Mom , Me Ch. 18

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“What’s the matter Billy, did the cat get your tongue?”

“Ahh…no, I mean yes. Mrs. Wilson … ahh … ahh, you look stunning. I mean …Wow! … yes … Oh, Mrs. Wilson you look so good; no …I mean, you look magnificent in that outfit you’re wearing today. I like it very much.”

“Why, thank you Billy. That was sweet of you to complement me on my wardrobe. I’m glad you like it. Not everyone here think it’s appropriate for me to wear something like this to work, but I like the blouse and skirt and I felt like I want to wear it today.”

“I’ve always thought you were a classy dresser, Mrs. Wilson, but this outfit really has taken my breath away. It’s stunning, especially on you! You look lovely! Actually, Mrs. Wilson you look beautiful. I think the designer of this outfit had you in mine when he or she created this outfit you’re wearing.”

That’s so nice of you to say Billy. I thought the same thing when I saw it in the store. What do you like best about my outfit?”

“Everything! It all fits nicely on your body. I was out late last night Mrs. Wilson, and I didn’t go to bed until well after 5 a.m. so I’m not thinking too clearly this morning, Mrs. Wilson, my head is spinning around for lack of sleep, so I don’t want to say anything that would offend you or get me in trouble with the principal.”

“Billy, don’t ever be afraid to express your opinions and feelings to me in my office. Anything you say in here is confidential. No one will ever know, unless you tell me you’re being abused at home, or you’ve committed a felony, or plan to kill someone or commit suicide. You’re free to express any other feelings you want and I promise you I can handle anything you would ever want to share with me.

I might not agree with you Billy, but I will listen attentively and respect you for being brave enough to share whatever it is that is on your mind with me. You have always been very open in sharing with me in the past. I know more about you and your home life and your sex life than I ever knew about another human being. Your openness is what I like best about you Billy.

“Well Mrs. Wilson, thank you. Being able to share my thoughts and feelings have certainly made a difference in helping me to adjust to this school and the students. I appreciate how you’ve helped me in my adolescent day problems.

“Then maybe you can share with me what you like about my outfit Billy. I would really like to know from a boy like you who has so many girls clamoring to get in bed with you. I’ll sit down here in this chair opposite you, and give you a moment to think about my question.”

She gracefully sat down in the chair and pushed her knees together as she pushed her red heels outward. She sat sort of forward in the chair eager to hear my comments about her clothes. I took a deep breath as she smiled at me. I thought to myself. Mrs. Wilson, I like the open lace at the top of your blouse exposing your beautiful large firm perky breasts to my feasting eyes. I like your tight short skirt that shows off your beautiful ass. (Mrs. Wilson pushed her shoes in so they were in front of her and her knees parted slightly. Then she lend her back against the chair with a refreshed grin on her face not realizing her legs parted as she scooted back in the chair. That is when I saw she was wearing those sexy lavender panties with this outfit. She was still waiting for me to say something). I continued with my inner thoughts, My god, what do I like about your outfit you ask me? Mrs. Wilson, I like everything! You are a gorgeous woman and wearing an outfit like this makes me want to fuck you! I sat there looking at you looking at me with a sweet smile on your lips. Your beautifully eyes, looking so intently at me. Yes Mrs. Wilson I like everything you have on today, but what I really want to do is help you remove it all from your body and fuck you. (She continued looking at me and the passion inside of me was building to a climax. It seemed like a decade had passed, but finally I blurted out, “Your lavender panties! What I like best about your outfit Mrs. Wilson is your sexy lavender panties!”

“I guess I was concentrating on your face and what you might say, I didn’t know I had parted my legs and revealed my panties to your eyes. However, I’m glad you like the color of my panties. Lavender is my favorite color Billy, so I wear these panties a lot. In fact, I think I will buy some more the next time I go to Macy’s. Do you think my blouse is too risqué to wear to work?”

“I’m not sure but I wish all the female teachers wore blouses like you’re wearing today. Mrs. Wilson, you know I’m a boob man. I love to look at women’s breasts. They are all so different; but I’ve never seen any that I didn’t just love and want to touch, and yours look among the best I’ve ever seen, Mrs. Wilson”

“Why I’m flattered Billy, especially when you’ve had so much first hand experience with young maturing ladies breasts. You know girl’s boobs are much bigger than they were when I was their fethiye escort age. Girls are developing sooner than they did when I was a school girl.”

