Let’s Start from the Beginning Ch. 01

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It really wasn’t my fault, I wasn’t planning on being seen, let alone caught. I was enjoying myself immensely, the pleasure that was running through me was intense. I had blocked all of reality from coming into the encompassing pleasure that was two different vibrators. One pressed deep inside my asshole, the other pulsing away on my clit. All the while I thought my door was at least closed, then again I had rushed home from school just to do this.

It was hot and sticky, late August turning into cool September. The start of my senior year in high school, freshly legal at 18 and wild; I bought the aforementioned vibrating pleasure devices during the summer time and was forced by circumstances to leave the plain brown box which contained the illicit toys closed until that afternoon. Early dismissal coupled with speedy buses, I was home within an hour. Greeted by the sight I was rarely afforded, the young man that does the yard work for my neighborhood, no shirt, and sweat dripping from tan muscles. I wanted to fuck him, to have him fuck and dominate me.

Alas, for I am a virgin through and through, added to that fact I am a nerdy, fat chick with nothing more to say to him than a simple hello and offer homemade baked goods. I didn’t get to say much more than a greeting as I ran upstairs to my beautifully running AC and my plain brown box filled with lascivious merriment. I think it was around that time that I should have checked the door to make sure it was completely closed. Maybe I wouldn’t have been caught with my ass in the air, face smashed into my pillows to keep my moans from leaking out into the judgment of the outside world. With fingers covered in more pussy juice from repeated orgasms that climaxed upon the beginning of one another.

I would have stayed blissfully unaware of even being watched had I not turned my head away from the pillow to look bleary eyed at the cable box to see what time it was. I didn’t want to be caught in the middle by my mother or brother coming home from work. Instead I was greeted with the wonderfully stunning Tony standing in my door shirt over his shoulder; I forgot the front door was open so he could leave the equipment he used in the living room, he was probably looking for the money he was owed. He was panting, blue eyes focused on my now still hips. I could feel his eyes on the dildo in my ass. I closed my legs tight after about a minute of being looked at and rolled off my bed to the far side closest to my AC farthest away from the door.

I was about to cry, the buzzing of the toys and the awkwardness of the situation were the only things filling the room. I fumbled in the tension filled air to turn off the now taunting devices. He was looking anywhere but me, I could see why, his cock was hard and making an alluring imprint in his blue basketball shorts. I was still looking when he finally started to speak. He had started off slow and trying not to mishandle the situation any further, “I am sorry. I didn’t know if you where awake I couldn’t ayaş escort really hear anything and your mom isn’t home. So-” he stopped mid sentence when he figured I wasn’t really paying his words any mind whatsoever, forgoing the sensible tactic of covering myself and looking away to instead look at his twitching cock which hadn’t made the decision to go into remission.

I am perfectly fine with that. His hands are moving I didn’t want him to cover it; I wanted to see it and touch it, lick it and please him. I wasn’t thinking with my intellectual brain, I am thinking with the little one filled only with nerves and sensation, my response was surprising to both of us. “Don’t do that.” I was frowning and concentrating on the perturbing shape of his cock. His hand twitched and stopped in the space between covering his fat and pulsing cock to moving it back to his side.

“I want to see it; I want to watch you touch.” I was no longer in control of my mouth, body or pleasure; it wanted what it wanted. Tony was getting redder and redder by the second. He looked like a ripe strawberry and I wanted to lick the sweat off of his body. The way he swallowed reminded me of a dead man’s gulp, all fear and anxiousness. The door clicked shut and I knew in that instant there was no way I was going to let this moment pass by or even stop for a moment.

Tony made no move past that point, my skin had tightened into goose flesh and I trembled with the anticipation. Remembered I was naked and made a move to cover my breasts, but deemed it unfair since I had already told him not to cover himself. Instead I held them still so I could climb back on the bed. I made him look at me; I spread my legs wide and showed him the dark skin between my legs that had been chafed to blackness by my ever increasing weight. I showed him the swell of my aroused cunt; I spread the folds of my pussy. The air was filled with the smell of my sex. My clit is engorged and pink I run my finger over it in slow tight circular movements. My nipples are hard and I can feel my heart beat making me shake, I feel like I am about to come out of my skin. “Let me see you touch your cock.” Tony was backed into the corner by my gaze and husky tone. I was forcing him to participate, “Take your cock out of your shorts and let me see you play with yourself.” I was going to keep telling him until he either left or complied. Tony must have thought it better just to comply; his shirt hit the floor with a tiny wet pat his hand reached into the basketball shorts that held all of my ire and pulled out his purple tipped cock, it was lined with thick veins that made his bronze cock seem like live stone work.

He stroked slowly from base to tip and I watched a clear bead of pre-ejaculate surface, he continued in this slow pace making the bead bigger and bigger till his substance started to come out as if from a faucet. I was no better with my fingers teasing my entrance spreading the puddle of my ever dripping pussy liquid on the bağlıca escort comforter. “Oh fuck.” Tony’s voice was ragged and he was ready to come, I wasn’t. “Stop, I want you to fuck my mouth. I want to taste you.” It took me all I had to say that while making full eye contact and still masturbate. Tony looked to be almost there, stopping only to squeeze his cock at my command and tighter still when I finished my sentence.

