MarbleHead Max Ch. 3

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Hello again, this is the final instalment of the Marblehead Max trilogy. If you haven’t read the first parts, I urge you to do so. Also I’d welcome feedback of any kind, positive/negative or indifferent. Please don’t forget to vote, but above all ENJOY.

By the way, in response to a couple of queries, Marblehead is English slang for an uncontrollable erection.

Drive me Insane, again

It was a long hard drive, in the arid dessert of Arizona in summer. It was early morning and I had been driving all night listening to Lil’ Kim. I wondered what my cousin was feeling, and how I had left her in the lurch. My only comfort was coming from the fact that I had helped her escape Max and his foot long probe. I had managed to throw on a loose pair of cotton shorts but was otherwise undressed as I drove. Unknown to me I was heading to my dream location, LA. I stared at the rear view mirror sign regarding objects that may be perceived being unreliable in terms of distance. I laughed and relaxed a little. I noted how my pants were so loose I could get my hand down there, but wasn’t in the mood to try. I was enjoying the drive. The scenery was repetitive to say the least, sand and more sand. I continued merrily and barely noticed the 5”10 brunette hitchhiking a ride on the side of the road. About five hundred yards on I slowed down and stopped to look round and double check, she was still there. I slowly reversed and open the door. She led with a long, tanned leg, and followed with the short denim cut-off jeans only some one as good looking as her could get away with. She wore a tied shirt and looked every inch the American belle. Her short hair was fashionably cut and she had a tight body. She sat back and sighed before finally looking over to me with her enticing big brown eyes and speaking in a Californian drawl. ‘Sorry, I just need a lift home, I’m going to L.A and was hoping you were going near?’ she looked pleadingly and explained her story. She was hitching up from Mexico to surprise her husband who was back in LA. Unfortunately all the flights and coaches were booked and she had to hitch. A trucker had given her a lift and she had been waiting for ages. As she spoke I saw her smooth legs glisten from sweat and felt the heat in my draws. My balls tightened and I breathed deeply.

‘Close the door, I’ll give you a RIDE’ Max said.

Kim, that was her name, looked at his growing crotch. She thought it would stop at eight inches but it quickly continued. At ten it made a tent of his shorts and he pulled it free by removing the shorts. A look of lust took her as she allowed her fingers to rub her enclosed pussy. Max reached over and unravelled her shirt and let her small breasts fall free. They were tiny and flat, but her nipples were rock hard. She flung her head down and took one between her teeth. She yanked it hard and yelped in pain Max was now fully erect at twelve inches and took a hand around Kim’s neck. Her eyes were stuck at the cock and she leaned over taking a few inches in. She bobbed but couldn’t get more than seven inches in, as Max made a fist with his hand. Driving erratically he only concentrated on the cocksucking beauty. He raised his fist and hit down on her head. She forced another inch following the hammer blow and Kim gagged for air. With his free, bandaged hand he reached around and tried to grab some cunt meat. It was hanging out of her hotpants and she parted her legs so he could fingerfuck her unshaven haven. She had eight inches in and out and used both her hands to work his shaft. Juice and her own saliva ran down across her fingers as she orgasmed on his finger technique. Twenty minutes later and her jaws ached from sucking and blowing. She had already soaked her seat with cum and was so sensitive her clit rubbed her zipper giving her ongoing delight. Max angrily pulled her off, she couldn’t suck him off. He looked at her cumming all over and squirming with joy.
‘You owe me big’ he said as she agreed submissively stroking her moist warm pussy. Her shorts were around her ankles and she was in heaven.’ I’ll take you all the way, and then you can take me back again’

Deep breathes, I am in charge, deep long breathes.

We drove into LA and I was happy all over. It was a dream come true, it was my dream to make it here. I mean this is Hollywood damn it, if you can’t be happy here, you might as well quit. I looked over at Kim and could see that the same excitement was no longer in her eyes. She had felt inspired once, like I was, by the HOLLYWOOD sign, but she no longer gave it a second glance. She knew the type of people that populated this town, all trying to succeed, but nearly all failing. She had seen young girls drawn to the town and taken advantage of, she knew because it had happened to her. I looked her in the eyes and a twinge of her pain passed to me, but it made no more than a ripple in my pool of excitement. I was going to make it, this was my time and my stage. I was sakarya escort different to the rest.

