Meeting Barbara

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Big Tits

I worked in an insurance company in “dead files,” a position that was as low as one could go located in the basement of a thirteen-story building, on one of my rounds delivering files to whoever requested them mostly due to pending litigation, I met Barbara who worked in the second floor in the claims department. I didn’t think she would be interested in me as she was two years older chronologically as well as many more in maturity.

Barbara was a full bodied woman who oozed sex with long styled hair that I spent a few nights fantasizing running my fingers through it letting it flow all over my body and cuming all over it, licking the cum together with her lavender fragrance. She loved to show her hands and toes which she kept perfectly manicured, later I found out that she did those herself. Her breasts were full but not overly so, 34C, with nipples that became stiff reflecting her mood. Her torso was not a perfect hourglass but her full body without showing signs of overweight was what made men want to hold her and pull her in, her legs were long and lithe and smooth begging to be touched and licked before claiming the prize of her pussy with one’s tongue. After meeting and flirting with her we became friends and later lovers, she would come to the basement every chance she got and told me point blank that she was horny as hell and wanted to get fucked. We couldn’t do it there because there were cameras that we assumed tracked everything even though the technology was low, the security was high.

On a particular day when work was slow and most employees were off, Barbara and I went out through one of the basement doors leading to the parking structure and walked to my apartment half a block away. I have always thought, because of my upbringing, that people would put up some resistance when faced with sexual encounters, I have more often than not been wrong. That was the case with Barbara who was horny and didn’t mind showing it and acting on it. We had finally found a large enough time slot to spend time together as we were not partial to quickies, so when we entered my apartment, we were all over each other, or should I say she was all over me and took the lead by getting us both stripped and ready by commanding me to do what she liked which first of all involved fucking her silly and second putting our hands and mouths on every inch of each other. She loved everything that I could think and some that I would not have thought of.

The minute I closed the door, she put me against the wall and started making out in a way that I had never experienced, by sticking her tongue as far as she could into my mouth, I thought she would suck the life out of me but felt so good that I just relaxed and surrendered to her wishes allowing her to guide the way. She then started taking my clothes off slipping my polo shirt up which required me to put my arms up in the air, and as she slipped the shirt up sincan sınırsız escortlar she quickly wrapped it around my forearms and hands in such a way that I couldn’t move my upper body.

Leaning into my arms with her left forearm over my head she proceeded to undo my pants and lower the zipper letting my trousers fall to the floor and stepping on them so that my feet became as well immobile and I couldn’t raise my feet out of my trousers as her foot was on them between my legs. Sweet surrender that was. I have often thought about why such a woman would go for an inexperienced guy like me and have recently come up with the answer: Barbara loved to dominate men and being young I was ripe for the taking and loved every minute of it. Such was the situation I found myself in being bound by my own clothes.

When she was ready a good ten minutes later she let my mouth go and pushed me into the bedroom holding on to me so I couldn’t slip out of my sweet prison and again pushed me sensually but also violently on the bed before jumping on top of me and telling me to watch and be very still. I wouldn’t disobey her and for the first time I realized how stronger than I she was. I knew she was a couple of inches taller than me and her body well-endowed but didn’t equate that with being much stronger than me, I found out different.

Barbara started doing a burlesque style dance where she took each item of the clothing she had left very provocatively and gave me the show of my life. When she was done and my dick was pointing straight up, with me still on my back on the bed, she positioned herself on top, on her knees, with her pussy right over my mouth and told me to eat her. I had never eaten a girl before so I had to learn quickly in this explosive environment. Hell, I wasn’t complaining, except when I couldn’t breathe and she eased off me but went right back down on my face when I caught my breath. She took her time reaching that first orgasm, that wasn’t the case with subsequent ones, as though she was light as a feather she moved her pussy down to my pelvis and without fanfare she opened her pussy and let my cock enter her having an immediate orgasm screaming at the top of her lungs for me to fuck her harder, but it wasn’t me doing the fucking!

As if in a trance, with my cock impaling her pussy, she started rotating her pelvis giving me again the time of my life, or maybe the ride of my life. Barbara, however, did go into a trance and entered into a series of orgasms where one became indistinguishable from the next, her eyes rolled and seemed to go blank and the only thing existing within her was pleasure. I was proud to be her toy and instigator of this event and watched her in disbelief thinking that I’ll never again find another woman like Barbara. I was wrong about that also. She fucked me like that for a good 15 minutes with me doing all I could to not cum. She elvankent suriyeli escortlar was exhausted when she was done and just collapsed next to me and we both fell asleep for a couple of hours and when we woke we realized we were still on the clock, so we cleaned up and returned to work where no one had noticed that either one of us was gone.

