Mandy’s Netball Day

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The final whistle blew signalling the end of the netball match. Mandy and her friends ran towards each other and hugged.

The game had been the most important of the season and meant that the Manchester over 25’s team had enough points so secure victory in the league.

Mandy made her way to the changing rooms with the other girls, only to find that the showers weren’t working. She decided that it would be easier to go home and shower there.

Mandy’s boyfriend Luke was in the flat when she got back. “Hi Luke, we won!”

“Cool, well done, wow! still got the kit on then.” Luke sipped beer from a can, and offered Mandy one from the table.

“No babe, I’ll have one in a bit when I’ve showered. Bloody water was off again in the changing area.”

Mandy went over to the cupboard where the towels were kept, and as she bent to pick one up Luke got a great view of her gorgeous arse, clad in tight white panties underneath her very short pleated sports skirt.

He’d often fancied the idea of fucking Mandy in her netball kit, maybe, just maybe today.

Luke got up from his chair and put his arms around Mandy. “Lets both get sweaty before you shower, then we can both go in together, what do you say?”

“Mmmmm, canlı bahis sounds like a plan.” as she felt Luke’s hand sliding up the back of her short skirt and onto her knicker clad rump.

“Only if you talk dirty, and leave your kit on.” said Luke.

“Kinky sod!” said Mandy.

“Yep, I always wanted to screw you dressed like that,” said Luke.

“Only if you promise to be really naughty,” said Mandy.

“Now who’s being kinky?” said Luke.

“And if you’re really good…. You can have my…” Mandy paused and whispered into Luke’s ear. “You can have my bum.”

Luke’s cock was now rock hard and throbbing in the front of his jeans. He had been trying to persuade Mandy to let him fuck her arse for weeks.

He’d got as far as getting her to enjoy a finger up there, and now she was going to let him fuck her tight arse.

Mandy crawled onto the bed, and opened the bedside cabinet. She took out a jar of Vaseline. “Warm this up for a minute, just run it under the hot tap.” She said.

Luke took the jar into the bathroom and left the hot water running on it. When he got back to the bedroom, Mandy had arranged herself face down on the bed with a large pillow under her hips.

She’d pulled bahis siteleri her tight white knickers down to the top of her thighs, and was rubbing her shaven pussy with her fingers.

“I think the Vaseline should be ready now Luke.” giving a playful wink.

Luke pulled off his jeans and boxers, his erection springing free. Going back to the bathroom he took the jar from the sink. The Vaseline had melted to a warm slippery liquid.

“I really want this right now.” Mandy begged.

She then moved her fingers from her shaved mound and was rubbing the tight little anal hole.

“Now… I want it now!”

Luke could not believe what he was hearing. He’d talked about anal with his mates at work. They had said if a woman is made ready with lots of foreplay and preparation, she would enjoy the experience.

Now here was Mandy, his girlfriend of just six weeks, begging him to fuck her in the arse.

Luke opened the jar. The Vaseline was now warm and runny and he smeared plenty of it onto his erection.

Luke got into position behind Mandy, and started to work his greased cock slowly into her delicious rump.

Luke watched in awe, as the head of his cock pushed through the tight elastic ring of Mandy’s bahis şirketleri most private passage.

Mandy felt her arse being stretched open by Luke’s erection. Unknown to Luke, she was not an anal virgin, having been fucked in the rump by an Italian deejay on a girl’s holiday in Ibiza a few weeks before. She’d enjoyed that, but wished that the guy had been able to use some additional lube as well as his own spit and her love juices.

The feeling was incredible for Luke, as he felt the warm tightness squeeze around his. Mandy bucked her hips in unison to Luke’s thrusts as he buggered her.

Luke looked down, seeing his cock deep in Mandy’s bum, with her little skirt up round her waist and her tight white knickers stretched around the top of her thighs.

The sight was too much, and with an almighty grunt, Luke emptied the contents of his balls deep into Mandy’s arse. Jet after jet of hot sperm flooded into her tight anal cavity.

Mandy felt Luke’s cock spasm in her bottom. To her it felt as though gallons of cum were flooding into her tightest hole. At that very moment a wave of orgasmic bliss swept through her stomach, spreading from her clit, through to the sensitive nerve endings in her back passage.

Luke lay on top of Mandy and kissed her neck, and allowed his racing heartbeat to slow down. His now limp cock slipped from her arse.

Mandy smiled her cheeky smile at Luke and said, “Let’s have that shower now babe.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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