Second Homecoming

It was becoming dark as we circled the sights of the city over and over. Kim didn’t mind she could see the innocent glee in my face, and do be honest she loved to see someone enjoy the place. There was Man’s Theatre, and there’s the star for Harrison Ford. I loved it all, and looked up at a billboard. I saw my face in an action movie poster, and felt instantly at home. It looked right and it felt good. I closed my eyes and imagined the most explosive action sequence ever filmed. Then me crawling out of the wreckage. I had just saved the world for the seventh time and had a young starlet in my arms. Slowly the camera zoomed in on the face of the starlet, she was blonde and had long hair. She looked pretty like all movie idols do, pretty and innocent. Then the camera shifted abruptly from glorious wide-screen to a grainy handheld style filming. The beauty looked horrified as a smoking uzi 9mm entered her pussy. What sort of film was this! Then the camera moved up to where my face had previously been, and Max spoke.

‘No chance, you loser. This is my town.

I suddenly opened my eyes, and looked around. I was in a cold sweat and didn’t know how I had managed to avoid an accident. Kim was falling asleep so I asked her where she lived so I could drop her off and find a place for the night.

‘So I’ll see you round’ I said to Kim, as we pulled up to ridiculously expensive looking house.

‘Don’t be silly, come in and spend the night’ she replied, extending those long luscious legs out of the car.
She persisted and I easily folded to her simple demands. In we walked into marble-laced house that wasn’t really a home. I stood back and thought this was what I wanted. To be rich and filthy rich at that.

‘What does your husband do?’ I said as Kim poured me a drink.

‘He’s an agent’

‘Wow, that must be cool. And how did you meet him?’ I was distracted as I saw her leaving for another room which was still in earshot. She was still visible by a reflection in the mirror and I saw her peel off her sweat-stained top. She eased her firm breasts out of a bra and dropped her shorts and panties in one swift movement. She stood admiring herself in a full-length mirror, and what wasn’t there to admire? Long firm legs, childbearing hips, pert young breasts and eyes that didn’t whisper come to bed, but demanded that she have her brains fucked in.

‘Do hear me?’ she continued.

‘Oh what sorry, you were saying’ I was blushing bright red and turned away to sit down. I saw a cover of Time magazine with Hugh Hefner on the front. How does that bastard manage it? I mean he must walk around with a twenty-four hour hard-on and yet he still manages to circulate enough blood to pick out the dogs from the centrefolds. Kim explained from the other room that john had picked her out of an audition and it wasn’t long after that that they were married. That was two years ago and now all he did was spend his time fucking other starlets, but Kim didn’t mind, she was sitting on a fat paycheque when the inevitable divorce came through. In the meantime he gave her a number of credit cards to spend at will. She then added that her intended surprise was to have been an ambush catching him and any number of sluts at it in their bed, but unfortunately no one was in. Then in she walked again, wearing a skimpy little black bikini. The bra barely covered her dark nipples let alone her mounds, and her thong showed she had been clean-shaven.

‘I fancy a spell in the sauna, how about you?’

‘I don’t have anything to wear’

‘Right answer’ she said as she planted a soft kiss on my cheek and led me to the sauna.

Drops of perspiration ran down the full length of her body. We stood staring at each other and not a word was spoken. I concentrated on breathing and successfully kept Max at bay. Kim slowly ran her hand up her stomach to her breasts. She peeled the thin strands that held her bra off her shoulders and smiled a knowing smile. She saw my pole wave and dropped my clothes to the floor. I stood butt naked opposite the tempting young brunette, with 10 inches of raw meat between us. She still teased and wiggled her tight little body in the searing heat of the sauna. Her lips, both top pair and lower pair, wet and widening for impending dick. She slid her thong off her hips and let them fall around her ankles. Then lifting her leg she picked it up and wrapped it around her hand. I stood as motionless as my erection, as I saw her puffy pussy lips spread and her pinkness glisten with juice. She moved closer and walked around me so her bikini clad breasts pressed against my back. Her erect tips poked my back as her hands reached around the front to briefly stroke my dick. She was so smooth I didn’t realise my hands had been tied by her panties. I felt her take off her bra with one samsun escort hand as the other continued to wank me off. She blindfolded me with the bra as I tried to free my hands. Kim walked of and returned to whisper in my ear. ‘Do you remember what you told me to do to you in the car?’ I didn’t ask her for anything, but I wondered what Max had told her. I could hear a distant sizzling sound get closer as she spoke into my ear again. ‘Don’t worry, I will do it, I will really hurt you’ she said as my Cock and heart simultaneously missed a beat.

