Melinda’s Ass

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I met Melinda while working at a bank during college. She was very, very hot. She had the classic Italian look, dark hair framing an olive oil complexion and big soft lips that were built for sucking cock. She was skinny with curves in all the right places and had nice round breasts to complete the package. Needless to say I was attracted to her right from the get go and was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered the attraction was mutual. We began to see each other frequently, and the sex was hot.

The only things that were missing were certain sexual acts that Melinda refused to do. She would suck my dick like she was born to it but she wouldn’t swallow my load. She had one of the hottest asses I had ever seen but she wouldn’t take my cock in her butt. It was disappointing but not that bad, I would just find other girls who would. It wasn’t an exclusive relationship; I didn’t want to be tied down to any one person when I knew this was the time of my life to be free.

The problems started when Melinda found out I was fucking around with someone else at the bank. Angela and I had been flirting ever since she had started and things quickly led to her wrapping her lips around my cock in the employee bathroom. We made it a habit anytime we got the chance to quickly head to the back and have her blow me. Angela had red hair and a nice ass, and watching her on her knees bobbing her head up and down on my cock always led to me blowing a huge load down her throat.

One day we were up to our usual tricks with Angela going to town with my big cock in her mouth in the bathroom. Being the gentleman that I am I told her I was about to come, and in my excitement I didn’t hear the door opening. Just as I started to growl and shoot my cum into Angela’s mouth I looked over and saw Melinda. I would have stopped but I was in the middle of cumming. Angela hadn’t noticed our visitor and she finished eating my load.

“Fuck!” I thought. The pleasure rippling through my dick was wonderful and I enjoyed it while it lasted. I had a hunch that there would be hell to pay in a minute.

“What the fuck!” Melinda yelled as she turned around and stormed away. Angela looked up at me from her knees and wiped my cum off her lips.

“Are you doing her too? You asshole!” She got up and ran off too. Oh well, I thought. It had been fun while it lasted. I had been up front with both women about not being exclusive but apparently they had not been as honest with themselves when they told me that was fine. Each of them had asked me to keep quiet about what we were doing and I did exactly that. I liked both the girls but was not in love with either. Now they were both going to hate me and I had to work with them. I went back to work and started seriously considering looking for another job.

Towards the end of the day Melinda approached me in the break room and I waited patiently for the inevitable stream of cuss words that she surely thought I deserved. Instead she simply told me she wanted to talk to me after work. I was pretty confused and surprised by her reaction. In my experience what she had seen earlier was sufficient enough to destroy any non-serious relationship on the spot. What was there to say?

“Fine” I said quickly, “Come over to my apartment at seven”. I figured if there was somehow something she felt she needed to say I at least owed her that.

The work day ended and I went home and prepared for the talk with Melinda. I questioned myself if I had done the right thing by agreeing to meet her. I seemed to remember some saying about bahis firmaları a woman scorned and she was an Italian woman to boot. Maybe she wasn’t coming over to talk. Maybe she was coming over to cut my balls off.

At seven sharp she knocked at the door and I let her in. She was dressed very sexily in a miniskirt and a low cut top. My dick started to stir in my pants but I quickly realized this had to be some kind of “you’ll never get this again” outfit. She looked angry and very determined. I invited her to take a seat and she did.

“So what is it that you wanted to say Melinda?”

“How could you do that to me? Do you know how I felt when I walked in on that slut blowing you? I thought that we had something. I thought we had something special. You’re a fucking asshole”.

By the end of her tirade she had gone from anger to nearly having herself in tears. I watched in curiosity while she quietly sobbed. Something special? I had only been fucking her for a few weeks. I liked her and enjoyed our time together but I didn’t consider a few weeks long enough to start calling our relationship “special” in the sense that she meant. I realized she had taken our relationship to the next level in her head and that seeing Angela on her knees eating my load must have been a very rude awakening to say the least.

I felt sorry for her to a certain extent but I felt I had explained the whole deal to her at the start, and that I wasn’t the only person responsible for her feelings being crushed. I waited for her to regain her composure and when she finally looked up at me I gave her my side of the story.

“Listen Melinda, I’m sorry about what happened today and that you had to see that. But you have to understand where I’m coming from in this. I told you when we started seeing each other that I didn’t want anything exclusive. I told you that then so this situation would never happen. Do you remember when we had that conversation?”

“Yes” she said as she wiped the last of the tears from her eyes. “But why didn’t you tell me? And why did it have to be Angela?”

“The reason I didn’t tell you was because Angela asked me not to tell anyone what we were doing. I had the same agreement with you so it was either break my promise to both of you or honor everyone’s privacy. I know it wasn’t the ideal situation but that was the lesser of two evils. As to why it was Angela, lets just say that she willing where you weren’t, and that instead of pressuring you to do things you didn’t want to I found someone who would”.

“But I love you!” She finally said what she had come here to say. “I’ll do anything you want. Just don’t leave me”. My first thought was to run, even though we were at my apartment. This bitch was crazy, crazier than most. But the phrase “I’ll do anything you want” started an evil train of thought in my head. I had always had a fantasy to use a woman as my personal whore, and she had just offered it up.

“What things would she do?” She seemed baffled by the thought that there was something Angela could do to please a man that she couldn’t.

“She swallows my cum, Melinda. She swallows it and loves it. She acts like I’m doing her a favor when I let her get on her knees and taste me.” At this point I went for broke. “And if you want what we have to continue then that’s what you’re going to do, among other things”.

She started to look shocked but I cut her off before she could speak.

