Martha and Her Cuck Pt. 01

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Martha was over at her boyfriend Max’s house one afternoon whilst she was home after her first semester at university. Whilst Max took a long bath Martha decided that she’d browse online for some new clothes, spotting her boyfriends laptop on his desk she thought it would be easier than browsing on her smaller phone screen.

When Martha opened his web browser she was shocked to find a webpage loading that took her to a porn video that he has been watching. The fact he was watching porn wasn’t what shocked her, she in fact also had regularly turned to porn since she was away from her boyfriend for weeks apart and in need of sexual satisfaction. What shocked her was the video entailed a guy tied up watching two guys fucking his partner whilst he watched. Surely this wasn’t what Max enjoyed watching? She asked herself. A quick look at his browsing history confirmed that he had a cuckold fantasy and that this video was one of his most viewed out of them all.

Martha was didn’t mention anything to Max that day and became more and more interested in his fantasy. There was no denying that she had longed to try some of the university experiences her housemates were enjoying but she couldn’t cheat on Max however much she longed to be fucked after her nights out clubbing. An idea that started out small in her mind started growing when her sexual appetite returned once she was back at university. If Max really enjoyed watching cuckold porn so much then she thought that by rein-acting his favourite video to the detail then she’d be seemingly fulfilling his fantasy’s whilst unbeknown to him she’d get a chance to fuck two hot students that she was longing for.

Martha spent several weeks studying every word the woman spoke in the video, every line the guys spoke, and how things progressed. She took every detail into account and had even ordered herself the same outfit the woman wore along with something so precise as matching bedding. The idea of fucking two other guys whilst he watched had overtaken her mind for those next few weeks, she could focus on nothing else. Max had been the only person she’d ever slept with which only made the desire to have a taste of something else all the more appealing to her.

Finally after endless days of waiting around after mastering everything she could the day had come when Max came to visit her for the weekend. She had built herself up sexually for so long that she couldn’t possibly wait till later that night, she planned to strike almost at once.

She’d worn a pair of black mesh tights that covered her long slender legs and a black denim skirt short enough to expose the crease of her ass. A white tank top hugged her braless perky tits and outlined her nipples. Just like the porn star she wore her long blonde hair in a ponytail that hung down her back. Max felt strangely excited when he saw what she wore when he met her at her buildings entrance, he hadn’t noticed this matched his favourite woman’s outfit and passed it of as being excited to see his girlfriend bursa escort bayan after so long.

As Martha slowly climbed the staircase to the second floor she knew for certain that Max would be able to see her ass as her skirt raised a little when she took a step higher. She could already feel how wet she’d made her tights and her teasing as she led the way to her dorm room only made things worse. As soon as they entered her dorm room she placed a blindfold over her boyfriends eyes so he couldn’t see.

“I’ve got a special surprise for you today honey.” She told him.

She ushered him into the desk chair that faced her bed and tied his wrists to the back of it. He was smiling in excitement whilst she continued with binding his ankles together. She pulled his pants to his ankles releasing his very aroused cock.

“Honey are you going to give me a lap dance? This is so hot.” He asked.

“Shhhh wait and see.” She replied.

Martha covered his mouth with a piece of duct tape and just like that she had successfully mirrored what the porn star had done to her Cuckold. Now the moment she had fantasied over for weeks about was about to burst into reality, she was tingling with excitement. After taking her top off freeing her perky round tits she removed the blindfold from her boyfriends eyes and continued with the scripted lines she’d memorised.

“Baby I have something that I need to admit to you. Remember when I told you how I needed you to be rougher and kinkier with me in bed to help satisfy my needs? Well I’m afraid you didn’t even come close. In a minute your going to get a demonstration of just how I want to be treated but please know that this is because I want to learn baby.” She told Max.

Having delivered her speech to the word with even more enthusiasm than she’d practiced with she began to feel a little naughty. Max had heard that speech hundreds of times before and had started to realise why Martha’s outfit amongst other resemblances in her room were so familiar. His eyebrows were raised as high as they could possibly go whilst he tried to struggle and speak through his gag just like the guy in the video, only he was only truly understanding what it really felt like to have no control.

When two attractive guys walked into the room he knew all to well what was about to happen next. They walked straight over to Martha and began to squeeze and suck her tits for a moment and pushed her down onto her knees in front of Max. Each of them stripped naked very quickly and stood either side of Martha who was licking her lips at the sight of seeing two large cocks for the very first time.

“Your girlfriend has been coming to us for months to get the fucking she needs. She told us that she wanted you to watch and learn whilst we use her this time. Now watch just how much she enjoys sucking our cocks.” One of them told Max.

