Mouth Fetish Lee Pt. 03

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**Disclaimer: My 3rd story. I like to try to keep it simple and to the point. Story has piss, scat, and humiliation talk.

A man with a deep dark want is about to be used by his girlfriend***


Lee – The Boyfriend. Age 28 black male. 6’2 210

Tracy- The Girlfriend. Age 28 black female. 5’6 145. Phat ass and little breast.

Sho – Girlfriend’s best friend. Age 32 Spanish and black. 5’9 phat ass and big breast.

***Thursday morning 9am and Tracy hasn’t come to work. Sho has called and text Tracy, but no response***

“Where you at bitch?” was the last text Sho sent Tracy at 8:30am, when the employees are supposed to log in. Tracy is rarely late, most time she gets there around 8:15 in the morning.

“What would make Tracy late?” ponder Sho with her hand on her chin in deep thought. “Could it be that prick Lee’s fault? Probably is. I can’t stand that prick. She has to get rid of him.” Sho getting angry just thinking about it.

Right when she was about to text Tracy again, Tracy walks in quickly and quietly seats down and logs into the computer without speaking or even looking in Sho’s direction.

“What the hell.” Sho thinks as she stares down Tracy to see if she has any marks on her face. “He wouldn’t be that stupid would he? No, he knows he would be a dead man if he laid a finger on Tracy.” Sho moves her seat closer and stares with heat vision beams, Tracy feels the heat from Sho’s stares.

Tracy starts to turn her head, almost like in shame with her head still down looking at the computer desk.

“What the hell did Lee do Tracy?” Sho voice starts to rise, “That bitch better not have hit you. I swear, I swear Tracy…I’ll I’ll…”

“Wait…NO Sho?” Tracy cuts Sho off, “Lee hurt me?” Tracy starts to laugh, ‘Thats what she was thinking.’ Tracy thinks. ‘Did she forget what she wanted from me last night?’

“Ok if Lee didn’t hurt you, why you late and what’s with the walk of shame?” Sho looking confuse, then that evil smile creeps over her face. “You nasty bitch. You did it, didn’t you?” Sho getting excited now.

“Listen, Sho.” begins Tracy.

“No you nasty bitch. Tell me everything. From the fucking beginning. O you soooo nasty.” Sho bouncing in her seat like a little kid.

“If you would chill and listen.” Tracy giggling

“Ok, ok, just tell me what happen.” snaps Sho.

Tracy sits backs and crosses her thick little legs in her skin tight jeans along with crosses her arms which rest on top of her breast.

“What you looking at?” Sho seats back in her chair annoyed.

“You…Are you ready to listen?” asks Tracy.

“I swear it better be good. Like how nasty are you, Tracy? I bet he loved it. He seems nasty. Was it fun? How powerful did you feel? Wait you didn’t drown him? I want a turn.” Sho getting excited again.

Tracy sitting up in the chair, “You want to try Lee, Sho?” Tracy demeanor starting to change.

“Hell… no… Girl,” Sho caught off guard tries to quickly come back, “just saying if you drown him I don’t think it be a good idea. Damn chillax girl, no one wants your man.”

Sweat dropping from Sho’s forehead.

“Stupid bitch,” chuckles Tracy, “well Lee didn’t drown. So there’s that.” shrugs shoulders.

“Wait didn’t drown?” Sho hops out seat “You nasty ass bitch, you actually did it.” Sho stops and gets quiet thinking.

“SHHHHHH,” Tracy tries to put Sho back in her seat.

“Ok ok, I’m fine, I’m listening, you nasty ass bitch. Nasty just nasty.” Sho shaking her head, “Proud of you, that’s my girl.”

“Shut up Sho.” Tracy sits down. “From the beginning right?”

“Ummm, cliff notes the boring parts and get to drowning him.” laughs manisa escort Sho as she moves her seat closer.

“Ok sooo…”

***The Night Before***

Wednesday Night

***Part 2 left Tracy forcing her pussy in Lee’s mouth with a strong urge to piss***

“Fuck.” there it is, the feeling. Tracy concentrate and held on long enough, that she couldn’t hold it anymore. The time is here but Tracy started once again second guessing…

Tracy looks down between her carmel skin breast, down her smooth stomach into Lee’s closed eyes while having his mouth filled with her pussy. She can feel his tongue licking her clit and sticking in and out her pussy hole, every now and again his tongue would lick over her pee hole making it hard to hold her piss. She looks back at Lee’s hard ass dick looking like it’s about to explode. She holds onto Lee’s hair with her right hand and with the other gives a quick few jerks of his hard dick.

“Fuck…Lee…keep doing that. God you going to make me cum.”

“Whatever you want babe, just cum baby but if you keep jerking me like that I’m going to cum.” Lee lost in thought with pain in his jaw. He grips her hips, trying not to let her run away and have to start over.

