Mom’s Night Out

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This is my 1st attempt at writing a story on this wonderful website I would like to give a huge thank you to my editor girthiestbwc I hope you enjoy.

About a month ago was my mom’s birthday. My mom Sofie and my aunt Lilly decided to go out to the bar to drink dance and “cut loose”. I figured she deserved to go out and have fun, she’s been a single mom since I was a baby, I hoped she would meet a nice guy. I love my mom but I feel like she sacrificed her best years for me, but now, being 21 I just want her to be happy. After they left I went to my best friends house to see what he was up to. When I got there, I asked him what he wanted to do and it so happened he was going to meet a girl from our college at a club called the lizard lounge. My friend is a few years younger me and the club was mostly people his age, but not having anything better to do I went with him.

Three beers in and a cute girl comes and introduces herself, she’s sweet and before I know it I’m sitting at a table alone as she and my friend went to the dance floor. After a while I started looking around maybe I could find a girl who might want to dance I looked to the bar and got a huge surprise when I find my own mom and aunt sitting and talking to two younger guys. Both guys had to be about my age and they were both black guys one of them I know from my college, he’s in my English class. Not knowing what to do I just sat there after a while one took my aunt’s and one took my mom to the dance floor and before I know it I’m watching them dance really closely and grinding on each other to the music.

After a while my best friend tells me it’s time to go and give me a ride home before leaving to meet up with that cute girl no doubt. While at home I can’t help but to think my mom never showed interest in black guys let alone one young enough to be her son’s age but then again she never really brought guys over to the house at all maybe I’m thinking too far into this maybe it’s just flirting and dancing. My mom and Aunt are good-looking women standing about 5 foot 3 in tall golden brown hair and nice figures that all my friends keep mentioning I think to myself I can’t blame the bahis siteleri young guys for hitting on them and dancing. After about 3 hours I got a phone call from my Aunt telling me that my mom is going to be staying with her at her apartment. I thank her for letting me know but what I really want to say is are you two alone? However I decide against it and hang up the phone and call it a night.

The next day my mom comes back home and seems pretty happy, she doesn’t mention the night before and neither do I but throughout the week I can’t help but to notice she’s texting somebody throughout the day with a smile on her face the entire time. Friday rolls around again and I notice she’s wearing a sexier dress then last weekend, she tells me it’s ladies night and her and my aunt are going out. I say have fun and off she goes. Of course this weekend I’m not going anywhere I’m just going to stay in and play on my Xbox, last weekend was weird enough.

4 hours later I find myself in bed not quite asleep but not quite awake with the TV on for noise, I hear a car pull into the driveway and for some reason I look out the window, expecting to see my mom’s car. Instead I see two cars one is hers the other I don’t recognize but through the windshield I can see the same young guy from last weekend in the driver’s seat and to my surprise he leans over and kisses her she kisses him back the with equal passion after a few minutes of them sitting in the car talking the car turns off and they both walk around to the front of the car and kiss again for another couple of minutes before parting.

I can’t believe this! I guess she really does like him. Internally I’m having a battle about how I should feel about this, on one side it’s embarrassing but on the other side who am I to judge who she enjoys being with? Not knowing what to do I decide to hop in bed and pretend to be asleep. A few minutes later my mom comes in and checks on me and turns off the TV before heading off to her own room. The next week was more of the same, more texting and grinning, I also noticed that my mother started wearing sexier or tighter clothes, from her jeans and tops to her sleeping clothes. canlı bahis siteleri I tried to ignore it and pretend I didn’t notice.

In my English class I finally learned the Young Guy’s name is Sean, he seems pretty smart and is on the school track team. I told my best friend about the situation and he told me I should calm down, he used to date a woman in her forties. I was surprised to hear this but wouldn’t put it past him as he seems to chase anything that walks. But he explained to me that this is the new normal in this day and age and that I should just be happy for her, I agreed.

The next weekend my best friend and I went to a concert and had a lot of beer. Earlier in the day it was decided that I would just stay over at his apartment rather than driving while drunk. However in our drunken stupor we had an argument and I decided to just go home. I sobered up real quick when a police car happened to drive by my own but did not pull me over. As I got home I had sobered up even more and was wishing I had just stayed at my friend’s house. I noticed there was another car behind my mother’s so I wound up parking in the street. I slowly let myself in and make my way to my room, of course I hear laughing and giggling coming from my mother’s room. As quietly as I can I take off my shoes and put on my sleeping clothes and then I hear a slow moan. I had been really patient up until that point, really understanding, trying to mind my own business but I’ve had enough I decided to go over there and tell my mother how I really felt.

As I got to the door it was about a quarter open and when I looked inside, there, in all their naked glory are my mother’s perky tits, nice round ass, sexy legs and golden brown hair. And there is Sean, built like a Greek god, with a six pack, toned arms and legs and a huge cock that’s at least double my length and thickness. The two of them are laying in bed as he lowers himself on top of her and starts kissing her. I should have walked away, I should have done anything other than just stand there. He rolls over with her on top of him and spanks her ass with his right hand while playing with her tits with the canlı bahis other. She has his cock in her hands and says she can’t take this anymore that she needs him and slowly lowers herself onto his now rock hard cock.

She gasps as he enters her I find myself getting hard by the door there’s only candle light in the room and luckily they are facing away from the door I decide to crouch down and put my hand around my own cock as she rides him. Spankings, kisses and gasps are all that I heard for the next five minutes before he takes her from behind, pulling her hair causing her head to come back as he kisses her again. He calls her his milf momma, she calls him her bad boy as he slammed into her repeatedly. I hear her squeal and know that he just made her cum hard. As he flips her over so that she’s on her back with her feet in the air he lines up his big black cock to her bald pussy and slowly pushes in inch by inch and tells her to cum on daddy’s big black dick I can see my mom’s feet shake as she screams “Yes daddy!!!!!! Just like that!!!!” after what seems like an hour they both tense up and cum together. Having already cum myself I sneak back to my room clean myself with tissue then hop in bed and sleep like a dead man.

The next morning I wake up and head down to the kitchen to find my mom wearing her sexy teddy and Sean in his boxers. My mom introduces us to each other with a big smile on her face, as I say hello and shake his hand, she explains to me that they’re going to be boyfriend and girlfriend. I don’t even bring up the age difference and after an awkward breakfast (well at least it was for me) I head off to my best friend’s house to apologize for the night before. We forget about the argument and move on to Xbox. I wanted to tell him about the night before but decided not to and the whole time I couldn’t concentrate due to thinking about it.

As I left I figured Sean would probably have left by now too, however, I was wrong and when I got back they were in the backyard pool. Sean, my mom, my aunt and John, as he was introduced to me with another awkward handshake. I never knew my mom and my aunt had such revealing bikinis, one blue and one red. Later that day after everybody left, me and my mom had a conversation about how Sean makes her feel alive and like a young woman all over again I just nodded my head and told her I was happy for her and I guess I am.

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