Mirror Ecstasy Ch. 01

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The red glow from the digital clock infused a tall glass of ice cubes with its radiant glow as I poured two shots of Crown Royal Rye. Seven o’clock. I savoured the aroma of the Rye for a moment, and then filled the rest of the glass with Coke and wondered what I was going to do—it was New Year’s Eve.

I picked up the phone and dialed Ann’s number. Ann was a friend I had met on Campus who shared my Metrosexual sense of fun and open-mindedness.


“Hey, its me.” I said. “So where are we going tonight?” I asked, though we already knew the answer. Despite the fairly large size of the city we lived in, the compulsory heterosexism and conservative atmosphere made most of the night clubs boring and slightly dangerous to anyone who wasn’t a hetero-clone.

“The question isn’t where are we going—it’s what are we wearing, and who is coming with us?” Ann said with giddy excitement.

“Well, everyone we could invite has gone home for the Christmas break, so . . . . it’s probably just you and I.” I said.

“Alright, well, I have to go get ready so call me in an hour, k?”

“Sure,” and I hung up the phone.

I savoured a couple swallows of my drink, and considered what I would wear. Entering my walk-in closet, I picked out a pastel neon-green clubbing shirt that I knew would look phenomenal under the black light at the club we were going to, and then chose the rest of my outfit.

That done, I went to my stereo and put in a Madonna cd, and maxed out the base setting. Three double-Rye and Cokes, and forty-five minutes later, I called Ann again.

“Hello.” A sultry female voice that I didn’t know answered the phone.

“Uh, hi, is Ann there?” I asked, slightly surprised.

“Ahhhh, no, she isn’t.” The mysterious and sexy voice said playfully, and then nothing else.

“Ok,” I paused, unsure and suddenly very intrigued by this female voice that was playing with me.

“Do you know where she is?”

“Well, she’s naked right now.”

“Oh–” I said, now completely thrown off-balance. I felt as though my mind was humming like a power station as the sound of her voice sent a surge through me.

“She’s in the shower right now. Who are you?” She asked me.

“I’m John, and who are you?”

“I’m Laura. Do you go to school with Ann—”

Suddenly, in the background I heard Ann say, “I forgot my towel, so anyone who doesn’t want to see me naked better close their eyes!”

The image of Ann walking naked through the university dorm-room in which I suddenly heard several female voices was an exquisite torture.

“Whooo, baby!” Laura hollered at what I assumed was the sight of Ann, and I heard several girls giggling in the background.

“So where are you guys going tonight?” Laura asked me.

“Why, would you like to come? I asked her, wondering if she picked up on the sexual innuendo.

“Mmmm, yes, I would.” She said.

Who was this girl? I asked myself, and then Ann got on the phone. We quickly sorted out a meeting time at Sinns, the club we were going to, and then Ann asked me if it was okay if some of the girls I didn’t know came too. And that, of course, Laura would be one of them. It was definitely going to be an awesome New Year’s Eve.

* * * * *

After freezing in the line outside for twenty minutes, I finally got inside the club. I was buzzing from the five doubles I had had before I left my house for the club. I smiled and nodded at the Lesbian bouncer who nodded back at me as I checked my coat.

I closed my eyes for a moment, and allowed the heat of the club to envelope me, as the high-energy House pulsed through the air with an erotic beat. After a moment, I looked around and spotted Ann standing by the crowded bar with three other girls. I walked up and said hi to the group.

“Let me introduce you,” Ann said. And gestured towards two girls she introduced as Sadi and Ashley. Sadi was a Japanese girl who looked about 20 years old. She had a great figure with a really nice rack that was accentuated by her clinging top. Ashley had that girl-next-door look and seemed to be about the same age as Sadi. She was thin and dressed like she was going to study at the library on campus.

“And this is Laura.” Ann said.

Laura was stunning. She had short blond hair, with intense brown eyes that radiated intelligence and sensuality. She wore a short pleated skirt with a white blouse tied up Daisy-duke style, and to top it all off she wore a cowboy hat.

“Hi.” She said, and I grinned at her and said, “I have to tell you, not many girls can get me flustered. But you certainly surprised me on the phone.”

