Life Changing Massage Pt. 01

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Please note, the following story is light on sexual activity. It is more of a start to a series. Thanks and enjoy.

I’m somewhat of a regular at Tonya’s Day Spa. I enjoy getting a relaxing massage occasionally. Tonya is a good friend of mine from school. We have probably known each other going on 40 years now. Tonya built a nice practice in our hometown and even managed to create another branch, plus two more locations in another town not far away.

I had made an appointment for this coming Monday afternoon and was greeted by Tonya when I arrived. Tonya, while not my normal massage therapist, always made sure to say hello to me if she was around. Today, she not only told me hello, but also told me that she sold her business to a large national chain. She was looking forward to retiring at the ripe age of 50. While extremely happy for my friend, I was not looking forward to the prospect of this change.

After my massage, I went home to cry on my wife’s shoulder, so to speak, and she was disappointed as well. My wife gave as honest an effort as possible when she said, “We have been lucky having this wonderful business here in town and can only hope for the best. Besides, Tonya is awesome and has worked her ass off, she deserves this.”

Of course I knew she was right. I would just have to live with it. And I was very happy for my friend.

The new company came in and shut the place down for a few weeks for remodeling. When they opened, it was a very business like atmosphere missing the “homey” local decor and touches that were a staple in Tonya’s shop. A lot of the employees stayed on and some new came into town. I made an appointment and was told it would be with Jenny, a new employee. I committed myself to going into the appointment with an open mind, but was not enthusiastic. I mean, who really likes change?

When I arrived, there was a new receptionist who did not know my name. Strike one. After giving my name, I had to take a seat and wait for my massage. After fifteen minutes of waiting past my appointment time, I was done. Strike two. I was not waiting around for strike three. I got up and told the receptionist that I was leaving. She was very polite and apologetic. She told me that one of the new therapists did not show up and they were shuffling appointments. She could have told me that up front and I would have at least been able to make a decision to stay or go.

As I was getting ready to walk out the door a voice calls out, “Mr. Richards, I am ready for you now.”

I turned around and before me I saw a very attractive woman, in her 20’s, black hair in a pony tail, wearing lavender scrubs. She had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen, and a twinkle in her eye. Needless to say, I decided to stay for my appointment.

“Hello Mr. Richards, a pleasure to meet you, I am Jenny.”

“Please, call me Mike,” I said staring into the most gorgeous green eyes.

As I followed her back to the room, my eyes scanned up and down the backside of her body. She was very well built at 5′ 5″. She could not be more than 120 lbs. But she had curves! Her lavender scrubs fit her as well as any tailor made clothing, and highlighted a wonderful looking ass. I felt my cock starting to swell, not good.

“Here we are, room six,” Jenny said, snapping me out of my trance. “Have you had a massage before?”

“Um, yeah,” was all I was able to utter. I was fearful she caught me staring at her ass. Although, I got to believe I was not the first to do so.

“OK then,” Jenny continued, “get undressed, and hop up on the table, I will be back in a few minutes.”

I entered the room, which seemed more like a doctors exam room, than a soothing area to relax, but what the ataşehir escort bayan hell. I got undressed, folded my clothes neatly, hopped up on the table, covered myself with the provided drape and then placed my face in the hole.

After a few minutes there was a knock on the door. A gentle voice called from the cracked open door, ” Are you ready? “

“Sure, come on in,” was my reply.

As Jenny approached the table she turned on some jazz music. “Are you having any trouble spots, or any areas that will need extra attention?”

“No, not really, I’m just here for relaxation,” I said.

“Ok then,” was the reply as Jenny started the massage at my head.

She provided a very nice and relaxing massage, one of the better massages I ever had, to be honest. We made some nice conversation. Well, she made most of the conversation. She told me how she was a single mother and that she has been with the company for about six months. When the opportunity to move here came up, she jumped at the chance. This location was much closer to her family, which was helpful with her son. I enjoyed myself and my angst at the new ways subsided, somewhat. I was still not pleased with the medical environment, but that’s what large chains are like, I guess.

