Loving the Butt Man

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“Lift your legs and hips higher honey, I don’t want your cunt I want your ass-hole!”

My jaw must have dropped in shock at his words. Never had a man spoken so directly to me, and on the first time in bed together. To be honest on our first date – well sort of first date. Ever since David my husband left me I had spent my evenings downtown in singles bars.

At first it had been as an antidote to the emptiness of the house that had been our home. When David left it was as if he had removed the soul from that house, all that had been left to me was an empty shell and a heap of haunting memories. Every room, every piece of furniture had it’s story – a story that featured David as well as me. I could even recall him using my make-up mirror before we went to a fancy-dress party the Christmas before last.

Before David left I had been a moderate social drinker. I drank at parties, hardly ever at home unless it was a very special occasion in which case I’d have a glass of wine with my meal. I had never walked into a bar alone, nor had I ever drunk alone. Since he had gone nearly every evening I walked into a bar alone. I always had a bottle in the house, just in case. I rarely left a bar alone.

For me the question was not should I kiss on the first date, it was do we go back to his place or mine. I didn’t think that I was promiscuous by nature, just that promiscuity ensured I had a companion for the night, and when I awoke in the small hours I did not experience the terror of being alone.

I have to admit that I had fast gained a reputation as an easy-lay, and in my state of mind I did not care a damn. David might have traded me in for a younger model – a twenty year old bimbo typist who came to work in his office, an air-head with long legs and big tits – but I kept my self-esteem because I could get a man any time I wanted, and I proved this to myself every night.

I met Jasper in one of my usual watering holes, the “Palm Bar” – a dive if ever there was one. I had seen him around but never gotten round to talking to him. Now lying bahis firmaları on the bed with him kneeling between my legs and those words ringing in my ears I tried to recall what I had heard about him. “Come on honey either lift your hips and legs or roll over. I want your ass.” He repeated.

I had tried anal with David once, before he even got it in it had hurt and we had stopped, and fucked in the regular way. “I’ve never done it, you’ll hurt me.” I looked at his cock, I reckon it is about average size, but at that moment it looked like a monster. “I can’t take that.”

“I won’t hurt you.” His voice was gentler now. “A little bit of lube, you relax and it will slip in with no trouble.”

“I tried once and it hurt.”

“Trust me I am an expert, I have never hurt a woman.”

“I don’t know.” I replied adding, “why not just do it the regular way?”

“Honey call it a kink or whatever I am the Butt Man either I fuck your ass or I don’t fuck you at all.”

What a choice – I mean the guy was good looking, he had been buying me drinks all evening. In the seclusion of the booth and in the cab home his hands had been everywhere and I was wet and hot. My cunt was wet. My nipples as hard as metal jacket bullets. I could feel my erect clitoris throbbing. Now Jasper was moving as if he was going to get out of the bed. “Hey man where are you going?” I asked.

“Honey I ain’t going to force you, but if you don’t want me to fuck your ass, I am out of here.”

‘I am out of here’. His words pierced me to the core. Once again I was being rejected. Even the pain of his cock splitting me open would be less than the pain I knew I would feel if my bed was empty tonight. I lifted my legs and hips, curled my spine until my toes were beside my ears. “Is that how you want me?”

“Honey that position is absolutely fine.” Jasper replied as he anointed me with the cold, slippery lube.

“Mind you use plenty of that lube. Please Jasper be gentle remember I am still a virgin.” As I said the words I recognized how ridiculous they kaçak iddaa sounded. Me Sal the woman who never went home alone protesting her virginity. Sal who on some occasions had balled two men in a day – not doing threesomes, I am not kinky like that – but one after a lunchtime drinking session and one at night.

I think it was the laughter that broke the tension, he sort of smiled. “Honey you have got a sense of humor.”

I was still smiling when I felt the pressure against my ass, then I felt the stretching. “Relax honey.” He said in the kind of low voice men use to encourage a horse. His movement was more of a press than a thrust. I was amazed – I actually felt my annal ring snap shut once the big head of his cock had entered me, I could feel it closing onto the thinner shaft.

He was really considerate, more considerate than the boy who had taken my virginity. “I’ll stop like this a while, let you get kinda acclimatized to it being in you.” He said, leaning forward he fastened his lips over mine and gave me a long open mouthed, tongue exploring kiss. The kiss took away the pain all that I felt was a warm wanted glow. “You ready now, just stay relaxed honey.” He whispered in my ear as his shaft glided into me.

I wondered what I had been worrying about, the discomfort was nothing compared to the wonderful warm full feeling I had. Then he began to move, gently at first, with every movement his hard pubic bone rubbed against clitoris. Now I wanted him. “Faster … do it faster … don’t stop slam it into me … don’t worry about hurting me I just want every bit of you …” As I urged him on I wondered at my words was this really me saying, don’t worry about hurting me? It was true I could not get enough of his cock – and the most fantastic thing was I could feel every bit that was inside me.

The moment of orgasm arrived, that familiar break – I can only liken to a needle being lifted from a record – the moment when I always fear the promise will not be fulfilled. The needle was back in the groove. My orgasm exploded from me, I felt kaçak bahis the juices running from my gaping empty cunt flowing everywhere, so much I thought I had peed myself. Still he was moving.

I enjoy multiple orgasms, but too few men can last the pace, I thanked the lord that Jasper was not one of those men as he fucked me into a second orgasm. The third rode over the second like a breaking wave. I was rolling in an orgasmic surf when I felt my bowels filling with his come.

He held me tight, his softening cock still embedded in me. “If you can keep relaxed we can stay like this until I get hard again.” He said between kisses.

“I’d like that.” I replied the next time my lips were free.

Wow! This is unreal. I thought when I felt myself being stretched once again, as his cock began to swell. I think it was at that moment that I knew anal sex was the best, I mean have it in your cunt and they come get soft and fall out with a plop.

I had hardly got over my surprise that he had stayed in me before he was drilling me all over again. This time there was no first cliff-hanger orgasm, I raced into a series of orgasms that came on so fast I could not identify a single one. My hands were scrabbling uncontrollably. I could feel his hard body slamming into my spread sex, squelching against my wet cunt until he came again. “I think we should stop for a while.” He said.

It was only when he sat on the bed beside me that I saw what I had done. Blood streamed from the scratches across his back. “Oh Jeez!” I exclaimed. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. Honestly Jasper I did not know I was doing it.”

He smiled. “You never said nothing about the wild-cat in your bed.”

“That is because no one has ever released it before.” I replied with a contented smile, wallowing in my sexual ecstasy I suddenly thought about Jasper. “Did I do O.K? Did you enjoy it?”

“Honey for a virgin you were great.”

I toyed with his limp cock, “I hope I am going to get more when it is hard again.”

“Honey that is one thing you can be sure of, but would you do me one little favor.”


“Trim that damned wildcat’s claws or I’ll be needing to increase my medical insurance.” I love the crinkly creases around his eyes when he laughs.

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