Martha knew the exact words he was going to say but she hadn’t realised just how turned on she’d become once she was on her knees görükle escort listening to him say them. She hadn’t actually been fucking them for months, they were only copying Max’s favourite videos lines. Her body tingled in suspense when a long pale cock pressed against her lips and she began sucking on only the second cock to penetrate her mouth. She lost herself in a haze of enjoyment as she took turns sucking each of the guys cocks, when swapping to the others cock she looked into her boyfriends hopeless eyes and felt a thrill like nothing she’d ever felt before.

“Let’s get this slut on the bed if she sucks any harder I’ll explode.” One said to the other.

Martha was pulled onto her feet by her hair and bent over her bed. One of the guys stood on the bed and once positioned in front of her face began to make her gag by pressing his cock as far into her throat as he could manage. Max watched as the other guy pushed her denim skirt over her ass and tore open her tights. Max could now see Martha’s naked pussy as she was bent over only inches in-front of where he sat.

“Look how wet your girls cunt is after sucking our cocks, now your about to hear her moan like she means it.” He taunted him.

Martha had been fantasying about this moment for longer than she could remember. Her legs quivered when when she felt the tip of his cock pressing against the entrance of her tight hole. When he slowly eased inside she gasped a lot louder than the porn start had done. The woman in the video had taken hundreds of cocks but for Martha this was only the second cock to ever enter her pussy. She felt her tight little hole being stretched out by the much bigger cock than she was used to receiving and she was loving every second of it.

Whilst she sucked the other guys cock the one in her pussy quickly replaced its slow strokes with a fast and hard rhythm accompanied with hard slaps against her ass cheeks. She hadn’t expected how quickly having such a large cock fucking her pussy would make her cum and hadn’t lasted anywhere near the amount of time the woman in the video had done. She felt herself burning up and suddenly lost all control of her body as she started shaking and screaming out in a pleasure she was experiencing for the first time. As she came her hole contracted tighter around the cock that filled her which caused him to lose control and pump his load deep inside of her. She had never let Max cum inside of her and was somewhat ashamed about going ahead with it but she wanted to play out his favourite video with every detail covered. The warm liquid slowly filling her insides only added to the pleasure she was feeling.

“Damn look how much your girls just creamed on my cock!” He teased Max.

The guy had now pulled out of her and was showing Max the amount of white discharge that covered his dark thick cock. However much he believed he hated watching his girlfriend being fucked by the two guys deep down the the fact she had cuckolded him with his favourite bursa escort bayan scene had drove him wild, without even touching his cock Max began to spurt his cum into the air as he watched.

“Quickly fill her cunt up before she starts to leak, we want him to see how much she loves being double cream-pied. Now clean your mess off my cock you slut.” He commanded.

Max watched as Martha happily moaned in pleasure whilst cleaning the cock that she’d came over whilst another plowed into her for an intense two minutes before he grunted loudly as he added to the flood inside of her. He had struggled to get the entirety of his long cock inside of her tight hole but when he lost control his full length was buried balls deep inside of her. Martha let out a enormous scream when she felt his cock explore further into her pussy than anything had ever been before. The guys retreated and she collapsed down on the bed whilst trying to catch her breath.

“Look at your slut of a girlfriend, that’s how she wants to be fucked and there’s no way you’ll ever be able to make her moan like that with your tiny little cock. No matter how much you try she will always crave to be fucked by a bigger cock. Come and let’s leave him alone to stare at his used girlfriend.” He said, and they both left the room.

Max still couldn’t believe that Martha had actually let things get so far. He sat watching cum oozing out of her gaping pussy for the next few minutes with an enraged stiff cock. Eventually she managed to muster the energy to stand up and walk over to where Max sat. The show was over and so was her portrayal of the porn star but she wasn’t the same girl as she was only an hour before. She hooked a leg over both sides of his waist and lowered her sloppy pussy down onto his cock.

“That’s right honey I knew all about your fantasy, You seem to have enjoyed watching me give you live version of your favourite video. I have to admit that I was a little nervous when those guys walked in, I know that what he just told you was a scripted line but I’m afraid it’s also the truth. Their cocks felt so good in my little pussy honey, I can barely feel your tiny cock inside of me even now.” She said.

She started to ride his cock quicker the more she spoke.

“I have always fantasied about fucking other guys and now that I have I already want more! It felt amazing to be treated like a slut as you watched me. Since you fantasise about being cuckolded so much I think that I will start exploring my own desires. Tomorrow night I’m going to leave you tied up in my room whilst I go clubbing with my friends. You’ll have to patiently wait or me to return and if I’m feeling greedy then you’ll be watching at least two guys use me, maybe even three. All you’ll know for sure is that when I get back your going to have watch my tight virgin asshole get fucked for the first time by somebody else.” Martha whispered into his ear.

Max lost control as soon as she finished speaking, spurting his load up her cunt. The cheating porn star who controlled her cuckold boyfriend he’d fantasised over for the last year was now sat riding his cock. His own girlfriend had transformed into a slut who was enjoying her first time controlling him and he couldn’t be happier.

The end.

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