Lifeguard – A Summer of Sex Ch. 02

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It was one of those classic lazy summer afternoons, warm and sunny without being oppressively hot and just enough breeze to keep one cool without it being a full wind that blew stuff all over the place. I loved days like this and savoured them to the max whenever I could. Today, once I realized how wonderful it was going to be outside I called in sick at work saying I was not feeling well but hoping it was just a passing bug that would not keep me away from the office for long. I was pretty sure no one would believe me but didn’t much care. I am a pretty senior staff person at my company, old and experienced enough to be quite vital to the company fortunes yet with plenty of runway left and they wanted to keep me happy. A bogus day off here and there would be the least they could do.

My husband was away on a week-long business trip and my 22-year old daughter who still lived with us had decided at the last minute to head off to the coast with some friends for the weekend so I found myself delightfully alone. I puttered around the house a bit before finally mustering the courage to phone Kendra and invite her over. In a development that continued to shock me, we had fucked three times now, twice at the pool she worked at and once at her apartment. I had never considered myself a lesbian but had always been interested in women and there was something about her that just set me off. We had connected at some kind of primal level and hit it off in a way that was just stunning to me.

As fantastic as that was, I am a 49-year old woman and the idea of fucking anyone, let alone someone fifteen years younger, on a bench in the change room at the golf club pool was not something that appealed to me long-term. For sure I had enjoyed the first time and could not get over how Kendra made my pussy feel or how much I enjoyed drinking hers in. The second time was just pure wham bam thank you ma’am in a really quick 69 that made us both cum in less than five minutes because we were already so turned on. I hugely enjoyed it but it was tinged with just too much unease about being caught in a public place. Spicy though that idea was, the reality of being caught was just too much for me so I was super happy when Kendra invited me to her place for a long afternoon of sex last week while my husband was away again. I just told everyone at work that I was in meetings all day and not for the first time thought that the whole work from home thing in the pandemic sure comes in handy sometimes!

To my huge pleasure, when I had called Kendra in hopes that she was free she told me it was an off day for her and that she would bike over to my place shortly. As soon as I knew she was coming I ran to the shower to get all cleaned up and ready for her. I shaved my legs extra carefully as I knew she loved to rub them against hers. I spent more time than usual carefully soaping up my pussy shaving it carefully with great attention to detail. Kendra had a penchant for licking me right down to my asshole and back so I made an extra effort to lean back in the tub, put my legs up on the edge and carefully shave along not only my pussy lips and the area around them but also my taint and all around my asshole. I carefully trimmed the bush I liked to keep on my mons and made sure it was thick and luxurious enough to attract her eye but not too block her access to my clit in any way. It took me a fair bit of time in part because I could not resist dipping my finger into my vagina and rubbing my clit from time to time as I worked. I was determined not to let myself cum and while I nearly slipped a couple of times, I manage to hold strong in anticipation of Kendra’s arrival.

I had a hard time waiting for her and was so incredibly relieved when I finally heard the doorbell and rushed to open it. She stood there looking all youthfully energetic and enthused by her ride over. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes sparkled and her breasts heaved deliciously as she stood at my doorway. She was wearing a thin singlet style shirt and clearly had decided not to bother with a bra. Her tits were so firm and high it gave me a brief twitch of envy as I thought of my old and increasingly saggy ones. But the fact that I could see her nipples standing up hard and proud quickly made me forget about my own as I thought about sucking and kissing and licking hers. It was all I could so not to devour her on the spot.

Instead, I ushered her in, gave her a quick kiss and was about to show into the house when she made a point of stopping, and pushing me up against the wall beside the door and giving me a deep and searching kiss of her own. She leaned into me firmly and made sure I could feel her pussy grinding against mine as she plunged her tongue into my mouth. I was already hot with anticipation for her arrival and that kiss just made my pussy flood with lust. I wanted her so badly already.

“There is plenty more where that came from” she told me with a grin as she drew back from me.

I felt just kaçak iddaa limp up against the wall but recovered quickly enough to catch up to her.

