Managing Partner

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We had worked together for nearly Eight years. I knew her husband and each of her four children. They went to school with my two in a charter schools near where we lived. Lynn and I socialized but I would not say she was a close friend or anything like that. Perhaps mentor would be a better term to describe our relationship. She was a Managing Partner of the company I worked for. That meant simply that she was god and got what she wanted.

Lynn and I had memberships at the same gym and I occasionally saw her there. She and I both worked hard at keeping ourselves in shape and it showed more on her than me. Lynn is slender, I am chubby. Lynn was small busted I was…shall we say… big. The family genes meant that at 42 years old I already had my moms 40 DD bust. Double sports bras kept them somewhat under control and minimized but still I was always self-conscious. Well, I have seen Lynn naked in the shower so I can attest to her great body but she has seen me as well so there are no secrets.

I had considered breast reduction surgery but my hubby was very much against it. He always kidded me about how much he loved my “Dolly’s.”

I was one on the top sales executives in my office. I’m not sure why they call us executives. There is nothing executive about selling. Sometimes I think they should call us sales prostitutes. I learned early on in this business that you have to have fairly low self esteem to sell. I’m not proud that I occasionally use the fact that I am an attractive woman to close the deal. Yes I have even gone as far as allowing certain clients to do things I would not want my husband to know about. Dear reader, I am glad I got that out early in this story it will make it easier to tell the rest of the story.

Ok, the truth is I have always been a slut but I think that is genetic as well. I love sex and sometimes sex finds me unexpectedly. My husband knows I’m a bit of a slut and that I think is one reason he married me. I’m pretty sure however that he thinks our wild days are behind us now that we have children but the truth casino şirketleri is not so clear. There was a time when he reaped the benefit of my friends when I brought home a girlfriend of even the occasional man. But that was then and those days are behind him.

Now about Lynn. Lynn is older than me, perhaps in her late fifties early sixties. She always complains about her fat lazy husband and most often has an “I have not had an orgasm in a long time” attitude but I like her a lot. She has the drive and determination necessary to make her successful. She invited me to accompany her to a corporate meeting, a week long affair in the Caribbean. She told me to consider it a husband bonus, she didn’t want to bring her husband and I didn’t have to bring mine.

Beautiful resort. Great meeting agenda and fantastic food. What more could a girl ask for.

After the meetings and dinner one evening Lynn and I walked the beach. In a surprise moment of openness and candor Lynn told me she was divorcing her husband. This was a huge deal for her. She had four almost adult children and even two grandchildren. She explained that over the last several years they had drifted apart and she recently found out that he had a lover on the side, a man.

I was surprised. I had met him and never would have guessed he was gay but then how can you tell?

Lynn must have read my mind because she continued to explain that the guy was someone they had met long ago and that they both had been involved with. She said that she and her husband were both bisexual and had a brief sexual affair with the man and his wife.

I was really surprised to learn that Lynn was bi. Really surprised but…not surprised when she asked if I would like to go back to her room.

As we walked she reached out and took my hand. I let her and held her hand in mine.

As we neared the hotel elevators she looked at me and said: “Robin, maybe this is not a good idea. You don’t have to do this.”

No one was near but I leaned in and whispered: “I know, but I have casino firmaları seen you naked and I want to do this.”

The elevator opened and we entered. I expected her to kiss me or do something, anything but she just stood there waiting for the floor to arrive. We exited the elevator and walked to her room. Not a word.

As we entered her room she said she had to use the bathroom. As she walked away I went over and opened the balcony doors. Her room had a spectacular view of the entire resort and the ocean beyond.

I heard the bathroom door close and felt her more than saw her standing beside me. She spoke softly as she said: “I’m sorry, I have never done this before and I’m not sure what to do.”

I could not believe my ears. This self confident, successful woman alone in a room with another woman who has tacitly agreed to have sex the her doesn’t know what to do? Damn!

I turned toward her and hugged her and whispered: ” I know” and kissed her, gently.

She returned my hug and as her mouth opened partially I felt her tongue on my lips.

As I continues to hug and kiss her I was pushing her back toward the bed. She stopped me and began to take my clothes off. I had on a dress so she turned me and unzipped the length. As I started to remove it she told me to wait. She took it off my shoulders and lowered it to my waist only. She then unfastened my bra and took it off.

She was still standing behind me and when I started to turn to face her she stopped me and reached around me to touch my breasts. Lynn then lifted my dress back up and zipped it up. I was braless but still in my dress. She then lifted the skirt of my dress and pulled down my panties. I kicked off my shoes and she removed my panties. She lowered my dress skirt. I was naked under my dress. She then pushed me to the bed and told me to asked me to sit on the edge.

For the life of me I could not understand what she was doing. She stood in front of me and slowly took her clothes off. Completely naked she walked over to me and took my hands and güvenilir casino put them on her breasts. They were small and firm but soft and yielding at the same time. She had small very pink aroela but I though rather long nipples. Just lovely.

As I touched her nipples she told me to pinch them. As I did, they seem to extend a little. I so wanted out of that damn dress. Lynn surprised me when she told me simply “pinch them harder, much harder.”

I did as she said but I could see from her face that I was causing her some pain so I let up a little.

She looked at me and said: “Robin, pinch them as hard as you can! Please give me what I need, please.”

I did as she asked. I became concerned when she told me to twist them but again did as I was told. Tears were streaming down her face when she told me to stop. As soon as I did she shook violently and almost dropped to her knees. She took my hand and put it on her pussy. She was soaked. She had had an orgasm. She said: “See what you did? My turn.”

She lifted my dress, dropped to her knees, and went under it. I could not see her but I felt her push my legs apart and lick me. She pushed my legs up so my dress fell across my face and licked my butt hole. She was very good at this and I felt it building. When she sucked my clit and flicked it with her tongue it washed over me. I moaned and she knew I had had an orgasm.

As I recovered she removed my dress and buried her face between my breasts sucking and kissing them and telling me how beautiful they were. After a while she said “Will you help me again?”

I asked her what she wanted and she said “Spank my pussy!”

I looked at her and asked what she meant.

She explained “Spank my pussy like you would my behind.”

I was laying beside her and I did as she said but it was all I could do to halfheartedly give it a gentle slap.

She looked at me and said: “No, like this, Please Robin do it for me.” She took her hand and slapped my thigh hard and it stung.

I tried one. She moaned but said “Harder and faster.”

I did as she said several times and she put her hand up to stop me and she was squirting all over the bed and having a huge very loud orgasm.

We showered, changed to the other bed and kissed and sucked each other to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32