Money’s Worth

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You’d think that for the money I pay to go to college, I could at least get a decent meal. I dreaded going to the cafeteria every day, knowing that when I got there I would find only cold chicken nuggets, and two kinds of rice.

The one thing that kept drawing me back to the cafeteria was the dark eyed chef behind the counter. His name was Enrique, a sexy import from Cuba. His flirty smile and musical accent kept me rooted to the counter as he specially prepared my meals. I’d stand on tip-toe and lean over the counter to get a better look at his body, at how his black uniform slacks tightened around his thighs, how the fabric was stretched over his groin, buttoned snugly over slim hips. The sleeves of his white jacket were straining around his biceps, taut over his chest. I would sneak into the showers at night with my favorite vibe, coming hard under the warm water, imagining that body.

He was a hit with all the girls on campus, but I liked to imagine that his deep brown eyes were reserved only for me.

I finally had the last straw with the cafeteria one night. All of the food was cold, the drink machines were dribbling watered down soda, and there was not a fork to be seen. I stormed to the back of the kitchen, vacant of all staff save for one, Enrique, who was sorting through vegetables in the storeroom.

I rapped loudly on the door, nearly scaring Enrique out of his skin. He wheeled around, gasping when he saw me. “Alyssa, chica, don’t scare me like that!”

“Enrique, why is all the food cold?” I demanded, stepping into the closet. “Where is everybody? I’m so mad I could–“

Realizing bahis siteleri what was wrong, Enrique held a broad hand up. “Ah, I see now. The crew left ….” Seeing my outraged expression, Enrique nodded. “The college wants to get a new kitchen crew, so most of the staff’s been slacking off.”

My breath froze in my throat. Whereas I should have been overjoyed that the kitchen staff was getting the heave-ho, I felt only shock clenching my stomach. “They are? Does that mean you’ll be going too?”

Enrique flashed a beautiful smile and shook his head, chuckling. “No, I could never leave you, amor.”

A jolt rippled through me. Did he just …?

Reaching out, Enrique tenderly swept a lock of my long hair back, tucking it behind my ear. His fingers caressed my cheek, and a bolt of electricity ripped down my spine. My heart began to thunder in my chest, and I felt my pussy grow hot, tight and wet.

I realized that he was stepping in closer to me, but I couldn’t make myself move. My breathing quickened as I tilted my head back to meet his eyes.

“So, I wasn’t imagining it,” I said huskily, my body pressed against his. “You were attracted to me.”

Enrique chuckled, one hand trailing along the curves of my body. “Since your freshman year.”

I was barely aware of my hand reaching up, circling his neck, gently pulling him towards my lips. I closed my eyes, hearing him draw in a sharp breath as our mouths met, opening, tongues darting and teasing.

I could feel Enrique’s erection pressing against my stomach, becoming wonderfully hard and burning hot. Without thinking, I reached down canlı bahis siteleri between us and gripped his cock, two of my fingers massaging his balls through the fabric of his uniform.

Enrique bucked against me, gasping. “God, Alyssa …!”

His fingers quickly worked away the buttons on my blouse, pushing my shirt back halfway down my arms. He marveled for a moment at my breasts, hardly contained in my bra, my nipples achingly hard and straining against the cloth.

Reverently, he slid the straps down my arms, carefully folding the bra away from my breasts. “I’ve been dying to taste these,” he said, dipping his head and wrapping his pouty lips around one nipple.

It was my turn to gasp and buck as Enrique sucked one nipple, teasing the other with expert fingers. He slid one thick thigh between my legs, grinding it against my dripping pussy. My fingers dug into his shoulders as I bit back a whimper.

His hands were suddenly at my pants, unbuckling them and sliding the denim to the floor. Reluctantly surrendering my breasts, he trailed kisses down my stomach and to my panties, burying his face between my legs.

I had to lean against the crates of apples as his tongue flicked over my thighs, teasing my clit through the fabric of my panties. Enrique pulled my underwear away agonizingly slow, swirling his tongue over my mound as he approached my hungry clit.

I threw my head back and choked on a cry as he slipped his warm tongue between my wet folds, lapping at my clit, sucking it into his hot mouth.

My legs began to quake as he devoured my pussy. I put one hand on his canlı bahis head, pushing his face closer to my pussy.

I could feel an orgasm throbbing deep in my body when he stopped and stood, smiling at my dismayed cry.

I yelped again as he spun me around, gently bending me over the crate of apples behind me. I gripped the sides of the cardboard box as the fingers of one hand teased my cheated pussy, spreading come over the hot skin.

Enrique’s fingers were suddenly replaced by something much bigger, burning hot, and rock hard. With a growl of impatience, Enrique slowly slid his cock inside of me, and I lifted my hips and gently rocked back, my breath escaping me as he filled me up.

Enrique began to thrust, slowly, his hips colliding with my ass. He ran his hands over my legs, over my back, kissing the side of my neck and murmuring things in Spanish. I closed my eyes and moaned as one of his hands teased my clit, the other cupping and squeezing my breast.

“Harder,” I whispered, and Enrique obeyed, pounding into me hard. A wildfire immediately spread from my pussy up into my chest, and I exploded, gritting my teeth as I struggled not to scream.

“¡Si, si, Alyssa!” Enrique panted as I came, shuddering wildly. My pussy clenched around his thickening cock as my orgasm barreled through my body. “¡Venido para mí! ¡Usted se siente tan bueno!”

He bit back a roar, thrusting twice as hard and as deep as he could. His arms tightened around me, and he buried his face in my hair as he came. I could feel the pulse in his cock as his semen shot deep inside of me.

We were both gasping, exhausted, kissing each other feverishly as his cock slowly began to soften. Enrique leaned his head against mine and whispered. “Let me bring you home. I’ll make you a real dinner.”

I smiled. I finally got my money’s worth.

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