A couple of days later, Barbara called me one evening telling me that she was with my older sister who worked in the same insurance company, had just gotten divorced and was dating Chuck, a fellow from supply that had a creepy laugh and a tall lanky body, I couldn’t figure out what she saw in him as she was rather good looking. Barbara said that she had met them for happy hour after work and were on the way to my sister’s place who said we could spend the night if I was willing to meet her there. I was surprised to say the least. When I got there, we had a couple of drinks without knowing the effect alcohol would have on her, I found out shortly thereafter as she had the bed ready and locked the door to the second bedroom, this time she laid in the middle of the king size bed and told me demandingly to come and fuck her holding her arms outstretched. I was so excited that I jumped on her immediately and she stopped me telling me that I wouldn’t be able to fuck her if I didn’t remove her panties. I felt great being with her and in a way responding to demands, or should I say commands touching on that submissive part of me.

I immediately took off her bikini panties and she asked me to fuck her hard with immediate feedback as to how we were doing as lovers. She was very vocal and loud when making love so there was no doubt as to whether or not she was getting fucked or she was enjoying it. She was 20 and I had just turned 18 and we became an item spending every available moment with each other even staying at her house where she lived with her parents and would sneak out of her room in the middle of the night to be together.

In her complex there was a pool that we went to several times and she once wore a black one-piece bathing suit with mesh in between that looked fantastic on her. She was self-conscious about wearing a narrow bikini as she had a few stretch marks on her stomach after giving birth to her daughter. To me they looked very sexy and mature, to her they made her look ugly. She was a big boned woman or should I say “Stacked” but not fat, when she stepped on the diving board she commanded attention and everyone’s eyes were on her, having taken diving lessons, I watched her in slow motion as she kicked off the board dived and submerged. My heart stopped beating for several seconds until she came out from underwater at the opposite end of the pool. I felt so proud of her when she walked over to me and gave me a huge wet kiss knowing that everyone was looking.

I gave myself to her after that and would etimesgut türbanlı escortlar have done anything she asked or commanded me to do, I was so entranced by her, she was a beautiful woman and sure knew how to carry herself in an elegant way.

I didn’t know how liberated Barbara was until I moved into an efficiency apartment near Hollywood and she brought her friend Sharon over after having a couple of drinks after work. I was mistaken when I thought that I had quite a lot of experience, so I was shocked and fascinated when they did what they did and wanted to just watch them while I masturbated, but eventually Barbara wouldn’t let me and pulled me in.

Sharon was one of the most beautiful women I had ever met, and I didn’t blame Barbara for going after her. Barbara was elegant and attractive, but Sharon was a beauty. When they came into the apartment before even saying hello to me, Barbara put Sharon against the wall and started kissing her, that seemed to be her thing, she was not being gentle and Sharon became very submissive, as I had become around Barbara, while Barbara held her arms and groped her taking off her blouse. She was not wearing a bra, nor did she need one. Sharon had the most beautiful tits with puffy nipples that were a joy to suck on, and Barbara spent quite a while enjoying just that, as well she appear to devour her starting at her mouth and ending down in her belly button without touching Sharon’s most favorite spot.

The mini skirt came off next and without preliminaries so did her cute bikini lace panties. Sharon stepped out of them and Barbara threw her roughly on one of the two convertible beds that made up the living/bedroom and proceeded to eat her tasting every inch of Sharon’s gorgeous pussy and surrounding area, again Sharon started moaning louder and louder as Barbara sucked on the inside of Sharon’s legs, going slowly around with her tongue and mouth eating Sharon and asking her to say loud and louder what she wanted, Sharon responding “please eat that pussy and make me cum, pleeease Barbara….”.

Barbara increased the tempo biting Sharon’s pussy lips ending with biting her clitoris when Sharon lost it and screamed so loud that every resident of the apartment building must have heard. After Sharon’s earth-shattering orgasm, Barbara got herself into a 69 position on top of Sharon and demanded an orgasm of her own and commanded Sharon to eat her asking me to fuck her hard while Sharon devoured her. I quickly lost my clothes and did as instructed shoving my cock all the way into Barbara’s dripping pussy that Sharon licked and swallowed. I held out for about 15 minutes and came into Barbara’s dripping pussy where Sharon had her mouth and inadvertently licked me as well as Barbara swallowing our mixed juices.

That was the first time I had a threesome. I was nervous the entire time and didn’t take advantage of the situation like I could have, and they were too busy with each other to coach me in the fine art of threesome lovemaking. They were just devouring each other, and I was just in awe, fascinated at not only what, but how they made love. The event opened my eyes and I swore that I wouldn’t get together with anyone that was not at least that open and bisexual.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32