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This happened when I was about 50 and single. I have been a nudist for years and belonged to a non-landed nudist club here in South Texas. At one meeting I met Millie, a single woman that was about 35 and a teacher. In conversation, I shared that I was going to a city that had some unique items she would love to share with her class and I volunteered to get one for her on my next trip.

When I returned, I called her up and arranged to take the item to her place in the country. She was a nice looking lady, but her personality was what made her most enjoyable. This was my first time to visit a nudist’s home one on one and I did not know what to expect, but I took along a towel and sure enough, she answered the door nude and invited me in to chat.

Of course I shared about the gift for her class and I had no intention of letting her pay for it, but then our conversation steered to normal everyday topics. As it often does with single folks, gender, sex, and similar topics began to emerge and before we knew it, there we were on her couch talking about masturbation!

We both admitted to be avid masturbators and we also both wanted to avoid getting into sexual relationship. As we spoke of all this, I realized I had become pretty hard. I was not quite at full erection, but I was headed there quickly. Of course, I took the end of my towel and started to drape it over my lap to hide my bursa escort penis. Millie leaned forward and stopped my arm. “Don’t cover it, it is so natural and I love that it has gotten hard because of our talk. I love to see penises and erections are just that much more fun.”

“I would never want to offend, though,” I responded. But I allowed her to stop my arm movement, leaving my cock aimed directly at her. As I noticed her erect nipple lying on her thigh because of her leaning, I realized that she was also feeling arousal. We had each been sitting with one foot on the floor and the other leg bent on the couch so that we faced each other. I had noticed that although her labia would be visible, her pubic hair pretty well hid her actual vulva.

“It feels sort of strange to kind of break the norms of nudism, but it sure does feel good, at the same time” I said.

Millie responded that her home ran by different rules and I had nothing to worry about. She asked “May I look at your erection without offending you?”

“Of course,” I replied “in fact I find this feeling very nice.” Now, my penis is nothing huge or anything, it serves me well, though. Hard, it is probably just average or a tad less. But my head swells quite thick, I am circumcised, so it shows well. I shave my pubic hair, shaft, and balls, so it is all very visible, too. Millie was leaned forward slightly – not bursa escort bayan like when she stopped my arm moving, but to get a good view and all the attention only made me that much more excited. I was very hard by then. I also felt that I had the okay to openly look at her body, but I wanted to ask, both for courtesy as well as for the eroticism of talking openly about it. “Is it okay if I look at your body as well?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, of course you can” and she sat up straight, thrust her breasts out and then she reached to her pussy and opening it, brushed her pubic hair to the sides with her finger tips. She was so pink, moist, and looked so inviting.

Without even thinking what I was doing, I gripped my cock in my hand and absent mindedly pumped it about three times. Millie’s deep breath and whispered “Oh my!” brought me back to reality. She continued to use the fingers on her left hand to hold her outer lips apart. As she used her right hand to pull her inner labia outward and separate them, she said “I have always been nervous about my inner labia showing, I hope they don’t bother you.”

“I think generous labia are absolutely gorgeous, don’t hide them ever!”

Millie smiled and leaned back even more to show off her vagina clearly. I could also see the nub of her clit under her hood and it seemed very erect, though covered.

“Millie, the next step is obvious; escort bursa we are going to masturbate for each other. Would you like to do it one after the other or both at the same time?”

“Same time, if that works for you.”

I began pumping my cock in earnest now and said “catch up with me when you can.”

I stroked myself and watched her as she used her left middle finger in her vagina for her G-spot while she used her first two finger of her right hand in circles around her clit. All this was happening while she stared intently at me stroking my cock. “Warn me before you cum, I don’t want to miss it, I love seeing ejaculation” she pleaded.

Millie and I spent several minutes watching each other bring ourselves off. Finally, she got there first and cried out, leaned to the back of the couch and back upright. She was wracked by shivers and shakes and her breasts had a blush cross them from her belly up to her neck and ears. Her orgasm was beautiful. And it drove me over the edge. As I neared the point of no return, through gritted teeth, I uttered “cumminggg . . .” and then began to spurt straight in the air. I shot four good ribbons and then continued to flow out of my cock and over my hand.

Millie sighed and laid back, as did I eventually.

We both shuddered a bit with aftershocks and finally, Millie said “you don’t happen to like massage by any chance, do you? I lost my massage buddy and I’m looking for a new one.”

Of course I love massages, both giving and receiving and I smiled when I told her, because I felt a new friendship developing that I was sure we would both enjoy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32