Movie Time

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Your fingers brush against the outside of my bare thigh as you inch up the hem of my skirt a little more. Sitting next to me on the couch during movie night, blanket covering a bunch of us where we are all squished in together, I’ve been paying more attention to your presence than anything on the screen.

As your fingertips start stroking more insistently, crossing to the top of my leg and promising to go farther if I’ll let you, my breath catches and you look at me. Without taking my eyes from the screen, I nod my head slightly and mouth the words, “Yes. Please.”

Your hand slides easily to my inner thigh and you let your sharp nails graze my tender flesh as you pull your hand up my leg. I can feel the heat between my legs and I’m sure you can too as your fingers reach my damp panties. I stifle a moan as one slips beneath the flimsy fabric and is immediately soaked from how wet I am. Your finger runs across my clit and my eyes close. It takes everything in me to hold still and not start grinding against your hand. bahis firmaları

And then it’s gone. I open my eyes to see you licking your fingers. I blush, glad the lights are down low and no one can see. “I think I need some water,” you say, casting a pointed look my way as you get up.

“Yeah,” I say as I fumble to get out from the blanket and off the couch, “Me too.” As I follow to the kitchen I’m pretty sure I hear a snicker but I’m not really paying attention. All I can think about is how to get your hands on me again.

I turn the corner and you are on me. Your hands grab my hips and pull me in close, my arms going around your shoulders almost on their own. Our mouths are hot and passionate, tongues darting against each other and lips caressing. I moan into you and push you back against the refrigerator.

“Hey,” you say, sliding one hand down the front of my skirt and panties, fingers going straight to circle my clit, “Fancy seeing you here.” I gasp and step my feet slightly wider so you have better kaçak iddaa access. It has been longer than I care to admit and if your first touch sent electricity through me, your fingers working to bring me to orgasm are like a constant charge.

“Oh god yes,” I whimper in your ear as I kiss along its edge, enjoying the feeling of each piercing against my lips. I’m breathing heavily as you start pumping one finger in and out, in and out, before adding a second. I bite down on your shoulder and cry out when you start curling your fingers.

With your free hand you pull my head back by the hair and bring my body away from yours. I whimper as you pull your sopping fingers out of me, and you shove them into my mouth as you push me back against the kitchen island. I lick and suck my own juices off you as you press me hard into the granite countertop, then you replace your fingers with your mouth and we are kissing hard. Your hands move down to my nipples and I feel my knees go weak as you roll them between your nails.

Breaking kaçak bahis the kiss you drop to your knees and bury your face between my legs. Holding my hips firmly in place with one hand you bring the other back up and start fucking me with your fingers. I’ve been so close since the minute you walked in the door at the party, and now with your tongue flicking back and forth against my clit and your fingers pumping in and out of me, I can’t hold back any longer. I grab the counter as I moan in time with each thrust, your fingers burying deep inside me and rocking hard into me as my pussy grabs them too tight to continue thrusting. You suck on my clit hard, your tongue caressing it as my whole body shakes against you. I’m not sure what I’m saying—screaming—out loud right now but I’m pretty sure it’s not safe for work. As the ecstasy starts to subside and you slow down, I gently push you back and sink to the floor with you.

Wrapping my body around you and kissing your mouth that tastes like my orgasm, I realize the house is very quiet. Suddenly laughter breaks out from the movie watching room downstairs, and then thunderous applause. We laugh, and then I bring my hand between your legs. There needs to be an encore performance, after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32