Lexi_Gene Pt. 01

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Mira’s Thing Part 1

“I knew moving further north would mean brutal winters. I didn’t think the brutal part would mean me slipping on the ice in front of a pretty girl,” I say. The girl who had swiped me into our dorm building smiled at me. She’s short, latina and something else, brown wavy hair, and has hips hips hips. She lives a floor below mine which I only know because she’s fucking gorgeous, and maybe gets more of my attention in passing throughout the school year than an average stranger would.

“That was almost a good save.” She says, still smiling, “Are you good?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine, I should probably sit down right over here.” I gesture to the benches just inside the door, hiding my grimace of embarrassment. I step over to them. Ordinarily I would try to chat up this girl, but given the pain in my ankle, this feels like not my best chance at making a good impression. “You’re a queen for letting me in, I don’t think I had my key-card so–…” When I sit down I realize she’s followed me over the bench. She sits very close next to me. I trail off. “Hi.”

“Hi.” She smiles, this time with sympathy.

“Uhhm, what are you…”

“I’m making sure you’re okay. The elevator’s under maintenance, and you have some stairs to climb… if that’s okay with you.” She trails off, looking me in the eyes for confirmation. I’m flattered she’s paid enough attention to know I’m on the fourth floor.

“Yeah, sure, I mean, that’s great you’re welcome. Uhm, so what are you studying?”

Mira and I talk for maybe half an hour. Mira K, she calls herself. With how flirtatious she’s being, I feel a little weird having this conversation in the entryway of the dorm, seeing familiar faces walking in and out, but ultimately my mind can’t focus on that. She’s studying to be a computer science major and has a lovely smile. It’s rueful, mischievous even. She’s originally from upstate New York, where she played soccer and learned to put her hand on my thigh whenever she laughs. We follow each other on instagram. She’s super easy to talk to. I find it difficult to keep my eyes on her face. She’s perky, and clearly not wearing a bra, and the flirting is very deliberate. That’s all I’ll say.

“Do you think you’re ready to try the stairs?” The university shirt she’s wearing under her unzipped snow jacket is dark maroon, but I keep my eyes focused on her face.

“I think so, my ankle is feeling sort of numb. I think getting somewhere warmer would be nice.” I stand, reaching into my jean pocket to pull my erection into my waistband so it doesn’t stick out as I straighten up.

“Here, put an arm around me,” she says, pulling my gloved hand over her hooded shoulders. She accidentally pulls the glove off my hand.

“Ah, sorry.” She’s looking right at me, I can see her big eyes next to me, but I can’t look or our noses will touch.

“Don’t worry about it, they’re oversized anyway.”

We start up the stairs. Jackets swishing together, I’m acutely aware of my dick throbbing in my pant leg. Everytime we turn in the stairwell, I swear it pokes her hip. I don’t even notice my ankle.

“Here’s your glove back,” she says at the top of the stairs, stuffing the hand with her glove into my pants pocket. I open my mouth to stop her, but it’s too late. With her hand barely inside my pants pocket, she stops our walking, forcing me to turn towards her. Her hand is cold against my dick. Our faces are very close together, but before kaçak iddaa either of us can say anything, the door right in front of us swings open, and five to six people file out past us down the stairs. We don’t break eye contact for a second, although in my peripheral vision I recognize a few of my floor mates and their friends. They’re pointedly ignoring us. Her hand wriggles in my pocket to feel the head of my dick. I don’t dare to breathe, but I close my mouth. She’s staring at me with a face I can’t read.

Without saying a word, she untangles herself from me to take me by both shoulders, straightening out our bodies. Then she rams her knee into my groin.

“Uhh, Fuck.” My stomach immediately feels like it’s on fire. “Hey, I’m sorry,” I whisper, bent into her nylon shoulder of curly hair. She leans back, and walks me against the wall, still leaning into me so all I can see is her mess of hair, she pushes her knee between my legs, and then knees me in the balls again.

“Uhh, Mira… I wasn’t trying to be weird, you just reached in there I wasn’t going to come on to you or anything.” She lifts my head out of her shoulder and slaps me on both cheeks before responding. I’m relieved to see her smiling.

