“Lady, you buy me some gin?”

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: Yes, I need an editor, and no, I do not want an editor. Yes, there’s too many people keep track of, yes it jumps around too much, yes it’s too long, yes it’s too short, yes it’s in the wrong category, yes this is stupid shit and yes I suck.

For those of you that have not hit the backspace key, I hope you enjoy this flash story.


Tara Gao stood outside of the Super One Foods grocery store. It was nearly nine o’clock, closing time for the grocery store, and she’d still been unable to get anyone to buy her some gin. She had three joints in her purse; she’d given Terrence Brown a blow job for the three tightly rolled joints. But she knew, smoking Terrence’s low grade weed would start her craving for gin. Just as drinking some gin would bring on the craving for some weed.

Tara liked getting pleasantly buzzed. She could sit, let the warm night air wrap her in a dark cocoon, feel the warm grass underneath her and just forget.

She could forget what a disappointment she was to her father.

“Sorry Dad, so fucking sorry I wasn’t born with a penis,” Tara thought bitterly as she pulled her long hair away from her back.

She could forget how disappointed her mother was that her only daughter was not enrolled in medical school.

“Really, mother?” Tara scoffed. “Barely got out of high school.”

As it was, two employees were already gathering up the grocery carts, pushing them into the cart stand where Tara stood.

Tara knew from experience, it was useless to ask either one of these boy scouts to get her some gin. Frank, the pimple faced dork that kept leering at her was only eighteen, too young to buy any alcohol. And Brian, the other stock boy was afraid he’d get in trouble if he did anything like that.

Jill Breaux was nearly home when she remembered that she needed eggs. With a disgusted sigh, the woman did an illegal U-Turn on Reagan Drive.

“Yeah, yeah, kiss my ass,” she muttered bitterly at the honking horns.

It had not been a good day; it had not been a good year for the thirty seven year old Human Resources Assistant.

Her husband of twelve years suddenly decided that he wanted children. Jill had told Barry Breaux, before they married that she would be unable to bear children. And Barry had kissed her tearful face and told her that as long as they were together, that was all he wanted.

Because Barry had owned the house before their marriage, it was Jill that had to move out while Barry’s nineteen year old girlfriend moved in.

“Jill, Honey,” Barry had said glibly into the telephone just that morning. “Hey, listen, the ring? Well, I mean, it was my Grandmother’s ring, you know? And Nina’s wanting it, so…”

“Give me fair market value for it,” Jill had snapped.

Then Barry’s attitude had slipped from warm congeniality to harsh threats.

That was how her morning had started out. Then Amanda, her supervisor, had called for a surprise audit of St. Elizabeth’s Public Utilities.

A surprise audit meant that someone from HR had to be there. And, just after calling for the surprise audit, Amanda ‘remembered’ that her daughter had an after school dental appointment.

So Jill had to stay after work, sit and sit and sit while the auditors pored over the books.

Pulling into the parking lot, Jill looked at the dashboard clock and saw that she had only nine minutes to get into the store.

“Hi, hey uh lady, you uh, you buy me some gin?” an attractive Asian-American girl asked.

Jill looked at the scantily clad girl, with her beautiful face, golden skin, almond eyes and felt a huge wave of bitterness well up in her guts toward this girl; toward all young girls.

“Uh, Honey, I don’t think so,” she snapped.

“Aw, come on, please?” Tara begged. “They’re about to close!”

“God, Honey, how old are you?” Jill asked as the girl followed her.

“Eighteen; they won’t sell it to me,” Tara whined.

Jill remembered what it had been like to be eighteen, wanting alcohol. She’d gone to Connelly College, in Oakleaf, Texas, and the liquor stores and convenience stores in and around the small Texas college community were very strict about the drinking age.

With an exasperated sigh, Jill turned to the girl.

“And what’s in it for me?” Jill snapped.

“I’ll pay for it,” Tara said, holding out two crumpled dollar bills.

“Well, no kidding,” Jill snapped. “I mean, what’s in it for me?”

“Well, what you want?” Tara asked.

“Think real hard, Sugar, what you got?” Jill asked then licked her lips suggestively.

The girl stared at Jill blankly for a moment. Then her eyes opened wide and a heavy blush formed on her golden skin.

“I uh, really?” Tara asked.

“Bye,” Jill said and started walking again.

“I mean, fuck, I’ve never…” Tara admitted.

“Got to learn some time,” Jill said and snatched the two crumpled bills out of the girl’s hand.

“Miles; a pint,” Tara said, then walked back to the woman’s illegal bahis car.

“Fuck, got a nice car,” Tara said, looking at the woman’s Mercedes-Benz.

