Mutual Fulfillment Ch. 01

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After a long hiatus, I’m back to try my hand with a new multi-chapter story. This series is about when some adventures that began in my second year of college. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it in writing. It’s only my second attempt writing a story, but all of your positive comments from my first series have inspired me to try my hand again.

Depending on your feedback, good and bad, I’d like to continue this series & maybe some other new stuff. Please be gentle but honest in your comments. I hope you enjoy.

* * * * * * *

I was still a virgin. Technically, I had a girlfriend, but Amy lived more than a thousand miles from where I lived. Amy and I had met two summers prior, where we both had attended an out-of-state camp program. We became good friends and the next summer, I had gone to visit Amy and her family for a week. Amy had visited my family and me for 10 days during the summer that had just passed.

Amy was a sweet girl raised with a very proper religious upbringing. Thus, the extent of our physical relationship after two years was some heavy duty kissing and her tongue in my ear. The couple of times that I had ventured to move a hand up to feel one of her breasts, was met with a gentle rebuke that certain things were reserved for marriage. Needless to say, either a cold shower or self-abuse occupied a good portion of my time.

* * * * * * *

I returned for my second year at the local business college. I first noticed Cindy during the first semester of study. Cindy was a very attractive brunette with an athletic body and a very healthy looking set of lungs. However, it was more than just physical beauty. It was also her demeanor and a beautiful smile. I was attracted to Cindy instantly.

We shared a couple classes and over the first couple of weeks, I got to know a little about her. Cindy was a divorced 26 year old, single mother of a young daughter. I had recently turned 20 years of age and I wasn’t interested in getting involved in a long-term relationship with a single mother. However, Cindy provided me with a nice distraction from my studies and fuel for an active fantasy life.

As I got to know Cindy better, we discovered that we both lived across town, less than a mile apart. In fact I had to drive past her apartment community on my way to college every day. When we both realized this, we quickly decided that it made better sense to car pool together whenever possible to cut down on expenses.

The time that we spent travelling back and forth together allowed us the time to get to know each other even better. We started to become good friends and share some personal thoughts and opinions.

One day on the drive home from college, the conversation somehow turned to the subject of sex. I think Cindy had asked me how I handled the fact that my girlfriend, Amy, was so far away and the lack of physical intimacy.

I responded that our relationship hadn’t yet developed into anything much physically due to her strong religious upbringing, but that I was more than ready to explore that part of our bonus veren siteler relationship when she was ready. But I also knew that that would probably not occur unless Amy & I got married and I was not ready for marriage.

“What about oral sex?” Cindy asked. “Haven’t you ever done that with her?”

I was surprised by Cindy’s directness, but after a moments hesitation, I shyly replied, “No, not yet. I’d love to, but…” Too late, I realized I had said too much.

“Too bad,” Cindy replied nonchalantly. “I love Oral!”

I glanced towards Cindy to see if she was serious and saw a mischievous smile on her pretty face. My mind raced with what I should say next. I didn’t want to ruin a budding relationship, but I didn’t want to lose an opportunity either. Making a quick decision, I teasingly ask, “Giving or Receiving?”

Cindy looked me in the eye and without batting a lash, seductively replied, “Both!”

I swallowed hard as I felt the blood rush towards my groin. My cock quickly began to strain against the confines of my jeans. Cindy giggled as I noticed her eyes lower towards my crotch. My cock was soon pulsing inside my pants and I knew that Cindy could tell what kind of effect the conversation had begun to have on me. My face began to burn in embarrassment as I knew I couldn’t hide my hard-on that was stretching the confines of my pants.

Cindy spoke next, and she gently whispered to me, “You don’t have to be embarrassed about your little friend betraying your feelings.” Placing her hand on my thigh, she continued, “I think your reaction is cute!”

I squirmed in my seat as my cock was in an awkward position as it pulsed & strained within my pants.

“You want me to help you adjust that?” Cindy asked as she looked at my crotch. “Looks like it might need a helping hand.”

Without waiting for me to reply, I felt Cindy’s hand touch my thigh and then gently squeeze my bulge. I jumped slightly from the unexpected touch and tried to concentrate on keeping the car straight. My breathing began to get a little heavy and I let out a small moan as she began to slowly rub my cock.

“Does that feel good?” Cindy asked. “Do you think you can handle a little more?”

It took me a moment to process what Cindy was saying to me before I slowly nodded my head, hoping that she’d continue.

Cindy smiled at me and undid my belt and the button on my pants. My cock strained to be released from its prison. Cindy lifted the tab to my zipper and began to carefully pull it down over my straining cock. Only my underwear kept my cock from popping straight out, but the majority of the pressure from being restrained was gone.

Cindy gasped, as she looked at what she had released.

“Oh, my! What do we have here?” Cindy said demurely. “Does someone want to come out and play?”

I was speechless as to what to say, I was just enjoying what was happening while driving down the street. Thank God for tinted windows, as I knew that most people would not be able to see what was happening. But even if they had, I wouldn’t bedava bahis have cared less.

I felt Cindy’s hand reach inside my underwear and her fingers wrap around my rock-hard cock. My cock pulsed in her hand and I knew I wasn’t far from losing control. We were only about a mile from Cindy’s apartment, but I knew I’d blow my wad if she didn’t slow down. Reluctantly, I put my hand over Cindy’s hand and asked her to just hold onto to it until we got to her place.

