nice enough, kept him fed, dressed, and safe, but her apparent value set seemed to be a juxtaposition to what his parents would have wanted.

John felt something was off when he couldn’t convince Felora or Blair to go to church with him regularly. They gave it a try, but they said they didn’t feel right there, But Felora did respect his own beliefs, and drove his to service every Sunday until he got his license. But the big difference came when it was time for both him and Blair to be given ‘the talk’.

John’s parent’s gave him some Church approved abstinence training before their deaths. But his new adoptive Mother preferred a more ‘open’. John was uncomfortable, but he went along with it, out of respect. He was given information about birth control, and how not to make other’s feel uncomfortable, but he had a hard time understanding when she said he was allowed to bring girls (or even boys) into his bedroom if he wished. Even allowed to have them spend the night.

Any other hormonal, teenaged boy would probably have taken full advantage of this openness. But John was different. His parent’s values where his true inheritance, at least that’s how he saw it. Most of his old illegal bahis Sunday School classmates had gone through rebellious phases by his age. But not only where they under the thumb of parents who were more authoritative then his, but also parents that were still alive to be defied. All John had was memories, and he learned to value keeping the memories of lost loved one alive, and that’s how he did it. A High School career defined by good grades, and model behavior.

John’s adoptive Sister was, again, another story. Blair was that teen that embraced her Mother’s open attitude towards sex. She started dating as soon as she could find a willing boy (not a challenge for her) and seemed to abandon her virginity the first chance she got. At first John was made uncomfortable with the revolving door for male suitors Blair entertained. But he eventually found the idea of pre-marital sex happening under the same roof as him mundane. Though he still tired not to think about it.

But the worst had to be when Blair turned her sites on him. 6 feet tall, dark blue eyes, and dirty blond hair, and a handsome face, John was definitely a looker, and his athletics, and natural metabolism gave he a toned body to match.

If Blair had it her way, they would have lost her virginities. But he showed no interest, and she was impatient. But over time, Blair couldn’t ignore what she recognized as prime sex partner material that she shared a wall with.

Blair was 5 foot, 5 inches had flowing, red hair, piercing dark blue eyes, and curves that made her the envy of the girls in her class, and the object of every boy’s attention.

Blair started by dropping subtle hints around him. Dressing in smaller, tighter clothes around the house, leaning or pressing against John’s sides (particularly with her breasts) whenever she could. Asking him questions about his dating life, with somewhat suggestive tones of voice. But the longer John went without responding, the more forward she became.

She started walking around the house in her underwear. A few mornings, she would make breakfast for the family in an apron that gave in impression what that was all she was wearing. Not that the sight of her panty clad backside was any less arousing.

Near ‘accidents’ when John almost saw her naked as she left their shared bathroom after a shower. Even taking showers that where so long, John was forced to use the toilet while she showered on a few occasions. Occasions that she would use to try and draw his attention to her body, even it was behind the glass of a shower door.

She also would complain to John about how ‘lonely’ she would feel without a guy around. And how none of her partners where ‘boyfriend material’.

“It’s just that…None of the boys in town seem to really get me.

“I don’t just want sex…Well I want sex, a lot, but I also want someone I like spending large amounts of time with, kinda like I am with you John.” Blair once said to him, as she talked about their respective dating live, while sitting next to each other on the couch.

“Ah, have you considered holding off on sex, at least until you know the guy better. I’ve heard that a great way to know whether or not a guy just wants sex is making him wait for it.” John answered back.

“Yeah, I’ve heard that to. But I don’t see it that way. If a guy and me really did click, what should it matter how early on we banged? At least the way I do it now, we have a little extra fun while seeing if we’re compatible.” Blair said, giving john a bit of a suggestive wink.

“Well, I may not have dated as many girls as you have dated guys, but I do find that the first few dates are better spend learning the basics about a person.”

“I find that how someone is in bed is one of the basics.”

John felt the conversation begin to get more uncomfortable for him.

“I mean, what if you do kinda like being around a person, but they just suck in the sack.” Blair continued, her langue getting more risqué as she went on.

“Ah…If two people truly did care about each other, the intercourse would always be good.” John feebly tried to answer.

Blair let out a bit of a laugh, that kind you would give for a child acting silly.

“Oh, there is so much to it than that. Anyone can have sex, but it takes some skill to make it great. You see, it’s like any other part of a relationship, the couple has to work it out for themselves, and make their own kind of dynamic for it. That’s the difference between things like a one night stand and making love.” Blair said. And shifted her position so that she was on her knees, facing John, bent forward to give him a view of her cleavage.