Feeling Lee’s arm grip her ass and hips, Tracy grips Lee’s hair with all the strength she had and screams out.


‘PSSSSSssss’ with one quick squirt out her pussy and right into Lee’s mouth, Tracy puts one hand on wall and looks down at Lee’s face. He’s eyes still close but he hasn’t let go of her thick soft thighs. Tracy tightens her grip on Lee’s hair and moans, “SHIT LEE SWALLOW MY CUM AND KEEP LICKING I’M NOT DONE CUMMING.” Tracy feeling more confident since he’s not fighting.

‘Pssss’ ‘The hell is this?’ caught off guard Lee trying to figure out what just happen. ‘Did she just squirt in my mouth?’ Lee starts to swish the liquid in his month. “This taste familiar.’ And it hits Lee ‘The shot of liquor was this taste. What the fuck is going on.’ At that moment Lee hears Tracy.

“SHIT LEE SWALLOW MY CUM.” As she grips Lee’s hair and jerks his hard dick, she feels Lee swallows ‘GULP.’

Lee himself couldn’t control his dick while Tracy jerk him off with the raw power of control that was coming off of Tracy, it was just too much. His hard ass dick exploded ‘Aaaaaaa’, as muffled sounds coming from Lee’s mouth fills within Tracy’s pussy, the moment she made me swallow.

‘GULP’ Tracy first feels Lee swallow with a BIG GULP. ‘Damn just like the shot. Shit, Sho was right.’ As Tracy smiles she looks down at Lee, she feels him shaking, hears muffled sounds coming from him and it feels like he lost some strength. Tracy takes her hand off Lee’s dick and sees cum dropping down her fingers and looks behind her to see Lee’s stomach cover in puddles of cum, with cum dripping from the tip of his dick.

Sho turns around to look down at Lee, who still has a mouth full of her pussy and looking up at her breathing heavy, she smiles and brings her cum cover hand to her mouth and licks it cleans.

***Back to the present***

“So you actually piss in dude’s mouth and made him swallow?” Sho completely moist and couldn’t stay still in her seat. “And he came from drinking your piss. NASTY ASS BITCHES. Both of yaw.” Sho’s evil smile comes back across her face.

Tracy laughing as she continues…


While Tracy looks at Lee’s dick twitching from just cumming, she turns back around and looks down at Lee’s face. He’s still licking softly and doesn’t look he’s wants to get up and run and since she already started she really escort manisa needs to piss and had decided it was going to go down Lee’s throat.


“OH MY GOD, TRACY” Sho blurts out loudly.

“shhhhhhh” Tracy goes “But I wanted to do it in another position, so…”


So Tracy gets up and turns around and sits her big fat ass on Lee’s face. 69 style. Places her pussy back in Lee’s mouth, who just seems to be laying there trying to catch his breathe. Tracy grabs ahold of Lee’s soften dick, and commands Lee to lick her pussy some more.

“Lick this pussy” Tracy commands

Lee’s dick jumps alil which makes Tracy smile and then proceeds to place the head of Lee’s dick in her mouth. Lee automatically starts licking away all around her pussy.

Moaning “Lick the clit…and keep your…mouth open over this pussy…I…I…I love that shit.” Tracy commands in between sucking on the head of Lee’s dick, which is starting to react to her again.

“Wow what has gotten into Tracy?” thought Lee, closing his eyes has he starts to suck and lick on Tracy’s clit.

Feeling the pressure to empty her bladder and not being able to hold it in any long Tracy takes out Lee’s dick and screams “OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH LEE, I’M CUMMING!!!”

‘PSSSSSSSSSSSSS’…”OMG THIS FEELS SO GOOD” Tracy spits out with excitement and throws her head up and arches her back as she release a torrent of piss in Lee’s mouth.

Just as Lee’s mouth opens, he gets hit in the back of his throat with Tracy’s strong jet stream of piss. Lee’s eyes open to the realization Tracy is exactly pissing in his mouth. As he looks through the crack of her round carmel ass crack and up her arched back he sees her eyes closed with ecstasy, the pleasure washing all over her body and then…


Tracy could feel Lee’s mouth start to fill but she couldn’t feel Lee swallowing and she if she could she would but she couldn’t stop.

Lee closes his eyes with a little concern because his mouth is filling up with Tracy’s piss and all he can hear was Tracy saying.


‘But this isn’t cum.’ Lee thought, but with the picture of Tracy’s pleasure she was having…

‘GULP, Gulp, gulp’ Lee swallows everything, whatever it takes to make his love happy.

Tracy opens her eyes as she hears Lee jugging down her golden nectar.