Inside the store, Jill found the cheap alcohol, then hurried to grab a container of 18 jumbo eggs. She carefully checked that all the eggs were intact.

“Uh, ma’am, we fixing close,” a pimple faced girl said.

“I know, I know, I’m just about done,” Jill snapped.

The cashier was an older woman, around Jill’s age. The brunette looked at Jill’s odd purchase of gin and eggs but put both purchases into two separate bags.

Stepping outside in the late summer twilight, Jill saw the girl hovering around her car. She did feel a little twinge of conscience; it wasn’t the girl’s fault she’d had such a crappy day.

The girl waited by the passenger door of the glossy black automobile.

Silently, Jill hit the key fob and the door popped.

Getting into the car, Jill could smell the girl’s sweat. It wasn’t an unpleasant odor; it was obvious that the girl had bathed recently.

The smell reminded Jill of the first August in Oakleaf, Texas, God, had it really been almost twenty years ago? She and her roommate, Luanne Billings, a pleasantly plump red headed girl from Whyter, Oklahoma were both away from home for the very first time.

“Sorry girls, air conditioner’s all broke,” the Student Monitor apologized

Even with the box fan the college provided, with the window open, the heat was stifling.

Then, as they turned off the light and lay down to try to sleep, Jill heard Luanne whimper.

At first Jill didn’t know what it was that she’d heard. Then she heard a sniffle and another whimper.

“Luanne, you all right?” Jill asked quietly.

“I miss my mommy,” Luanne sobbed.

Jill got out of her bed and lay down with her roommate and hugged the crying girl tightly.

The smell of Luanne’s sweat had filled Jill’s nostrils. The smell of Luanne’s strawberry scented shampoo had tickled her nose. And the feeling of Luanne’s fat breasts pushing into her had excited Jill.

Then Luanne had kissed Jill.

Inside the car, Jill smelled Tara’s sweat and the scent went straight to Jill’s pussy.

Reaching the condo she’d bought after leaving her home, leaving Barry, Jill backed into the garage.

“Oh hey, this is nice,” Tara broke the uncomfortable silence as Jill backed the car.

“Thanks,” Jill agreed.

They entered the kitchen through the garage door and Jill put her eggs into the refrigerator.

She then handed Tara the second bag and Tara wasted no time in unscrewing the cap and taking a hefty gulp of the harsh liquor.

“It all right I smoke?” Tara asked, still shuddering slightly.

“Know how much cigarettes stink up a place?” Jill asked.

“Huh? Oh nuh uh, God no, hate the smell of cigarettes,” Tara sneered.

“You mean, yeah, Honey, go ahead,” Jill said and undid the band that held her long thick French braid together.

“Oh, man, cold!” Tara praised as they entered the living room.

Barry had made all furniture decisions, all appliance decisions, so given the opportunity to decorate for herself, Jill had spent a little more than she should and have and bought soft leather and black lacquered woods and brass fixtures.

Jill continued to pull her hair from the long braid and Tara watched as the woman’s hair now reached to the floor.

“God, your hair’s as long as mine,” Tara said and plopped down on the butter soft leather couch.

“Here, Honey, sit at the bar, huh?” Jill ordered. “Don’t want a seed popping on my leather, huh?”

Tara nearly denied that her weed had any seeds, but had to admit to herself, Terrence sold poor quality weed.

She reluctantly got up from the extremely soft leather and sat on a highly polished black wood stool.

Jill placed an ash tray in front of the girl and watched as Tara lighted the first joint.

“You smoke?” Tara asked, voice strained.

“Me? No, used to,” Jill said and fixed herself a vodka and tonic.

“Want a glass for that?” Jill asked as Tara took another gulp of the cheap gin.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, yeah, that’d be great,” Tara agreed.

Jill also dropped a few cubes of ice into the glass and Tara nodded in appreciation as she sucked in more smoke.

“I uh, usually go to the park?” Tara said and sipped the gin.

“By yourself?” Jill asked. “Isn’t that dangerous?”

“No, not really,” Tara shrugged.

She whistled as the joint burned down to her finger tips and dropped the smoldering joint into the ashtray.

“Like to sit underneath one of the picnic tables,” Tara continued

Tara finished the gin in her glass and poured some more into the glass. Silently, Jill dropped a few more ice cubes into the girl’s glass and fixed herself another vodka and tonic.

Then she leaned across the bar and kissed Tara softly.

Tara resisted slightly for a moment, then remembered why she was in the woman’s apartment, instead of at the park.

Jill had not kissed another woman since leaving Connelly College, leaving Luanne. illegal bahis siteleri But for four years, she and Luanne had been inseparable. Often when she masturbated, Jill pleasured herself to thoughts of Luanne’s soft kisses, the red head’s soft tongue, soft touches.

