Looking for a Gentle Hand Pt. 02

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As I lay watching her sleep. I thought back over the past hour or so. Did this actually happen, or was I in a very wet dream. I’m brought back to the present as she begins to stir. Her sparkling eyes and sleepy smile greeted me. “Hey there you have a good nap” I said with a smile. As she rolled over on her back she responded “you still here?” Where else would I be? What kind of gentleman would I be to make love and sneak out. Besides we have unfinished business. “Oh we do now” she replied. As I leaned over and we began to kiss. “Exactly” there’s a whole side that has not received much attention at all.

I began to shower her with kisses. As I gently rubbed her body in an act of worship. As I kissed her neck I could tasted the sweat from the romp we had earlier. I began to lick her neck and suckle her ears one then the other. Feeling her taunt body under my hand I began to track down her body paying close attention to every inch. As I approached her breast and kiss circles around her nipple I did the same with my hand on the other breast. Her breathing became sharp and rapid. I began to nibble one nipple as I applied pressure to the other. She let out a low moan and ran her fingers through my hair pressing my mouth firmly onto her tit.

Wow this Goddess was allowing this hungry soul to feast of her perfect body. How could you not feel that you’d been swift off to a spiritual world of ecstasy. She had flavored her flesh with the salty sweat of our love. Enhancing the pleasure of every lick every kiss. As I continued to pay homage anadolu yakası escort to this being I couldn’t help but think the only way she gave birth to four sexy daughters and have the body she does was to be a God.

I made my way down her flesh to the top of her mound. I left trails of kisses down one side and then the other. Her legs begin to open like gates to the celestial city. I could taste the sweat and cum and smell a fresh fragrance drawing me into a trancelike state. Licking the bends of her legs avoiding the entrance to endless pleasures I washed her flesh with my tongue. This caused her to spread her legs wider squirming trying to meet my advances. As she whimpered I could stand it no longer. Starting with her well manicured muff I began to pull at it with my lips each time closing the distance to her clit. Once I made contact she let out a squeak and a sigh. As my tongue flicked her clit I ran a finger inside with no resistance. Her sweet nectar was already wetting the sheets for the second time this morning. As I teased her clit I massaged her G spot. She began to buck back and forth. I began to suck and pull on her clit as I continued working her g spot. The nectar was dripping from my hand by this point. I could feel her body starting to tense up with soon coming climax. I quickened my pace tipping her over the edge. I continued that pace till she began to calm down.

I move back to her side with soft kisses to her neck. Bringing my arm up between her legs placing my ataşehir escort forearm over her well lubed pussy. Slowly I twisting back and forth against her slot she began to hum an moan. I changed motions too an up and down stroke. Without losing my cadence I brought the knuckle of my thumb to rest in her slot. Again twisting my knuckle respreading her cum lubing my thumb. I buried it in her cunt and position myself that as I came out I would touch her clit. With each pump I would quicken my thrust. To which she responded “oh wow I’ve never been thumb fucked before” as she meet each thrust with a passion. She started in a low tone “don’t stop, don’t stop and grew louder each time in unison her hips began to rise from the bed like the morning sun until only her shoulders and feet were touching the sheets. She let out a scream and a fountain of sweet juice spewed forth. Once she settled back to earth she collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed.

It was then that I recognized that her hand was wrapped around my cock which to my surprise was hard well I could understand why with the erotic spell that was in the room at that point. Oh well let’s see what it will do. As I position myself she lifted her legs up to her breast. As I sank into the hot soaked pussy I couldn’t help but moan. Nothing had felt this good in a very long time. I lost all control. It was as if I floated above the bed looking down. I could see myself pounding this Goddess in sexual worship deserving of a god. Her fingers dug into the bed gripping ümraniye escort and pulling at the covers I felt her muscles contract around my shaft as she came. To my surprise I was stiff as when I started. As I watched her body still convulsing from her massive orgasm instinctively I flipped her over reentered her hot box. As I buried my cock deep into her gash she arched her back allowing me to go even deeper. Stroke after stroke my balls begin to tighten. Knowing I was close to spewing a load. I allowed her to decide where to put it. In a flash she flipped grabbing my cock letting it disappear into her mouth. I could feel as it hit the back of her throat and slide down till my balls were against her face. She was fucking my cock with her throat. Letting out a beastly growl I began to shot load after load of cum. After taking several shots she pulled her mouth from my cock and milked the rest of my load on her tits. Exhausted I lay back as I watched her spread my load over her breast then licking the rest from her hand.

Spent from a couple hours or so of fucking I cuddled her in my arms and we both drifted off to sleep. When we awoke the sun was setting. As she kissed my hand that no doubt was still soaked in her dry cum she ask me a question that floored me. “The next time I come do you mind if I bring brook?” Hmmmm not at all I replied as calm as possible.

Just turned 18 brook was a hot sexy baby faced teen dark complexion tits the size of her moms. Well they were hadn’t see her since her baby was born a year ago. “I want her to experience a day like we’ve had” she explained. Of course she want know who you are she will be blind folded when you arrive. I can’t wait to sink my cock into her satch. She’s never cared for me always looked at me in disgust. This will be fun I’ll keep notes and fill you in after it happens.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32