“If you don’t want to tell anyone I grabbed your dick and then kicked you in the balls without asking, I’m fine with that.” She grins up at me. I’m flustered. Then she turns and opens the door, and I follow her out of the stairwell, still stunned.

“You kicked me twice actually,” I say to her nice butt as I follow her down my hall. She laughs and turns to me as I catch up, limping slightly. “It looks like I fixed your ankle though, it could be worse.”

“Oh, yeah, thanks. Actually it was your magical presence that fixed my ankle, that nut tap is the only reason I’m limping right now.” She laughs, turning to walk next to me.

“If it hurt so bad you wouldn’t have been staring at my ass just now.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m flirting with you dumbass. Which of these rooms is yours?”

“442, I’m around the corner. You can come inside if you want. I can make hot chocolate or something.” She rolls her eyes, making me squirm inside.

“I would love to come inside.” She smiles provocatively, and I blush at my own innuendo. I let us in, and immediately feel grateful my side of the dorm is clean.

“My roommate’s been living in Covid housing, so, that’s why he’s gone. He doesn’t usually take all his bed sheets with him to class.” Mira laughs at that.

“Soooo, we have the room to ourselves.” She says, taking off her coat and flopping it over the foot of my roommate’s bed, next to mine.

“Someone’s in a mood to flirt.” I eye her as we get comfortable, taking our shoes and gloves off. “Leave your stuff wherever, by the way.”


I unpack my school bag, and plug in my computer.

“So, chef, make me some hot chocolate.” I give her a fake glare.

“Yes ma’am.” I stump over to my electric kettle, exaggerating my limp, and start filling it from my dorm’s corner sink.

“I might need to kick you again to help out that little limp you got mister.” This girl is amazingly flirtatious. I fix my jaw incredulously.

“Whose side are you on girl? Mine or the limp’s?”

“Uhm, yours, definitely.” I roll my eyes, flustered for the hundredth time.

“Do you mind if I…?” She’s gesturing to my bed.

“Go ahead.” She burritos herself in my blankets. I turn back to the sink before kaçak bahis she can catch me looking at her.

“So is this what you usually do when you bring girls over? You make them watch you boil water?” She asks, once she’s made herself comfy in my blankets.

“Usually we’re not thirsty this early in the visit” I say, making air quotes around the word visit. As challenged as I felt by her question, my response surprised me even more. I only realized the full implication after it had left my mouth, but I was happy with the cleverness.

“Are you down to cuddle or something once this is ready?” I ask, feeling emboldened.

“Yeah,” she says, through a grin.

Hot chocolate, a movie, and a really cute girl to share it with. A cuddly cute girl at that. Few things in life are this awesome. A part of me feels weird putting my arm around this girl I hardly know, but she seems to trust me really fast, and leans her head into the crutch of my arm before the opening credits of Arcane had finished rolling, a show she insisted we watch.

“Isn’t this a little fast for you?” I ask, “Just the whole, cuddling in bed thing. Like, I don’t really care, it’s just surprising I guess.” She looks at me. Her brown eyes are gorgeous. This time I force myself to keep looking at her. I can almost feel her breath on my face, but I keep my chin raised so she doesn’t think I’m trying to kiss her.

“Sorry, is it okay?” She sits up, moving my computer and its charging leash. Her eyes are still fixed on me, but she suddenly seems self conscious as she turns in the blanket, one leg over mine to face me better. She has some fine breasts. Eye contact.

“Yeah, yeah it’s fine, I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable. Like, I want to show you I think you’re cool without making you uncomfy. I kinda feel like men can move a little fast. I don’t know. I’m self conscious of it.” Those large eyes soften into her smile.

“Oh fuck me.”

“What?” I crease in confusion but she’s still smiling.

“You think I’m cool? Just cool? And did you just use the word uncomfy? Ohhh, my god.” I grin.

“Oh, okay, you know what? You can shut the fuck up. Yeah. I think so.” I lean forward to flourish the flirtatiousness of my smile with our noses a little closer together. She leans in too.

“So, do you get boners whenever you’re around cool people or am I special?”

