Mmm, I Love Surprises

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I’m sitting at my desk when I hear a knock on the door. Since I’m not expecting anyone, I go and open the door slightly so I can peek through. As soon as I start to open the door, its flung inward and you rush onto me, covering my mouth with yours and pushing me backwards with your hands. You swing the front door closed behind us with your foot as you push me back, your tongue thrusting into my mouth, violating it. I moan against your mouth at the unexpected surprise of your visit. My hands find your waist as you move me back further into my house and then turn me around.

I’m facing my chair and your hands slide down along my front, grabbing roughly at my breasts, feeling the hard nipples against your palms. I lean my head back against you and moan as you grab hungrily at my breasts. Your massaging and forceful motions cause my pussy to start twitching. I can feel the wetness and heat building. You move your hands down further along my front and slip your fingers into the waist of my jeans. You pull them down to my knees, revealing my green thong panties. You reach for them and tear them away. You then bend me over the back of my chair and undo your pants with one hand on my back. You ram into me, barely giving me a moment to even realize you’re already penetrating me. You move the hand on my back up into my hair and grab tight. You slam into me, again and again, grunting and pulling at my hair. Your other hand holds onto my hip and you pull me onto your cock over and over.

I start calling out your name, begging for you to fuck me harder. You pull me against you harder and faster and tighten the fist wrapped in my hair. You lean down and whisper how you love fucking my tiny, little cunt. You then bite into my shoulder and I scream fethiye escort out in pure satisfaction. Your motions are quickening still and I can feel your cock filling me as my body slides along the back of the chair, causing even more friction for me. My clit is burning to let loose and I can feel myself being overcome with the need for release. I ask for you to fuck me until I come for you. You pull tighter still and I can feel the sting as some of my hair loosens from my scalp. I’m moaning uncontrollably now and uttering words you can’t quite make sense of. You penetrate me deep and hard until you feel my cunt squeeze hard and fast against your cock. You keep your pace as my orgasm brings you to your own. You start to loosen your grip on my hair as you slide slowly in and out a few more times before leaving me entirely.

You then lift me up from the chair and turn me to face you where you grasp the back of my head again as you resume the assault on me with your mouth on mine. You move me with ease, bringing me around to the front of my chair and seating me in it. You kneel down, pushing my legs wide apart as you lean your face into my soaked pussy. Your aggression continues as you force your tongue into my hot mound. Your hands slide up along my thighs, fingernails dragging along the skin. One hand finds its way between my legs, penetrating me again as I lean my head back and moan loudly. The other hand move up under my shirt, moving my bra aside so you can squeeze my nipple. I wince a little as your fingers pinch and prod my nipple as your hand and mouth work my pussy.

Your slide three fingers into me, pushing me wider as you keep my legs spread wide for yourself. Your mouth and tongue are licking and sucking at my clit as you slip escort fethiye another finger in. You work my cunt hard, my walls pressing against your fingers as they slide in and out. You suck harder on my clit as you add your thumb into the mix, sliding your hand into me, pushing further in as my moans fill your ears. As you keep a consistent pressure on my clit with your mouth, you slip your whole hand in and out of me, faster and faster as my moans turn to screams. Hearing me screaming excites you further as you quicken the pace still. Your mouth sucking and nibbling all I have to offer you as your hand moves swiftly inside. I run my nails across your back, pulling at the material, and then up into your hair, grabbing with both hands. I beg you not to stop as I look down into your eyes before leaning my head back and moaning again.

You grab my breast hard with your free hand as your nibbles on my clit become more intense and the hand buried inside me pushes harder and faster into me. I scream out, yelling your name again and again as my body spasms against you. You slow your motions a little and pull your hand out from between my legs. You then pull me up out of the chair and seat yourself in it. You then tell me to turn around and sit so I can ride you.

I do as you’ve told me and seat myself, feeling your cock penetrate my overly abused pussy. I gyrate my hips, grinding into you as your hands come to my front and sliding my bra up out of your way. You then grab both my breasts, squeezing hard as I start to move quickly up and down your shaft. I push myself hard against you, then rise up, almost letting your cock slip out before slamming down onto you again. My nails start to dig into your thighs as I move and grind on you. I can fethiye escort bayan feel your skin giving as my nails sink in harder and our primal moans become one. Your hands grip my breasts harder still as I bounce on your lap, leaning forward a little, feeling every inch of you sliding along my walls, hitting all the sensitive spots.

I lean back against you, still moving my hips, as I ask you if you’re ready to come. You tell me you are as I lean forward again, riding you hard and fast. My breasts would be bouncing all over if not for your firm grip on them as I slide up and down, thrusting down harder each time. I moan louder each time I come down onto you, as my nails continue to dig into your thighs. As my cunt spasms against your cock, squeezing tightly against you, you let out a deep moan and grab my breasts tightly, digging your nails into the flesh a little. Your cock spasms and softens as I slip off you and kneel between your knees.

I lean forward, grabbing your cock and lick the juices from it. I take you into my mouth, slowly running my tongue along you, teasing you with my piercing. Your cock twitches a little as it starts to stiffen between my lips. I suck at you harder, bringing you back to full attention as my hands cup your balls. I slide easily along your shaft, sucking and moving my tongue against you as your hands come up to the back of my head. You start to push me harder and faster onto you, grasping my hair as you do so. I suck harder on you as my hands still play with your balls. I’m moaning against your cock as your hands move me as they will. You get harder still inside my mouth as you drive me onto you repeatedly. I can feel you getting close as I move my tongue faster, the little metal ball of my piercing driving you insane. You explode as your grip on my head loosens. Your hands run down along the sides of my face as I slowly pull away, still lapping up the rest of your juice.

You look at me and all you can say is thank you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32