Late Night Producing

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It’s a late night in the newsroom and the 11pm show crew has gone home for the night. The only people left in the newsroom are Julie and Beth, the morning show prep producers. This job is usually assigned to the youngest and greenest of the producers because all they really do is just change the wording in the stories that aired the day before to past tense. If you are in news, you understand what they do. Julie and Beth were the youngest of the producers but were hardly the greenest. They were so good at their job they were usually done in half the time it would take the most senior producer they had. And tonight wasn’t different than any other night… or so they thought.

Julie and Beth was not drop dead gorgeous but both had great bodies and girl next door looks. Julie was short with blonde hair, stood about 5’4 and had a very tight athletic body with medium sized breast that all the guys wish they could get their hands on. Her legs were her best feature because they were tone and long. Beth was a bit more modest looking but had an identical body type much like Julie but her breast were much larger and were somewhat larger for a girl with a petite frame like hers. Beth also had great legs but nobody noticed them because their eyes were always drawn to her large breast. As producers they had to dress semi-casual at work because the rule was, “you never know when you’ll be on TV”. Most producers wore jeans and dressier tops and the ladies, depending on the weather, would wear dresses and casual blouses. Julie had a trend of dressing that everyone in the newsroom noticed. She always wore a skirt with tights underneath but everyday the tights were a bright color that differed everyday. “She must own every color of the rainbow tights” one of the men in the newsroom joked. Tonight was no different, she had on a short denim skirt with bright pink tights and black high heels. She was also wearing a loose white blouse that hugged her breast just perfectly.

Beth was more of a plain Jane type dresser but on the rare occasion, like tonight, she wore a tight business like skirt that came down to her knees and a flower printed halter top that was very tight over her large breast. You couldn’t really tell it was a halter top because she wore a suit jacket that covered up most of it. And in case you were wondering, she was wearing black high heels also without pantyhose.

The newsroom was quiet and the clicking and clacking of computer keyboards were the only sounds you heard except for the random squawk of the police scanners. They both had a system where they would get the work done as quickly as possible so they could BS for the rest of the night until the mourning crew got in.

Fast-forward to 1am, Julie exclaims “I win!” as she pushes herself back from the desk. Beth was annoyed because Julie always finished before she did. But tonight Beth finished just seconds after Julie. Much like any other night, they celebrated bahis firmaları their early task with snacks always hidden in their desk. The topic of conversation usually ranged from office gossip to fashion and where to find good deals locally. Feeling very proud of her work Julie propped her legs on top of her desk with her legs crossed at the ankles. Beth and Julie sat next to each other and when Beth saw the relaxed position Julie was in, she noticed that Julie’s dress was hiked up in a very exposing way. Beth noticed that Julie’s tight were crotch less and her bald pussy was peaking out just a little. Beth turned bright red in the face when she noticed it and was embarrassed because of her pale complexion her turning red was very noticeable. Julie noticed Beth turning red and asked her if she was okay. Beth said she was and played it of to it being warm in the building. To hopefully make her excuse more believable she shed her suit jacket showing of her tight halter top. To make matters more interesting, Beth wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples stiffened when the cool air hit the exposed top. Trying to act like nothing was going on Beth started complaining of shoulder soreness and how all that typing was a pain on her shoulders. Julie still in her relaxed position agreed about how the typing posture was bad for the shoulders and back and how the News station was too cheap to but them nice chairs. All the while Julie was slumping down more in her seat causing the skirt ride up higher exposing more of her bald pussy through the crotch less tights she had on. The thing is, Julie knew exactly what she was doing. Because one night the topic of sex came up between the two producers and both had admitted to “experimenting” in college with another girl. Julie loved sex and she would masturbate at work to the thought of ever getting caught or being seen. She would get wet at her desk with the thought of “if anyone ever knew that her signature tights were always crotch less and she never wore panties”.

Julie knew what Beth had seen to make her turn red and Julie almost wet her seat at the thought. Julie dismounted her legs from the desk in a grand wide fashion making sure Beth could get a full view of her now wet slick pussy. Beth turned red again seeing this and to her surprise, started to feel some moisture form in her own pussy. Confused at the feeling Beth tried to ignore the feeling but Julie had other plans for her. Julie got up and walked behind Beth and started rubbing her shoulders. Beth instinctively tensed at the touch of Julie’s hands to her bare shoulders but what bothered her more was the growing wetness between her legs. Julie told her to relax and said she could rub her tensions out of her. Beth relaxed and enjoyed the shoulder rub but was trying to fight back the sensation her touch was having on her pussy. Each stroke on her shoulder was like a stroke on her pussy and soon Beth unintentially started to moan at the pleasure Julie’s simple shoulder rub was giving her. Taking the moan as an opportunity to go further, Julie leaned down and started to kiss kaçak iddaa Beth’s neck. This sent shockwaves through Beth and just gave in to the unexpected pleasure she was receiving. Julie slid her hands down and started groping Beth’s large breast outside of her top finding the hardened nipples and tracing their outlines with her fingers. Beth forgot all reality around her and sank into the please she was receiving. Moaning and squirming under the sexual assault Julie was advancing upon her. Julie was in heaven, she had wanted to do this for a long time now and she was going to have her way with Beth. Taking more control, Julie told Beth to spin around in the chair towards her. She did and Julie dropped to her knees roughly and grabbed both of Beth’s legs pulled her down in the chair hiking up her skirt. She grabbed Beth’s left leg and propped it up on the desk exposing a barely there thong panties already soaked in Beth’s own juices. The smell of sex filled the air.