John began to feel even more uncomfortable. John felt like he could resist sex if it was just mindless pleasure, but what Blair said made it sound so natural and romantic. Like it was God’s way of showing couples weather they were meant to be. Blair did have this way of getting to him. When she got into a certain mood around him, he could almost feel his resolve weakening. illegal bahis siteleri If every guy was like this around her, it was easy to see why her love life was so active and had such a turnover rate.

“Ah…ah…how would you know, you just said how you can’t keep a guy around for that long, maybe you’re expecting too much out of something as base as sexual relations?” John felt like that was a good comeback, but Blair seemed unphased by it.

“Well, maybe I’m not the best authority on it, but Mom sure it. And she was the one who gave me that advice. Didn’t she do the same for you.”

John got even more nervous. Having to think back to the sex talks Felora had given him. Though none of them where quite like what Blair was mentioning. “N…no, she didn’t say anything about that…exactly.”

“Well, I guess you were still kinda adjusting back then, and she didn’t want to overwhelm you. But seriously, little bro (she as only older than him by a few months”.) You could be having so much more fun by this point. It’s not like you would have a hard time finding a girl who wouldn’t mind a little ‘fun’ with you. I can even set you up with one of my friends.”

John started to feel a haze come over his head.

“Or…” Blair said as she crawled over to John. “…If you’re nervous about embarrassing yourself with a girl, and her blabbing about it, I could always show you the ropes first.” Blair said as she leaned against John’s side, her breast pressing up against his left arm. “After all, there are already rumors going around about the two of use. So, what would be that harm of making them true?”

“What…what rumors?” John asked.

“Oh, just the usually, I’m hot, your pretty attractive yourself, everyone already knows how I am, so a few just assume we’ve been FWB (Friends with Benefits) for a while now.”

Hearing that snapped John to his senses. “Why would anyone think that!?” He said moving away from her touch.

Seeing his mind clear up, Blair just answered. “Oh, just the usual logic. I love sex with boys, you are a boy, we live together, and even though I consider you my brother, we aren’t biologically related, we’re both over 18, so…you know.”

“And you haven’t cleared any of that up?”

“Why bother, if I denied it most people would just think one or both of was ashamed about sex with an adopted sibling and I was just covering it up. Besides, you get a lot of extra respect from the boys, because they think you have completely unlimited access to me. Which makes you the envy of a lot of them.”

“I…I don’t want any of that. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m sleeping with someone who calls me brother, or that I would take advantage of the daughter of someone who took me in.”

“Actually, most people think I took advantage of you.”

“Whatever, I don’t want anyone to think that about me.”

“Well deny it around school if you want, just be careful, if you go around just telling everyone you’re NOT having sex with your sister, people are gonna think you ARE having sex with your sister.

“And that’s not even touching on the virgin shaming. You may think abstinence deserves respect, but I’ve heard a lot of nasty things from virgin boys, mostly before I took their virginity. It could arguable be seen as an act of charity, I helped a lot of boys stop being teased for stupid reasons.”

The conversations had taken so many weird turns, John couldn’t take it. He was feeling lightheaded. So, he simply excused himself, and went to take a cold shower.

And that was just one of many examples of Blair broadcasting her feelings for John. From her steeling his first kiss under the Mistletoe one Christmas, to the fact that she had managed to show him nearly every inch of her body at some point, the only exception being her nipples, pussy, and most of her butt crack. And John could tell that not seeing her completely naked hadn’t helped his situation, for it just let his imagination go wild.

Either way, practicing abstinence under the same roof as Blair Darwill, even if she was legally his sister, was challenge that John felt could be worthy of a Biblical tale.

John rummaged through the junk draw and found the charger and made his way back upstairs.

As he made his way down the hallway, he noticed something strange.

Blair’s bedroom door was opened. What was strange about that was that it was closed when he walked past it just a minute ago, and he could still hear Blair and her ‘date’ going at it.

Before he could process it, he found himself standing at the perfect angle to see Blair’s bed from the hallway, and he lost any train of thought he might have had before that.

John saw Blair, naked, with her back facing the open doorway, bouncing up and down on top of some random guy.

From the angle he was staring from, he couldn’t see her nipples, or his penis in her vagina, but he didn’t need to see those to know what was going on.

John was unsure exactly how long he stood there. It couldn’t have been very long canlı bahis siteleri at all, but for the brief moment when he did, it felt like it went on forever.