Over the course of the next year, I continued to see Jenny every 4-6 weeks. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later. I really liked her. She was very nice, sweet, and smoking hot. My wife even visited her for a massage a few times and really liked her as well. I was surprised at how well we got along and how much we had in common considering the difference in age, about 25 years. I was really glad that she moved here.

After my most recent visit Jenny asked me if I was going to schedule my next appointment. I told her that I usually do it a week before the actual visit. She then handed me a slip of paper with a telephone number on it. “Before you call and make an appointment, please give me a call first. I want to ask you something. I do not want to discuss it here.”

I was a little taken aback, but agreed. As I drove home I could not figure out what she wanted and why the secrecy. I racked my brain trying to sort it out, but to no avail. I was also struggling with trying to decide if I should tell my wife about this. I did not want her to get upset and tell me I should not see her again, if it made her jealous. She is not really the jealous kind, so what is the worry? Besides, there is no way this beautiful young woman has any nefarious interest in this 50 year old man, right?

When I got home, I decided to tell my wife. She was not in the least bit jealous. In fact, she encouraged me to call tonight and find out what was going on. She figured it might be important or she may need some help. So I decided to give her a call.

“Hello, this is Jenny,” her voice almost sang to me.

“Hi Jenny, this is Mike. Your note from today caused me a little concern. I talked it over with my wife and she thought I should call you right away in case you needed help or something. I’m really sorry to trouble you,” I continued, “Is everything ok?”

Jenny said, “You are not troubling me at all. Sorry I was so secretive earlier, I just could not discuss what I wanted to tell you right there in the office. Thanks for calling me as there is something I want to ask you.”

“Sure, what can I do for you?” I asked.

Jenny commenced to telling me that she had saved up enough money and had converted a room in her apartment to a massage room. She said she is interested in making enough money to go out on her own in a few years. She said that she still needed the health insurance and other benefits that she is currently receiving, and escort kadıköy so was not ready to do it just yet. She decided to ask some of her regulars, like me, if we would be interested in coming to her place to get a massage instead of going to the shop. She told me that she would charge less than the normal shop rates. She also said it was not a problem if I was not comfortable with the whole arrangement.

I thought a bit and said, “Sure, why not?” So with that I set an appointment with her for two weeks from now, sooner than my normal period.

The day rolled around and I texted her to confirm the appointment. Everything was good, so I headed over to Jenny’s apartment. Along the way, i stopped and got a couple of congratulations balloons and a small bouquet of flowers to wish her well in this venture.

When I arrived I parked and made my way to her door. I knocked and after a few seconds, Jenny opened the door. “Hey Mike, come on in and welcome!”

Jenny was partially hidden by the door but when she stepped back there she stood in a very tight sleeveless shirt and a pair of short shorts. I was stunned and speechless. I guess I expected her to be in her normal scrubs. I handed her the balloons and flowers and wished her the best, or something like that. I don’t remember exactly. She caught me so off guard with how she looked, that I was merely going through preprogrammed responses in my brain.

“Follow me,” she said as she bounced down the hallway. “You know the drill,” she said with a laugh showing me the room.

Her set up was much more of a comfy atmosphere, than the sterile shop environment, I did enjoy that. I proceeded to get undressed and got up on the table. Today, my cock was definitely hard. I could not help it, she was even more stunning than I had ever seen her before. I was sure everything would be all right after we got started.

Jenny knocked and then came in, not even waiting for me to answer. I guess she just knew I would be ready. “Ok, lets get our relaxation on,” she said with a slight cute giggle. I’m not sure who was more excited, me or her. Well we were both pretty darn excited, but for very different reasons, I suspected.

Jenny was giving me the normal fantastic massage, but I was not relaxed at all. Through the hole in the headrest I could see her toned and tan legs. Not to mention her perfectly pedicured feet with bright purple nail polish. My cock was still at full attention, and I knew the flip was coming shortly. I was starting to panic a little bit. I have become hard at times while getting a massage but was always able to calm it down. Not today. Jenny was talking as she normally did and I threw in my share of, “yep’s and sure’s,” like I was really following along, but that was not where my focus was.

“Ok, it’s time to turn over,” she said.