“O.M.G,” Tara giggled when Jill’s lips left hers.

Jill came around the bar, gently kissed Tara again, then pulled the girl from the stool. Holding the girl’s hand, Jill pulled Tara up the stairs.

Inside of the bedroom, Jill wrapped her arms around the slender girl’s body.

This time, when she kissed the girl, she slid her tongue into Tara’s mouth.

Tara could taste Jill’s vodka and tonic on the woman’s tongue. She sucked gently on the woman’s tongue, rubbing her small hands up and down the woman’s back.

Jill gently tugged at the string that held the halter top around Tara’s neck and the two scraps of cloth fluttered down. The top still clung to her, tied around her back.

But now her small breasts were exposed to the slight chilled air and Tara’s nipples grew quite hard.

Jill rubbed her hands lightly over Tara’s small breasts, still kissing the girl.

Then she pulled away and began unbuttoning her silk blouse.

“Go ahead, Honey, get undressed, huh?” Jill ordered as she reached into her closet for her dry cleaning bag.

Tara blinked; the woman had gone from kissing her, touching her, to business-like in the fraction of a second.

She undid the strap around her back, letting the halter top flutter to the floor. Then she unsnapped her jeans shorts and slid them down her legs.

Jill undid her bra and let her 34C breasts breathe. They did sag slightly, from weight, from age.

Then she wiggled out of her dress slacks and silk panties.

Jill’s long blonde hair fell to the side when Jill bent to put her panties into the dry cleaning bag. Tara saw that her hostess had a slightly pudgy bottom, had thighs that were just beginning to develop dimples, pockets of cellulite.

When Jill turned around, Tara saw that the woman had a bald pussy. Her breasts sagged slightly, and she had a small paunch to her belly.

Tara saw a beautiful woman that was beginning to age, mature.

“Husband liked it baby smooth,” Jill said, almost bitterly, thrusting her pelvis forward. “Paid for laser treatment, then tells me he’s got himself someone new. Believe that?”

“Men are dogs,” Tara commiserated.

“Amen, sister, amen,” Jill said harshly.

“But what would you know about it?” Jill snapped. “Shit, you’re just a kid, huh?”

“Yeah, I know,” Tara agreed. “But, shit, I hope I’m as hot as you when I’m thirty.”

“You lying little bitch,” Jill smiled and pulled the naked girl in for a hug.

“I’m not…mmph!” Tara started to deny but her denial was cut short by Jill’s tongue entering her mouth again.

Jill kissed the girl deeply, her hands combing through the girl’s long hair.

Tara mirrored Jill’s actions, combing her own fingers through the woman’s soft hair.

Jill gently pushed Tara toward the bed. She went to the polished brass lamp and clicked it on. Then she walked to the wall plate and clicked the overhead light off.

Tara sat on the neatly made bed and looked at the bed with interest as she sagged down.

“It’s one of them Tempurpedic mattresses,” Jill stated. “Barry couldn’t use one; needed extra support for his back. Minute I could, got me one.”

“Cold!” Tara praised and flopped backward onto the plush mattress.

Jill clambered onto the bed and pulled Tara closer to the middle of the bed.

She propped herself up on one elbow and looked into Tara’s dark eyes. Then, she gently kissed Tara on her forehead, then her eye lids, her button nose, her lips.

The girl’s skin was soft, warm, and had the fragrance of sweat, of marijuana. Jill could taste the girl’s sweat on her lips, could smell the girl’s pungent arm pits.

Her breasts were nearly flat as she lay on her back, but her nipples were small, hard bumps on her golden skin.

Jill bent and took one of Tara’s small nipples into her mouth.

“Ooh!” Tara sighed as the woman sucked on her nipple.

Then Jill bit down and pulled her head up, pulling the girl’s flesh up.

“Oh!” Tara gasped at the jolt of pain.

Jill repeated the gesture with Tara’s other breast.

Then she kissed Tara’s mouth again.

Her hands touched the girl’s flesh, touched the girl’s concave belly, then lightly brushed over Tara’s lightly furred crotch.

She could feel the heat emanating from Tara’s crotch, could feel the moisture beginning to form on the girl’s lips.

She lightly traced up and down the girl’s slit, teasing, coaxing her inner lips out.

“Oh!” Tara sighed appreciatively.

Jill kissed her again, this time it was Tara that jammed her tongue into Jill’s mouth.

She also reached up a timid hand, cupped Jill’s breast.

“Rough, Baby, Jill likes it kind of rough,” Jill whispered.

To demonstrate, she twisted Tara’s dark nipple until the girl gasped.

Then they kissed again canlı bahis siteleri while Tara did tweak and tug at Jill’s nipples.

Jill raised up on hands and knees.

