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I sat at the hotel bar waiting. Nervous. I slammed down the shot hoping for liquid courage as I tried to talk myself out of what I had come for. I felt a hand on the back of my neck and a finger slid across my jaw. I looked up in the bar mirror and my stomach tightened as my nipples grew so hard they hurt. Lust slammed me.

He wasn’t the same boy I had been with all those years ago. He was older now and filled out. He took up space like he owned it, he breathed confidence. He had no anxiety about what we were here for, as he had put it, “we had unfinished business.” God did we ever.

I felt my panties drench in the same lust I had felt for this man for over twenty years. There was no talking myself out of anything now, I wanted him buried inside of me.

He whispered, “Let’s go.” his voice deeper then I remembered.

I slid off the bar stool and followed him to the elevator. We didn’t speak, there were no words necessary. I had loved this man and yearned for him my whole life. Since laying eyes on him as a kid, it had been a game of cat and mouse. Back and forth through our teenage years. Even as married adults we would make contact and always the sexual tension was so thick between us you could taste it.

He wasn’t the type of man any one woman would ever be able to keep on a leash. Even as a young girl, I knew no single woman would ever be able to please this man. I had told myself that moving on was for the best. I knew my heart couldn’t take wondering what he was out doing. Yet, like a hypocrite I stood here about to betray my husband.

I had never been faithful though, because the man who stood before me had always been there. He had occupied my thoughts almost every day. No matter what lover I took and later, my husband, he was always there. Now here he was and my plan was simple, fuck this man out of my system. Get the lust, the want, the need that I had carried for him out.

I put the key card in the door and in the back of my head a million thoughts crossed my mind. But none of them mattered, I wanted him. I dropped my purse on the desk in the room and suddenly felt him on me. In a matter of seconds he had me face first on the desk, I felt the weight of his body on me. He was strong. With one hand firmly around my back he pinned me down, my short dress was up and my panties around my ankles.

I heard his zipper as his pants dropped. I squirmed, trying to get a view of him, but he held me firmly in place. I felt his other hand rub up my bahis firmaları thigh and over my ass. I was a strong woman, I always took charge. I knew this should piss me off, but with him, every rule could be broken. I had never wanted a cock inside me more than I did now.

Then he was in me, hard, thick, deep. I whimpered from the sheer pain and pleasure that I was lost in. He pounded me over and over while keeping me pinned down to that desk. He was firm and forceful, in and out; over and over his cock filled me. As he finally came, he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me up to him. His face was in my hair and I could hear him panting. His arm was firmly around my chest and the other hand was unzipping the back of my sundress. He let go of me and my dress hit the floor.

I had always been shy. Although I had a million fantasies about him, those teenage insecurities bled from me. It shouldn’t matter. This was a mission to burn him out of my system, yet pleasing this man on every level was all that mattered. I realized, I needed him to think about me, with every cell in his body, with any woman he would ever be with. I sure as hell wasn’t going to be a memory on a desk. I wanted nothing more than to rock his fucking world.

I turned around to face him. I was naked and exposed. Looking into his eyes I kicked off my high heels and wrapped my arms around his neck. I pulled him down to me and pushed my tongue into his mouth. All these years and I remembered the way he tasted like it was yesterday. I made quick work of his shirt, then shoved him down on the bed. It was my turn.

As he laid back in the bed he gave me that mischievous grin I remembered growing up. I half smiled, because that grin always meant dirty thoughts. I wanted to fill his head full of me, and I could tell he was wanting it as bad as I was. I crawled slowly up the bed in a low crouch.

I slowly dipped down to let my breast rub up his legs. I knew my ass was high in the air and he had always been an ass man. As I reached his cock I lingered for a second. I breathed deeply, trying to control the need I had to just straddle him and take him inside me. I ran my tongue one long gentle stroke up the shaft of his dick. He grabbed my head and tried to push me to take him in my mouth. I pushed him away and I sat up to straddle him.

When I tried to speak my voice had dropped to a low throaty growl, over taken with lust. “No, you had your turn, now it’s mine.”