“Did you have a good set of breasts Mrs. Wilson when you went to high school?”

“I will have to admit there were three of us that kept the boys smiling. When I was sitting in class I always felt several of the boys were paying more attention to my chest than to what the teacher was saying. Boys like you Billy, who have a difficult time focusing on anything else but a woman’s chest. You seem to be having a very difficult time right now with eye contact.”

“What do boys think while looking at a girl’s boobs Billy?”

“Mrs. Wilson, I don’t know what most of the boys are thinking when they are looking at a lovely set of tits, but I’m thinking what do I need to do to get in a position to touch them.”

“So you enjoy touching a girl’s breasts?”

“Oh, Mrs. Wilson I definitely want to touch them.”

“Let’s say you’re invited to touch a girl’s boobs, what then?”

“I want to play with them and suck the nipples, and kiss them.”

“Do your girlfriends enjoy you touching and kissing their breasts?”

“I believe so. I’ve never had a girl not want me to touch their breasts Mrs. Wilson.”

“So, do the girls seduce you into having sex with them or are you the one that initiates the contact?”

“Mrs. Wilson I think it works both ways. If a girl is truly interested in having contact with me, like Jane, then it’s easier for me to seduce her because she is already wet and willing to be seduced.”

“If you don’t mind me asking Billy, how many girls and women have you had sexual relationships with since moving here. This is your first year enrolled in this high school, isn’t it?”

“Yes, this is my first year attending this high school. Well, you know about my step mom. She and I have been having sex every day since my dad was deployed. Ginny loves my dad, but her sexual drive surpasses anything I’ve ever experienced. A few weeks ago she arranged for her long time girlfriend, who’s recently divorced, to come over to our house and be with me for a week. We fucked like bunnies all week, except when I was in school. I listened intently to the teachers and did all my work and wrote all my papers during lunch and after school. It was my best week of school, grade wise.”

“Yes, I remember seeing you in the library at lunch and after school that week. I thought you were having some major tests that week or working on a research paper. So, how did the week go with that lady?”

“We had no trouble getting acquainted. I think she had been without sex for a long time after her divorce and after my step mom told her what a good lover I was she didn’t want to waste anymore time.””

“Did your mom go somewhere else and leave you two alone?

“Not exactly! She spent some time at the Officers Club and went to lunch with several of her old friends. Ginny really wanted Sharron and I to hit it off on a good note. She was concerned that my dad would return soon and I would be left without getting any sex, Mrs. Wilson.”

“So your step mom didn’t know you were visiting Jennifer once in awhile after school?”

“No, not really, but she knows now that I’m having sexual relations with Jennifer and that I went to Sharron’s one night when she was out with an officer at the base.”

“Does she know you are pursuing Jane as well?”

“She does now. She told me she didn’t know if she would stay all night with the officer she’s been fucking or come home, but she told me to see Jennifer or Sharron if I wanted too. I told her I was going to see if I could get into Jane’s panties tonight and if that didn’t work out I would try to see Jennifer. She told me to have fun and hoped I was successful with both.”

“I didn’t know your mom had another partner. When did this occur?”

This week. The Colonel saw her lying out by the pool with her skimpy bathing suit on and walked over to her. He asked how she was doing and how I was doing with her husband deployed. He also said he had seen her and me at the Officer’s Club having dinner and dancing together, and noticed we were very friendly, even kissing and touching as we danced. So she told him how lonely it is to be a wife of an officer in the Air Force and if it hadn’t been for me she would have divorced my father. She told him she had a sexual appetite that was very large and not even her son could fill it since he had to go to school every day. Now, this next part might surprise you, as it did me. He asked Ginny if he might be the one to fulfill her enormous sexual appetite. Ginny said what would your wife think about such an arrangement. He told her that his wife wanted him to have sex with other women because she couldn’t do it anymore because she couldn’t tolerate the penetration. His wife even fixes the room for their love-making. She insists that he has these encounters at home while she is presence in the house. She even cooks for them escort fethiye and makes sure the woman has access to the bathroom shower if she wants to bathe before or after sex. She doesn’t care how long they are together. She doesn’t mine if my mom stays all day and night to please her husband. Isn’t that far out Mrs. Wilson? Can you believe a woman would do that for her husband?”