“It’s put up or shut up time Melinda. Either you agree to be my personal slut or you can get up and walk out and never see kaçak iddaa me again. It’s your choice.” She hesitated for a moment and then made her decision.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Well since you ruined what I had with Angela I think it’s only fitting you take her place. Get on your knees.” I stood in front of her in the middle of my apartment as she slid down to her knees from where she had been sitting. Seeing her look up at me with those little doe eyes made my cock strain against my pants. “Take my dick out, Melinda, and show me how much of a cock sucking little slut you are”.

Melinda unzipped my pants and fished my cock out of my underwear, slowly tugging on the shaft as she pulled down my jeans with her other hand. She started to tongue my shaft and I let out a low growl.

“That’s right Melinda, get it nice and wet because this big dick is going to be all the way down your throat when I cum.” She was getting into it, moaning while I talked dirty to her and quickly sucking my cock deep into her mouth. There I was, standing tall with one of hottest women I had ever met on her knees bobbing her pillowy-soft lips up and down my shaft.

I couldn’t help but notice the change in Melinda’s oral techniques. She had been pretty good with her mouth before, but she had always gone slow and taken me out of her mouth well before I started to show signs of blowing my load. She was sucking my cock more aggressively now, forcing my cock as far down her throat as possible and seemingly speeding up as I started to groan my final groans. I had called her a slut and that’s exactly how she was blowing me now. I looked down and locked eyes with her as she furiously bobbed and she nodded. She really wanted it. Oh god did I give it to her.

I growled something unintelligible and grabbed the back of her head to force my cock as deep into her throat as possible. It wasn’t necessary; she did it herself and the first huge shot of cum raced from by balls and into her throat. I continued to shoot into her mouth and I noticed her rubbing her clit for all it was worth.

“Go ahead and come while you swallow it whore, that’s what a real slut would do”.

She started shaking and exploded into orgasm as the last few spurts of my semen found their way into her belly. I let go of her head and collapsed back into the chair, nearly exhausted after one of the most intense orgasms of my life. Melinda was grinning like a cat when I turned to look at her, using her fingers to push the semen that had escaped out of the corner of her mouth back onto her tongue. She made a show of swallowing that last bit, closing her eyes and savoring it.

“I don’t know why I never did that before,” she said. “Let’s do it again”.

She crawled over to me on all fours, swinging that beautiful ass from side to side. My cock started coming back to life as she dropped her gorgeous head into my lap. She went more slowly this time, lavishing my balls with attention and tongue bathing the shaft and head. I entwined my fingers in her hair and stared at her ass as she sucked my cock for the second time that night. It was tempting to blow in her mouth again but I still need to break in that sweet ass of hers.

“Get up,” I told her as I pulled her mouth off my cock and helped her to her feet. I held her close and ran my hands up and down her body, pinching her nipples and dragging my fingers over her clit. She was enjoying my attention but seemed confused as to why I had pulled her up before cumming in her mouth again.

“I said you would be swallowing my kaçak bahis cum, among other things. It’s time for the other part”. The nervous look on her face just made my dick harder. I pushed her back onto the couch and knelt on the ground in front of her. I stared lustily into her eyes as I spread her legs apart. I leaned in and kissed her deeply, and began to trail kisses down her neck and chest. She was nearly panting when I blew hot air on her clit. I looked up one last time and ran my tongue up the length of her slit.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” was about the only understandable phrase to come out of Melinda’s mouth for the next ten minutes as I ate her pussy as well as I knew how. I looked up occasionally from her juicy cunt but she was lost in another world. Her eyes were tightly shut and her whole body was tense. She continued to babble and I knew she was going to come soon. I continued to alternate long slow licks up her entire pussy with quick bursts of tongue action on her clit. It was time to take my plan to the next step.

I began to lick lower and lower each time I tongued the length of her slit, finally sliding my tongue over her ass. She gasped for air in shock but didn’t jerk away, and she eventually grabbed my head with both hands as I jabbed my tongue at her most private place. I continued to rim her for a few minutes, Melinda was moaning and grinding like a woman possessed. I felt her tense up and she exploded in orgasm.

I got up to my knees and grabbed her ankles, raising her legs and sliding her ass forward towards the edge of the couch. Melinda was soaking wet and I slid my cock into her with one stroke, lubing up my cock with as much pussy juice as I could get. I pulled my cock out and lined it up with her ass. Looking down at her, I didn’t see the scared look I thought I would see. A look of anticipation crossed with ecstasy filled her face.

She looked me right in the eyes and said, “Make me your bitch,” before pushing her ass forward onto my cock.

I pushed slowly into her ass, sliding my dick in and out in small movements. Her butt opened up and I slid forward and inch or two all at once. Her eyes went wide and she gasped for air. I told her to play with her clit and she started rubbing her pussy furiously while using her other hand to pinch her nipples.

Melinda’s ass was taking it well, I was fucking her butt like it was her pussy and she was loving every minute of it. I couldn’t believe how hot she looked, leaning back on my couch with her knees mashed up against her breasts, panting like a bitch in heat as she took my cock in her ass for the first time. I tightened my grip on her ankles and really started giving it to her.

“You like my big cock in your tight little ass?” I asked her. “You like getting fucked like a whore and being my personal slut?”

Her entire body tensed up and she said, “Fuck yes I do”, practically shouting at me as she exploded into orgasm. Her ass tightening around my cock sent me over the edge and I drove my cock as deep in her ass as I could go before unloading what felt like the biggest load of my life into her butt. I held my cock in her for what seemed like forever as it slowly deflated and we caught our breath.

I went to the bathroom to clean up and Melinda was pulling her miniskirt up over her ass when I returned.

“This is how it’s going to be from now on. There’s no going back now Melinda.” She came over to where I stood and blew in my ear while cupping my package with her hand.

“Who said anything about going back?” she said, followed by a wink and a naughty smile. With that she turned and left. Work could get very, very interesting tomorrow. . .


This is my first submission. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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