Moving Back Home

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It was good to be home. For that statement to have the full meaning relating to this story we are first going to have to discuss my past. My name is Cindy Feiling. You can also call me Prisoner 14567 as I was called for the past 6 years. Three months after my 12th birthday as I was playing with my cousin and her friend at my cousin’s house I got upset. How and why… Well, I don’t remember all the details but I got jealous and decided I didn’t like my cousin’s friend. I made a horrible decision and I hit her in the face with a golf club. She went to the hospital and I was told had some plastic surgery but for the most part was fine. However, it just so happened that her parents had all kinds of money and my parents had just enough to get by.

My parents tried for 4 months to get the charges dismissed but nothing could be down. I was sent to an all girl’s military school where I was not allowed to see my family or return back to the state of Maine until I turned 18.

I was shipped to Alabama. The school was not what you might think. There were no corrupt guards and I didn’t get crap from the other girls. There was no sex of any kind even though some of the girls loved to talk about it. I simply went to school 7 days a week. I worked out every day and I read books. Honestly, there was nothing else to do. Because of my punishment I wasn’t allowed anytime away from school for the first few years. I was able to write letters to my family but no visits and no pictures. I had a few friends at the school but most of us stayed to ourselves.

With about 3 weeks left to go before my sentence was up and I was going to be allowed to go home one of the girls got a weekend pass and she was able to pick one person to go to a movie with her. My friend Kari picked me and we were on our way to see a children’s movie. I don’t remember which one because we didn’t make it there. Across the street from the theater was an adult sex shop. Kari was curious and I didn’t know any better so we decided to take a look. It was my first experience with sex of any kind. There were movies playing and naked men and women everywhere. I loved looking at the male member. I couldn’t take my eyes off it and not only did my pussy get wet but my mouth was watering. I wasn’t stupid, I was horny. As we left the store to head to the local mall I knew I was turned on but I also knew that I was behind other girls my age. It was the first time I wanted to be free, the first time I honestly started to miss home.

I arrived home on May 14th. There wasn’t a party or anything. My mom was home and said hello. She gave me a small and awkward hug and we made small talk. My brother Tom, who is 10 months younger than me, was still at school. He is still finishing up his senior year of high school. My dad was at work. Mom and I took a walk around the house just as a reminder of where everything is at. Then I was shown to my room which hadn’t changed. This would have been fine if I wasn’t 12 years old the last time I had been in the room. It didn’t yet feel like home. The three story house I had grown up in seemed like a distant memory. Mom and dad had the entire upstairs to themselves. Tom and I had our own rooms and two small bathrooms in our rooms downstairs. The house looked good. My mom looked good. It just didn’t feel like home.

I talked to my mom about attending a local community college and seeing what she had found out after asking about the chance of me getting a job. It was a small town so everyone knew of my past but my mom was convinced that they would forgive and forget.

I decided it would be nice to take a shower and settle in before my dad and brother got home. It was weird being in a 12 years old room when I was 18 and literally just discovered sex about a month before. Where was I going to learn about sex? I realized I had needs that I was going to need to take care of. As I stood looking in the mirror I realized that the planned meals and working out had really paid off. I didn’t have the huge fake boobs like the girls I saw in the adult video store but I was in good shape. Honestly, I was in great shape. I was hot. I am about 5′ 8″ and 115 pounds. Brunette with a nice 36C and when I removed my bra my breasts didn’t move. They were perfect and I couldn’t wait for a man to have his hands all over them. I had long legs and a firm but. I loved working out and I loved it more now that I saw what it had done to my developing body.

As I got into the shower I found a razor and “cleaned up” everything down there and couldn’t help to start playing with myself. It didn’t take more than two fingers to get me going. I was pretty sure I was going to pee myself so I decided to stop. I was going to have to find a something bigger and better to teach myself what I could.

I dressed and as I came upstairs my brother was talking to my mom. My brother was taller and had some acne but he was not what I was figuring to see. He wasn’t in good shape and he didn’t really care to see me. Or so it seemed. We said hello eve gelen escort and caught up a little. It was weird. My brother told me he was planning to move to Boston and I could tell he was ready to get out of there. He seemed distant and angry.

