Mother-in-law Loved Flashing Men

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My mother-in-law is an exhibitionist and a bit of a whore.

Author’s Note:

This is a true story that 24-year-old Brian asked me to write for him about his 48-year-old, divorced, single, MILF of a mother-in-law, Maureen.

# # #

After my wife, Catherine, suddenly died in a car crash with a tree, she left her house to me, and to her mother. Instead of selling the house, splitting the proceeds, and going our separate ways, since we got along and enjoyed one another’s company, we decided to try living together. Honestly, going through a rough patch with the death of Catherine, neither one of us wanted to be alone. We needed one another’s shoulders for emotional support. With Maureen losing her daughter and me losing my wife, it was hard living without her.

To be honest, a gross understatement, when I married my wife, with us both so young and seemingly invincible, I never thought I’d be living without her. I thought we’d be married forever. Who knew? A strange arrangement, then again, I never thought I’d be living with her mother instead of continuing to live my life with my wife.

Yet, we needed time to think about what to do with the house and our living arrangements without making a mistake by making any rash decisions. Living together as roommates made more sense that both of us finding our separate places to live and paying rent. Besides, surprisingly, I was happier living with her mother than I ever was living with my wife.

With Maureen doing all of the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, the food shopping, and running errands, and her not wanting or expecting my help from me, living with her was like living with my mother. I worked full-time from home to support us. In our spare time, we loved playing board games as much as we loved watching old movies. When not playing board games or watching movies, as if we were husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend, living a sedentary life, while holding hands, we went for long walks together.

Best friends, we talked about everything and laughed over nothing. I don’t know how it happened but somehow it did. I was falling in love with my mother-in-law and she was falling in love with me. She loved shopping at the mall, and with her always wearing something sexually revealing, whether showing her long line of sexy cleavage of her bikini panties, I enjoyed going with her if only to see the looks on men’s faces. No doubt, they all thought that she was my mother and not my roommate and, hopefully, my potential lover.

Something impossible to miss when first seeing her, with her turning lots of heads of both women and men, my mother-in-law, Maureen, has enormous breasts, huge tits. She has giant boobs. When hugging me while sexually teasing me, she loved pressing and rubbing her huge breasts up against my muscular chest while laughing.

Curious to know what size bra cups she took; I checked her brassiere in the laundry basket. She took a 32 F cup. A 32 F! A 32 F! Wow! I couldn’t believe it. I never knew that there was a bra size that big. Duh? Stupid me. I always thought that double D was the largest cup size. Yet, thinking now of some of the black women that I saw, they have much bigger breasts than F cups. Many strippers have huge surgical, implanted breast sizes much bigger than F cups. Yet, natural F cup breasts were enormously big.

‘Wow! Holy, Hell, an F cup is much bigger than a double D cup,’ I thought. ‘Something hard to wrap my mind around, she takes a 32 F. Giving me even more pause for thought, she takes the same bra cup size as Christina Hendricks and as Sofia Vergara.

My mother-in-law has gigantic, frigging boobs. With breasts my favorite part of a woman’s body, I hit the sexual jackpot when living with my deceased wife’s mother. By what she was wearing or not wearing, she sexually excited me every day by showing me her nearly, naked, nightgown clad breasts. With my wife moral modesty and with her not even showing her cleavage in down-blouse views, her mother was not morally modest. Not caring what she was showing to whoever, if she was anything she was immorally immodest.

Caught off guard by her huge breasts, I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to write that because of her giant breasts, I was sexually attracted to her from the first day I met her. Especially once I saw the size and the shape of her big tits from the front and from the sides, I’ve never seen tits that big and that shapely. Trying not to catch me staring, I was unable to stop staring at the huge impressions that her breasts made in her dress, in her tops, in her blouses, and especially in her sheer and sexy nightgowns.

A total understatement, I was more than enamored with my mother-in-law’s huge breasts than I ever was sexually enamored with my wife’s modest breasts, God rest her soul. If I was anything, I was hypnotized and mesmerized by Maureen’s big tits. I’d love to watch her jogging or skipping rope. I’d love to see her do a head stand while wearing a crop top.

Especially when I had a thing for big breasted women, who wouldn’t be sexually attracted to Maureen’s adiosbet yeni giriş giant breasts? Her tits were so big and so very shapely, she had wonderful breasts. Having never seen tits as big and as shapely as her tits, and with me an insatiable breast man, I couldn’t stop staring at the size and the shape of her tits through her sexually revealing clothes.