“That’s a new one on me, Billy? So you and Ginny aren’t having sex now that she has access to this Colonel on the base?”

“Not exactly, Mrs. Wilson. Ginny came home late last night and want me to fuck her at 5 a.m. Then this morning she was sucking my dick before I even opened my eyes.”

“Well, I’ve never known a woman needing that much sex. But I know a young man who seems to have the same appetite for sex as his step mother.”

“Who is that, Mrs. Wilson?”

“It’s you, Billy. I love that you’re so willing to share with me your sexual encounters. I’m amazed that they all know you are fucking their mutual friends and they allow you to do it because they enjoy having intercourse with you. It’s really like it is in the animal kingdom. One bull moose mating with ten to twenty females so he can plant his seed into them to make the herd strong and vital, and obviously, you know how to keep from having children, but Billy, are you in love with any of them?”

“Mrs. Wilson, I’m in love with every one of them. In fact, there are several other females I’m in love with that I haven’t had sexual relationships with.”

“Really? Do they attend this school, or our rival school in town, or do you know of any other of your step mom’s friends you have an eye for?”

“Mrs. Wilson, All the females I would love to fondle and have sex with are within the halls of this school.”

“Approximately how many females would that be, Billy?”

“Three at this moment, but I’m planning on walking Jane home this evening from school. I would really enjoy getting into her pants tonight.”

“Billy, you are too much! I’m envious of you in away, and very jealous of each girl you’re having sexual relationships with.”

“Why is that Mrs. Wilson? Doesn’t Mr. Wilson satisfy your sexual needs?”

“No, Billy. I hope you won’t say anything to anyone concerning what I’m about to tell you, not even Ginny.”

“Anything you tell me Mrs. Wilson I will keep confidentially.”

“Thank you Billy. I appreciate that and I trust you will keep your word. Mr. Wilson and I haven’t had sex for many years. My husband hasn’t been able to get a hard long enough to penetrate. I haven’t had sex since that occurred. It has been difficult for me, and I’m sure with him too. We now sleep in separate bedrooms. I took the bedroom downstairs. We have a walkout home that situated on the side of a hill and he has the upstairs master bedroom because he’s not as agile as I am, and he shouldn’t be climbing or descending the stairs. He spends all his time upstairs. He hasn’t comes down to my level in three years. I have the whole level to myself, but I do get lonely. I clean the upstairs for him on Saturday morning and I cook the meals. I don’t like to watch TV so while he’s sitting in front of the TV screen all evening I go down into my world and self medicate, if you know what I mean.”

“That’s too bad, Mrs. Wilson. I had no idea.”

“I have kept my private life a secret Billy. You and two other people are the only ones who know what it’s like for me at home. I can identify with your stepmother, Billy. Mr. Wilson and I were madly in love and we had a good marriage until he became sexually dysfunctional. I tried to deal with it, but he didn’t even want to touch me with his fingers, or cuddle me when we went to bed, he even stopped hugging and kissing me. I started wearing sexier clothes but he didn’t like that either. He called me a hoe. We then decided not to divorce, but to try and co-exist for the duration of our marriage. I’m in a job where there aren’t very many eligible men and the ones who are eligible are too young, I thought. That was a crucial mistake on my part. But then you moved here and enrolled in our school. When I first met you Billy, you blew me away with your openness, your language, your honesty, and how you talked so freely about sex. Before you became my counselee I never had a student who talked about sex and the girls he wanted to have sex with; that blew me away too. And the only time anyone noticed what I was wearing was the administration here at school scolding me on wearing outfits that were too sexy for the kids, even though many of the girls here at school dress more flamboyantly than me. When I walk out of this office today I will be wearing a sweater to cover up my chest in case an administrator is present.