I was on my knees before him, feeling the carpet dig into my lower legs and give a sharp edge to my pleasure as I held firm to the cock in front of me. I had imagined doing this to many of the guys I went to school with, teachers even. But this was my first in your face, in person cock. I studied it stroking the same way Tony did from base to tip; I could feel its heat and the pump of his heart beat, frantic beneath his skin.

I went for the purple tip and licked a strip over the head; it was salty and musky from having been in the basketball shorts for most of the day, in the beating sun of the last vestiges of summer. I pushed to tip past my lips sucking it into the point just before I would have chocked. I clenched my fist and wrapped my free hand around his cock to stroke what I couldn’t get. I pulled him in just a little deeper; I can feel the bumps of the veins beneath his skin. He’s getting hotter, cock pulsing that much harder. I feel the urge to look into his eyes; I turn my head up just slightly to see half lidded cesious colored eyes looking down at me.

I stroke my tongue on the underside of his cock just that much harder to see him shudder and moan low and deep, I hum in satisfaction around his cock. I pull off his cock with a wet pop, “I want you to fuck me, any hole you want, right now.” There is no going back, I gave him control. Voice still worn out from the blowjob, he still commands me with a tone that makes my pussy clench in want. He ordered me in an unexpected position, “Lay down on the bed face up. Legs spread for me nice and wide. I want to see your pussy again.” I went to the bed faster than I had gotten up from it; I was facing him with my body laying on the width of the bed. Tony took this time to strip completely. His thighs were a pale, almost peach like color from lack of sun. He grabbed his cock, lining it up with the seam of my pussy. He didn’t enter me; he teased me with the head of his cock. Stroking it back and forth over my clit, making full contact each time, his head bent forward and I grabbed unto his shoulders. His hips went full contact with my own, still he managed not to enter me, just press against me as if a hot dog in a bun. Our sweat is mingling as he lays full body on me and it’s the first time I become even slightly conscious of my weight.

I feel so embarrassed that I try to distract him with moving my hips down so he can fuck me and leave. It doesn’t work, he has his hands on my hips, keeping them in place as he grinds into, making me see stars. His tongue licks a searing line up my sternum bala escort to my neck. He tastes me and by God it feels good. He moves a hand from my hip and places it on the quivering peak that is my nipple, he pinches it gently and pulls at it. It makes my hips buck up and meet his thrust harshly.

His mouth attaches to the other nipple and I feel my legs pull him closer, tighter, trying to assimilate this pleasure past my skin, into my bones. There are only our moans, the squeak of my mattress and the drone of the AC. It felt like perfection. Then Tony stops and I wait for the inevitable, the thing I had been waiting for since the start of this erotic coupling. The tip breaches and it feels like fire, his pushes the rest of the way in and I can feel my hymen tear. God it hurts, so bad I feel tears sting my eyes and wonder in amazement, why it hurt so fucking bad and when would it start to feel good. Tony stops moving all together and he is all over me with kisses and sweet nothings in my throat.

I run my fingers through his short hair and he looks me in my eyes and I can barely see him through my tears, his mouth attaches to mine. His fingers are in the curls of my small Afro, we just kiss for what seems like a minute forever. He starts moving again and it stings like a fresh bug bite, he fucks me through it. Slow long strokes the whole time, all in and all out. I can feel the rasp of his pelvis against my clit, I don’t know how long it takes but I can feel my orgasm build and then wash over me. His mouth swallows all of my moans; I wrap myself around him and lock tight enough I can feel the skin on his shoulder break. He pulls out and comes on my twitching stomach and I can feel the embarrassment flood me again. That is until he rubs his semen into the roundness of my soft and massive belly. He kisses it all over; I don’t hear what he says until he is next to my ear, having kissed his way there. “You’re so beautiful. Thank you, so much. I love watching you. I have been watching you all summer. I love all of your body. I could stay here and kiss you all day, from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head.”

I full on cried, happy tears as I lay in his spread arms and give up on caring about what he thinks of my body and especially on what I think of my body.

It takes us a long while to figure out that we spent 2 hours just laying and talking. His phone goes off still in his basketball shorts; it was a customer calling to tell him to get his payment. I just sit on my bed and contemplate moving. I had enough time to wash my sheets, air out my room and clean my toys before either my brother or mother comes home. Tony has all of his clothes on before the phone call ends.

“Stop thinking so hard, makes me think I didn’t do a good enough job.” He is smiling and it makes my heart melt, I reach for him. He comes easily to me and meets my mouth with a quick peck. I draw back and remember why he was here in the first place. “Hold on while I get your money.” He stops my with a long kiss and a nibble to my bottom lip, “I got it already, I just wanted to see you before I left.” He sounded so sweet when he said it. I kissed him hard and that was the end of our coupling. I really didn’t expect anything from him.

Though next week is a tale to tell.

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