Routinely undressing her with my eyes, I imagined her in her bra and panties. I imagined her topless. I imagined her naked. With my life not getting any better than that, I imagined touching, feeling, and fondling her naked breasts while fingering and sucking her erect nipples. I’d give anything to have my wicked, sexual way with Maureen’s huge breasts while making out with her and while slowly stripping her naked.

Biding my time while masturbating myself and imagining her topless and/or naked, I couldn’t wait to somehow and someway see her naked breasts. If given the chance, I couldn’t wait to touch, feel, fondle, and grope her naked breasts while fingering and sucking her erect nipples. I couldn’t wait to immerse my face between my mother-in-law’s giant breasts. If I had a choice on how I wanted to die, my preferred way to die would be for her to smother my face between her gargantuan tits. I’d die a happy man.

# # #

With the both of us a little drunk, when we danced at my wedding reception, turning her away from the crowd, she allowed me to stealthily touch, feel, and fondle her fully clothed breasts beneath her jacket. I couldn’t believe that I was touching, feeling, and fondling my mother-in-law’s fully clothed breasts. I couldn’t believe that she was allowing me to sexually grope her big tits. Once she allowed me to fondle her breasts through her clothes, I knew that this was the start of our close friendship and our sexual relationship.

Sadly, feeling guilty for wanting to have sex with her mother, I never expected my wife to unexpectedly die so soon. Nonetheless, just married, something I dared myself to do, I couldn’t believe that I had the audacity to feel my mother-in-law’s breasts, albeit through her clothes, at my wedding reception. Having just met the woman, what’s wrong with me to feel her breasts? What’s wrong with her to allow me to feel her fully clothed breasts?

Shocking but true, with the both of us on the same, sexual page, and with me literally in breast heaven, I couldn’t believe she allowed me to feel her huge tits through her clothes. Making me horny, wanting to stick my hand down the front of her dress to feel her naked tits and finger her erect nipples, to be honest, she made me wonder why I married her daughter instead marrying my wife’s mother. Maureen was so much prettier, shapelier, and sexier than her daughter, Catherine.

With her long, red hair and big, blue eyes, and with her taller, shapelier, and better looking than her daughter in every way, I never thought I’d have someone who looked like her as a mother-in-law. I never thought I’d be living alone with someone who looked like her. With her big breasts not her only sexual asset, she had long, shapely legs and a firm, round, tight ass.

Yet, after my wife was killed in a car crash, as if it was kismet, we were stuck with one another. With the house in my wife’s name, an investment she bought before we were married, she left the house to me and to her mother. Instead of selling the house, and splitting the money, we decided to live together. As if she was my newly married wife, my girlfriend, or my lover, I only wished that I could have slept in the same bed as Maureen. I’d love nothing more than to have passionate sex with her.

I imagined holding her, hugging her, cuddling with her, and spooning her while sleeping with her. I imagined lifting the back of her nightgown and feeling her naked ass as soon as she fell asleep. I imagined touching, feeling, fondling, and groping her big tits while fingering her erect nipples. Then, daring myself to masturbate her in her sleep, I imagined rubbing her clit and finger fucking her pussy while she was sleeping.

As soon as she was wet enough, I imagined slipping my erect cock in the back of her naked cunt. I imagined sliding my stiff prick inside of her and fucking my mother-in-law. I imagined giving her a sexual orgasm and watching her and hearing her cum. While she was still sleeping, I imagined getting out of bed to stand in front of her. I imagined sliding my erect cock slowly along her red, full lips while hoping that she’d open her mouth and take me inside.

While she dreamt of blowing someone, I hoped that she’d blow me. I’d love nothing more than to cum in my mother-in-law’s mouth. I’d love to cum all over her face and give her a cum bath. With me still touching her, feeling her, and fondling her in her sleep, I imagined her waking up to catch me masturbating her.

‘Oh, Brian, what are you doing? Oh, my God, you’re going to make me cum. Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop,’ I imagined her saying. “Rub my clit faster. Finger fuck me deeper.”

A sexual fantasy of mine, I’d love to watch my mother-in-law adiosbet giriş having a sexual orgasm. I’d love to hear her cum. Knowing that I was sexually responsible for her sexual orgasm, I’d love to hear her call my name.

‘Fuck me, Brian. Fuck me faster. Rub my clit harder. Just don’t stop. Please don’t stop. I’m almost there. I’m almost there,’ I imagined her saying.