He sprang up wrapping his arms kaçak iddaa around me in an attempt to flip me over, but no fucking way was I going to let him be in control. I locked my thighs down hard on his sides, again another wave of heat rushed through me. He wrapped his arms around me and slid his tongue in my mouth. I had to fight for control. I wanted to let him take me, but I also knew the woman I had become was not going to be pushed around in the bedroom. I pushed him back.

“I told you, it is my turn.”

I looked at him lying under me and didn’t even know where to start. I had so many things I wanted to do to him. I slid my tongue over his chest, his arms came up and in an instant I had them pinned down to the bed. I stared hard into his eyes.

“I said, don’t fucking move till I tell you to.”

I leaned down and started at his neck, kissing him. I wanted to remember the way his skin smelled; tasted. Fuck, no I didn’t I wanted to fuck him out of my system, right!?

I lowered my breast over his mouth, letting him suck my nipple. My body arched with anticipation. Fuck, I wanted him again. As I squirmed losing control I felt his hands on my ass. Fuck control. His face was buried in my breast and his hands were tight on my ass.

I raised up to let his cock slid in me once more, slowly lowering myself down on him. His head feel back on the bed, hands firmly on my breast. I braced myself against him arms and slowly began working circles with my hips and I slid up and down his shaft. I tighten the muscles in my pussy to add to his pleasure. I wanted to please him on so many levels. I saw him building up for a climax, so I quickly slid off of him.

I grinned with satisfaction. Yeah, I was definitely better at this now, then I had been as a stumbling awkward 18 year old girl. On all fours, knowing that was his favorite way to take a women, I crawled down his body. I gently took his balls in my hand, stroking them. His legs parted as I made my way down.

I lightly licked his balls, working each of them in my mouth, burying my face in them. I felt his hands in my hair and I began to rub my clit as I took his cock deep in my mouth. I worked up and down him, sucking and twisting my mouth around it with every pass. I knew I was going to climax, as I did I took him deeper in my mouth so as I came, his dick would be buried in my throat.

As i came down from the orgasm on all fours, panting, I felt him shift in the bed. Oh fuck no, I threw my leg over his kaçak bahis chest pinning him down.

“Stay the fuck down.”

I straddled him backwards. I slid down his cock working my hips in small circles, as I moved up and down, I made damn sure my ass was moving to give him the view he wanted. I braced myself on his legs and began to increase in speed, with deliberate long strokes. I felt his hands tighten on my hips and tension move into his body.

I leaned back into an arch, grabbing his hands and wrapping them around my breast. His fingers worked my nipples as I worked him over and over. God he could go forever, I rode him nice and steady until I heard him say one word, “GO.” and I slid off him. It looked like he was about to burst, I couldn’t help but laugh as I turned around to straddled him once more. I wanted to see his face when he came. I wanted to stare in those eyes I had longed for and see him explode.

I started slowly riding him, taking my time, grinding with every thing I had. When I couldn’t control myself any more, I fucked him hard and fast, slamming up and down his cock. My thighs burned because his ability to hold off his climax was breaking me. I felt sweat running down my back and knew I was about to come again. This was almost a hate fuck, How I had let one man get under my skin so deep? I let out a moan and the orgasm was so intense my body locked up and tremors went through me. I couldn’t move.

He took that open window to flip me over. Every ounce of control I had was done. I wanted him to take me. I wanted him to own me. He slapped my ass and pulled me to him. I felt his strong hands on my hips as he adjusted me to where he wanted me. Then I felt him slid in me. The same slow strides I had given to him, he would torture me with. I whimpered with need. I wanted a good hard fucking, but this would be on his time and not mine.

He toyed with me, going deep then shallow. I would push back to try and force him in deeper, but he was stronger then me. He had me in his grasp and there wasn’t a fucking thing I could do. When he was ready he picked up the pace. Going deeper and harder, I could hardly hold myself up as he finally gave me everything he had.

My face hit the pillow, my ass in the air. He grabbed my hair to pull my face up and I felt his mouth on my neck. I felt the orgasm hit me like nothing ever had. I knew in that moment, there was never going to be a day I would put him behind me.

When he finally came, I collapsed exhausted. I knew that tomorrow when I drove back home he would still fill my thoughts. He would still be everywhere. He was like a drug to me. I knew I could never break that addiction, no matter how long we were apart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32