She laughed, and then whirled away from me towards the dance floor, grabbing my hand and dragging me after her.
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I loved it.

* * * * *


To let my flower aureole
Under the sun’s warm caress ,
And open myself
To Her penetrating rays.

To let go all conscious thought,
And sense of time and space,
Utterly lost in Ecstasy and Rapture,
As she slowly takes my nectar . . .

To cry out without shame—
As pleasure trembles the
Silken wings of my open body—
As She consumes my Soul,
To Satiate our joined Desires.

That is why my petals open every day,
Always, Seeking, Submission’s forbidden play.

* * * * *

On the dance floor we ended up in front of a wall of mirrors. I relaxed into the beat of the music and began to move my body in rhythm with the vibrations in the air. Closing my eyes, I raised my arms above my head and suddenly felt Laura’s hands sliding up my arms. Her nails dragging lightly along my damp skin sent ripples of pleasure coursing up my back.

Dropping her hands to my hips, Laura spun me round to face the mirror. At first I resisted, my ball-room dance training trying to assert control over my body, and I began to turn the spin completely around so that I could face my partner and begin to lead—Laura had other ideas, however—and before I could place her hands in mine she placed my hands within her own. The lascivious grin that blossomed on her face was infectious, and as she took the lead I let go and smiled.

Laura mixed and blurred our dance moves as we whirled around the floor. Eastern-Swing merged with Western, Salsa with Mambo, each shift in our style matching the transitions of the pulsing techno. And then we began to flow back and forth with the lead position, one of us picking the direction of the other’s turn, the other then directing the energy and motion of our bodies as they each came out of a turn. It was exhilarating. The intensity of the connection heightened every sense and focused it on the other. The rush of her perfume, mixed with her body’s aroma, splashed over me. And as our bodies spun in close, and then kaleidoscoped outwards, I felt dizzy from the sensation of her smell inside me, and from the force of her body moving mine.

As I lost myself in the sensuousness of the moment, a part of me watched myself in the mirrors. We wove ourselves inbetween and amongst the other dancers as we moved across the dance floor. I noticed that the other dancers did not have the same fluidity, and that while they moved they also seemed to be missing something. And then I felt Laura’s hand on my face, and my eyes locked onto hers.

Laura slid her fingers up towards my eyes, and she moved them down over my eyelids, closing them. She moved her face close to mine until I could feel her sweaty warm cheek touching mine. When she moved her mouth towards my ear to tell me something, and I felt her racing breath on my earlobe, my knees buckled.

Catching me, she laughed and said, “Let’s get out of here.”

“Sure, why not.” I gasped, and she grabbed my hand and led me toward the exit.

* * * * *

Inside the taxi Laura gave the driver her address and then it began . . .

Her lips brushed mine. Softly. I felt her breath caress my upper lip at the same time as her lips brushed my lower lip, and I couldn’t tell which was softer.

Her lips pressed against mine. This time longer, and with more pressure. I moaned. Her tongue traced the line of my upper lip, and I grabbed her tongue with my lips and sucked it.

She slid her lips across my cheek to my ear. Her breath on my ear made my cock so hard that it felt like it was going to rip right through my pants. She grabbed my earlobe with her teeth, and the combination of her breath, her teeth, and her tongue massaging my lobe made me moan again . . . and whimper.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth back to mine. I rammed my tongue into her mouth and I massaged her tongue with mine–our bodies pressed together as hard as our tongues–writhing together in an ecstasy oblivious to the rest of the world . . . .

* * * * *

The Kiss

lips press
surges sensual
caressing flowing
breath sighing rapture
blissful joy cries out
fierce passion blooms

* * * * *

After the taxi driver managed to get us to Laura’s place, and temporarily return us to the ‘real world,’ we arrived at the door to her apartment.

Inside, Laura picked up a lighter, and a candle. She lit the single candle, and without turning on any lights, she said, “Follow me.”

We walked amongst many shadowed objects to a door. Laura turned to me, and said, “Close your eyes.” I hesitated only for a moment, and then obeyed.