I imagined fucking her faster. I imagined rubbing her clit harder. I imagined not stopping until she had her sexual orgasm.

‘Brian. Brian,’ I imagined her screaming my name. ‘I’m cumming. I’m cumming Brian. Oh, Brian. Oh, Brian. Oh, my God, Brian.’

# # #

Something I never knew and never would have guessed and/or suspected until I danced with her at my wedding, sexually shocking me, my mother-in-law confessed that she’s an exhibitionist and a little bit of a whore. Something I wished her daughter was, an exhibitionist but she was morally modest. Something I wished her daughter was, a little bit of a whore, only she acted more like a virgin than a whore.

“I love flashing unsuspecting men my tits,” she said. “It sexually excites me to see the shocked and sexually excited reactions on their faces,” she said with a dirty laugh. “Unlike my miss goody-two-shoes daughter, I guess I’m a little bit of a whore,” she said with another dirty laugh while looking up at me with her big, blue eyes.

I looked at her with shock mixed with sexual excitement. Again, I thought that I should have married Catherine’s mother instead of marrying Catherine. Who knew that mother was a whole lot better than daughter? My life would have been so much more sexually exciting. My sexlife would have been so much more sexually satisfying.

‘My mother-in-law is an exhibitionist. I can’t believe my MILF of a mother-in-law is an exhibitionist. She loved exposing herself. She loved flashing her naked tits to unsuspecting men,’ I thought. ‘Well, I’m a man. When is she going to flash me her naked tits?’

Shocking men by sexually surprising them and teasing them, she loved flashing her F cup breasts to unsuspecting men. She loved having her big tits touched, felt, fondled, and groped. She loved having her nipples pulled, turned, and twisted. With me living with her, especially when it came to her big tits, when she told me her sexual fetish of exposing herself, I was more than happy to accommodate her every sexual desire.

‘Use me. Abuse me,’ I thought. ‘Allow me to have my wicked sexual way with your big tits. I’d love to see your big tits. I’d love to touch, feel, fondle, and grope your big tits while sucking your nipples.’

Fortunately, for me, a great, sexual partnership, my mother-in-law is as much of an exhibitionist as I’m a voyeur. I loved seeing as much as she loved showing. Waiting with baited breath, while hoping that her flashing me was inevitable, I couldn’t wait for her to flash me her supersized breasts.

Clearly proud of her big breasts, every blouse she owned was low-cut with a plunging neckline and sheerly transparent to show off her long, sexy line of cleavage. Again, every nightgown she owned was low-cut and sheerly transparent to show the shape and the sheer size of her big breasts. Sexually teasing me, she loved flashing me all that I shouldn’t see of her naked breasts.

Modestly concealing her B cup breasts, in the way that my wife always wore robes over her nightgowns, my mother-in-law never concealed her F cup breasts by wearing robes over her sexy nightgowns. Instead, continuing to sexually tease me, walking around me with her naked tits nearly hanging out of her nightgown and nearly totally exposed, she wanted me to see her big tits. I only wished that I could do more than just look. Afraid to do so, not wanting to ruin things by prematurely groping her, I desperately wanted to touch, feel, and fondle her nightgown clad breasts.

Only, I didn’t dare have my wicked, sexual way with her big, naked breasts. That would be wrong. That would be nasty. Unless we had been drinking, I couldn’t continue to sexually abuse my mother-in-law by feeling her big tits through her clothes.

Even though she confessed that she was a little bit of a whore, she wasn’t some whore that I picked up at a bar and invited home. She was my deceased wife’s mother. Even though she confessed that she loved having her naked breasts touched, felt, and fondled, it was hard to sexually seduce my mother-in-law.

Yet, difficult to control my sexual impulses and my manly urges, it was hard to resist putting the sexual the moves on her. I wanted to have sex with my mother-in-law. I’d do anything to fuck her. I’d do anything for her to suck me.

A line that I shouldn’t cross especially with us living under the same roof, again, even though I wanted to fuck her and wanted her to suck me, I didn’t dare sexually solicit her for sex. It was bad enough that I already stealthily felt and fondled her naked tits through her nightgown while cuddling with her on the couch. It was bad enough that I stared at her fully clothed breasts while undressing her with adiosbet güvenilirmi my horny eyes.

I can’t have sex with my mother-in-law. I just can’t. Having sex with her would be wrong. Having sex with her would be nasty. With her 24-years older than me, twice my age, I dare write that starting a sexual relationship with Maureen, wouldn’t end well.