Then she wiggled around, placing her feet against her pillows. Her fingers continued to tease the girl’s slit, and then she wiggled forward until her hairless slit was just above Tara’s face. She lowered her own face to the girl’s sparsely covered pussy.

“Mmph!” Tara grunted.

She’d only had one other person ever put their mouth on her pussy. It had been a guy, a pretty handsome guy. But then that guy had pushed his fat cock into Tara’s ass, brutally. He had sodomized her roughly, using only her pussy juice as lubricant.

Afterward, Tara realized, she had actually enjoyed the anal sex, enjoyed the pain of being sodomized.

That guy, whatever his name was, had been really good at eating pussy.

This woman, whatever her name is, was also very skilled at eating pussy.

“Start licking, Honey; we had a deal,” Jill suddenly snapped, voice harsh.

Tara came out of her mental fog and lifted her head up.

The woman’s pussy had a musky aroma. It was not an unpleasant smell, though. Tara reached out her tongue and licked up and down the smooth lips of the woman’s pussy.

“Yeah,” Jill sighed, feeling the hesitant tongue of the girl.

She bent her head and continued to lick up and down the girl’s wet pussy, delving her tongue into the inner lips.

“Oh!” Tara grunted when the woman found her clitoris.

She used her small hands to pull the woman’s pussy lips open, then licked up and down, lapping at the juices.

“Oh, yeah!” Jill grunted when Tara’s tongue found her clitoris.

Tara teased the woman’s fat clitoris for a few moments, then sucked it into her mouth like it was a small cock.

Jill sucked on Tara’s small clitoris and was rewarded by the girl’s bony hips beginning to bounce off of the mattress.

Both licked and sucked on the other’s clitoris until both women grunted in orgasm.

Tara weakly fell back and enjoyed the feelings in her body.

Then she again lifted her head and began licking up and down the woman’s wet slit, lapping up the juices.

The woman finger fucked Tara’s wet pussy while sucking up Tara’s juices. Tara followed suit, jamming three fingers into the woman’s pussy.

Then the woman wiggled slightly and Tara grunted as she felt the woman’s hot tongue lapping at her sweaty anus.

But she followed suit, licking the woman’s spicy anus while continuing to thrust her three fingers in and out of the woman’s pussy.

Then she again sucked the woman’s clitoris into her mouth. She playfully bit down on the hypersensitive nub and Jill shrieked in orgasm

Tara sucked three more orgasms out of her hostess; Jill had ceased licking Tara’s pussy and just hovered over the small Asian girl, enjoying the attention.

Finally, the blonde wiggled off of Tara’s face and lay down next to the girl on the plush bed.

“Thanks, Sweetie, that was good,” Jill finally murmured.

She then got out of the bed and pulled on a pretty silk sleepshirt.

Tara got out of the bed, located her clothing and dressed.

Then the two went back down the stairs.

Tara smoked her two remaining joints and emptied her pint of gin. The whole time, Jill just sat next to her at the bar, watching.

“I uh, DeGarde’s that way, huh?” Tara asked when there was no more gin.

“Up Coolidge,” Jill said, pointing. “Then at Reagan, take a right.”

Okay, see you,” Tara said and almost fell getting down from the tall stool.

“Here, I’ll take you; how far away from the grocery store you going?” Jill asked.

“Super One? Only about seven blocks,” Tara said.

Jill grabbed her purse off of the kitchen table and entered the garage.

The supermarket was closed when they pulled into the parking lot, but there were still some cars in the parking lot.

“I uh, here,” Jill said, holding out a twenty dollar bill.

“What? Shit! I ain’t…” Tara said, angered.

“Take it, Honey,” Jill ordered.

Then she leaned over and kissed the girl quickly.

“Just take it,” she asked.

The girl nodded and stuffed the twenty dollar bill into her purse. She then got out of the car.

“See you, all right?” Jill called out but the girl didn’t respond, just closed the door and walked, stumbling slightly toward a side street that ran along the parking lot of the supermarket.

Jill drove back home and entered the condominium again.

The smell of marijuana and of Tara’s cheap gin assailed Jill’s nostrils and she went into the downstairs half-bath. There was a can of citrus air freshener on the back of the toilet and Jill liberally sprayed the downstairs.

Then she went upstairs.

In her bedroom, the smell of sex was strong and Jill almost marched into her own bathroom to get the can of air freshener. Then she shrugged.


A few days after her supermarket encounter, Jill was in the break room at St. Elizabeth’s Public Utilities, eating her egg salad on whole wheat bread when Emily Soo came into the room.

Emily Soo was an Asian-American woman, slightly chubby, with long black hair and round face. Whenever she did smile, she put her small hand in front of her button mouth, hiding her small teeth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32