Billy, I began to dress like this because I need self-esteem. I hurt so much; it’s so hard knowing you’re being ignored by your own husband, and I am desperate for attention. The only way I know how to get attention is to dress to impress, and Billy, you’re the first fethiye escort bayan to really take notice. I knew you enjoyed looking at me. Sometimes I even felt you were undressing me with your eyes. I was flattered knowing you were having trouble removing your eyes from my breasts, and I rejoiced when I saw you trying to get a peek at my panties when I moved my legs. That actually excited me Billy. I really liked the attention you were giving me.

When I asked you today what you liked best about my outfit, you seemed to want to tell me something more personal, but after several minutes you confessed it was my lavender panties you liked. I knew you liked them from the first time you saw me wearing them, but I was hoping you would tell me you liked my top and how much you enjoyed seeing my boobs through the open laced material. You see Billy, I have a huge sexual appetite just like your stepmother and I need someone who will tell me I look nice in a particular dress, or how I fixed my hair. Billy, you are the only one in years that has noticed or commented on my appearance in a positive way. As a result I used any excuse I could think of to lure you into my office with the hope you would complement me.

She stopped talking but looked continued to look lovingly into my blurred eyes as she saw tears cascading down my cheeks. She tried to smile, but I knew she was feeling the emotion she spent in telling me her story and how she enjoyed being with me.

I wanted to hold her, to wrap my arms around her, and tell her how much I loved her, but I wasn’t sure she would accept my gift I was offering her.

She began to bite the edge of her lips and then I realized she was wanting me to comfort her. I got up and walked slowly over to where she was sitting and reached down and took hold of her hands and lifted them up indicating I wanted her to stand. She stood in front of me, trying to keep the tears back, but she couldn’t. I wrapped my arms around her waist and she leaned into me and put her head next to mine. I didn’t say anything and neither did she. I just kept holding her and I felt her body jerking as she cried and cried while laying her head next to my neck. I have no idea how long we embraced one another. I felt the warmth of her body and the pressure of her breasts against my chest. I hurt that she hurt, but I also knew I was in love with her, but I didn’t know how she would respond if I told her that.

The bell to change classes rang and I continued to hold her and she continue to release her many years of pain. I was still holding her when I glanced at the clock and saw the next period was about to end and another bell would ring, wondering what was going through the mind of Miss Nickolas sitting at her desk. Finally Mrs. Wilson stood up, wiping the tears from her cheeks and smiled at me.

“Oh, Billy, thank you for understanding. What a precious man you are to me. “Then she took my hands into hers and looked lovingly at me. I wasn’t sure if she would start crying again or if she would throw her arms around me and hug me some more, but she did neither.

“Thank you Billy. I’m sorry I took so much of your time and you missed your last two classes this afternoon. I will talk with your teachers and try to make it right for you. Please come in to see me again in a couple of days. I really want to see you as soon as possible and see where you are on all this we’ve shared together. Will you make an appointment with Miss Nicholas, maybe the period, just before lunch? I’ll make you a sandwich and have a drink and chips for you.”

“That would be perfect Mrs. Wilson.” Then I hugged her hoping to show her how much I cared for her. She hugged me tightly against her body and I could hear her heart beating rapidly inside of her breasts. She held me for several minutes and then whispered, “Billy you’re my special guy. Thank you!”

Then I took her hands again and we looked one another in the eye and I turned and opened the door and walked out into the hall.

Miss Nicholas was sitting at her desk. There was no one else in the office and school had been dismissed 45 minutes ago. I looked at Miss Nicholas and she stared back at me with concern on her face. Then when I was near her desk she stood and asked, “Billy, are you alright?”

“Yes, Miss Nicholas, I am better than I have ever been in my whole life.”

She looked at me carefully and I took a step closer to her and reached out and pulled her into my body. Thank you Miss Nicholas for your love and your support. You’re beautiful inside and out. I hope you have a wonderful evening. Then I released her and walked toward the door without looking back. But from out in the hall I heard her say, “Thank you for the flowers Billy,” and I also heard another door closing from within the office.

I walk to the front of the school and opened the door to go outside and saw Jane sitting on the concrete steps. She looked up and said, “Where have you been Billy? I’ve waited for you almost an hour?”

“I was doing some counseling in the counseling office Jane. Let me walk you home. Remember when you said I could stay all night with you; that your mother wouldn’t mine. If that’s the case, I want to stay with you all night.”

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