“We can do the house tour later” I said to her as I took her hand to lead her into the kitchen and out onto the pool deck.

I lived in a fairly big house with a huge and quite secluded backyard. Years ago we had installed an oversized in-ground pool with a large jacuzzi style hot tub on the deck and I had to admit, my husband and really done a good job designing it all and overseeing the project. The result was a great pool area with total privacy, a nice deck and a little cabana area to sit in if it rained or to just get out of the sun or whatever.

It clearly impressed Kendra. “Holy crap this is beautiful Marsha” she exclaimed as she stepped out on to the pool deck.

She almost literally skipped around the deck to check it all out and as she ran along, her tits bounced before my eyes making me want her right there and then. Her tight little ass was on full display under the skiimpy shorts she had chosen and I was eager to just rip them off her and was thinking about how to go about doing so as she turned and started walking back toward me.

“So it seems that none of your neighbours can’t see us” she said to me as she came closer while still wearing her ear to ear grin.

She stopped about six feet from me and in one swift motion, lifted her singlet off to show me those beautiful tits I had been watching bounce along. As I had already seen, her nipples were as firm and hard as could be and seemed to be almost staring at me. She was clearly enjoying me looking at her and made a show of holding her tits up in her hands and briefly rolling her nipples in her fingers.

“They are all ready for you Marsha” she said in a voice that had suddenly turned a bit huskier.

“And so is this” she told me as she turned her back on me.

I heard her zipper go down and watched as she hooked her thumbs into the waistline of her shorts and with plenty of wiggling back and forth, started to shimmy them down off her ass. I was expecting to see some sexy thong or something but she was going total commando and her smooth taut butt emerged from her shorts to my intense enjoyment. I had run my hands over it many times in our previous encounters and knew it well but that certainty did not diminish my enjoyment of her teasing little reveal routine. Her pants slide down her long lean legs to fall in a heap at her ankles.

As she stepped out of them, she made a point of spreading her feet apart before bending at the waist to pick them up. She obviously knew exactly what she was doing as her pussy spread wide open for me to see as she bent down. She had tossed her little backpack on the deck table as she had come out to the deck and now she tossed her pants on top of it along with her skimpy little singlet. Naked before me as I stared into her invitingly open and gleamingly wet pussy, she still didn’t turn around toward me. Instead, she took a step forward and put her hands on the table and remained bent at the waist.

I had a hard time deciding whether to keep gazing into her pussy or to enjoy her beautifully rounded breasts hanging down free of all clothing as she leaned forward. She was clearly in a bossy mood today it seemed and she took the decision out of my hands. With a glance over her shoulder toward me, she let me know what the plan was.

“On the way over here, I was thinking I wanted to just kind of ease in to sex with you today and just enjoy your company. But as soon as I saw you at the door, I just wanted to fuck you. I just can’t wait. We can chit chat later and have a nice day by the pool but right now I would love it if you would just get down and eat my pussy from behind.”

With that, she spread her feet even further apart and hiked her ass up in a way that presented her pussy to me for totally easy access and consumption. I briefly noted to myself how similar our thinking was and that we were, yet again, so totally in synch. But then I wasted no time in following her directions and was on my knees behind her in an instant. We kept a supply beach towels out by the pool and I grabbed one to cushion my knees. I shoved my face right in between the cheeks of that gorgeous ass. I could taste the salt of the mild sweat she had built up on the ride over as licked her crack all the way up to the base of her back.

I reached up and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them even wider for me. I was pretty sure she had gone through the same routine as me this morning as her little brown bud was totally hairless and smooth. I flicked it lightly with my tongue and felt her flinch with pleasure. With a couple more licks to tease her, I dove right in and concentrated on licking all around her butthole in a way I had never done with anyone before. I poked in and out with my tongue folder over to make it feel thicker as I probed her while keeping her ass wide open with my hands. She started to moan and to kaçak bahis slowly grind her ass on my chin as I licked her. I could tell that as much as she was liking this, her pussy was begging for attention. I could feel my own getting wetter and wetter by the moment and knew I needed to get her tongue and fingers in me before long.

