Ling , University Wrestler Pt. 06

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Ling (20 yrs.) is a Chinese American beauty (35-24-32) who walks naked from the Hotel bathroom and into the bedroom. Her magnificent butt-cheeks shake as she rubs her wet black hair with a towel. She steps in front of the mirror and bends over. Her thick, hairy pussy is still wet as it glimmers. Her fingers slip on high-heel shoes who then stands erect. The towel drops to the floor as both hands cup her tits.

She says, “I need a wrestler to keep me warm tonight.”

It’s Saturday morning inside the university gym. The out-of-town wrestling tournament runs smoothly even with so many competitive wrestlers. Asher (20 yrs.) stands at 5’8″ and weighs 149 lbs. He isn’t doing well and is quickly pinned on the mat. He lost and is angry about it. His head keeps shaking while his opponent’s hand is raised up as the winner.

Inside the locker-room showers. Asher stands under the water and lathers up his light blonde head with shampoo. His hands also lather up his thin, tight body. He leans into the water to rinse off his body. His cut muscles are visible. Asher bends down and lets the water splash over his back.

He whispers, “Shit. I gotta win my next match. I’m losing season points.”

On Saturday afternoon inside Asher’s hotel room. His iPhone sits by the TV which plays “Rap” escort ataşehir music. He walks out of the bathroom wearing only his boxer shorts. His eyes glance at the room phone on the table. A red light blinks.

He walks over and presses the message button.

A sexy voice is heard, “Hey Asher, I’m Ling. Sorry about your loss today. I’m in room 100. Come by tonight and let’s fuck.”

He is surprised by what he just heard.

It’s late Saturday night inside Ling’s Hotel room. The lights are all turned on. Asher’s iPhone sits next to the big screen TV. It plays “Rap” music.

Ling’s head hangs off the bed with her long hair reaching the floor. She’s naked and two pillows are placed under her buttocks. Her hairy pussy is raised into the air. Asher is naked too and his blonde head is in between her open legs. His right palm pushes her thick bush over and his left middle finger digs deep inside her wet cunt. His tongue licks the folds of her lips, up and down, and back again.

Ling pinches her nipples and screams, “Uhhh… Uh-Uhh… Uh-Uh-Uhhh… Uhhhhhh!”

His second finger inserts into her cunt. His tongue presses against the tip of her clitoris.

Her head jerks back and forth. A guttural sound comes from her mouth, “Uh-Uuuuhh… Uuuhh… Uuuuhh.!!” kadıköy escort bayan

His fingers dig deeper as his tongue concentrates on her clitoris.

She arches her back up a little more as her fingers pinch those nipples.

Lings yells, “Uuuuhh…! Gawd…! I’m Cumming!!”

An orgasm shoots through her body as her back bucks off the bed. Asher continues to hit that clitoris.

She explodes, “GAWD…! UHHHHHH…! UHHHHHH…! UHHH.!!”

Asher lifts up his head and pulls out his fingers. Ling comes down while her inner-thighs shake.

10 minutes later. The two pillows are laying on the floor. The “Rap” music plays a little louder.

Ling lays on her back with her hair spread above the head. Her knees are bent and spread open. Asher is laying on top of her leaning on his elbows just outside her shoulders. His blonde hair falls over his left eye.

His thick, 5 and ¾ -inch cock is buried inside her pussy. His hard buttocks bounce up and down into the air. He thrusts at a steady pace.

She responds, “Uh.. Uhh.. Uh.. Asher.. Like.. That.”

“Fuck.. You feel.. Fuck!” he says.

Asher keeps thrusting as his hips begin moving left to right. His tight butt-cheeks clench.

She says, “Gawd.. Right.. There.. There.” escort bostancı

“Ohh.. Fuck.. Ling.!” He replies.

She pushes her hips upward against his thrusting. His hips keep moving from side to side. Her right hand reaches down and grips his bouncing butt-cheek.

She groans, “Oh.. Gawd.. Gawd.. Uhhh.”

He doesn’t stop and says, “Fuck.. So.. Hot.!”

Their body heat is incredible. Asher stops his hips from going side to side. He picks up his pace as both of her hands grip his buttocks.

She responds, “Uhh. Uh-Uh. Uhhh. Uh-Uhh!”

“Fuck.. Can’t.. Hold it!” he says.

He thrusts a little harder and faster.

“Uhh-Uh-Uhhh-Uhh!” she says.

Asher explodes, “Uuuuuuuhh.! Fuuuuuckk.!”

He stops as both of them breathe hard. They French-kiss deeply.

She slaps his buttocks with both hands. He pushes off her body and pulls out his cock. He rolls onto his back.

His left hand reaches over and cups her tit.

He says, “Thanks, I needed that. I fucking lost my match today.”

“I saw it. Did you feel weak? He pinned you pretty fast” she replies as her face turns toward him.

He answers, “Yeah, for a fucking split second. That guy was fast and the fucker pinned me. I’m not mad about that. I’m ticked off for losing my season points.”

She whispers, “You want to get to the NCAA championships.”

He looks at her, “Yeah, I still have a chance.”

Asher climbs off the bed and pulls off the condom. He strides toward the bathroom as she watches his tight buttocks.

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