Just in shock of the pleasure that was going on Beth didn’t realize she was spread eagle in the middle of an empty newsroom with this beautiful blonde sinking between her legs. Julie wasted no time and twisted the fabric of Beth’s thong around her fingers and in one quick motion ripped off Beth’s panties and threw them to the floor. Beth gasped at the roughness of it but all it did was just turn her on more. Julie slowed her assault by kissing slowly up Beth leg and then diving between her legs. Beth squealed at the touch of Julie’s lips on her wet pussy lips. She felt the warmth of breath against her, each breath almost rubbing her in contrast to the cold air of the newsroom. Her hips urge to close the distance, pushing against the pressure of the hands against her thighs. Julie’s tongue began pressing through the folds of Beth’s pussy, teasing around her clit, driving electricity through her body. Julie’s hand crept up the inside of her thigh, rubbing a little as it did so before reaching where the tongue was already licking. She felt fingers spreading her folds open wider to make a path for the tongue. It licked back and forth, barely grazing her clit several times, making Beth squirm against it to try to bring it closer, before Julie’s lips clamped down gently around it and began to suck. Beth wasn’t conscious of making the sounds that were coming from her mouth as she nearly cried with the pleasure that she was receiving from Julie’s mouth.

She moaned out, “Faster,” then “Harder,”! Beth kept her eyes tightly closed as she felt two fingers enter her, and those lips humming as they closed around her clit again, the feel of both sucking and fucking at the same time. She couldn’t restrain her hips anymore they bucked against hand and mouth, rubbing, forcing the level of pressure to the limit as she jerked and cried out, driving herself to a shattering orgasm. Beth didn’t move. She didn’t open her eyes until she felt the taste of sex on her own lips as Julie kissed her deeply. Julie’s face was covered in wetness, her white blouse was see through with the Beth’s juices covering her.

Beth sat kaçak bahis up and was horrified back into reality of what had just happened and where they were. Without any hesitation Julie sat on Beth’s desk in front of her with legs spread wide and said “my turn”! Beth’s heart raced, as she gazed between her legs as denim skirt drew up over her hips. Julie kept her eyes on Beth’s face, watching her expressions. She wasn’t sure what Beth would do. Beth didn’t know what she was going to do. She had never been with a woman before except for the drunk make out sessions in college. Julie spread herself onto the desk and placed her feet on the arms of Beth’s chair. She parted her knees, this caused her pussy to open up, and Beth could see she quiet wet. Beth looked closely still anxious about what to do, Julie scooted forward a little more pulling her feet to the front of the arms. One of Julie’s hands found its way to the back of Beth’s neck. Beth felt some force as Julie started pulling Beth’s head towards her cunt. Beth resisted somewhat but was giving in.

Julie caught onto this and whispered. “Go ahead, taste me.”

Beth’s head lowered until she was inches away from her. Julie pulled her head harder until Beth’s mouth made contact.

She let out a sigh, “Ohhhhh yes that’s it, now lick it.”

Beth shook all over, blood filled her face, and she felt the heat. Beth’s tongue left her mouth and tasted Julie, she could smell her, taste her, and these senses caused butterflies in her stomach. Beth’s tongue parted the lips of her cunt. She slowly ran her tongue inside the folds of Julie’s lips moving it up and down her slit. Her hands moved to Julie’s hips. Beth moved herself closer inside her legs.

“Ohhhhh that’s it, yes that’s it.” Julie moaned as she spoke in a soft whisper, her voice was soothing and arousing.

Beth began to suck her pussy lips into her mouth savoring them. They were wet, soft silky flesh. Julie could not hold her hips still as they rotated about the desk. Beth found her clit, sucked it in her mouth flicking her tongue across it. Julie rotated Beth’s head with a hand as she sucked.

“Oh suck it, that’s it suck it.”

Julie’s breathing had grown heavier. Beth felt the hand working the back of her head. Beth’s legs had parted and was wet and swollen even more. Beth moved one hand between her legs, and started massaging her own clit as she sucked Julie.

Julie moaned and whispered, “Don’t stop.” Beth thought she must be near then moaned and sucked her, “Mmmmmmmmm. ”

Licking and sucking her clit now trying to drive an orgasm from her groin. Beth moved her arm around the lower part of Julie’s back pulling her tight into her face. She began to suck aggressively.

Julie’s hips began to buck, she shoved her cunt into Beth’s face gasping, “Ohhhh Yessssss Oh God Yessssss. ” Bucking harder, “OH MY GOD YESSSSSSS OH GOD YESSSSS YESSSSSS!”

Her bucking ceased, her hips and body quivered. Beth couldn’t believe what just happened, she sucked her cunt to orgasm. Both producers were covered in juices and giggled at the sight of each other.

Both got up and started cleaning in hopes to get everything clean before the morning crew got in. Next time they decided to do it somewhere that involved less cleaning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32