Okay here is the technical bit, concentrate. Saunas use steam from burning coals and cold water. Kim had a white-hot piece of coal in a metal holder and hesitated with it. She turned my hand over and dropped it in my hand, I yelled in agony as the pain shot through my body. My heart felt as it had jumped out of my mouth and I gnashed my teeth. Max was stood there, with a bra blindfold and 10inch hard-on. He could smell it in the air, it was fucking time.

‘I’m glad you did what I told you, I unfortunately won’t listen to a damn thing you say’ Max growled, as he ripped off the temporary handcuffs and blindfold. Kim had a look of fear as Max approached with his dick in hand. It looked bigger, and wider, and Kim feared it wouldn’t fit in any orifice she had. But Max was an expert in getting square pegs into round holes. Max picked up the still hot coal off the floor and held it in his burnt hand, much to the shock of the retreating brunette. With a glint in his eye, he dropped her to the floor and sat down too. Bending her over his knee he looked down at her perfectly formed and spotless ass. He hated things this pretty and wanted to destroy it. He firmly pressed the burning coal on her left butt cheek, as Kim gave out a bloodcurdling yell of pain. She tried to squirm free, but Max just pushed harder. The smell of burning flesh from her ass and his hand, soon overpowered the sickening screams she gave out. She screamed all she could then cried as Max slowly kissed and caressed the burn on her rear. She was an emotional mess and tears ran down her face.

‘Its okay I’ll make it up to you, you can suck my fuckstick’ Max said as he stood up. He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Kim up to her knees. He usually stuck his dick in the recipients eye before the mouth, but Kim had suffered enough. She choked on her tears as he forced her onto his erect pole. Kim bobbed away but still felt the pain of a disfigured ass. She sucked hard out of anger, just as Max had intended and promised herself she would make him cum. She worked furiously with her hands and tongue making sure to massage and squeeze his balls as well. As Max looked down her head became a blur of speed as she gagged and deepthroated the 10-inch pipe. She tried for 10 minutes using all the tricks she had learnt and with a resigned look, pushed herself off him. ‘Aren’t you ever going to cum?’ she asked still in anguish, but also in surprise. Kim yearned to make him cum, all over her burning ass, but he wasn’t accommodating. Max waved his dick at her and made her turn around for a doggy style fucking that would help her forget everything.

As Max inched his monster into the tight pink haven he felt a lot of resistance. Kim pushed back, but her body reacted forcefully as the cock was too big. Half in and half out Max was annoyed and forcefully spread her as wide as he could. Kim creamed almost at once and panted for a hard cunt banging, which she knew was coming. Max grabbed some ass, including the burnt cheek, and worked his member like a tool, drilling for white oil. Kim reacted yelling in delight and fingering her clit along the way. The two were so involved they didn’t notice Kim’s shocked husband enter. Max looked up and smiled as Kim kept her eyes closed in pleasure and pain, writhing in ecstasy. The man saw his wife, his beautiful, young brunette wife, being fucked from behind by a monster penis. He had never seen her scream this much, and her excited tones aroused him. Max, ever the opportunist, saw the chance to take advantage of the situation. The man was in his early thirties and conservatively dressed. Smiling as he continued to screw the eager Brunette, Max signalled for the man to come closer. As he did, Kim opened her eyes and saw her husband approaching. With one hand planted firmly on the floor, the other was used to unzip her husband’s prick. As it emerged she greedily stuck it in her mouth and continued to enjoy a hard fuck at the same time. Kim was in heaven and had precum running down her face and pussy. She fingered her clit faster and was squirming all over the place, as her husband’s balls and face tensed up. She tried to move out of the way as he squirted, but Max held her mouth firmly in place. Warm cum filled her mouth as her husbands dick retracted and limped out. Max continued fucking but wasn’t finished. Kim swirled a mouthful around and Max lit up, with another idea from his sick little ankara sarışın escort head.