But right now, I was just totally zoned in on her. I worked my tongue down from her asshole to the opening to her vagina. It was gaping open and wet for me and I licked all around the entrance, sucking and nibbling gently on her pussy lips as they pulsed before me. I could hear her breath quicken and she started to squirm even more and I figured that her orgasm was not far off. I moved my tongue on to her clit and drew it into my mouth to suck on. It was not a time for gentle and subtle lovemaking. I sucked hard on her clit and simultaneously shoved my two middle fingers into her hot wet hole. That did it for sure and she screamed out my name as she came as hard as I had ever seen someone cum. She shuddered and bucked against my face and as she reached her crest my clit sucking obviously became just too much to take and she straightened up and took a short step toward the table.

She noticed one of our chaise longue chairs just to her left and literally collapsed into it. She started to laugh and giggle almost uncontrollably as she looked over to me as I kneeled before her.

“My god you are so good at that” she said through her laughs. “I’m not laughing at you, I just feel so good and such pure joy I can’t help myself. But one thing that is not pure joy is all those clothes you are wearing so get them off right away” she commanded me in with another chuckle.

I was happy to follow her commands in this new bossy mode she was in and quickly doffed my top and added it to the pile. I was about to just slip my shorts off but figured I would replay her little show for me and turned around to show her my ass as I took them off.

“Mmmm…. Fresh pussy for me” she purred.

She hopped out her chair and I marveled yet again at her youth and energy. One minute she is collapsed on the chair in post-orgasmic bliss, the next she is up bopping around. Before I realized what she was doing she had whipped the cushion off the chair, thrown it down on the deck and laid out on it before me.

“Squat down over my face and let me eat you” she barked as she kept in full fledged boss mode.

I was unsure which way to face but decided to approach her so that I could lower my pussy on to her face while looking down at her tits and her beautiful body. She was impatient with me and reached up to grab around my hips and pull my pussy down on to her mouth. Like me, she was not interested in a slow and graceful approach and attacked my pussy with her mouth. To my pleasant shock, she actually nibbled on my pussy lips and gave them a bit of a nip with her teeth. She plunged her tongue deep into my vagina and just as I had earlier, licked all around my entrance. She cocked her neck just a little bit so that she could access my clit and savaged it with her lips sucking and pulling on it in a way that would probably have actually hurt a bit if it went on for too long but just felt beyond belief heavenly in the moment. I leaned forward and pinched one of her hard erect nipples between my thumb and forefinger and started squeezing it in the same rhythm she was using to suck my clit. At the same time, I slid my other hand down her stomach and across her freshly shaven mons and into her sopping wet pussy. Even though her mouth was full of my pussy, I could hear her whimpering in pleasure again.

“O fuck Marsha I’m going to cum again if you keep that up” she managed to grunt out before re-attaching her mouth to my clit.

“Good, cuz so am I” I shouted to her so loud I was worried the neighbours would hear.

But to be honest, I was beyond all caring. As she seemed to be trying to swallow my clit whole, my orgasm started to surge like a never ending wave and seemed to possess my whole body. My ass felt like it was on fire and my whole body was tingling. My pussy started to just gush into Kendra’s mouth and she finally let go of my clit so that she could slurp it all up. I could feel her pussy starting to tighten and clench on my fingers and we both hit the crest at the same time. I don’t know who came loudest and longest but it was pretty close to a tie regardless.

I shook so hard I could no longer stay in position above her mouth and just sort of slumped off to the side of her. We lay there head to foot on my deck, both totally gassed and amusingly enough, our positioning was such that our faces were close to each other’s sopping wet pussies. Before long, we struggled over to the pool and had a nice long naked swim together. We spent quite a nice afternoon, dipping in and out of the pool, lying around and chatting in the sun and even dozing off a bit. After a while though I couldn’t keep my hands off of her but was tired of fucking on hard illegal bahis surfaces and wanted a nice soft bed to play in.

“C’mon Kendra, let’s hit the sack” I laughed as I dragged her off to my room. And off we went!