“Yeap, basically all cool people. I met Kira Knighley once, she’s the hot one from Pirates of the Caribbean, and that was hard to explain. Your name kinda reminds me of yours except she’s way hotter, obviously.” I laugh.


“Are you always feeling guys up to see if they’re hard or not?”

“Okay, I was just trying to give you your glove back, and second, I don’t think if I checked most guys’ pockets I’d just happen to get a feel of their throbbing dick.” She exaggerates throbbing. She says it like it’s supposed to be gross, but she’s cute and she knows it.

“You know… I think you’re wrong.”

“Mmmmh, you know what, I don’t think I mind that.” She leans closer, smiling for herself proudly. Her hand is on my chest. She’s full on straddling my leg now, and I can’t help but admire her face as she smiles up at my mouth. We kiss.

I sit up on the bed and untangle my hands from the blankets so I can grab her face and neck and kiss her harder. She has soft lips. Soft skin. Everything about this girl is soft and edible. She drapes herself over me and we keep illegal bahis kissing.

“You make me feel really safe, you know. She leans up with her chin to look at me.” I melt, but can only smile.

“You’re lovely, I’m glad.” I can’t stop bearing my smile. “If there’s anything I can do to make you more comfortable, let me know.” She smiles at that. Grins even. Then slaps me in the face.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“I’m just letting you know–you get no credit for using a condom.” She smiles, but bites her lip shyly. I roll my eyes again.

“You’re impossible.”

“Uhm, actually there is one thing that might… like… make me more comfortable.” She leans forward and kisses me again. Then she rolls on top of me, leaning back on her knees, she slides one knee up between my legs, wedging them wider apart on the bed until I can feel my balls spread across the top of her knee.

“You want–“

“Yeah… Yes. … Please?” Her eyes are asking just as much as her voice. They get distracted momentarily to look down before she kisses me again. Then the eyes meet mine again. Still asking. She taps me in the balls with her knee lightly.

“Aww, your poor balls.” She giggles through our stare. She’s beautiful. Instead of answering, I spread my legs around her knee, and shug down the wall into the bed ever so slightly. She watches me, the smile never leaving her face. She leans in and kisses me, deeply. I feel her knee back off my balls, but instead of closing my legs, I grip her chin and keep her lips against mine.


“Holy crap. Hhhh.” She lets me talk against her lips.

“You’re okay.” She wrestles her knee back between mine.

Wham. Wham. Wham.

I can’t breathe, but I crunch into her shoulder, the soft sinue of her neck doing nothing to take away from the tightness in my stomach. She moans slightly as she leans down over me to kiss me again, her breast grazing along my chest as she moves. She runs a finger down my chest while kissing me passionately, not stopping until the tip of my excited erection. I throb under her fingers, and looking into her eyes, I can feel my whole body squirm. She giggles.

“Did you like that?”

“Mira…” Suddenly her knee is back between my balls. Not hard, but I get the point. Her hair is falling over my face, as she looks at me pointedly.

“Listen. Until today, I’ve never been able to hit a guy in the nuts like that in real life. It was… kind of empowering, but at the same time, when you weren’t angry with me afterwards it kind of made me feel like maybe you’d be willing to do anything to be nice to me, and that made me feel really special. A lot of guy’s egos are a lot more fragile than yours. I happen to have dated a few.” At that she makes a dismissive head gesture. “I also thought it was kinda hot,” she said quickly, and without making eye contact even though her face was only inches from mine. At that, my dick throbbed. I’m sure we both felt it, because I suddenly felt the attention of her large eyes again, even with mine trained on the ceiling hoping I could disappear into the sheets. I’ve always been embarrassed about my ballbusting fetish. I know fetishes are more common than everyone thinks, but a ballbusting fetish still feels weird.

“Mmmmhhh,” she purrs, bringing her mane of wild hair down around me to kiss and bite my ear. I can feel her hips rocking on my leg, and her knee grinding against my balls, making my dick throb even harder. “You like this don’t you?” I don’t answer that question either, I just run my hands over her curves and turn my head to give her better neck access. She laughs.

End part 1. It was just heating up. I know.

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