It was like Blair was moving in slow motion. One moment she was leaning forward. Her breasts hanging her the guy’s face. Her hands leaning on his shoulders. Her nails digging into his skin. While his hands held on to her hips. Helping to keep her pelvic movements steady. Then Blair straightened her back, letting her long red hair swing over her head, as she moved her arms behind her to brace herself as she changed the rhythm with which she was grinding on the guy beneath her, while he moved his hands up from her hips, to squeeze her C-cup breasts, all while both of them moaned out in sounds of ecstasy.

John couldn’t take looking at it anymore and rushed back to his room. Slamming the door behind him, not caring if he disturbed the couple in the next room.

He throws the charger on to his desk. His mind was swimming in a mess of lustful thoughts he couldn’t control. It felt like a haze of sex, of sickly sweet perfume, and Human sweat has taking over his brain. He tried to breath evenly, to clear his mind, but it wasn’t working, and he found himself forgetting all the mental tricks to stave of temptation he learned from church.

There was only one thing he could do. He laid down on his bed and pulled down the sweatpants he was wearing that night.

His hand went for the split in the front of his boxers and pulled his dick out.

It had started hardening when he saw Blair having sex, and it was rock hard by this point. At 6.1 inches long, and 4.1 inches in girth.

As ashamed as it made him, this would not be the first time he masturbated to thoughts of his adoptive sister. She truly was the center piece of the Christian boy’s shameful spank bank.

As his hand began moving up and down on his member, he imagined himself in the position of that boy in her room right now, whoever he was. Blair bouncing up and down on him, and her red hair flowing as she moved her body, his hands having full access to every inch of her body, especially her breast. And as he went on his imagination got more vivid. Images of Blair in sexy lingerie. In sexy posses on her bed, his bed, their mother’s king sized bed. Her dancing for him, in dark rooms full of scented candles. Him on top of her. Driving himself deep into her depths, her looking up at him with eyes full of lust and love. John’s imagination did strange things to him when he got like that. What was it about Blair that drew this out of him?

Meanwhile, in Blair’s room.

She was grinding away on top of Bryce. Her Pussy clenching around his cock. Bryce was too lost in his own pleasure to notice the weird movements of the inside of her cunt.

How it pressed and sucked on just the right spots on his hard dick.

The two of them had been at this for a while now. Blair had already had a couple of orgasms and was on the verge of one more.

In a heavy, breathy voice, Blair asked. “Are you close?”

“Yeah, yeah, almost there.” The teen with shaggy hair answered back. He was surprised at how long he had lasted. Blair’s pussy was everything his friends made it out to be. It felt like the kind that would make a boy bust his nut quickly if he wasn’t careful. But ‘Blair Darwill had ways of getting what she wanted’ as her reputation said.

After almost another minute of fucking, Blair’s pussy contracted, and began to suck Bryce’s average sized cock. The sensation seemed to be the last he needed to push him over the edge. His ball tightened, and a stream of cum shot out of his dick. It felt like a seal had been released from his dick for a moment.

“Ahhhhhh” Blair called out.

“Ooooohhhhh” Bryce yelled in return.

It only took Blair a moment to catch her breath and regain her composure. Letting his deflating penis slip out of her, she hopped off of her bed. Then she reached for Bryce’s dick, and pulled the cum filled condom off. Then she walked over to her mirror and makeup table, where she took her hairbrush, and began to smooth out her hair, which got messy during the sex.

Once Bryce got his breath back, he stood up and walked over to Blair, and wrapped his arms around her mid-section. “So baby, did you like the ride?” He cheekily asked.

Putting on a humoring smile, Blair said, “Well, you did make an otherwise boring Friday night a bit enjoyable. But I think we’re done here. If you wanna smuggle, you might want to go find you girlfriend. Though I would suggest a shower and a change of clothes first, I heard she can be the jealous type.”

Bryce was thrown off by the casual reminder of his infidelity, and let go of Blair, then started gathering his clothes. “You didn’t seem that scared of her when you invited me over?” He said, at a loss for a good comeback.

“Oh, I’m not sacred of her, I’m sacred for you, and what her brother would do if she asked him.” Bryce felt a bit of a shock and fear go through his mind. How could he let himself forget about his girlfriend’s scary older brother? “But if she does sick him on you, feel free to send him my way. I like the insecure types who try to hind behind muscle and attitude. I would have him calling me ‘Mama’ in no time.” Blair smugly said.

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