I lay there in Marsha’s nice big soft bed, loving the feel of her beside me, her leg against mine, a few wisps of her hair lying across my face and the sun sort of dappling her skin as the wind blew the leaves on the trees just outside the bedroom window. In contrast to our rapid and hyper passionate sex on deck, which I had totally loved, this time we went at it slowly and gently and almost lovingly. I surprised Marsha completely when I pulled a couple of dildos out of my bag and we had a pretty good time with them as we gently played with each other’s bodies. I had worked the bigger of the two of them in and out of her pussy in a slow and steady rhythm that I realized she just loved. It was exquisite to watch the pleasure building in her, to see her face transformed and to feel her bucking and shuddering beside me as she came several times in rapid succession. She had fully returned the favour and now we were just chilling and enjoying each other’s company like two old friends.

That positive buzz was great but I was growing increasingly uneasy as I felt I just had to tell her about this major itch I needed to scratch. After she had just made me feel so great about ten different ways, it just seemed so harsh and almost mean to tell her that what I really wanted so badly now was cock. Not to replace her, but as the session with dildos had underlined for me even more, I needed to feel a big hard cock in my pussy. I wanted to be pounded from behind. I wanted to ride a cock hard at my own pace, and have it penetrate me as far and as fast as I wanted it to. I wanted to feel one in my mouth, growing harder and harder as I sucked it. And I wanted to feel hot fresh cum on my tits and in my mouth for me to taste it as I swallow it all down. I had a major cock craving of the worst kind and I needed to tell Marsha about it somehow but was afraid to offend her.

I was wrestling with how to break it to her when I felt her fingers running along my side gently from my shoulder down to my hip in a way that was both a caress and a means of getting my attention.

“Hey there daydreamer” Marsha said as she leaned into me with a smile. “I know this is going to sound super weird and I hope you won’t be pissed off or judge me but can I run an idea by you?”

“Of course” I replied with a tone of concern. I was worried that she was going to suddenly tell me she had left her husband and wanted to marry me or something.

“Well, as you can obviously tell, I am crazy about you and your pussy and love what you do to me, how you make me feel and how you make my pussy respond in ways it never has before.”

“Yeeees” I said in a questioning sort of tone.

“But, and I really don’t want you to be offended, what I also really super need and want right now is a stiff hard cock to suck and fuck and play with and swallow cum from. My husband and I have not had sex in ages and as wonderful as this last couple of weeks as been with you, and as great as today has been too, it has re-awakened things in me and made really just want to fuck a man so badly I can hardly stand it. Are you mad at me for saying that?”

I just couldn’t help it. I started to literally laugh out loud before she had even finished and was just in a full on belly laugh by the time she asked me her question. That was obviously not the response she was expecting and I could tell that I had hurt her feelings by seeming to totally mock her and make fun of her.

“No, no no, come back here” I said to her as she pulled away from me with a hurt expression. I quickly reached out to take her hand and pull her back toward me.

“I’m so sorry for laughing, I was not laughing at you at all, I was laughing at myself and your timing. Without a word of a lie I was just lying here struggling away trying to figure out a way to gently and nicely tell you that even though today and all our other times together were so awesome, what I am desperately craving is a big fat hard cock in my pussy. And then you go and tell me the very same thing!”

With that we were both giggling away like crazy for a couple of minutes before she grew serious again.

“But there is a bit more I have to add to that” she almost whispered as she actually started to turn red with what seemed like embarrassment.

“Really? Do tell madame.”

“Well, when I said I want cock, it is not just any cock. I actually have a very specific one in mind”

That set me off laughing again and it took me a minute or so to calm down enough to start listening to her properly again.

“Well, you know my daughter Katie who you have seen at the pool with me a bunch of times.”

“Of course” I replied. “What does she have to do with a specific cock?”

“Well late last summer, she had a friend over for dinner. A really nice young guy who she said is on the Varsity swim team. I took one look at him and had no trouble believing that. Great big upper body, and a tight little ass I could bounce a quarter off.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32