‘Kiss her, and take her mouthful, now’ he instructed the shocked agent. As he did, he tasted his own juices for the first time, and received a mouthful. Max pulled out his cock and stepped back, and spoke again. ‘Now kiss her, where I scarred her’ He said pointing to her abused butt with his hardened member. The agent hurriedly did so, planting his lips and subsequently his cum on the burnt ass. Kim climaxed as the spunk soothed her pain, and they both collapsed on the floor, a sweaty and cum covered mess.

‘What do you think of that?’ Max smirked as he left and I arrived. I shook both my heads and held them in my hands.

24hrs in L.A

The next morning I couldn’t wait to leave, and avoided Kim for as long as I could. I creeped out of the house and got in the car. I should have just driven away but instead I sat inside listening the soundtrack from the film Heat. I love that film, it keeps me on my toes and reminds me that sometimes perfection is simplicity. I so badly wanted to be in that film, but I had no chance. I could imagine the famous coffee scene taking place but with me and Max rather than De Niro and Pacino. We’d drink coffee and Max would taunt me and my small prick. Suddenly Kim knocked on my window, I couldn’t bare to look her in the eye. I wound down the window and she passed me note. She then left without a word. I read the note
’12.00 – Auditions for major Motion Picture’ yes I thought she had given me a chance. I air kissed her goodbye and drove to the audition.

I looked up and down the queue at the theatre when I arrived. I was given a number and told to wait in line. I could see a cute latino girl giving me the eye. She must have been in her late teens with a beautiful full body. She wore a short dress and high heels. This would normally be the time when Max would come in, but I was so excited about my audition I didn’t think about the luscious latino, and so Max couldn’t show up. I walked into the audition hall, and proceeded to read my piece. I had chosen Hamlet, and at first the interviewers looked surprised. But I gave it everything, and I must have convinced them. They were ready to offer me a part. Oh my god, a part for me in a movie. Then the lady leading the panel of three asked if I had ever done a screen kiss. I said no, she replied it was nothing to worry about, but they wanted to see if I could do it as it was a romantic part. No problem, I thought. Then in walked the hot latino from before. I hadn’t noticed previously but I could see her hard, dark nipples from through her tight dress. I felt a pulling sensation in my trousers and a quickening of breathe. The teen placed her luscious wet lips against mine and opened her mouth. She slipped her tongue in and I could feel her crotch against mine. ‘Fine, cut’ yelled the director, but it was too late Max was in boning mood.

Max’s dick sprung up like a coiled spring being unleashed. The Latino girl felt it through his Levi’s pushing against her pussy. Still locked in an embrace the panel looked on in amazement. They could see Max’s ten-inch pink sausage poking away. The short dress of the girl had ridden up her thighs and her small white panties where giving her a front and back wedgie. Max slowly eased her legs further apart as she felt the first ripples of excitement run through her body. She felt lusty and at that moment only a dick could fulfil her. Her hard nipples rubbed against Max’s chest giving him more encouragement. He felt his dick was peeking up from the top of his jeans and that the audience could see it, who cared? Max rubbed one of his legs against her lower lips and she squirmed in ecstasy. She was leaking juice all over and Max could feel the heat rising from her cunt. ‘Cut!’ the director yelled for the seventh time at the top of his voice. I suddenly broke free, only for Max to charge in again. The panel politely told Max he wasn’t what they were looking for, as the flustered girl got her breath back. Max looked at his watch ‘Fuck you too!’ he said, and stormed out, in a rush to get somewhere.

Max got in his car and pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. It read: real audition, downtown. Max drove like a demon to make it there. He thought hot dirty thoughts to keep his Cock hard. All I could think is that Max had deliberately ruined my lifelong dream, the bastard. Max arrives at a small office in a sleazy part of L.A. He walks in and is met by a woman ‘Hi, tight fit productions. How can I help you?’

‘I’m here for the Porn audition, for a contract’ He replied with a Ron Jeremy smirk.
‘Oh sure yeah come through’.

STOP. This is the dream of Max. To fuck horny porn starlets for a living. Imagine the possibilities, wake up to a hard anal session. Then finger fuck a red head before being given a blowjob from heaven by a teen blonde. A bit of lunch followed by a threesome with two nasty ebony babes. Take the virginity of a nubile debutante before tea, and then finish the day by screwing seven shades of shit out of any pussy that comes near you. Max would be getting paid for doing what he loves, fucking. And I would be out of the picture permanently.

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