# # #

Nevertheless, as if we were husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, or lovers, every night after supper, we cuddled on the couch while watching a movie. In the way that she stealthily allowed me to touch, feel, and fondle her big breasts through her dress and bra at my wedding, she allowed me to continue touching, feeling, and fondling her big breasts through her sexy nightgown now. Only, something I wished that she’d agree that I could do, she didn’t want me to finger her nipples.

“I don’t mind you touching and feeling my tits, Brian. To be honest, I love having my naked breasts touched and felt. Just don’t finger my nipples,” she said. “Okay,” she asked while staring up at me?”

I looked down at her erect nipples before looking up at her. She had such big nipples and it was hard to resist fingering them, pulling them, turning them, and twisting them. I not only wanted to finger her nipples but also, I wanted to suck her nipples, too. Not stopping there, I’d love to masturbate her pussy while sucking her erect nipples.

“Why can’t I finger your nipples,” I asked while reaching inside of her nightgown to slide a slow hand across her erect nipples?

She let out a little laugh while rolling her eyes and sighing. Then, when I slid my horny hand across her erect nipples, she let out a sexually aroused gasp. Clearly, even though she asked me not to finger her nipples, she loved it when I touched her nipples. Clearly, she wanted me to finger her nipples.

“Because when you finger my nipples, you make me horny. When you pull, turn, and twist my nipples, you make me wet. I may do something that I’d regret,” she said.

I looked at her to give her a sexy smile and a naughty look while taking her hint to pull, turn, and twist her nipples.

“What would you do that you’d regret doing, if I made you wet,” I asked while pulling, turning, and twisting your nipples?

She laughed a sexy laugh before staring up at me with total sexual arousal. I was making my mother-in-law wet. I wondered what she’d do if I made her soaking wet. I could only imagine her sexually frustrated and horny. She was a sexual fireball.

“I’d suck your cock,” she said sliding a slow tongue across her red, full lips. “I’d allow you to cum in my mouth,” she said. “I’d allow you to ejaculate a second load of cum all over my face and across my naked breasts. I’d allow you to give me a cum bath,” she said while gently fondling the head of my cock through my pajama bottoms.

I let out a little laugh while shrugging.

“So,” I laughed? “What’s wrong with you sucking my cock, Maureen, and me cumming in your mouth,” I asked? “What’s wrong with me cumming all over your face and across your naked breasts? What’s wrong with me giving you a cum bath,” I innocently asked while removing my erect, naked cock from my pajama bottoms? “I’d love to not only cum in your mouth but I’d love to cum all over your naked breasts, too. I’d love to give you a cum bath.”

I gave her a sexually excited smile while staring at her big, nightgown clad breasts.

“To be honest, Maureen, I’d love you to blow me,” I said while slowly stroking myself. “I’d love to cum in your pretty mouth,” I said tracing her lips by sliding a slow finger across her red, full lips. “I’d love to ejaculate all over your beautiful face and across your giant breasts.” I felt and fondled her naked breasts through her sheer and nearly transparent, sexy nightgown again. “I’d love to cum all over you. I’d love to give you a cum bath.”

She rolled her eyes and let out a sigh.

“Put it away, please,” she said pushing my cock away with the palm of her hand. “I can’t. I just can’t. I’m your mother-in-law and you’re my son-in-law. With us living together under the same roof, me blowing you would be incestuous,” she said looking up at me as if she wanted to blow me. “Sorry, but I can’t blow you. I can’t suck your cock. I just can’t. That would be wrong. That would be nasty.”

# # #

As long as I didn’t embarrass her by groping her and sticking my horny hand down her open nightgown top, she was okay with me touching and feeling her nearly naked breasts outside of her nightgown. A game we played, as long as I didn’t make her feel uncomfortable by making her feel forced and pressured, she was okay with me touching her enormous tits. As long as I didn’t make my touches and feels appear too sexually obvious, she was okay with me furtively feeling her breasts through her nightgown.

As long as I didn’t grope her, as long as I treated her with respect, and didn’t treat her for the whore that she was, she was okay with me copping cheap feels of her nightgown clad breasts. Seemingly, she enjoyed me touching, feeling, and fondling her nightgown clad breasts as much as I loved touching, feeling, and fondling her nightgown clad breasts. One of my favorite, sexual things to do, I loved feeling Maureen’s naked breasts through her nightgown while watching a movie and cuddling with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32