I heard the door open, and she took malatya escort my hand and led me over the threshold . . .

* * * * *

We stopped on the other side, and she said, “Do you trust me?” And for a moment I hesitated, thinking that I didn’t know anything about this woman, and that I should say no—”Yes.”

She leaned close to my ear, her lips brushing the tiny hairs that ran along its surface, and said, “Good answer.”

Then she blindfolded me with a fabric that felt cool and slick—silk. She kissed me lightly on each eyelid through the silk, her lips making warm outlines on the silk, and I could feel the heat pass through the silk to soothe my eyes.

She swiftly undressed me. I stood there naked, blindfolded—unable to see anything. And then I heard her moving, and the sounds of buttons, snaps, and zippers being unbuttoned, undone, and unzipped in a series of smooth motions.

I sensed movement behind me, and she pressed her flesh against my back. She wrapped her arms around me, and held me close . . .

* * * * *


She flows
over me
like a
water fall
molten lava.
Searing ripples
of heat
Cascade across
my flesh,
and erupt
of ecstasy.
She possessesMe utterly
within her
demonic depths,

And then
I am
No more.

* * * * *

We moved slowly into a room full of delicious echoes. Her hands slowly slid away from the front of my chest, her nails following her fingers and sighing as they slid away from my hard nipples.

I heard the soft slap of the sole’s of her feet pace somewhere off to my left. Then taps being turned and twisted, and my nipples pleaded with me to take their place. I felt my balls shift and also beg for attention.

Then the misty whisper of hot moist air slid across my body and up the pores of my face. It enveloped me. It penetrated me. I felt a thousand warm finger-tips enter me, and a shiver ran up my spine as my cock and nipples felt a lightning spike of pleasure surge into and explode up to their tips with a pressure that I was sure would make them explode.

Laura took my cock in her hand, and I could feel her thumb roll over the tip to smear some cum over its head. The swirling motion of her thumb erased every other sensation. I moaned, and she took my nipple between her teeth and bit it hard, and then she stopped.

“Get into the tub.” She said. And she took both of my hands and slowly brought me forward. My thighs brushed against what I assumed to be the side of the tub. I lifted my leg and stepped forward slowly. My toes felt the extreme heat of the water in the air along its surface before they broke into an exquisite agony that came with sliding in up to the knee. As I sank down slowly into the molten pool I felt every part of my body shriek and sigh, tighten and then relax.

Small but strong hands began kneading my thick shoulders. They began gently, but then her thumbs began to probe beneath the surface tissues deep down into my body searching out the knots.

Her fingers moved deeper and deeper, undoing each of knot of resistance and tension, and then her fingers slid from my shoulders up the lines of tension in my neck, up the lines of my jaw to my lips, my eyes, and then up over the top of my head and back down the slope of my neck to my shoulders . . . and as she kept doing that she began to kiss the side of my neck lightly, and my cock began to burn hotter than the molten pool it had fallen asleep within.

* * * * *


Each night I lie here waiting for her
My flesh bound in Ethereal Chains of Obsession
I lie naked, vulnerable to the
Black depths of silence that envelope
My senses, until I am floating in an
Ocean of isolation, desperate for her to
Release me from my mind’s dungeons
Where the torturer is the tortured’s own reflection.

She comes, though I cannot see her,
I feel warm breath on my face as her
Hair cascades like a thousand rain drops
Down my shivering flesh.

She flows over me like a waterfall of molten lava
Searing ripples of heat rage across my flesh,
And erupt into waves of ecstasy.

She possesses me utterly within her demonic depths
And then, I am, no more . . .

* * * * *

My ears barely registered her leaving the side of the tub where she had been sitting, and a part of me wondered what she was doing.

She came back a moment later, and said, “Ok. Sit up on the side of the tub.”

I made small sleepy noises of resistance that she quickly overcame, and I sat on the wide ledge of the tub. I heard her uncap something, and then the sounds of something with liquid in it being shaken vigorously.

A hiss of what sounded like foam entered my ears kayseri escort a second before the smell of shaving crème slid up my nose. The slimy warm texture of shaving gel then was being smeared all over my balls, and I gasped with surprise.