“FUCK LEE, THAT’S IT…SWALLOW JUST SWALLOW ALL OF ME.” Screamed Tracy as more piss fills Lee’s mouth up ‘PSSSSS’

‘What the hell Tracy.’ Lee confuse and not sure why Tracy is pissing in his mouth, he starts to panic. Lee starts pushing Tracy off right before his mouth is fill to the brim again.

‘PSSSSSSSSSSSSS’ Tracy still pissing, “Lee I’m not done, SHIT,” Tracy screams as she is pushed onto her stomach and piss is sprayed over Lee’s face, pillows and headboard.

Lee sits up with piss falling out his mouth realizing what he had done. Lee just made a fucking mess and Tracy hates messes.


Laughing and falling back in her seat Sho holds her stomach folding over. “OMG Tracy.”

“I know, Sho.” Tracy shaking her head.

“Sounds messy.” Sho continues to laugh. “Tell me that’s worst of it.”


Blowing piss out his nose and wiping piss out his eyes Lee looks at Tracy with her legs open with a wet spot on the bed where her pussy is still dripping wet from piss.

“I’m sorry, Tracy.” Begins Lee hopping out of bed looking for a towel. “I didn’t mean to make a mess. I…I…I just didn’t understand manisa escort bayan what was…”

“It’s ok Lee, it’s my fault. I thought you…never mind.” Tracy runs to the bathroom locks the door and turns on the shower.

“Damn I don’t want to be the only one cover in piss. But damn I came so fucking hard.” Thinks Lee. “But it’s me who messed up. Should have swallowed it all, damn.”

As the shower is running over Tracy’s body. “What was I thinking? The look on his face. I should have never listen to Sho single ass.”

Tracy slams the soap on the tubs floor and curls up in a ball and just let the water beat on her naked body.

‘Knock knock’

“Tracy are you ok?” Lee at the bathroom door concern.

“I’m fine. Just give me some time.” Tracy answers.


“Ok so you fucked up the first run.” Sho says seeing how Tracy looks depress.

“First run? No this is over, Sho. I was cleaning PISS UP all night. I think Lee hates me. And you know I hate messes.” Tracy jumps in.

Sho laughs “Relax…no one drowned, Tracy. Other than throwing you off, you said he swallow the first gulps right. And what happen after you got out the shower? And why were you late?”

“I locked him out the room and he slept on the couch. I didn’t want him to have to clean my piss or look at me. And I waited for him to leave for work before I left the room.” Tracy answering Sho’s questions.

Sho laughing even harder. “Look no experiment ever works the first time, honey. You just have to practice. Practice makes perfect.” Sho winks at Tracy.

“Fuck that, Sho.” Tracy turns her seat and faces the computer. “It was nasty and hard to piss, Lee look so disgusted and it was sooooo messy. Soooooooooo messy. I’m good. I don’t think I’m into it.”

“Please bitch, save the drama.” Annoyed again is Sho. “You even said it felt good. And he came while you were pissing down his throat, apparently he enjoyed it…So yaw fucked up. Made a mess. Now he knows what’s up it shouldn’t be a problem.” Sho trying to convince Tracy to continue because she still has her own plans, but without testing it out with Tracy, her plans may get harder.

Tracy eyes light up, “Yea he did cum. And girl I never felt him shake from cumming like that in awhile. But please, hoe, it’s over. You didn’t see his face the second go around. Lee definitely didn’t seem to like it. It was like he realized what was happening and he wasn’t with it. How telling him I’m going to piss in his mouth, going to change anything? He may just break it off with me.”

“One he’s never breaking up with you. Second if he keeps struggling all we have to do is tie him up, simple.” Sho smiles. “Listen, two is stronger than one. I’m just saying.”

Tracy starts laughing uncontrollably, “Two is stronger,” Tracy laughing trying to get herself together, “Ok let’s say Lee will let me to do it again, why in the world do you think he’ll agree to let you join? He hates you.”

“Bitch, look at this ass again,” Sho stands up turns and twerks her fat ass, “Who won’t let this ass sit on their face if they have the opportunity? Fuck him, bring me and I’ll show you how to use a man. I might even give him something to eat…tooo” Sho seats back in her seat turns and start to work.

“Well damn Sho. Look no disrespect, Lee may just choke on you homemade meal.” Tracy and Sho start laughing, “All I’m saying is this is new and last night was such a fail.” Tracy sits up.

“But it did feel so good to have his tongue licking my clit while I pissed in his mouth. And feeling him swallow me down. IN…FUCKIN…CREDIBLE”

Sho turns and looks at Tracy, “I knew you were a nasty ass bitch.” Sho and Tracy started laughing together again.

“Shut up, hoe. Turn around I got work to do. Story time is over.” Tracy starts typing and gets back to work.

Next part a new character will join the party and ass play will be included.

Any input is welcome.

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