What to do, what to do? I hesitated and froze. I had a raging boner just like a high school kid stuck in some math class, getting called to the front of the room by the teacher.

“Mike? Time to turn over.”

I still did not move.

“Is everything alright Mike?” Jenny said with much concern in her voice. My inaction was obviously not normal.

I said, “Sorry, I have a minor problem and it’s a bit embarrassing.” That was all I could muster. I must have had the petrified look of that high school student plastered on my face.

“Mike, it happens more than you can even imagine,” Jenny said with a tender and calming voice as she lightly rubbed and patted my back. “Don’t worry about it, flip over and we will just keep going.” Jenny’s beautiful smile and warm words instantly made me feel at ease.

I flipped over with my 6 inch raging hard on, at full staff, concealed bostancı escort by the drape. Jenny stuck to her words and kept right on talking and working as if nothing was out of the ordinary. However my mind could not shake the thought of her in that outfit, her eyes, her compassion, her overall beautiful self. What the fuck! Why I am thinking like this?

“All done,” Jenny said. My mind so wrapped around the events, I do not even remember her massaging my front side.

I sat up partially. “Jenny, I am so sorry. I do not know what got into me today,” I said. But it was all a lie, I knew exactly what my problem was. For the first time in over a year, I really looked at and saw this wonderful and beautiful woman massaging me as just that, a wonderful and beautiful woman and not just a masseuse. And I could not control myself in the least. “I am sorry if my current state is disrespectful in any way,” I said as apologetically as I could. I must have looked pretty darn pathetic.

“You are absolutely fine Mike, please do not feel bad,” Jenny said. “Like I said, it happens all the time and for a variety of reasons and generally it is beyond your control.” Jenny was looking at me straight in the eyes still with that captivating smile. I must have had a pained expression still on my embarrassed face. “Lay back and close your eyes for a second.”

I lowered myself from being propped up on my elbows and laid back closing my eyes. For a few seconds nothing happened, then I felt the drape being pulled off me, my cock sprang up, freed from its imprisonment. I gasped, very audibly.

“Mike, just relax, everything will be fine, I’m going to help you out a bit. Just clear your mind and take a deep breath,” Jenny said in a soft, comforting whisper.

And with that I felt one of Jenny’s hands upon my chest lightly caressing and rubbing me. Then i felt her other hand, warm and oily slowly wrap around my cock. Her hand slid, so very slowly and gently on my shaft. In the up stroke, she swirled her hand around my fully engorged mushroom head. Oh my god, was this really happening, or did I fall asleep during the message and this is nothing more than a dream? On the downstroke, Jenny’s hand slid all the way to my balls, as she cupped them in her hand, giving a slight tug. Jenny meticulously ran her hand up and down my cock, teasing and spinning along the way. This was not her first hand job. My breathing got quicker and there was a pent up energy waiting to be uncapped, like a soda bottle that has been shaken up. As she was stroking my cock, she started gently rubbing my erect nipples with her thumb, sending a wave of excitement through my whole self. What happened next sent me over the top.

I felt a presence by the side of my head, and in a seductive whisper I heard her, “Let it go Mike, release all that pent up energy. Let all of your cares and frustrations flow from you.”

Her light whisper and warm breath in my ear caused me to completely lose my fucking mind. My cock exploded like a dormant volcano. The first shot nailed me on the underside of my chin. My cock shot stream after stream, almost as if I had never had an orgasm before, emulating a Diet Coke and Mentos explosion. My breathing was fast and erratic as if I just tried to sprint an entire marathon.

I felt Jenny place a very small kiss on my ear as she whispered to me, “Just relax, catch your breath and compose yourself. Take your time getting up. Please take a shower if you want, I will be waiting in the living room when you are finished.” As she was telling me all of this she was cleaning me up with a warm towel. After she finished, she slipped out of the room.

I stayed there for a few minutes trying to recap what happened. What was this? What did it mean? How, what…I did not even really know all the questions that I needed answered. And then i could not even imagine what the answers would be. Get up, clean up, and then i guess Jenny and I will talk. I’m nervous. And excited all in one.

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