Cindy leaned towards me as her fingers remained warmly wrapped around my cock and whispered seductively into my ear, “I want more than to just feel your hardness in my hand!”

I was flabbergasted by her statement and could barely contain myself. As I pulled into the parking lot, Cindy suggested that we find a secluded parking spot in the covered parking area. I quickly found a spot and pulled in. I had barely got the car into Park when I felt Cindy reaching with both her hands trying to get both my pants and underwear lowered. I lifted my hips and my erection popped free, hitting Cindy in the face as she lowered my pants.

Cindy quickly grabbed my cock and lowered her mouth towards the head. I moaned as I felt the warmth and wetness of her mouth engulf my cock. I thought I had died and gone to heaven as I lost consciousness of everything else happening around me. My cock expanded larger than I had ever felt possible, as an incredible warmth and aching grew with each movement of Cindy’s mouth and hands.

“Why don’t you recline your seat so I can get a really good hold of your magnificent cock?” Cindy begged.

Without thinking, I found the lever to recline my seat and was quickly lying back horizontally with my pants around my knees. Cindy lifted my shirt out of the way as she continued to attack my cock with her warm, magnificent mouth. Her left hand wrapped around the base of my cock and she began pumping my cock up and down as her head bobbed up and down. I could feel her tongue swirling around the head of my cock with each up and down movement of her mouth. I placed my hand on the back of Cindy’s head, as I enjoyed the incredible sensations she was generating in me. I knew my orgasm was moments away, but was past the point of caring. I gently thrust my pelvis upward with each of Cindy’s movements. Cindy cupped my balls in her right hand and began to tickle them with her fingers. That was just too much! I grunted loudly as my cock grew to epic proportions, and my pelvis involuntarily thrust upward. The most incredible orgasm of my life erupted from deep within my body. Cindy lustfully sucked my cock & swallowed as spurt after spurt suddenly erupted from the end of my cock. It was the most intense experience of my life. I could hardly believe that it had happened.

As I finally came to my senses, I looked down to see Cindy lovingly stroking my semi-erect cock and smiling up at me. She kissed my cock and licked a spot of cum that had managed to escape from her mouth. I was in awe of Cindy as I looked at her with a deep sense of admiration and gratitude for what she deneme bonus had done for me.

“So now you know what you’re missing!” Cindy stated. “Too bad your girlfriend won’t do that for you because your cock tastes wonderful!”

I smiled at Cindy, as I was at a loss for words. I pulled her up beside me so that she was half lying next to me and half lying on top of me. I kissed her deeply as I felt her body next to mine. I could taste my cum in her mouth and this excited me. Cindy ground her body against mine as her hand continued to stroke my cock. I enjoyed the post-orgasmic bliss and sensations of having a beautiful woman stroking and rubbing against me and I was soon enjoying a warm throbbing as my cock began to come back to life.

Unfortunately, Cindy had to stop as her baby-sitter would soon be dropping off her daughter. We both straightened up as best as we could in the car, and then I drove around to where I usually dropped and picked her up.

Being young and immature, I didn’t know what to say. As I pulled up to the curb and stopped the car, I turned to look at Cindy and saw her smiling at me. I felt my face began to get hot again at the realization of what had just occurred.

Cindy, noticed my embarrassment, and leaned over and placed her hand on my cheek.

“Don’t be so embarrassed,” Cindy said. “If anyone should be embarrassed, it’s me. I’m the one who took advantage of you and I hope this doesn’t damage the friendship we have.”

“Of course not, how could it?” I queried.

Pausing for a moment, Cindy replied, “Well, I know you have a girlfriend already, but I just couldn’t help but worry about the physical discomfort you must feel being so far away from your girl, and then you admitted to me that you didn’t even have a physical relationship with her yet. I know you must be horny, because I sure get horny not having anyone since my divorce, so, well…” She hesitated.

I gently kissed Cindy’s hand and said, “So you thought you’d help out a friend, huh?”

Cindy laughed. “I guess that’s one possible reason, but to tell the truth, I’ve eyed you since the day we met. I think you’re incredibly handsome and sexy & the more I’ve gotten to know you, the more I’ve wanted to taste you! When I saw the bulge in your pants today, well, I just couldn’t help myself!”

“Wow!” I said smiling. “I had no idea you thought of me that way. I have to admit I’ve had similar feelings. You are one sexy woman!”

“I’ve got to get going,” Cindy said while looking into my eyes. “Maybe we can continue this conversation later?”

“I hope so,” I replied. “And just for the record, thank you for… well, you know.”

Cindy laughed again and replied, “You’re welcome, handsome. Anytime! Maybe you’ll return the favor?”

Surprised and before I could say anything else, Cindy kissed me on the cheek and opened the door and climbed out. Turning around and leaning back into the car, Cindy said, “I’ll be dreaming of your big hard cock tonight. Hope you don’t mind?”

I sat stunned for a moment and then managed to say, “Enjoy yourself!”

Cindy giggled and said, “I just might do that!” And closed the door.

I sat amazed for a few moments as I watched her walk away. I had no idea where this friendship would go from here, but I was looking forward to the finding out.

* * * * * * *

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