As I helped my mom get ready for diner my brother said he was going to take a shower. I finished setting the table and my mom got a call from my dad. He was going to be home in about 25 minutes. Mom told to run down and tell my brother. As I got to his room I realized that he wasn’t in the shower he was playing some kind of video game. Tom, mom said dad will be home in about 20-25 minutes. He turned and looked at me but barely acknowledged I was there.

Twenty minutes later I was putting stuff away in my room when my mom yelled down that dad was getting home. I decided to go check on my brother to make sure he had heard mom. As I walked into his room I realized the door to his bathroom was wide open as he was obviously not used to a girl being around. That fact became more obvious when I walked up to the door to see that he had a completely see through shower curtain. I couldn’t help myself. I was staring at my brother naked before me. I had to look it was my first chance to see a live penis. I didn’t care if it belonged to my brother or not. I had to see it and there it was.

As I said before my brother wasn’t in great shape and it might have been the first dick I was about to see but I was certain my brother had a big one. My guess would be 6 or 7 inches soft and just hanging there. I knew it was wrong but I had to see that thing hard. I snapped out of the crazy thoughts in my head as I heard my mom call again. I took a few steps out of my brother’s room and yelled to my brother, Tom time to eat.

As I got upstairs I saw my dad walking into the house. Unlike my mother my dad had a big smile on his face and was ready to give me a great big hug. Dad looked great. I could tell he was also working out but I still smelt the usual hint of scotch on his breath. It felt good to get a hug and to have some contact with another person again. I finally felt home.

We had a nice diner as a family. We kept up a lot of small talk and even managed a few laughs. I for one had a hard time looking across the table at my brother without thinking of the piece of meat he had between his legs. The thoughts of sex were taking over my mind. I couldn’t help it. I even looked at my father at one point and wondered if he my brother had gotten his “big” gift from my father. Like father, like son? I wondered to myself.

I watched some TV later that night but I was tired and thought I would lie down and go to sleep. I passed out quickly but woke at 4 in the morning to a rattling noise on the stairs. I got up to use the bathroom and noticed that I heard some noise from my brother s room.

Thinking he had left his TV on or slept with it on I wondered down to his room. Again, having your sister back home must have been quite the change. The door to his room was pretty much wide open. Since I assumed he was asleep I tiptoed to his door. I looked in to see that my brother was not only awake but seemed to be watching a movie. I didn’t recognize the movie on the TV and I didn’t much care for long. My brother had his laptop on his TV tray in front of him and there was a girl getting fucked by two guys on the screen. I noticed that my brother had head phones on. This was it; I had to see that cock.

As I watched the scene on the computer and I noticed it was a young girl not much different then me. Well, except for her huge fake boobies and what appeared to be a loose pussy. This girl was taking a dick in her mouth and one in her pussy that had to be 10 inches long. I was getting turned on and I was also gaining confidence. Even if my brother caught me I didn’t care I had to see my brother in all his glory.

I stood up to get a better view and the very top came into view. My brother had his handed wrapped tightly around his dick and was slowly pumping up and down on his shaft. I admired how much he knew about himself. My brother knew how to take care of himself. I moved another foot closer and the entire thing came into view. My brother had a huge cock. It had to be at least 10 to 11 inches long and it was as thick as my wrist. If my brother didn’t have a fat belly it would look even bigger.

I had seen what I wanted and I slowly backed out of the room. As I began to turn I heard a grunt and turned around. My brother was about to cum. I stood and watched in awe as four large spurts of bright white cum shot all of the stomach and chest of my brother. As he moved to grab a sock to clean up I slowly backed away. It was then I realized that my fingers were not only in my underwear but I had two fingers in my cunt up to my knuckles.

As I got back into the room I locked the door and started to smell my own aroused aroma. I brought my fingers to my noise and decided I needed a taste. Honey might fatih escort be sweeter but not much. As I looked around I saw and old Barbie in my room. I found a condom that I was given when I turned 17 at school. It was old and I had never planned to use it. Really, I didn’t even know what it was for until a few weeks ago but it was sure going to come in handy now.