“Trust me.” She said, and I let her go to work. After a couple of minutes of the razor licking every curve and shadow of my balls, I began to feel air currents in the room racing across the flesh of my cock and balls. It was an erotic sensation I had never felt before, and I luxuriated in it.

“Lie down on your back, lift your legs in the air, and hold them there.” She said. I raised my eyebrows, but did as she said. I felt her lift my balls up, and again the warm slimy sensation of shaving gel being smeared all over the skin and hair below my balls. The razor moved with sure strokes up and down the space between my ass and balls, and again I felt the caress of the air currents greet my freshly naked skin, and race the shivers of pleasure that ran up and down my body . . .

* * * * *

. . . and then her tongue was sliding across the silky smooth surface of my balls up the length of my cock, her mouth then plunging down to bury it in the depths of her throat.

I felt her teeth bite gently into the base of my cock, and as she dragged them back up its length her lips followed, and her swirling tongue flowed back and forth as it led teeth and lips back up to the head of my cock.

The fingers of her left hand pinched and then pulled, flicked and then fondled, the tips of my nipples. Each movement triggered a searing pleasure that seemed to be connected by nerve lines that went straight to my balls . . . where her right hand was also busy pulling and palpitating, rolling and wringing them, so that my cock kept jumping up and down in her mouth.

I then felt my balls begin to tighten in her mouth as she sucked them, her fist furiously jacking my cock up and down, and then she paused for a moment, her mouth leaving my balls . . .

And then I felt a warm, wet, finger slide slowly into my ass, as her mouth simultaneously slid down the head of my cock—and I exploded into her mouth, my body arching off the bed, and I couldn’t stop myself from crying out in ecstasy over and over . . .

* * * * *

A sensual slithering of sighs,
In dark delicate delights.

A snick, snap, slice, slap of moist skin.
In carnal cravings cruelty cries.

A soft succulent savouring of sin,
In eternal ejaculations of ecstasy.

A soul searching for sanity
In the midst of mindless masochism.

A surreal scream splits the senses,
Into the damp darkness a demon dives.

* * * * *

Some time later, my senses returned to the sensation of her hands sliding up and down my chest in slow waves of warmth. I could still feel the echoes of my orgasm sighing like the echoes of waves on the beach rolling in and out, in and out . . .

I realized that I was still blindfolded, and slowly raised the silk veil off of my eyes . . . and I saw small flickering points of light in an ocean of dark blueness. The slick smell of my cum permeated the air, and intermingled with it was a more subtle but equally powerful smell—her wet pussy.

She lay next to me, and I drank in the curves of her body bathed in the blue light. It seemed as though the shimmering waves that rolled across her body flowed along with her smell into my eyes and nose to torture me with exquisite fantasies of what she would taste like, and smell like, once I began to walk my tongue along each luscious curve of hip and breast, the hidden valleys of the space behind her knees, and the forbidden territory of her ass . . .

I raised myself up off the bed, and began to run my lips lightly along the soft invisible hairs that covered the surface of her flesh. My lips tickled as they didn’t touch her skin but floated along brushing and stroking her skin with my hot breath, and I exhaled . . . deliberately . . . and slowly, to paint a warm moist path down the inside of her breast down towards her belly . . .

I reached the edge of the bush that framed her pussy, my lips gently pulling and tugging at the hair. I breathed deeply, savouring the fragrance of her juices, wondering what she would taste like . . . how she would sound when she whimpered, moaned . . . I moved my mouth down towards her pussy, my hands pulling her thighs further a part . . .

I kissed the hair that covered her lips, and with my teeth I grabbed one of her lips and gently nibbled from the top down to the bottom, and then I slipped over to the other lip, and nibbled my way back up to the top of her pussy.

My tongue slid down the center of her pussy lightly—but as I was about to lick her clit I lifted my tongue up and over it—so that only the hot air of my breath slid over her pulsing clit—and then I returned the slick hot wetness of my tongue to slide down into her pussy where I pushed my tongue into its delicious wet opening . . . and she moaned softly.

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