I took it out of the package and ran it down the legs of the doll. I spit on my fingers and rubbed them on my pussy and with the condom there was enough lube. I took the doll slowly rubbed it against my swollen pussy. It was the only thing I can find longer then my fingers. I slowly slide it inside and hit a little wall. I knew I wasn’t being satisfied so I thrust it harder into my pussy. At first it hurt and I definitely got nervous when I saw a little blood. I remembered back to a human anatomy class I had had and thought to myself. Am I no longer a virgin?

My mind shifted back to the plastic in my pussy and I begin moving it in and out faster and faster. My right hand guided the doll in and out of my cunt. My left hand found its way to my breasts and I began kneading them like a piece of dough. My nipples stood straight up and were becoming so sensitive. I pulled them as I shoved the doll in as far as I could. The peeing sensation was there again and not wanting to explain that to my parents the first night I was home I decided it was time to stop. I slept with a smile on my face the rest of the night.

I woke up around 9 the next morning. I quickly flushed the condom down the toilet and tossed the doll under my bed. I was so horny I needed to work of some of this aggression and get my mind straight. I put on some shorts, sports bra and a t-shirt. Tied my shoes and went up stairs. I saw my Dad reading the newspaper and drinking what I would assume is an Irish coffee. I yelled to Dad that I was going for a run.

At first he looked up from the paper and nodded, however, as I was tying my shoes I noticed that my father was taking a few more looks at the body of his newly returned daughter. I didn’t mind at all. I didn’t care who it was I liked the attention and I was starting to realize the effect that my body could have on men. Be back in about 45 minutes, I yelled to my father.

It was a gorgeous spring day on the east coast. I got a lot of looks while I was running but all I could think about was my brother’s huge dick and the eye fucking I thought I saw my father give to me. By the time I was half way back home my panties were again stoked and I was worried it was going to show through my shorts. I sprinted home and decided I would stretch in the backyard. I tried to make some noise to make sure my father and possibly brother knew I was back there.

After ten minutes and with my mind cleared I walked into the house. My father was now in the kitchen sitting at the counter still reading the same paper. I walked by him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Where are Mom and Tom at, I asked? Your mother will be gone for the day. She is shopping with her friend which is a pretty typical Saturday. If your brother didn’t call off work or isn’t downstairs sleeping then he is at work until about 6 this evening. One day of work a week is tough for your brother, my dad joked.

So you are saying it is you and me today Dad? Sure is, Dad said. I hope that is ok. I had no objections what so ever. As I finished my water and had some yogurt I noticed that there were some dishes that had been washed from diner last night and needed to be put away. I started to try to put them away but I had no idea where things went. I glanced towards my dad and asked for some help.

I started picking up each dish. Dried them off and ask dad where each went. I noticed that each time my dad would start by telling me it was behind me and then tell me the correct location. Sure enough my father was taking every opportunity to keep his eyes on my ass. I decided it was time to see how far I could take this with my father.

I poured myself another glass of water and as I was drinking it I did so fast enough that it began to leak onto my white t-shirt. At first I was just trying to get my dad’s attention but I had soaked my shirt. Hell, this was perfect. I walked over to the laundry room and removed my shirt and threw it into the dirty clothes. I walked back to the kitchen and saw my father staring with his jaw close to the ground. Acting like I didn’t know any better I just glanced at my father and told him I was getting hot from the run. He didn’t seem to mind. I was in my bra and some shorts running short. What a show my father was about to get.

I was down to the last few dishes and I didn’t want to stop. I asked my father where the pot had went that my mother had cooked the roast in the night before. Again at first he pointed behind me but then told me it went in the cabinet below the small area my father was sitting at. I set it on the ground and got to my knees. As I put the dish away halkalı anal yapan escort I noticed that my father only had a robe on. As I looked to the side I got what I had been waiting for.

Under the table below my father waist hanging outside his robe was my father’s half hard cock. I couldn’t move. I just stared and realized that my Dad was really enjoying the show. My dad had huge balls that looked like a perfect fit to his massive cock. My dad was easily 10 inches long as it stood and growing. His cock was thicker then my brother and looked like a piece of steel pipe. I decided then and there that I had to have it.

I got up and looked. There was one dish left. I started to feel up the sink and told my father that it needed to be cleaned again. I grabbed a chair and moved it to the middle of the kitchen. I sat in it while the sink filled up and made small talk. My father never once looked up but answered each question I asked.

I got up and started to clean the plate. I got water everywhere but tired to concentrate on getting as much as I could on my white sports bra. I kept talking to my father but he still wasn’t looking up. After a few minutes my father said to me. That thing has to be clean by now. I took the towel and begin to dry it. I kept my back to my father and looked down. My bra was completely see through and my nipples were hard as could be from the water.

As I finished drying the dish I turned to my father and held up the dish. Last one, where does it go Dad? For the second time that day my dad did a double take. When he looked up for good his eyes never met mine. He stared directly at my chest and told me it again when below where he was sitting. I bent down and put the dish away to see that my father was now at full mast. Or so I thought. No more messing around.

I turned around and walked towards the laundry room again. I took my sports bra off so that my father knew it was gone. I threw it into the ground and grabbed a towel from the side bathroom. I covered what I wanted to and walked into the kitchen. Dad was still sitting and I knew why. I sat on the chair in the kitchen and started to untie my shoes. I think I am going to take a shower, I said out loud but to no one in general.

As I got my shoe close to untied I leaned down to use both hands. The towel fell to the ground and my tits were on display. I acted as if I was oblivious to what was going on. My father was paying little attention to the paper now. I untied my other shoe and threw them to the side. As I was about to stand up I let out a little scream. Jeepers Dad, I am sorry about that I completely forgot about the towel. My father smiled and said something that confirmed he had indeed been drinking that morning. “Honey, you can walk around like that anytime you would like” and with my dad in an apparent horny daze. I was going to push my luck.

I sat back and cupped by tits. You want me to walk around like this dad? You really think these are nice Daddy? He could only shake his head in an approving motion. I pushed them together and got my nipples as hard as I could. I stood again and slowly removed my shorts and panties. I sat back down and looked my dad in the eyes. Daddy, I saw what you got under the table there and I am not sure it if will fit in my virgin pussy but why don’t you come over here and try.

My father cleared his throat and stood up. The tent in front of his robe didn’t look that impressive but I had seen what was under there. He stepped around the counter and into my view. He walked up to me and put the bugle right in front of my face. Before I could say anything he undid the belt and the robe pushed open. That huge snake damn near slapped me in the face. Before me sat a 13 inch piece of cock that needed to be milked. I again thought to myself that there was no way that would fit inside me but I was sure going to try.

I reached up and put my hand on my father’s huge member. It was hot to the touch and felt like a rock in my hands. Put your mouth around it, my father said. I took a big breath and opened wide. I put the head into my mouth and tasted a little pre-cum. I tried to stroke it the way that I saw my brother stroking his and put it as far in mouth as I could. My father moans and I simply heard the sounds of my pussy leaking on the wooden chair I was sitting on.

My father put his hand on the back of my head and forced me up and down his cock. I could tell my father was in heaven. I could only wonder to myself when the last time my mother had her lips on this wonderful dick. Up and down I went with my mouth and hand. It only seemed to get harder and harder.

The next thing I know my father picked me up and kissed me. I was practically sitting on his dick as we kissed and the feel of that dick under my ass door me crazy. Dad sent me on the counter and kissed from my lips to my other lips. The touch of him on my neck, shoulders, tits, stomach and thighs was driving me crazy. My father was an unbelievable lover who obviously had some moves he hadn’t used in awhile. As he began to kiss and blow on my sopping wet pussy I thought I was going to piss right there. My father assured me I wasn’t going to pee. I might have an orgasm but pee wasn’t going to happen. Not as turned on as you are right now baby, trust me Daddy said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32